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MOP Remix Gear Guide

MOP Remix Gear Guide

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This guide outlines strategies for effectively gearing up in WoW's Mists of Pandaria Remix, focusing on optimizing Tinkers, Gems, and achieving full gear at level 70.
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You also get Bronze from scrapping your Gear at this little sand portal thing called the Unraveling Sands. When you equip a stronger piece of Gear, don’t delete the old item; instead, you’ll want to scrap it and convert it to Bronze. Do not upgrade your Gear at the item upgrade vendor until you get to level 70.

Investing in Tinkers

Tinkers, this is the first thing you should start buying with your Bronze. Tinkers have the most amount of player power in the game, and they will change how much damage or healing you do drastically. You should first invest your points in unlocking all the Tinkers in the game.

Experimenting with Tinkers

Then, experiment with each one by looking at how much damage they contribute to your overall damage in a dungeon and replace it with the ones that are the lowest on DPS or healing.

Top Performing Tinkers

For me, Sleigh Thundering Orb, Sunriders Flourish, and Explosive Barrage Victory Fire Incendiary Terror are some of the top DPS ones from my class, and they really seem to pop off in overall damage. So, I would try slotting some of these first.

Maximizing DPS for Healers

If I were you, for healers, I would recommend trying to max out your DPS in dungeons because the healing isn’t very intensive, and you can pump a lot of DPS with the right trinkets. You can also help your group clear the dungeon faster.

Importance of Gems

Once you’ve unlocked all of your Tinkers, you should start buying Gems. You’ll need 21 legendary Gems at level 70: three green Gems upgrade to a blue, three blue Gems upgrade to a purple, and three purple Gems upgrade to a legendary. For example, you’ll need 27 green verse Gems to get one legendary verse gem. The legendary Gems also give you stamina, so this is why you’re going to want legendaries in every slot.

Strategic Gear Upgrades

Remember, don’t upgrade your Gear until you hit level 70. You’re much better off spending the Bronze on Tinkers and Gems until then. So, once you hit level 70 and you do have a perfectly statted piece of Gear that you want to upgrade, go ahead and throw it into the item upgrade vendor, click on the drop-down window, and choose the highest available setting possible. It should be the 20 to 34 option that allows you to upgrade your item to 346. You want to upgrade all of your Gear to item level 346.

Achieving Full Gear

Achievements are how you unlock the additional accessories needed for your character: heroic Panda scenarios to get the Time Runner’s Ring, escalation to get the Time Runner’s Beacon, and heroic P dungeons to get the Time Runner Seal. Once you hit level 70, you’ll be given another trinket that will give you three more jewel slots. Panda raids will unlock the Time Runner’s Amulet, but you’ll need to complete all of them on normal in order to unlock this, so I would save that one for last. Once you’ve done all that, you should be fully geared. That’s it for the MOP Remix Gearing Guide.

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