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Palworld Update Biggest Changes

New elements, updated features, and plenty to get excited about—these are the significant changes in the latest Power World update and their impact on gameplay. The April release of Power World, version, introduces a substantial selection of new items. Notably, several of these items are accessible only through the purple ancient technology section of the tech menu. Thus, it makes sense to begin our exploration with the introduction of new ancient technical manuals.

New Ancient Technical Manuals

These manuals, when utilized, grant you an ancient Tech Point. Before this update, acquiring such points required defeating Alpha Pals, dungeon slave bosses, and The Syndicate Tower bosses. Now, the process includes an opportunity to earn an additional point each time you discover a manual in a dungeon chest. It’s important to note, however, that finding a manual is based on chance—during my last four dungeon explorations, I managed to find just one ancient tech manual.

Utilizing Ancient Tech Points

Let’s delve into the options available for using your ancient tech points. At the forefront, available at level 19 in the tech menu, is the Ring of Mercy. This accessory, requiring two ancient tech points, ensures that when worn, you cannot reduce an opponent’s HP below one. Essentially, this prevents you from inadvertently harming a pal you are attempting to capture. Isn’t that a great feature?

Alternative Purchase Options

If you find yourself with excess gold and prefer to conserve your ancient tech points, the Ring of Mercy is also available for purchase for 30,000 gold from certain merchants. Additionally, there’s a similar item for pals known as Mercy Hit, which does not require any ancient tech points. We will explore more about this in the pal-specific section shortly.

Character Customization and New Features

Moving on, at level 24, players now have the opportunity to alter their pal Tamer’s appearance. This update introduces a new item, the antique dresser, which costs just one ancient tech point and offers a comprehensive character customization interface, just like at the start of the game. However, it does not allow for name changes, so you might end up with an unlikely name like Amelia. Advancing further, at level 30, a new fast travel method called Homeward Thundercloud is introduced, enhancing mobility in the game.

Teleportation and Fast Travel

This new tool requires two ancient points for use and allows you to teleport directly to your nearest base from anywhere. Previously, the only method for quick travel involved locating a glowing Eagle Tower, selecting your destination on the map, and confirming the teleport. This innovation significantly cuts down on travel time, facilitating quicker repairs, restocking, and relaxation at your base. However, it’s important to note that this item is a consumable and its necessary materials are not readily available everywhere, so it should be used judiciously unless you are prepared to extensively gather resources to create more.

Enhanced Visibility Gear

Progressing further, at level 34, the game introduces ability glasses. Purchasing these glasses costs four ancient tech points and they allow you to view pal statistics on-the-fly without accessing the technology menu. For health recovery, there are consumables that can be crafted at the medicine workbench which gradually restore your HP—3 HP per second for the basic version and 5 HP per second for the enhanced one.

New Training Manuals

The addition of new training manuals is intriguing, yet it raises a question: why are there still no health potions for pals? Similar to the manuals for acquiring ancient tech points, there are also training manuals concealed within dungeon chests. These manuals can be employed to provide your pal with an increment of experience, the amount of which depends on the manual’s size. To date, I have uncovered medium and large manuals, suggesting the existence of a smaller version yet to be discovered.

Stat Boosting and New Moves

Enhance your pal’s capabilities by utilizing the newly introduced stat-boosting items like the power fruit, life fruit, and stout fruit. Additionally, a new passive ability known as Mercy Hit, which I referenced earlier, is now available. This ability, akin to the Ring of Mercy, ensures that a pal equipped with it cannot decrease an enemy’s HP below one. Moreover, several improvements have been made at the ranch: resources that were previously difficult to obtain are now more accessible.

Kelpy now produces pal fluids during grazing, and Deud yields high-quality pal oil. A novel feature allows pals to excrete ancient civilization parts. Furthermore, a new character, Bella Noir, the highlight of the game’s inaugural raid, has been introduced. Bella can be summoned at a new altar, which becomes accessible at level 33 for three ancient Tech points. For activation, players must gather slab fragments and assemble them into a complete Bellan Noir slab.

Raid Precautions

It is crucial to avoid placing the summoning altar at your main base due to the intense nature of the raid, which could potentially destroy all your constructions. Opt instead for a less significant location, such as a secondary base or a site with minimal investments. While raid bosses cannot be captured, they do drop pal eggs after being defeated. These eggs may hatch into a boss, adding a strategic element to your gameplay decisions.

Resource Management and Site Setup

With your base now secure from potential threats, let’s explore some standout features introduced in this update. The highlight is the ore mining site. The requirement to position your base adjacent to a significant ore deposit is now obsolete, as ore deposits can now dynamically appear wherever you choose to establish your base. You can unlock the initial phase of this innovative site at level 15 for two ancient points, with the second phase becoming accessible at level 31 for three ancient points.

Advanced Storage Solutions

The focus of these latest enhancements is on storage optimization. Storage chests have been upgraded with filters that allow you to specify which item types can be deposited. This change addresses the previous issue where pals would deposit any collected items into the nearest available chest, regardless of its contents. Now, you can designate specific chests solely for weapons and ammunition or exclusively for rocks, vastly improving organizational efficiency and clarity.

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