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Season of Discovery Phase 2 Top Guide

What’s going on, guys, and welcome back to another article. Today is an exciting day as we got some news from Agran, the lead developer on Classic WoW Season of Discovery.

Exciting Updates on Classic WoW: Season of Discovery

Some interesting statistical numbers are showing that Season of Discovery might actually be one of the most popular versions of World of Warcraft at this time.

Without further ado, let’s dive in. The main event here is that Season of Discovery Phase 2 will be launching on February 8th, 2024, which is 30 days from now.

Updates and Anticipation for Phase 2 Launch

Hey Josh, any updates soon on the new two-handed enhancement runes? Josh replied, “I’m sure you’ll discover more on them soon.” This hints at potential two-handed Enhancement Shaman builds coming in the next phase, something a lot of players are excited about.

Dylan inquires if the STV PvP event will be a new thing or a redux of the Ashenvale event. Josh Greenfield, aka Agran, responds that it’s completely different from Ashenvale. This is exciting news.

Additional Announcements and Community Buzz

Wowhead posted the same announcement, so if you want to take a screenshot or delve deeper, it’s available there. They stated that Blizzard released the newest ‘This Week in WoW’ post, announcing the launch date for Phase 2 of Season of Discovery as February 8th.

Phase 2 includes raising the level cap to 40, revamping the Gnomeregan raid, introducing new runes and abilities, and more. With this information, we can expect more updates in the coming weeks, perhaps about professions and sneak peeks at new runes for certain classes. It’s an exciting few weeks leading up to the launch day, and the community is abuzz with excitement. Now that we have a date, the anticipation is even greater.

Popularity and Statistics of WoW: Season of Discovery

That we can look forward to, right. But really, Season of Discovery has been taking off, and I think it’s a lot more popular than most people thought it was going to be. So, let’s head over to Iron Forge Pro, where I have the tab up right here, and let’s compare some statistics.

For Wrath of the Lich King Classic, currently on Iron Forge Pro, we have 13,890 players being logged. These numbers are generated by people logging their raids. Out of this, 193,000 – let’s just say 200,000 to make it easy here – that means that there are 200,000 characters’ raids being logged.

Now, that means one person can be raid logging on five characters, and those five characters would be incorporated in that number. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s 200,000 active players. However, you have to remember that this is only what’s being logged in endgame raiding. So, there could be more players that are not raiding at all, or just not logging their raids, or just doing PvP content. It’s an estimate, a very educated guess on the health of these servers and the population of these games. Let’s say 200,000 for Wrath.

Comparing Player Engagement Across WoW Versions

If we head over to Classic era, we have 22,000 people logging their raids, which, to be completely honest, is quite a lot of people when you think about Classic era as a whole. 22,000 people just doing endgame raiding and logging their raids in Classic era is still a really good amount of people.

Then, if we head over to Season of Discovery, we have about 375,000 people just logging their raids right now. Again, this could be people raid logging on four or five different alts, but this does not include people that are leveling. There are still some people out there who don’t even have a level 25.

There are people out there who just don’t have any interest in raiding and are just PvPing. This is a really good indication of how well Season of Discovery is actually doing and how many people are enjoying this version of WoW. I think it’s honestly shocked everyone with how popular it actually is and how well the community has received it.

Faction Balance in Season of Discovery

As we look into the faction balance for Season of Discovery, we have 56.7% of those players being Alliance and 43.3% of them being Horde. On my server, which is Lone Wolfus, we have 42,522 players logging their endgame raids, and we have a 53 to 47% faction balance in Alliance’s favor. Most of these realms, if you look at them…

Effective Faction Balance in WoW

They’re not leaning so far to one side like they were in Wrath and TBC. And that’s a really good thing. It actually shows that the system they implemented, which locks the factions based on faction imbalance, is working. I think it’s a great start to fixing this issue. All of these realms would be playable on whichever side you are on. And if you’re on a PVE realm, it doesn’t matter as much, but for PVP realms, it really is important. You want to stay within a 60/40 split. Anything more than that, like 70/30, starts to feel really one-sided. They’re doing a really good job with this. I just personally think that having 375,000 players just logging their raids on Season of Discovery is fantastic. I think it’s really exciting, and this is only the first phase.

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