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What a week for Cataclysm – Disc and Resto fixed, quicker tier gear and more!

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What a week for Cataclysm – Disc and Resto fixed, quicker tier gear and more!

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This guide explores essential updates for WoW Cataclysm Classic, including dual raid access, class hotfixes, world bosses, and PvP enhancements to improve your gameplay experience.
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Due to the fact that I’ve been thoroughly engrossed in Cataclysm since its launch, and honestly slacking since the pre-patch, I’ve fallen behind on keeping you updated with the latest news and discoveries. I aim to rectify this with a series of updates covering several topics. These range from methods to acquire your Tier gear more swiftly through both 10 and 25-man Baradin Hold raids each week, to various Class hotfixes. Additionally, there are some new developments as of June 4th, including Class performance in raids and other general updates. This will be the first of many updates as I ensure to stay on top of the news. Although I’m now well-established and mainly logging raids on four characters, let’s dive into these updates.

Season of Discovery Updates

Many of us play both Season of Discovery and Cataclysm, although my interest in Season of Discovery waned during its third phase. However, it appears that the Phase 4 PTR is imminent, with more updates expected on this front next week. If you play both games, stay tuned for updates particularly around Season of Discovery Phase 4.

Baradin Hold Access

A significant update for Cataclysm players is regarding Baradin Hold in the first phase of Cataclysm Classic. It has been confirmed that players can complete both the 10-player and 25-player versions of the raid each week without a shared weekly lockout. This is vital information if you weren’t already aware, offering more opportunities for raiding each week.

Raid Mechanics and Gear Acquisition

You can enter the raid with a chance to acquire your Tier gear or PvP gear, depending on your preference. Both 10 and 25-man formats are now accessible. It’s uncertain whether this dual availability was an intentional decision from the start or a situation they chose not to fix after its occurrence. Although only specified for the first phase, there’s speculation about adjustments in the second phase to avoid disadvantaging players who missed out on dual resets initially. Obtaining your tier set bonuses faster is advantageous, even if it remains largely dependent on luck.

From my observations, PvP gear seems prevalent, though PvE gear has also been seen in other guild groups. If you’re new to the mechanics, don’t be overly concerned. For example, in a 10-man raid, one group might go left and another right. Each group would have a tank, or a single tank could reset their stacks as needed. The boss performs a significant slice attack that should be managed by alternating the receiving groups, allowing time for the stacks to diminish. Healers need to be attentive to dispel duties, and during a fire storm, simply move out of the fire and regroup after it dissipates. Continue this pattern until the boss is defeated. It’s quite straightforward, and the World bosses are now also available for engagement.

World Boss Updates and Unique Drops

World bosses are now present in each zone, dropping 359 World epics and unique items. Despite initially dropping 346 items until phase two, which I find nonsensical given the higher-tier epics already available, this has been Blizzard’s approach for reasons unknown. These bosses are on a 72-hour spawn timer and can be found in various locations such as Ahnat in Uldum, Poseidus in Vashj’ir, Garr in Mount Hyjal, Zorona in Deepholm, Mobus also in Vashj’ir, and Julak Doom in Twilight Highlands. Successfully defeating these bosses can yield a significant amount of gold. Typically, they require two to three players for a comfortable defeat, but a particularly strong player, like an overpowered Blood Death Knight, might manage solo.

Class Hotfixes and Honor Updates

Recent hotfixes have made significant improvements, particularly beneficial to classes I frequently play. For instance, the Atonement healing for priests has been adjusted to deprioritize pets. Originally, this healing method would target the entity with the lowest health percentage, including pets. However, with the new fix, if a pet’s health is at 10%, it is now considered as 60%, ensuring that players with lower health percentages are prioritized. This is crucial during intense combat scenarios. Additionally, for PvP enthusiasts, the honor rewards from completing random or holiday Battlegrounds have been increased by 100%, enhancing the overall PvP experience.

PvP Honor Updates and Druid Class Fixes

You now receive double honor for participating in random Battlegrounds. This enhancement has positively impacted PvP experiences, encouraging more engagement, whether for fun or for utilizing honor in trade goods. Additionally, significant fixes have been implemented for Druids. Previously, if you played a Restoration Druid, your Clear Casting state would incorrectly consume the spell Nourish, which was not intended. This issue has now been corrected to align with changes from patch 4.0.3a, where Nourish is considered a low-cost, filler spell. It was frustrating for many to cast Nourish only for Clear Casting to trigger and be wasted on it. This change is a relief, particularly for those who found it cumbersome to cancel a Nourish cast to use Clear Casting more effectively on spells like Regrowth.

Conclave of Wind and Al’Akir Bugs

Fixes have also been made to the Conclave of Wind, addressing a bug where a player’s death could cause Naz’ir to drop no loot. While not the most significant issue observed in the Throne of the Four Winds, it was still problematic. There have been instances where, after defeating Al’Akir, the boss appeared to respawn after players exited and re-entered the instance. This bug caused the need to defeat Al’Akir multiple times within the same session, occurring twice and leading to four kills in two encounters. While I haven’t personally encountered the Naz’ir bug, these fixes are crucial for those affected, ensuring a smoother raiding experience. If you’ve experienced these or any similar issues, sharing your experiences could provide further insights into the prevalence and impact of such bugs.

Further Bug Fixes and PvP Adjustments

It’s encouraging to hear about ongoing fixes, including the persistent issues with the Al’Akir bug. Additionally, a fix has been implemented for Paladins who were able to start arena matches with Inquisition or more than zero Holy Power. Although I was not aware of this exploit during my PvP sessions, it would have been intriguing to leverage such an advantage. Addressing these glitches is crucial for maintaining fair play and competitive integrity in PvP scenarios.

DPS Analysis in Heroic Raids

A recent analysis of DPS across various percentiles in 25-player heroic raids shows that Unholy Death Knights were expected to excel in the first phase, a prediction that held true based on early raid outcomes. When examining the 95th percentile, Unholy Death Knights continue to dominate, with Fire Mages, Elemental Shamans, and Survival Hunters also performing well. Although some classes like Frost Mages and Fury Warriors appear to lag slightly, the overall balance across classes is fairly healthy. This demonstrates that player skill is often more critical than class choice or spec. This data offers a positive outlook on class balance in PvE, affirming the principle of “bring the player, not the class.”

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