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The Class That Almost Broke Season of Discovery Tier List

Yo guys, what is up? Librarian here, and today we are talking about the class that won phase one. The class that was the strongest throughout the phase, encompassing everything from DPS to gold making and PVP. Which class is it?

Overview of Class Performance in Phase One

It’ll help you decide which alt to make, of course, but it should also tell us which class might snowball to be the very best in Phase 2. It’s a big topic, so let’s get right to it.

To start, we’re going to rank the very best DPS in the phase, from a tier system ranging from C to S. We have all the existing Warcraft Vlogs data to tell us which classes are the strongest.

After that, we’re also going to talk about the best gold makers. Some classes, like Mages, have incredible gold making potential right now that shouldn’t be overlooked. We’re also going to round out the tier list by talking about the strongest PVP classes, as PVP and the season of Discovery is a huge content pillar that everybody wants to be a part of. So, to get started with the C tier, we’re going to start with the Priest.

The Priest Class in C Tier

Now, I’m sure you’re going to say I’m just putting the Priest in the C tier because I play Priest myself, but hear me out first. The Priest is really bad in PVE right now, especially for raid DPS . So much so that people don’t even bring them to raids. They have terrible single target damage and terrible AOE damage. Their Mind Sear doesn’t even do damage to the target it’s cast on, so basically, everything dies before it even does any damage.

While I will admit that the Priest is very overpowered for raid healing and for PVP healing, right now, they’re really bad at anything involving killing mobs. Most people in the game want to play the hero class; they want to do all the damage, kill the mobs, farm the gold, everything that the Priest is really bad at doing. Because of that, for the final strength ranking for phase one, I’m putting the Priest in the B tier.

Shaman Class in B Tier

Moving on to the next class in the B tier, we have the Shaman. The thing about the Shaman is, yes, you have the very best tanking spec, an extremely overpowered tank spec. But the Elemental Shaman does horrible damage, and the Enhancement Shaman isn’t much better either.

The problem is that this translates very poorly to anything involving open-world farming or even PVP. In phase two, you’re going to be doing a ton more damage, but right now, in phase one, you’re just not bringing it. Plus, you’re not very good at gold farming.

Sure, Shaman flag runners are great, but if you see a lot of Shamans on your team in Warsong, you kind of feel like you’re going to lose just for that reason. They’re going in the B tier for phase one, but I’m sure they’re going to be so much stronger in the next phase.

Warlocks in the A Tier

I’m already working on my own Shaman Alt, so the first class in the A tier is going to be the Warlocks. Warlocks do the most caster damage in BFD right now, which does have to count for something. They also bring very high utility, which will only get better. They have the Curse of Reckoning, of course, the Healthstones, the Soulstones.

If you’re one of those groups that actually dies once in a while in BFD, Warlocks are invaluable. The thing is, they always get a guaranteed spot in any of these 10-man raids, especially with Curse of Reckoning. Ultimately, they just don’t do as much damage as physical damage dealers, though, and that’s likely not going to be resolved next phase either.

As gold farmers, they can pretty much solo any mob they want in the game and can also do things like solo RFK Farm. I’ve also seen a ton of gold-making potential for summons. People are getting away with charging 1.5 gold for TB summons right now, which is insane.

That being said, they’ve kind of fallen behind a little bit overtime in PVP, so much so that I didn’t see a single Warlock in any of the Warsong games I watched in the recent Warsong tournament. Overall, for this phase, I’m giving Warlock an A ranking.

Mages in the A Tier

Moving into the next entry in the A tier is the Mage. Mages are already the second-best caster in the raid beside Warlocks. That being said, their AOE is completely bonkers, and at the same time, Arcane Mages have been a very pleasant surprise, healing much better than most of us anticipated.

Mages can already one-pull Wailing Caverns, which is just insane considering they’re only level 25 with their full toolkit. In Phase 2, Mages might well be the most toxic gold farmers in WoW history.

And in PVP, you might think they weren’t that great in Phase 1, but the very coordinated teams abuse them heavily to win a recent Warsong tournament. Once they get all their toolkit online, they’re going to be complete menaces next phase. But for phase one, I’m giving Mages a final A ranking.

Druids in the A Tier

Up next in the A tier is the Druid. We all know Druids are required right now for raids with their Wild Strikes, Wind Fury buff. In fact, some guilds are even bringing two Druids because they have such a high melee stack. On top of their buffs, they are extremely competitive on the meters on pretty much every single fight.

The only real complaint for Feral right now is that they’re the weakest tanks, but that should really change next phase. As for gold farming, because they have so much single target damage, they’re really strong gold farmers.

That being said, they still do fall behind classes like the Hunters and the Mages. If you do want to dominate, there isn’t anything stronger right now for leveling or for PVP than Boomkin.

Druid Performance in Phase One

I made a random PUG in the trade chat with just Boomkins, and we won every single game in like 5 minutes. Overall, I’m giving Druid an A ranking for the first phase. We also can’t forget the Retribution Paladin, which is a very strong class in Phase One. In raids, they have extremely high single-target damage and are AOE Kings next to Mages. As for gold farming, they’re more middle of the pack. However, in PVP, they are dominant. Still, they are one of my least favorite classes to run into on my Druid when I’m flag carrying, and sometimes my Priest can even get one-shot by them. For Phase One, Paladin comfortably gets an A rating.

Warrior’s Role in the A Tier

Rounding out the A tier, we have Warrior. Not many people expected Warrior to dominate in Phase One in PVE, but they have done just that. Of course, they have the Deep Wounds, their utility, Sunder, their Battle Shout. They are just an absolute menace on the meters right now.

As for gold making, though, they’re really not in that upper echelon, and that does bring them down quite a bit. If you do want to have a Warrior as an alt, one thing you can do very effectively would be some kind of Warrior-Priest farm. For example, you’re doing the Murlocs in Hillsbrad and have a Priest healing you at the same time.

Also, it is worth noting in PVP, they are much weaker than many of us would have anticipated. All they can do right now is hamstring, though next phase, with Mortal Strike, they’re going to be a completely different animal. For Phase One, though, it is a pleasant surprise to put them in the A tier.

Rogue as the Runner-up in Phase One

So, the runner-up for the best class in Phase One goes to Rogue. If you look at the Warcraft logs data, yes, the very best Warriors outperform Rogues, but Rogues are, in general, a more consistent performer, at least if your skill level is not at the very highest. Couple that with the fact that in PVP right now, they basically only lose 1v1s to two classes in the game. It is a little bit upsetting to know that they’re going to be so much better next phase. With that being said, their final ranking for Phase One is S tier.

Hunter: The Top Class in Phase One

Alright, so let’s get into the number one class in Phase One. Yes, Hunter is not the number one DPS in raids anymore, and a lot of people would say you should stop talking about nerfing Hunters. They’re not overpowered anymore, but you’ve got to factor in that they are a top three or four performer in raids and also the very best gold farmer next to Mages. Hunters can basically kill anything in the game right now. For example, when I was doing my Furbo medicine pouch farm, I basically stacked the entire group with Hunters to make it go way faster. As for PVP, next to Boomkin Druids, there really isn’t anything more annoying. That’s especially concerning considering next phase, with Bestial Wrath, Hunter pets are going to get even stronger. For now, though, Hunters get to enjoy their top spot as the kings of Phase 1.

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