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Throne and Liberty: Every New Weapon and Armor Skin So Far – Beginners Guide

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Throne and Liberty: Every New Weapon and Armor Skin So Far – Beginners Guide

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This evening, I will present a short overview of all available skins for your weapon and armor.
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Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, since the release of Throne and Liberty in Korea on December 7th, 2023, the developers at Noft have added a variety of customization options for your weapons and armor. This evening, I will present a short overview of all available skins for your weapon and armor. As you can see, I am already in the Mirror Boutique, a part of the user interface dedicated to character customization.

Great Swords Overview

First, let’s check the skins for weapons, starting with the great sword. In my opinion, the skins for the great sword, and generally for armor, especially the sword and shield, are the most beautiful in the game. You will see all the skins for weapons or armor are truly stunning. Let’s start with the Glacia Broadsword, a great sword skin.

Featured Great Sword Skins

Next, we have another great sword option, the Ardo Great Sword. Following that, we have a beautiful one, the Asentia Broadsword. Take a look, it really stands out. Then, we have another beauty of the great sword, the Florena Great Sword. Let’s continue with another great sword, the Osin Great Sword, a brand new skin added to the game just recently.

Sword and Shield Combinations

Moving forward to the sword and shield combination, the Glacia Sword and Shield look absolutely beautiful. Next, the Ardo Sword and Shield combination shines brightly. Then, we have the Asentia Sword and Shield; I need to zoom in a bit to show you the details on this shield—they are truly magnificent. This one, the Florenza Sword, showcases intricate light details and overall design that make it really beautiful.

Daggers and Further Customizations

Next, let’s look at the Glossia Dagger, followed by the Arde Dagger. I will show you costumes a little later, but as you can see already, there is a huge diversity of beautiful skins for your armor and weapon. Here we have another skin for daggers, the Ain Dagger. These daggers also look magnificent, showcasing the extensive and detailed customization options available in Throne and Liberty.

New Daggers and Crossbows

This new dagger is looking really good. Then, we have the Glacia Crossbow. These skins are actually not very expensive; they’re quite affordable. You can purchase them with Lucent, an in-game currency, which you can earn by playing the game or by using a credit card. This is another version of a crossbow, a very powerful weapon. Check this out: there are so many beautiful skins.

Longbow Varieties

Then we have the Florena Crossbow. These Florena weapons look really amazing, regardless of the type. The new one, a crossbow, was recently added to the game. Let’s go further with the Glacia Longbow. Next, we have the Ard Longbow, followed by the Asentia Longbow, the Florenza Longbow, and finally, a new longbow added to the game recently.

Staves and Their Aesthetics

Let’s proceed with staves. Oh, look at this Glacia Staff. Next, the Ardo Staff, and then we have the Essentia Staff. I really like this one; check out the details, they’re looking really good. Then we have the Florena Staff. Amazing, look at this! In my opinion, the Florena Staff looks the best. We also have a new one, the El Staff, which looks a bit like a harp because of its arch. Well, it is definitely a staff, and the details are amazing.

Wands and Books

On to wands, we have the Glassia Wand, a combination of wand and book. You can actually see that there’s something written in this book. Next, the Ard Wand and book combination, then the Essentia Wand, clearly with something written. Next, we have the FL Lensa Wand, and here, the El Wand, newly added to the game yesterday. These skins for weapons are beautiful, and in the future, you’re likely to see many more.

This is a great way to monetize the game without pay-to-win elements. As I’ve mentioned, these weapons are not very expensive; they’re quite affordable. Let’s first check this skin here. This skin was one of the first available in the game, essentially for the release of the game over there in Korea. It’s also important to note that each of these skins for costumes can have their colors adjusted.

Advanced Customization Options

You can adjust colors in so many ways here; look, you can do whatever you want with the colors. You can adjust different kinds of patterns and details; it’s really insane. On the right side of my user interface, you can see that you can adjust a multitude of different options. This includes options with a cape, where you can change the color of the cape and the full color of the skin. It’s truly beautiful.

Further Customization with Additions

This is another option, a bit more advanced, with additional features. You can customize in a million ways regarding colors. Let’s move on to another skin that comes with a hat, and you can again change its appearance regarding colors and patterns. You can add different kinds of patterns to the skins. Let’s remove this to show you how you can change the color and pattern of the costume. You can see different kinds of patterns all the way down.

Pattern Varieties

You can change the pattern on your costume to whatever kind of pattern you have, even this one. This one is looking so good, offering a million ways to adjust, right to whatever you want. I had no doubts regarding the customization of your character. Noft is doing a great job in each one of their games, providing lots of options. Currently, some options cannot be obtained, which is interesting.

Color and Pattern Changes

Let’s go forward with another beautiful skin for this armor. Let’s check a bit of a change in color and pattern again. You can change so many patterns, different kinds of patterns as you can see right; they’re changing here immediately. Let’s move forward with the next skin here. Oh, remember this one? This one is looking really good again. You can change colors however you want, and again, pattern—you can do whatever you want, or go without a pattern. You can set different kinds of patterns, like this one or that one, and you can also go without any kind of pattern.

Special Event Skins

Let’s move forward with this skin here; let’s change the color again. You can adjust—you can see lots of different kinds of colors and patterns again. In this presentation, you can see all the skins available until this moment on servers in Korea. This is the hat version. Let’s check this skin; this was for Valentine’s Day, I think. They had this skin for Valentine’s Day, though I cannot remember exactly. You can change color and pattern again, or go without a pattern. Yes, this skin was up for Valentine’s Day. Let’s move forward; this is basically a helm, right, a hat. Then we have here this skin. Oh, this one is looking good.

Exploring Color Flexibility in Customization

I remember this one; not bad. Let’s change to red color. I’m just switching colors randomly right so that you can see, but there are many different options. Let’s put this one, for example. It doesn’t matter; even if you put green, let’s put green for fun. Every color looks so good, right? Every skin. Let’s go further with this one. Okay, let’s change again. Let’s go to black, full black. Oh, nice, I like this. Let’s go blue a little bit, so I don’t put red every time.

Detailed Customization Options

Again, you can set up the pattern and without a pattern. Then, oh this one, this one is one of my favorites actually, not this one—let me show you this one. This one is beautiful, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful skins. I have a feeling actually when they’re adding these new skins, each new skin is more beautiful than the previous one, right? So this one, absolutely beautiful, check this out.

Color and Pattern Adjustments

I wish that we didn’t have this rabbit and these flowers on the shoulders, but still, check this out. And let’s put it like black, full black, or maybe a little bit put some white pattern on it, maybe here like this, wait, or this. You can combine really whatever you want, however you want, right? Options regarding these skins in white are really beautiful, look at this.

Exploring the Latest Skin Additions

But even in, I don’t know, blue, full blue or full green, everything is beautiful, but white probably would be my favorite combination. And the last skin added to the game yesterday, uh, this one, let’s check it out, what is the name of this skin, I don’t see, oh, traveler. Okay, this is the original version and then again, you can switch colors as you like for this skin. You can change it completely as you want and patterns also, patterns you can see here.

Highlighting Exceptional Skins and Customization in Throne and Liberty

It’s changing on the back with different kinds of patterns, beautiful or without patterns. So, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, for this evening’s short presentation regarding different kinds of skins for weapons and armor in Throne and Liberty, I want to leave this one for the end because it is really beautiful. Check this out—even in white or black, look at this, or a little bit of white maybe to add—wait here, maybe not here, wait.

Special Event Skins and Celebrations

This, we need to leave like this one, or maybe this one—wait, really beautiful, right? So, for this evening’s short presentation regarding different kinds of skin customization options in Throne and Liberty, I forget actually to show you this one. This one was for Christmas. You could also change the color—yeah, that was for Christmas. And this one, this one was for the 100-day celebration of Throne and Liberty over there on servers in Korea.

Customizing Gameplay Experience

So, regarding skins, without any doubt, if you enjoy this part of gameplay in Throne and Liberty, this is very interesting. Why not, right? Why not customize your character if you’re already playing many hours, and we are playing many hours of different kinds of MMORPGs? If you play many hours of Throne and Liberty, why not customize your character with different kinds of combinations regarding weapons and armor?

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