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Maximize Your Bronze Farming and Leveling in MoP Remix

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Maximize Your Bronze Farming and Leveling in MoP Remix

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This guide provides strategies for maximizing bronze currency per hour in WoW's Mists of Pandaria remix, focusing on leveling, gear upgrades, and efficient farming techniques.
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Hello friends, this is Librarian Husky. I’m going to show you the current best strategy for maximizing your bronze per hour in the new Mists of Pandaria remix. If you don’t already know, the MoP remix is a cool new implementation of Leveling that was introduced this week. You get to play through the Mists of Pandaria storyline with an awesome twist. The short version is that you get a stacking buff that increases your stats and experience and allows you to level really, really fast. You can also collect cosmetics and other collectibles, like mounts and toys from the expansion, while you’re adventuring.

Earning and Using Bronze

Either Leveling or at max level, you earn a currency called bronze. Bronze is not only used to upgrade your gear later on but also importantly, you use it to buy cool mounts and Skins. Currently, this game mode is only available for three months, and with so much stuff that you can buy with the bronze, I imagine a ton of people are going to be nerding out and playing it a lot, trying to unlock stuff before the next expansion.

Levelling Strategies

Obviously, this is all for fun; nothing is important or mandatory. I recommend that when you make a new character, you make something that you’ve never leveled before. Don’t make a character for this method—honestly, it might even just get nerfed in like a day or something. I had a ton of fun just Leveling and learning a new class. The Leveling experience is actually really chill and way more enjoyable if you use it to level a character you don’t know, instead of just Leveling a clone of your current live character.

Post-Event Advantages

It’s also important to know that once the event’s over, you get that character on live, so you can use that to play normal retail WoW with. Therefore, you want to make a class that you want to play, or a class that you don’t have, rather than making just a copy of something that you’ve already played, that you already have at max level.

Optimizing Solo Play

As for Leveling up fast, I found that the fastest way of Leveling is simply just questing. Follow the main storyline and do stuff on your own. Obviously, if you have a group and you’re pulling huge, you’re spamming dungeons—that’s faster, but I assume most of the people watching this are just solo players trying to make stuff work. You know, you don’t have a dedicated team. What I did was…

Enhancing Experience Through Scenarios

I played through the normal story, and then when I got bored, or I was doing a longer form quest, I would choose scenarios. Scenarios provide good experience, especially with the bonus, and they’re also easy. They can provide a break since many involve defending a certain area or similar tasks. You also want to beat each of the six heroic scenarios to earn jewelry to make your character stronger.

Acquiring Heroic Jewelry

These might slow down your Leveling experience, but most people are going to want to get that jewelry anyway. You check the Pandaria remix section of your achievements to see how to earn each piece of jewelry and trinket slots. It’s mostly just clearing the raids and the heroic dungeons and that sort of thing. The rest of the items will just drop naturally from monsters.

Exploiting Raid Mechanics for Faster Leveling

One important thing you want to know while Leveling is that each time you kill a raid boss on normal or harder difficulty (not LFR), you earn a permanent 12% experience gain. Many people don’t even know you can raid, but the raids are level-scaling, so it’s actually better to be low level. Check your group finder for Mogu’shan Vaults group and then try to complete as many bosses as you can early on to speed up your Leveling process.

Strategic Raid Choices

You can get a huge 80%+ experience bonus on top of what you’ve already earned. The raids can be a little bit challenging depending on the skill of the group. It’s been hit or miss for pick-up groups for me, so I wouldn’t waste a ton of time doing other higher-level raids unless you want to experience them for fun. In terms of just trying to level quickly, I might do Mogu’shan Vaults and then maybe Heart of Fear, and then just skip once you get a good experience boost going.

Leveling Dynamics and Endgame

You should be able to breeze through the campaign and reach your max levels. I’ve got to level 70 in about two long sessions of playing. It wasn’t too bad; it’s definitely not the fastest way to level a character, but you want a character at max level in Mists of Pandaria to get the bronze, and you get the bronze while you’re Leveling anyway. The start and the end of Leveling can be a bit of a drag, but the middle levels just sort of breeze by.

Exploring New Features and Bronze Farming

I don’t know if I’m going to play it or make articles about it, just because it’s so weird right now. I expect them to implement some fixes for this pretty soon, but I do want to talk about bronze farming since that’s a majority of what people are doing right now. If you’re here, you’re probably interested in earning some of the mounts and cosmetics with bronze. You’ll earn like 30,000 or 40,000 or so from Leveling, but some of the mounts can be really, really expensive.

Community Strategies for Maximizing Bronze

Well, what do you know? Leave it to the gaming community to come up with the most degenerate farming method to min-max your bronze per hour. I present to you the frogs. Although the specific method might get nerfed or changed, the principles and some of the tips I give you will probably help you down the road, whatever people end up doing anyway.

Frog Farming on Timeless Isle

Once you hit level 70, you want to make your way to the Timeless Isle. You can play around here to earn the achievements and stuff, but the main thing we’re going to focus on is this beach in the Southeast. You want to check the group finder for groups labeled either like “2×4” or “frogs” or something like that.

Effective Farming Techniques

The main strategy here is you want to gather a bunch of the frogs all along the beach and just pull them to one spot. Have people there and just nuke them down. The best method I found is to have two mob taggers, like usually boomkins or just someone with long-range instant cast, just running around and bringing everything to the central point.

Then you have a brewmaster with Black Ox statue that pulls everything towards the middle and also soaks up some of the poison. Having a poison dispel is helpful because it can actually kill you, and then whoever’s left in your party just nukes them down on the statue. If you have one or two good AOE classes with gems like brittle and some of the other powerful things, you can make this go a lot faster.

Navigating Tag Limits in Open World Farming

Now, open world farming is a little bit weird. If you have a group of five, you can’t share tags with anybody else, meaning that if another group tags something or someone just runs by, the mob is gray. If you tag something, the mob is gray for everybody else. The best way to get around this that I found most people do is to have two groups of four people working together.

Maximizing Efficiency in Bronze Farming

This means you can cross-tag mobs in each other’s group and still get credit for it while having a ton of people contributing to the farm. In this description, it’s just a five-man group because that’s what I had when I was farming. At that time, we had the beach to ourselves and were doing well, but the ideal situation is to have two individual groups of four.

Group Composition and Farming Dynamics

You can do this with any group composition; it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry about what classes you bring, but the official efficiency will vary. Honestly, the efficiency will depend on how much people want to work, as depending on how long you’re grinding, this might take a while. This will dramatically increase your bronze per hour once you kill enough frogs because the frogs start to hyperspawn, and also continue to drop gems and stuff that boost your capabilities.

Farming Results and Resource Conversion

On top of all the bronze that you get, you also receive items called Lesser Charms of Good Fortune from Mists of Pandaria as well, and these are actually converted to bronze at a really high rate. So, you visit the vendor here in the Setting Sun Garrison in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. There might be other vendors—I’m not that familiar with MoP, I didn’t play it—but you can exchange 10 charms for one box. Yep, that’s right, I have 12,000 of these charms just from a couple of frog farming sessions, a couple of hours, and it ends up equaling over a thousand of these green boxes that contain bronze, salvageable items, and gems if you want to upgrade those and progress through the remix.

Optimizing Turn-ins with Add-ons

So, shout out to Gingi for creating this setup. Leave it to the Echo boys to min-max all of this. You might be realizing turning in 10 at a time is going to take forever, and this is actually an add-on, WeakAura, and macro setup that he came up with for optimizing this charm turn-in. So you need three things: the Easy Scrap add-on, the Auto Box Opening WeakAura, and the Auto Quest Accepting macro. All three of these things are going to be in the description. You do have to have a little bit of familiarity with add-ons. Now, once you’re at the NPC, you click it…

Optimizing Charm Turn-Ins

Once you’re at the NPC, you just spam the macro, and it will turn in the quest and give you the box. The WeakAura will automatically open the boxes for you in your inventory, leaving you with a pile of raw items. Then, once you start to fill up, you drop your Scrapper portal thing.

Using the Easy Scrap Add-On

You should have a new cool interface with the Easy Scrap add-on. You simply ignore list any gems or items that you don’t want to scrap, and then select ‘Queue All’. It automatically fills your box up with things that you need to scrap. There you go, now you just throw your favorite TV show on another monitor and click away.

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