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Top 10 Best Gold Farms in Cataclysm Classic WoW

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Top 10 Best Gold Farms in Cataclysm Classic WoW

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This gold-making guide for Cata Classic covers the top 10 farms, utilizing Potion of Treasure Finding to maximize gains from Volatile Farms to Transmog and Cloth Farming.
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Hey guys and welcome back to another classic gold making guide. In this one, I’m going to show you the top 10 best Gold Farms in Cata Classic. Before we dive in, if you haven’t already checked out my Cata Classic Gold Making Guide and my Classic Flipping Guide, these are both linked down below.

Volatile Water Farm

Are you aiming to earn gold in Classic? This section introduces you to the top 10 Gold Farms, starting with the volatile water farm. This type of farm relies on the use of a Potion of Treasure Finding. This potion is crucial as it leads to the discovery of Tiny Treasure Chests, greatly boosting your gold yield. Remember, it’s vital to have your Potion of Treasure Finding ready. The rewards from the Tiny Treasure Chests are plentiful. Our journey will take us to Twilight Highlands, right beside the river, where we’ll target water elementals for farming.

Farming Tips

Before embarking on this farm, ensure you are at least level 83. Using your Potion of Treasure Finding is essential for maximizing your gains. The area is dotted with mobs we’ll focus on, allowing you to collect volatile water and various materials from the Tiny Treasure Chests. You might even encounter rare BoE items that could be highly valuable. To access the loot from the Tiny Treasure Chests, simply click on them to unveil a variety of classic materials.

Volatile Air Farm

Following the water elementals, we move to the volatile air farm. This farm operates under a similar premise to the water farm. Your task here involves farming mobs that drop volatile air. Again, using the Potion of Treasure Finding is imperative as it enables the acquisition of Tiny Treasure Chests. These chests can be opened to reveal an extensive array of Classic materials, further enhancing your farming efficiency.

Aerial Mobility in Farming

This farm offers a unique approach as the mobs are notably scattered. Located in AUM, this site is best navigated with flying capabilities due to the distances between mobs. It’s crucial to have your Potion of Treasure Finding active here. Our target mobs require a tactical approach: kill one, then move swiftly to the next. A circular farming route proves efficient, allowing you to return to the beginning just as the mobs respawn, minimizing downtime. Now, let’s explore another exciting farm.

Volatile Fire Farm

Continuing with our series of Volatile Farms, we next focus on the volatile fire farm. Essential to success here is the continued use of the Potion of Treasure Finding, which significantly boosts your gold yield by providing access to Tiny Treasure Chests. These chests are pivotal in these environments. We’ll conduct this farm in Twilight Highlands, where mobs are densely clustered. Utilize your potion early as it lasts for one hour, giving you ample time to farm these mobs intensively. Here, not only will you collect valuable resources from the volatile fire and the chests, but you’ll also have the opportunity to acquire various BoEs. These mobs are at level 84, therefore, it’s advisable to undertake this farm once you reach level 85 with adequate gear for optimal results.

Volatile Earth Farm

We proceed to the final noteworthy volatile farm in our guide: the volatile earth farm. Similar to its counterparts, the effectiveness of this farm hinges on your use of the Potion of Treasure Finding, which enhances your farming results for an hour by allowing access to Tiny Treasure Chests. This element is crucial across most classic Gold Farms for maximizing your earnings. Now, let’s dive deeper into the specifics of the volatile earth farm and explore the types of loot you can expect to find in these treasure chests.

Effective Volatile Earth Farming

To successfully farm volatile earth, travel to this specific site in Twilight Highlands. Here, you will encounter mobs that specifically drop volatile earth—making it an ideal location for this type of farm. Ensure your Potion of Treasure Finding is active to maximize loot collection. My preferred strategy involves circling the area to continuously farm the mobs. While the primary targets are those that drop volatile earth, the surrounding humanoids, although not dropping volatile earth themselves, are still valuable for their potential to yield ambil cloth, Tiny Treasure Chests, and BoE items, enhancing the overall profitability of the farm. This makes it an exceptional spot for farming, concluding our list of Volatile Farms.

Amber Silk Cloth Farm

Next, we explore the Amber silk cloth farm. For those with the tailoring profession, this location offers increased cloth yields. It’s crucial to activate your Potion of Treasure Finding to gain the most from this area. Located in Deepholm, this AOE farm features large groups of mobs engaged in combat with NPCs—a scenario that provides a prime opportunity for efficient farming. Employ a class with robust AOE capabilities to optimize your gold intake. Engage these groups, employing AOE tactics to defeat them and gather Amber silk cloth along with additional Tiny Treasure Chests. The potential to loot high-value BoE items adds further allure to this farm. After farming, opening all your collected Tiny Treasure Chests could significantly boost your earnings, making this a lucrative endeavor.

Hyper-Effective Cloth Farm

This hyperspawn location is renowned as the top ambil cloth farm in the region. Always use your Potion of Treasure Finding here to maximize the retrieval of diverse materials from the Tiny Treasure Chests. Situated in Deepholm, this farm is ideal for classes with tank specializations due to the high volume and rapid respawn rates of the mobs. If your class struggles to manage the sustained damage, it may be challenging, so choosing a tank-oriented class for this activity is advisable.

Tank Specialization Advantage

Opting for a class with tank specialization is crucial due to the intense mob density and their swift respawn times at this farm. Adequate gear is necessary to survive, but mastering this farm can make it one of the most lucrative and efficient hyperspawn and tiny treasure chest farms available currently.

Low Competition Farming

Shifting focus to a distinctive ambil cloth farm, this location is less renowned, translating to minimal competition. If you’re finding it challenging to secure a spot in the more popular farms showcased, this spot in Twilight Highlands offers an opportunity to farm extensively without interference. You’ll collect profits primarily from Tiny Treasure Chests, ambersil cloth, and BoE items. Positioned where NPCs combat monsters, these allies can accelerate your mob kills, especially if your gear level is lower. Cycle through killing and allowing respawns assisted by NPCs to maximize your efficiency.

Old School Farming: TBC

Transitioning to an older but still valuable farming approach, we focus on TBC’s Damp Scale Basilisk Eyes. This activity is beneficial for those with skinning skills, allowing you to gather Knot Hide Leather and Crystallized Infused Leather. Located in Terokkar Forest along the river, this farm is not just about gathering materials but also enhancing reputation through the eyes, which are highly sought after for their transmog and crafting recipe relevance. As these items are in demand on the auction house, engaging in this farm can be highly profitable.

Transmog Market Farming

We’ll delve into farming Transmogs from old dungeons and locations. This niche is exceptionally promising in the early stages of the classic era, as many players have not yet acquired an extensive collection of Transmogs. This gap in the market presents a unique opportunity for substantial profits.

Efficiency of Transmog Farming

Transmogs are highly sought after and sell rapidly on the auction house. For optimal results, I recommend soloing old dungeons to fully exploit this farming method. By running and clearing these dungeons independently, you’ll not only collect various materials that are marketable but primarily focus on Transmogs, which command excellent prices and quick sales. Unlike the slower sales cycles seen in retail versions of the game, classic Transmogs move swiftly, offering substantial returns. This farming technique is currently underutilized by many gold farmers, making it an advantageous venture that also yields steady income from additional materials like cloth gathered during your runs.

Skilling Farm for Steady Gold

Concluding our guide, we turn to one of the top steady Gold Farms—specializing in savage leather. This farm also yields additional valuable items, such as pristine hides. To enhance efficiency, consider using a Worgen character for faster skinning, though it’s not mandatory. Essential to this farming strategy is the use of a Potion of Treasure Finding, aimed at maximizing loot from classic zone mobs. The designated farming area is in Autumn, where you’ll focus on baby crocs—a well-known location for its lucrative potential. Skinning is necessary here, and investing time to develop this skill can be highly beneficial. This farm is recognized for its rapid item sales and high demand on the auction house. Engage in a continuous cycle of harvesting baby crocs by disturbing their eggs, skinning them, and repeating the process for optimal gains.

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