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WoW SoD Gold Guide, Make 2000 gold FAST – SoD Phase 2

Yo, what’s up, guys? It’s the perfect time to share my ultimate secret method for amassing over 2,000 gold. I will divulge my secrets to flipping and how to prepare for phase two. I’ll also reveal my phase one secret item list for flipping, allowing you to follow my exact steps.

Mastering Gold Flipping in WoW

Flipping is the quintessential gold-making strategy due to its simplicity – essentially a set-and-forget approach. You maintain a list of items to flip, scan the auction house, and buy items priced below their worth. This method demands far less effort than grinding mobs for hours or boosting players in Wailing Caverns. Another advantage of flipping is the snowball effect; the more gold you earn, the more you have available for flipping, increasing your profit margins.

Getting Started with Flipping

The initial step in your flipping journey this season is to install Trade Skill Master (TSM). Next, you’ll begin populating your TSM base group with items, scanning the auction house for items like the Shadow Protection Potion, and adding them to your base group. This process makes it incredibly straightforward to spot and flip items when their prices drop.

I’ve organized various TSM groups, such as one for all the physical damage BiS items, and I’ve shared my BiS physical damage list below for you to replicate my strategy. Regularly scanning each group allows me to purchase items at a bargain, like snagging a 100 gold Thunderfury Ring or a 70 gold Pugilist’s Bracers.

Efficiency Tips and Overcoming Flipping Challenges

To optimize the flipping process, I utilize mailing groups to distribute specific item types, like recipes, to the appropriate characters, streamlining inventory management and posting. However, a common hurdle in TSM flipping is purchasing items that don’t sell.

To gauge an item’s market demand, I use the website JP Wargan, which provides sell rates and identifies lucrative flipping opportunities on the neutral auction house. It’s crucial to remember that flipping isn’t limited to high-value items; small-margin flips, like Mana Potions on raid reset days, can also accumulate significant profits.

Advanced Flipping Strategies for Phase 2 Preparation

As we anticipate Phase 2, the optimal flipping strategy involves reviewing BiS lists on platforms like YouTube and Wowhead to identify prime flipping candidates. Flipping in WoW can become advantageous with the right approach and tools, setting you up for substantial gains in the game’s upcoming phase.

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