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The Best Class & Race To Play in WoW Remix Mists of Pandaria Event

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The Best Class & Race To Play in WoW Remix Mists of Pandaria Event

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This guide discusses selecting classes for the Mr. Pandaria event in World of Warcraft, focusing on maximizing leveling efficiency, role exploration, and post-event benefits.
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Hey folks, this is Librarian Husky. What will be viable and sought after for group content, and which classes will be the best if you want to go at your own pace but still collect all of those sweet rewards? It is a tough question, for sure, but we have some tips that might help you narrow things down. So, let’s go through what you should consider when deciding on a class to level in the Mandaria event and what the best class and race for you could be.

Choosing Your Class for the Event

So, the first, and perhaps most obvious choice for a class to play in the new event is a class that you don’t already have at max level. This event serves as a chance to play something new and level a character outside of the typical retail leveling experience.

It’s one of the highlights of the event: level quickly, become super overpowered, and blast your way through everything the Mr. Pandaria expansion has to offer. It’s just one more way to change up leveling and make it more interesting to play multiple characters. So, pick something you don’t already have at max level and treat this event like another fun leveling switcheroo.

Post-Event Character Integration

It’s also super important to highlight the fact that we will be able to play any Event Characters after the event ends. When the Mis Pandaria event has run its course, Event Characters will become retail characters, ready to jump into the war with an expansion.

So, we don’t lose them; it’s not a completely separate game mode like Plunder Storm was. We get to carry these characters forward into the new expansion. Every character you make for the event will be playable in the war with an expansion, so pick something to level that you would also be interested in playing going forward.

Exploring New Roles

This event offers a great opportunity to explore new roles like tanking or healing, or trying out melee and ranged characters without pressure. The skill gems and abilities available are so powerful that you can effectively learn and experiment, even if you’re not familiar with the role. This flexibility means that even beginners can enjoy high-level content comfortably.

Dungeons as a Leveling Option

The event differs significantly from traditional leveling; dungeons are accessible from level 10, bypassing much of the usual questing. This method proves faster and more efficient, especially when traditional quests are overcrowded, leading to delays and frustration. Dungeon leveling has gained popularity, particularly in event previews.

Benefits of Tanking and Healing

During this event, tanks and healers enjoy faster progression due to quicker dungeon queues. These roles are further simplified by powerful event-specific gems and abilities, making this an ideal time for players to try out these often-demanding positions.

Enhancing Roles with Gems

For healing, there are many gems to augment your capabilities, ensuring you keep your friends alive even if you aren’t focused on healing yourself. For tanking, various gems increase your AoE and cleave damage, helping maintain threat, along with options to boost your tankiness and self-sustain. It’s almost like playing the game on easy mode. Tanks and healers are valuable not only during the leveling portion but also after reaching level 70.

High Demand for Tanks and Healers in Endgame

The leveling up process is just one part of the progression. At max level, there are raids to look forward to, including higher difficulty raids at level 70, which could be some of the best sources of the bronze currency. As tanks or healers, joining these groups becomes much easier compared to DPS roles, which are far more common. This makes tanks and healers particularly valuable for endgame raiding and increases their chances of joining pick-up groups.

Choosing a Class for Solo Play

If raids or group content don’t interest you, choosing a class capable of soloing effectively might be best. Classes with strong defensives and self-sustain, like Blood Death Knights and Vengeance Demon Hunters, excel due to their tankiness and self-healing capabilities, making them formidable solo characters. Hunters and Warlocks also stand out because their pets can absorb damage, allowing you to focus on offense. Skill gems further enhance these classes, making them nearly unstoppable in solo scenarios.

Event Focus and Class Selection

The Mr. Pandaria event is primarily PvE-focused, with little emphasis on PvP content. This means that character selection should align with PvE objectives, as 99% of activities will be PvE. Whether you aim to conquer Dungeons and raids or prefer soloing, selecting a class that can independently stand strong is crucial. Keep this PvE focus in mind when choosing your character for the event.

Unlocking Heritage Armor Sets

The event provides a prime opportunity to unlock Heritage Armor sets for Allied races, as confirmed in a blue post. If you have Allied race characters that you’ve been meaning to level up for their Heritage Armor but haven’t gotten around to it, this event could be your best chance to level quickly and efficiently to unlock those rewards.

Efficient Alt Leveling Post-Event

Once you level one character to 70 during this event, leveling any alts after that should be incredibly quick. This is likely the fastest leveling we will see for a while. If you have reasons to relevel a character, such as changing servers, factions, races (e.g., from a Blood Elf to a Tauren Paladin), or even names, this event offers a great opportunity to do so without the need for real-money transfers or changes.

Personalizing Character Details

Personally, I plan to change quite a few names of my characters on my main server. Naming everything a variation of ‘Kolani’ with special characters turned out to be less than ideal, especially when sending mail between alts.

I’ve also noticed that player names with special characters do not mesh well with the crafting order system, as people struggle with typing special characters. Therefore, I’ll be taking advantage of leveling many characters for free name changes, and might even change a few races while I’m at it. Think of this event as a chance to perfect your alt army, regardless of what you have already leveled.

Event-Leveling Excitement and Strategy

I’m replacing many of my characters on Area 52, with my hunter probably being the only exception. I’m actually really excited to see how fast I can level some of these characters and how much power I can unlock with the event-specific cloak. I am so happy that we’re getting a completely different way to level this time around, instead of just another simple bonus experience buff. For those who already have everything at max level and might not be interested in leveling just for the sake of it, this might still offer something new and enjoyable.

Event Character Selection

Consider what you enjoy most when creating a new character for the Mr. Pandaria event. Whether you’re changing a character’s name, race, or server, or need to unlock Heritage Armor, these are key factors. If none apply, choose what you enjoy playing most. This event is unique, offering diverse rewards like Transmogs, mounts, and pets, making participation worthwhile even if you don’t continue with the character afterward.

Maximizing Event Benefits

You can unlock any transmog from vendors without needing to play specific classes, so don’t limit your choice based on potential gear unlocks. The event’s gems enhance your character significantly, providing options to increase damage or tankiness and healing capabilities. This allows any class to adapt their abilities to be effective in various roles and content, highlighting the flexibility and unique mechanics of this event.

Event Strategy and Player Opportunities

I will be very interested to see how this all plays out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some players end up soloing the raids when all is said and done at level 70. After you level a character to 70 and obtain a powerful cloak with numerous bonuses, leveling alts in this mode is likely to be the fastest we’ve ever seen. The massive Experience Boosts that accumulate, combined with extra stats and the skill gems and abilities that boost your power, will allow you to breeze through content while earning significantly more experience.

Building an Alt Roster

Your first character might not matter much if you really enjoy this event and game mode; you might end up with an entire roster of time-efficient characters. You’ll be collecting bronze almost regardless of which character or alt you decide to play. Even if you create 20 different alts, you’re still progressing towards all those shiny Transmogs, mounts, and other collectibles from the bronze vendors.

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