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SoD Phase 2 Prep: Must-Have Consumables for Gnomeregan

What is up, guys? Librarian Husky here, and today we’ll explore the essential buffs, consumes, enchants-everything you need to maximize your preparation. Blizzard has introduced new buffs and consumables, and in this comprehensive guide, we’ll ensure you’re ready for success in Neron.

Preparing for Success in Neron: Buffs, Consumables, and Enchants Guide

We’ll cover the best buff consumes, move on to the best AOE consumes with a focus on engineering, and discuss the new buffs and enchants you can’t afford to miss. Additionally, we’ll delve into the best trinkets and gear offering powerful buffs.

The Best Consumables for Success

Starting with the most popular consumes, let’s talk about Mana and health pots. The greater Mana potion is your go-to choice, cost-effective and easily crafted with Khadgar’s whiskers found throughout leveling zones. For health, consider the superior healing potion; though pricier due to sungrass in high-level areas, vendor camp spots like Swamp of Sorrows can help.

Moreover, Phase 2 introduces the mildly irradiated Rejuvenation potion, an alchemist-specific option providing health, Mana, and additional damage and attack power. Blizzard aims to make alchemists more competitive on DPS meters, addressing the Engineering dominance.

Phase 2 Buff Consumables

For casters, the sagefish delight stands out as the best buff food, offering six MP5. Easily fishable, especially in locations like Alterac Mountains. For stat buffs, choose from five options, including heavy Cotto stew, spider sausage, monster omelet, tender wolf steak, and chili crab. Spider sausage, dropped by level 36 spiders in Dustwallow, is a cost-effective choice.

Prepare for Neron by optimizing your buffs and consumes, ensuring your success in the raid. Stay tuned for more guides and updates!

Exploring Fun Consumables for Maximum Performance

While certain recipes demand mobs of level 40 or higher, let’s venture into the realm of more engaging consumables, particularly those amplifying damage. Physical DPS enthusiasts will find the Scroll of Strength 3 indispensable, granting 13 strength and replacing the elixir of ogre strength. Acquiring these scrolls proves challenging from vendors or mobs, but the repeatable gadgets and water quest offer a promising chance to obtain them. The elixir of agility becomes a standout choice, featuring 15 agility and negating the need for agility scrolls in this phase.

Warriors have a distinctive option with the Great Rage Potion, generating 45 rage per use on a 2-minute cooldown. Obtaining the required large fangs poses a challenge as they are uncommon drops from mid-level 30 creatures. For melee enthusiasts, the Dragon Breath Chili becomes a coveted choice, providing a 10-minute buff with a 4% chance to unleash 60 AOE damage. Caster classes may look forward to the speculative potion, A Lesser Arcane Elixir, potentially enhancing spell damage by 14 for 30 minutes.

Healers can consider the Spirit Scroll 3, featuring 11 Spirit, although it comes with a considerable cost. Now, let’s delve into the discussion of the novel enchanting buff, the Enchanted Sigil, offering a 30-minute buff with 20 increased damage and healing with spells, accompanied by 20 attack power. It’s crucial to note the 30-minute cooldown, akin to a world buff that can be lost upon death.

AOE Consumables for Maximum Impact

For optimal performance in AOE scenarios, the Oil of Immolation stands out as the latest tryhard consumable, dealing 50 AOE damage every 3 seconds. Additionally, engineering specializations are evolving, introducing excitement in Phase 2

Engineering Specializations and Explosives in Phase 3

Looking forward to Phase 3, engineering specializations undergo transformative shifts, influencing choices like mortars and sappers. Despite changes, engineering maintains its prowess, presenting two primary explosive options for trash packs: the Solid Dynamite inflicting 250 AOE damage on a 1-minute cooldown, and the innovative High Yield Radiation Bomb causing 200 damage plus 125 nature damage over time. Non-engineers can consider the Easy Throw Dynamite 2 or the Easy Throw Radiation Bomb.

Another captivating explosive is the Goblin Land Mine, delivering 450 damage, specifically suited for boss fights. While not enhancing AOE damage, the Advanced Target Dummy, boasting over 3,000 health, proves invaluable for handling substantial trash packs.

Defensive Consumables for Raid Preparedness

Defense takes center stage with the indispensable Fire Protection Potions countering raid fire damage. Nature Protection Potions, despite uncertainty about raid nature damage, become valuable with new items featuring nature resistance. Health and armor receive a boost from buffs like Elixir of Fortitude, Remy Rum Black Label, and Elixir of Greater Defense.

A variety of activable defensive potions address specific scenarios. The Restorative Potion handles debuffs, the Magic Resistance Potion guards against magic damage, and the Free Action Potion provides immunity to stun and slow. Lesser Invisibility Potion aids speedruns, while the Lesser Stone Shield grants 1000 armor.

In the realm of world buffs, noteworthy changes are underway. The Bo of the Black Fathom and the Ashen Veil Drum Buff lose functionality past level 39, reshaping the world buff landscape.

World Buff Updates and New Additions

The dark moon faire buff continues on a bi_weekly schedule, providing a 10% damage buff. A new addition, the spark of inspiration, enhances crit chance, spell damage, and attack speed with a 2_hour duration, resembling the boom buff from bfd. Notably, it lacks a movement speed increase, requiring players to rely on mounts. Despite missing the boon of the black fathom’s movement speed, the excitement for a new damage buff is shared.

Enchants and Buffs for Phase 2

Notable enchants include retrocution, a tank enchant reflecting nine damage, and dismantle, boosting damage against mechanical creatures. Phase 2 introduces several enchants, with minor move speed standing out for its 8% additional movement speed. The controversial sniper scope, exclusive to gnomes, has an alternative deadly scope. Caster highlights include the lesser wizard oil for a 16 spell damage increase, along with shadow oil and frost oil.

Buff-Type Items and Engineering Must-Haves

Buff-type items play a crucial role, such as the Nous Universal Remote allowing control of mechanical units with a 3-minute cooldown. The Mechanical Dragon Ling, a must-have for parsing, can deal substantial damage if it survives. Preparation is key; max out professions, acquire recipes, and pre-farm items like Solid Stone for a smoother Neron experience. Being well-prepared ensures a more enjoyable raid, and subscribing and liking the video guarantees access to the upcoming Neron Boss tips and strategies video next week.

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