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Melee DPS Meta in Mythic Plus

Welcome back to our latest discussion, guys.

Introduction to Priest Builds

In this piece, we’re delving into the world of priests, showcasing a dual build approach. I’ve tailored both a shadow DPS build and a healing build, complete with pre-raid top-tier gear recommendations. This gear is perfect to gear up with before your inaugural venture into the Black Fathom Deeps raid. Let’s jump right into the specifics!

Detailed Breakdown of the Shadow Priest Build

Focusing on the shadow priest build, our first stop is the chest rune. The standout choice for PvE DPS here is Twisted Faith. This potent rune boosts the damage of Mind Flame and Mind Blast by a substantial 20% against targets under the effect of Shadow Word: Pain. This choice synergizes well with another rune we’ll discuss shortly. Another viable option could be Void Plague, inflicting 116 Shadow damage over 18 seconds. However, the sheer damage increase offered by Twisted Faith makes it the superior option.

Exploring Additional Rune Options

Moving to the leg runes, Shared Pain is our pick. It extends the reach of your Shadow Word: Pain, affecting two more nearby targets within a 15-yard radius. This is particularly effective against groups of enemies, spreading the effect with just a single casting. In contrast, the Homunculus rune offers a more focused approach for single targets.

For the hands, we select the M Seer rune. This rune unleashes a burst of Shadow Magic, inflicting 35 to 39 Shadow damage every second for 5 seconds to all foes within a 10-yard radius of the targeted enemy.

Optimizing Talent Choices for Maximum Effectiveness

In terms of talent selection, our strategy includes investing five points in Spirit Tap. This talent provides a compelling 100% chance to double your spirit after defeating an experience-yielding enemy.

During this state, your mana regeneration is boosted by 50% while casting and the effect persists for 15 seconds. This choice is particularly advantageous over Blackout, which aligns more with PvP contexts. The stun effect Blackout offers on the targets you’re attacking doesn’t align well with raid scenarios, making Spirit Tap a more strategic option.

Strategic Allocation of Talents for a Shadow Priest

Focusing on the superior choice, Spare ATT emerges as the preferred ability. Proceeding with talent allocation, three points will be dedicated to Shadow Affinity, effectively decreasing the threat generated by your Shadow spells by a quarter. Enhancing Shadow Word: Pain with two points in its improved version extends its duration by six seconds, amplifying the damage output. This enhancement, combined with Shared Pain, proves to be significantly impactful.

Moving forward, allocating four points to Shadow Focus is crucial as it diminishes the target’s ability to resist your Shadow spells by 8%, effectively granting an 8% hit rate at level 25. Mine FL Assault is the next skill in our lineup, assailing the target’s mind with Shadow energy, inflicting 75 Shadow damage over three seconds and halving their movement speed.

Recommended Talent Build: Shadow Weaving Focus

With one remaining point, I’ve opted for Shadow Weaving, which grants your Shadow spells a 20% chance to make the target more susceptible to Shadow damage, increasing damage inflicted by 3% and stacking up to five times over 15 seconds. Adjustments can be made based on mana efficiency; for instance, shifting focus to the discipline tree and selecting wand specialization could be beneficial. This talent structure is subject to change upon real-time raid testing, but as it stands, this build is our recommended approach.

Gearing Up Your Shadow Priest

As for gear, we have the Brighteye Goggles from engineering, offering 9 Spirit and Stamina. For our neck, we can pick up any Neck Piece of the Owl if available; if not, then the Sentinel’s Medallion from the Warsong reputation is a good option, offering two Stamina. However, something of the Owl would be best in slot here to gain some Intellect and Spirit.

For shoulders, back piece, chest piece, bracers, and weapon, aim for anything you can get of Shadow Wrath to be in the realm of having between 60 to 80 Shadow damage. As you can see, having that amount of Shadow damage will significantly help your DPS.

Balancing Shadow Priest Gear: Hands of Darkness and Belt of Arag

We’re also going to weave in some pieces that have Spirit and Intellect. It’s anticipated that Shadow Priests might have Mana issues early on, but we’ll have to wait and see how fast things die in practice.

For gloves, we have Hands of Darkness, a tailor-crafted item that provides nine Shadow damage and five Spirit. For our belt, we got Belt of Arag from Shadow Fang Keep.

Additional Gear and Trinkets for Shadow Priest

You’re going to get 10 Intellect, three Spirit, and two Agility from these items. The Silver Thread Pants will provide eight Intellect, four Spirit, and four Stamina.

Spider Silk Boots offer seven Spirit, four Intellect, and four Stamina. The L Keeper Ring, obtainable with honored status from the Warsong reputation, is excellent, giving two Stamina, five Spell Damage, and two MP5, which should help alleviate Mana issues a bit.

Maximizing Deadmines Gear: Best Picks for Rings, Trinkets, and Wands

If you can’t get that, consider the Lavishly Jeweled Ring from Deadmines, offering six Intellect and two Agility. If that’s not an option, Azor’s Will or even Seal of Ren are good alternatives, with Seal of Ren providing four Stamina, three Spirit, three Agility, three Strength, and four Intellect.

As for trinkets, none are going to significantly increase your DPS. For wands, Cookie’s Stirring Wand is a great choice, but if wand specialization is necessary, a world drop like Dire Wand could also work.

Switching to a Healing Specification

In the healing setup, for the chest rune, opt for Serendipity. This allows your Flash Heal to decrease the casting duration of subsequent casts of Lesser Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, or Prayer of Healing by 20% for 20 seconds, and this effect stacks up to three times. This makes Serendipity an obvious pick, especially when compared to Strength of Soul, which is more PvP-oriented.

On the legs, Prayer of Mending is indispensable. It’s more beneficial than Power Word: Barrier, which may need adjustments to be effective. Prayer of Mending applies a healing effect on a target that triggers when they receive damage or healing, healing them for 150. This effect then transfers to a nearby party or raid member, with the ability to jump up to five times and lasting 30 seconds after each jump.

Maximizing Priest Healer Runes: Leg Strategy and AOE Hand Healing

Since it can be active on only one target at a time, it’s a crucial choice for your leg rune. For the hands, choose Circle of Healing. It heals all party members within 15 yards of a target for 82 to 92 points, making it a superb area-of-effect healing option for priest raid healers. Penance, being more single-target or PvP focused, doesn’t fit as well in raid healing scenarios.

Exploring Healing Talents in Depth

When selecting talents for healing, it’s advisable to allocate five points into Holy Specialization, enhancing the critical strike probability of holy spells by 5%. Place two points in Healing Focus for further effectiveness…

Detailed Analysis of Healing Talent Options and Advantages

With Healing Focus, you gain a 70% chance of maintaining spell casting without interruption for any healing spells. Subsequently, Divine Fury reduces the casting time of your Smite, Holy Fire, Heal, and Greater Heal spells by half a second.

Placing three points in Inspiration significantly raises your target’s armor by 25% for 15 seconds, activated by a critical hit from Flash Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, or Prayer of Healing. Also beneficial is allocating one point in Improved Healing to lessen the Mana consumption of Lesser Heal, Heal, and Greater Heal by 5%.

Strategic Gear Choices for Enhanced Healing

For healing gear, we recommend the Brighty Goggles from engineering for their nine Spirit and Stamina. Aim for a Neck Piece of the Owl, if feasible.

For shoulder gear, the Magician’s Mantle is suitable, but consider the Feline Mantle from Shadow Fang Keep as an alternative, offering 10 Intellect, three Spirit, and two Agility. Given the Magician’s Mantle’s potential cost as a BoE world drop, Feline Mantle serves as a practical choice.

Optimal Healing Gear: Capes, Robes, Bracers, and Staves

In the cape category, choose the Banded Cloak of Healing or a similar item for an additional 13 healing points. Robes of Arag are excellent for their 10 Spirit, nine Intellect, five Stamina, and three Agility, especially when enchanted.

Durable Bracers of Healing, with an extra 13 healing and seven Spirit enchantment, are a great choice.

For a staff, consider the Staff of the Blessed Sear for its 24 additional healing, or more budget-friendly options like the Staff of Westfall for Alliance, or the Revered Staff from Warsong reputation for the Horde. The Emberstone Staff is another worthy choice.

Comprehensive Guide to Additional Healing Gear and Accessories

For gloves, opt for the tailor-made True Faith Gloves, offering over 15 healing and three Intellect.

The Durable Belt of Healing provides an additional 18 healing. Choose Ivy Cloth Pants of Healing for your legs to add 24 more healing. Spider Silk Boots are excellent for feet, offering seven Spirit, four Intellect, and four Stamina, further improved with a three Spirit enchantment.

Optimal Gear Choices for Healers in Warsong: Rings, Trinkets, and Wands

The L Keeper Ring, a reward from the Warsong reputation, provides two Stamina, five healing, and two MP5. For another ring, consider the Queen’s Jewel or the Deep Fathom Ring for the Horde, or Lavishly Jeweled Ring or Seal of Ren for the Alliance. Trinkets may not significantly boost healing, but they can offer other benefits. Lastly, Cookie’s Stirring Wand is a strong choice for a wand.

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