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Palworld Tier List: All 111 Pals Ranked

If you ever wanted to learn about all the pals and Pal World from some random dude on the internet, well, this is the article for you. I decided to sit down and rank all 111 Pals based on their stats, abilities, and just how much I like the character design. Without further ado, here we go.

Introduction to Pals

Our first entry we’ve got here is Lamb Ball. Look how cute it is; it’s round. You could pick it up and use it as a shield with its ability, Fluffy Shield, which is a little cursed, but hey, it comes in handy in a fight, and it’s good at your base. Honestly, you know what, even the one you can find really early in the game is like the first one you see, and he’s a nice little guy, what can you say?

Lamb Ball

Next up, we’ve got number two, Kativa, which is a pink cat. But its abilities make up for it because its ability helps you carry more weight, which is pretty cool, and it can mine at your base. You know what they say; the cats really yearn for the mines, giving it a B. It’s handy.


Next up, we’ve got Chipi, which is a chicken. It’s literally just a chicken. There’s nothing remarkable about it. Its ability is sometimes it lays an egg. The only reason I’m not putting this in F is because it’s kind of cute. That’s about it. That’s a chicken right there.


Now, with number four, LIF Monk, we start to get into real interesting abilities. Interesting, I mean, this Pal’s got a gun. Its ability is it hops on your head and uses a submachine gun. That’s pretty awesome. And I mean, it’s pretty cute; it’s a little funny looking, in my opinion, but it is cute, and it’s got a whole bunch of skills you can use in your base. You know what, I’m gonna give it a B. I like it.

LIF Monk

Next up on our list, we’ve got FoxParks, which, the name, eh, it kind of puts me off a little. I don’t really like its name, but it is cute, and it has an incredible ability because you can pick this thing up and use it as a flamethrower. Literally, just use it as a flamethrower. Who thought of that? Who thought, you know what, let’s let the players pick this guy up and use it as a flamethrower. That’s an A. It’s a flamethrower pal, what more do you want?


I’m going to have to bleep that. We better check Google here, let’s see. Okay, we’ve got FuaTK, which is a water duck. It’s pretty cute; it has a bill on it and looks angry. That’s something. Otherwise, it’s pretty unremarkable. It has a water attack and doesn’t really do much for your base. We’re making it a C. It has a funny name, though, so it’s not a D.


Number seven on the list here is Sparkit, which is pretty cool-looking. It’s like a Sparky Mouse. The name leaves a little to be desired; not a huge fan of it, but it has static electricity as its ability, which lets you power up other Pals in your team that are also electric. So, it’s kind of a helper. That’s good to have around, and it’s the first one you run into that is an electric one, so it helps with electric stuff for your base. I’m going to give it a C. It’s nothing remarkable, but it deserves a C.


Alrighty, moving on here, this is what I’m excited about: Tanz, which is literally a green monkey. But I’m excited because its ability, Cheery Rifle, is just… This is a monkey with an AK. Its ability is it has an AK. This is the poster child of the game; it’s all over the Internet. How do you not love Tanz? That’s an S. It’s a monkey with an AK.


Coming at number nine, we’ve got Ruby. Its partner skill, Tiny Spark, increases the fire attack power of fire Pals in your team. That’s pretty nice. It’s pretty unremarkable other than that. I mean, it’s a fire one; nothing Fox Parks can’t do. So, I’m just going to give it a C. It’s fine; you can power up your team, which is not terrible.


I’m excited about Penggullet. It’s a little penguin, and it’s adorable. Just look at it; that thing’s adorable. But its ability, the Penggullet Cannon, is what really makes it stand out. The player just shoves it into a rocket launcher and uses the penguin itself as the ammunition. Who thought of shoving a penguin into a rocket launcher? That’s an A or an S for me. I think I want to reserve S for the really good stuff, so that’s going in an A.

Pen King

Next up on our list, and also penguin-themed, very important here, and looks very cool, might I add, is Pen King. This guy looks like he can sail a ship. This guy is sailing a galleon around the seas. That’s a cool-looking guy here, and he’s also got the skill of Brave Sailor, which is when you’re fighting together, you get extra items for fire Pals. If you’re trying to build some furnaces and whatnot, this guy is who you’re looking for. I’m going to give him an A. Honestly, he just looks so cool. I love that.

Jol Hog

Coming in at number 12, we’ve got Jol Hog, our next electric pal. Its skill is pretty cool; you literally use this little guy as a grenade. You pick him up, you lob him, electric damage. That’s kind of nice, and I mean, it’s cute, but other than that, it’s unremarkable. It can’t do a lot for your base. It’s just cute and is literally a grenade, so I’m going to put that at B right there.


Lucky number 13, Gamos. It’s a plant pot that’s kind of upside down, kind of not upside down, growing grass on him. The skill, Logging Assistance, helps increase logging efficiency for you. Eh, that’s fine. It’s got only one skill, Planting too, for your base. Going to give that a D. It’s eh.

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Support for the Channel

It would really help my channel out a lot. Anyways, back to the discussion, next up on the list here we’ve got Vixie, which is a cute little dog-looking thing. It’s got the ability of Dig Here, which will sometimes dig up items around your base. But those items can be Pal Spheres, so you don’t have to spend time crafting those, and I think that’s pretty neat. Other than that, it’s unremarkable, so I’m going to give it a B just for that Pal Sphere ability.


Who Crates here looks like it knows the dark secrets that will lead to the downfall of mankind, or maybe that’s just owls in general. No, no, yeah, that’s just all owls. But any who, Crates here, uh, H Crates can power up other dark Pals on your team. So, that’s kind of neat, helps out as a support there, but other than that, pretty unremarkable other than the dark secrets. So, I’m going to put that as C.

Who Crates

Number 16 here is Tant, which looks adorable. It’s a little water elephant. You can’t go wrong with that, and its skill here, Soothing Shower, can restore your HP, which is very nice at low levels, because I swear I’m always running around with like 50 health and just on the brink of death. So, I’m going to give that a B for early exploration potential.


Ah, Depresso, a pal I can finally relate with. Caffeine Inoculation, much needed for daily life. But all it gives to Pro here is just running fast, and I swear, anytime I’ve had this thing at my base, it doesn’t do anything. That always annoys me because I’m like, “Oh, use this little guy; he can mine, sure,” and then does nothing. F. Cus here is adorable. I would love to pet Cis. Cis looks very fluffy, and the skill here, Fluffy Wool, increases the attack power of your neutral Pals, which you run into a lot in the game, so pretty useful but can’t do much at the farm, produces wool, I guess. So, for the fluffiness, I’m giving it a B.

Daydream here is an awesome early game pal. Just go out at night, and you’ll probably find one. It does some good damage to have on your team, I tell you what. And the item you can get later on, the necklace that lets you keep more of these around as defense, is insane. You can stack up like four of these around you. I think this might be another S here. This is an early game powerhouse.

Rushb, something like that, anyways, it’s a pig. This is a feral hog right here, I tell you what, but you can ride it, and that’s kind of nice.


So, I’m going to give it a C because moving around the game faster is nice. It takes a long time to walk around. Knox here looks kind of like an edgy version of Vixie from earlier, but its ability, Kadur (I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing that right), applies dark damage to your attack. That’s kind of nice. Other than that, it doesn’t have much else special, so the dark damage is nice, and that keeps it up at a C here, I think. But I don’t think I can put it higher than that.


Fuddler, now that’s a fun name for a pal here, I tell you what. And its ability, Ore Detector, reveals nearby ore, which I don’t know if it’s really that useful. I haven’t particularly had trouble finding ore in the game so far; you just kind of walk around and see big lumps of it. But purely for the name, Fuddler, and it looks kind of fun, I’m going to give it a B. I like the little guy; he’s got big claws, he’s got big ears, it’s cute.


Number 23 here, Kilari, which is absolutely a play on calamari, so hey, I appreciate the pun there, Dev team. I like that. And a skill here, Fried Squid, which doesn’t really line up with the skill, but you can use this as a glider and float around on him. I like that, that’s fun. I think I’m going to give that an A. I like ones that you can just literally use as a glider, especially because the normal glider you run out of stamina so fast. So, Kilari, that’s a good one there.


Meow here is pretty cool. I like the style of this one, very Egyptian. I’m a fan of that, I’m a fan of anything Egyptian. So, you know what, the ability that it can do is dig up gold coins too. So, it’s an Egyptian cat that digs up money. That’s pretty cool. I think that might be a B though because it doesn’t do much other than just dig up gold coins, which I haven’t found too much use for in the game yet. I’m not terribly far in, but I like it.

Celer, which kind of makes me think of celery, that’s already a knock against it. I’m not a celery fan, but it can be used as a glider, much like Kilari, so that’s a plus for it. But other than that, it doesn’t have much going on.

Dire Howl

So, I really like the glider ability, so I’m going to keep it at B. Dire Howl here is another one you can ride. This is a mount here, and it looks awesome. This thing actually looks kind of menacing. I remember running into these, and I was actually like, “Oh, that thing’s kind of dangerous.” You know what, that’s an A there. That’s a mount, and it looks menacing.

Tuku Tuku

Tuku Tuku here has an awesome mohawk, so I appreciate that, and also, its skill here, Egg Bomb Launcher, turns this thing into a grenade launcher. You could just shoot eggs at things, so that’s a massive plus. I think this is an easy A. It’s kind of drifting towards S, but, ah, I don’t think quite for some reason. Don’t know why, but that’s an A.


Number 28, Floppy here, has a skill, Helper Bunny, which picks up items near you, which is fine, but I can kind of pick up my own items. It’s not that hard. It’s pretty cute, so I’ll give it that. Um, between C and D for me. I think I’m going to keep it at a C because it actually has medicine production too, which we haven’t run into yet, and that’s a useful skill. So, C.

Mo Arena

Mo Arena here, which we got multiple board plays going on here: mooing, mozzarella. Other than that, it’s pretty unremarkable. It’s kind of cute because it’s round, but just produces milk, that’s it. This is a cow, eh. I’m going to give it a D. The cute doesn’t even make up for it, really.

Brista, which the design, eh, not a huge fan of the design here, and it’s just poisonous. That’s about it. It’s a grass pal, it’s poisonous. But what makes up for it is its working abilities. It’s got planting, handiwork, medicine production, transporting, gathering. It’s got a whole lot going on here, so I think that moves this one up a little bit because of what it can do at your base. I think I might even move that up to a B here. I was thinking C originally, but I think we go with B.

Gob Fin, which looks like a little goblin shark, so you know what, that all adds up. It’s got the ability of Angry Shark, and it’ll just attack a targeted enemy with its laser Aqua gun thing, so that’s kind of nice, increases your attack. Other than that, eh, it’s pretty unremarkable.


I might drop this down to a D. It’s just okay, it’s not that good. Okay, I know I said earlier I really like Pals that are gliders, but Hangu, coming at number 32—hey, that rhymed—um, it looks like a sentient tube sock. What is this? It floats around and grabs things. I like the glider ones, but I can’t see this thing as anything other than tube socks, so sorry, it’s going down half just because of the looks.


Manda, a grass Panda here, not only is it a mount, it’s also a grenade launcher. While you’re riding this thing, you can fire grenades from it. That’s a massive plus. This thing is literally like a tank. This is driving around a tank here. It’s got some awesome base abilities. I think we might have another S on our hands here, actually. This one is amazing. I love it.

Woolly Pop

Woolly Pop, which I guess is a Woolly cotton candy sheep thing, uh, it drops cotton candy. That’s something. I don’t see much use for it other than that, so it’s going in D.


Capr here, it’s like a big Ox looking thing with a berry bush on its back. Its ability is just to drop berries when it’s assigned to your base. So, eh, that’s fine, it’s food for the farm, but other than that, pretty unremarkable. We’re going with C.

Melpa, another mount here that you can ride. Other than that, it’s pretty remarkable. It can drop wool if it’s at your base, but I’m going to give it a C. We’ve got a lot of mounts already, and this one is nothing special compared to the others.

Now looking at other mounts, Elereler—yeah, something like that, anyways—it’s got Guardian of the Forest, which means it can be ridden and does a double jump, even better, and it increases your efficiency of cutting trees. So, you know what, I think I’m going to give that a B. I like that one.

Number 38 here, Nightwing. This is a nice one. This is one of the early-on birds you see flying around, and I tell you what, it does some good damage, and you can ride it as a flying Mount, so that’s really nice. I don’t think it warrants an A, so I’m going to keep it in B here.

Rib Bunny

It’s a pink bunny, so it’s pretty cute, but it’s got the ability Skilled Fingers, and it can increase your Pal’s neutral damage on your team. But more importantly, it does work efficiency if it’s working your base, and you know, a weapons workbench. So, little bunny here is good at making guns. That’s a little weird. Going to drop that to a C just because it confuses me.


Number 40 here, Incin, kind of gives me vibes of like a devil goat thing. So, cool design. I’m a fan, and its skill, Powerful Fire Attack, I haven’t found this one yet, but you know what, I bet it does a lot of damage. So it’s going up in A.

Cinem Moth

Based on the design of it, I thought it was a fire pal. It’s a grass pal. That upsets me with the misleading design. F.

As Rocks Vinam

As Rocks Vinam was kind of a devilish goat thing. This reminds me of, for some reason, like a good fire goat thing. I have no idea why, but it’s a mount you can ride. Other than that, it’s a fire pal, so B, I guess.

The Mud—look at this little guy. It looks like a catfish on land that forgot what day it is. But you know what, I empathize with it because I feel like that a lot. So I’m going to give it a B just because I like him. Look at that little guy there.

Harnessing the Unique: A Deep Dive into the Eclectic Abilities of Pals

Cognitos—scary, see Les Punk, this pal here looks like it’s really into metal music, and I like that. This one looks like it goes to shows and jumps into the pit. I’m a big fan, but other than that, eh, it’s unremarkable. It can detect dungeons nearby, which again, I haven’t had too much trouble finding, like the ore. So not that handy, but it drops copper keys and silver keys, which you know what, I see a lot of those chests around. I’d really like to get those keys. I’m going to have to go find me some of these, but I’m putting it at a B overall. It’s pretty good.

L Moon—this one looks like it does a ton of damage, but I don’t know why. I need the ones to stand up really like this; they just kind of off-put me a little with the design, so I’m leaving it in a B. I bet it does a lot of damage, but eh.

Now, for some reason, why I saw this pal here, Gil Claw made me think of America, and I knew there was a reason why. Because when I went to look up its ability, you can fly on it, but you can shoot a gun from it while you’re flying on it.

Robin Quill

That’s an S because of America. Robin Quill here, pretty nice. I’m a big fan. It’s got the skill of Hawkeye, which is, when you’re fighting with it, you deal more damage to the weak points of enemies. So that’s a nice ability. But I think what really pushes me up from here is it has a bunch of stuff you can do in your base, got high-level skills and whatnot. So, ah, I might push it up to an A. That’s real nice to have on your team.


Gorad here, now this one, the skill name is incredible. Its skill name is Full Power Gorilla Mode, which is, it literally goes gorilla mode and does extra attack damage. I don’t know why, I really love it. I don’t know if I can push it up to an S, but that’s a definite A right there.


Bgrade, this is essentially a B. It’s got the skill of Worker Bee, it drops honey at your base. It’s got a lot of base skills that are nice, but I don’t think that pushes it up anywhere good. So, I’m going to leave it as C.

Elizab Bee

Elizab Bee, now this is the good bee here. Definitely a play on words of Queen Elizabeth. I’m a fan of that. It’s got the skill of Queen Bee Command, which is, while you’re fighting together, your stats increase with the more B grades you have in your team. So, you know what, if you got four of the normal bees and you got one of these, powerful. Got some good base skills too. I think I’m going to give it a B. Let’s go with an A. I think that’s an A right there.

Grin Tail here, this one scares me. I don’t like the way it’s looking at me. I don’t like how it smiles. I don’t want that thing at my base. It can be ridden; it’s a mount, but I don’t want to. That’s F. S, it’s just a little pile of wool, I guess, with ears. Its skill is literally just called Fluffy, which is when it’s in your team, it stats increase. Eh, unremarkable but not bad, so I’m giving it a D.

Sweet P

That’s as good as the B combo, so we’re just going to put it up to A. It’s fine, it’s nothing that impressive. Chill It, it’s an ice dragon here, so that’s pretty cool, and its skill, Wriggling Weasel, is it can be ridden and it applies Dragon damage to your attacks while you’re mounted on it. That’s pretty nice. I think I’m going to put this one in a B here. Nothing that moves it up to an A or an S for me, but it’s nice.

Chill It

Univolt, thing looks like an electric deer, that’s pretty cool, I guess. It can be ridden and applies electric damage to your attacks. That’s nice, but other than that, eh. I want to put out a C. It’s nothing too cool to me.


The Foxic, for some reason, you can’t ride this one, probably it’s a fox, but it increases ice damage on your team. That’s fine, design doesn’t really strike my fancy. You know what, I might even knock it down further. It just does ice damage. I’m putting that in D.


Pyron, it’s a fire fox deer looking thing, it can be ridden and applies fire damage to your attack. So that’s cool, otherwise unremarkable. I think we’re going with C for this one again. Rain DX, another ice deer looking thing, um, only skill it’s got here is Cool Body, keeps you cool in hot environments if you’re riding it. So that’s good, but not great. I think this is a C again too.

Here, Ray Hound, it’s a lightning dog looking thing. Kind of like the design, it looks pretty cool. I’m a fan, but other than that, pretty unremarkable. You can ride it for some reason, but doesn’t really do anything else. So, eh, it’s a C to me.

Exploring the Eclectic: From Elemental Companions to Quirky Protectors

Kitson, this one here is more interesting. Its skill is that you are not affected by cold or hot, which is a lot better than a lot of ones here. Here, when you ride it, just helps with cold or hot, this is both. That’s a nice plus. This is a good mount to have around. I think that’s a B, might even push up into an A here. You know what, it looks like it does damage. We’re pushing it up to A.

Number 62, Dazzy here, kind of a weird cloud lightning little thing. Its ability is to just float around you and shoot lightning at stuff. So that’s nice, but the design kind of confuses me.


So, I’m putting it at C. Lunaris kind of looks like Lucario, if you ask me, but you know what, it increases your carrying capacity with anti-gravity abilities. So that’s kind of cool. There’s not many that increase carrying capacity yet, other than our little Kativa friend. So, I think we’re going to leave this in B here too.


Dinali, it’s a grass dinosaur that you can ride and increases your grass attacks while you’re riding it. Honestly, it’s fine, it looks cool, but it’s unremarkable. So that’s a C for me.


The Serent is a boat. This is literally a boat for you. Its skill is Swift Swimmer, which is you can ride on water and not lose any stamina, which is really good for travel. But this is a boat. This isn’t a pal; it’s a boat. We leave it at B though, because nothing here has been able to get you a travel of water so well. It’s a good boat.


Marth, it has the skill name of Messenger of Death. So that’s pretty intense, but you can ride it, it applies dark damage to your attacks, doesn’t do much else other than that, but I’m going to put it as a B because if I put it any lower, I think it’s going to haunt my dreams. Dig Toys here, its skill turns into a Beyblade, and it just spins attacking things. So that’s pretty nice, and you know what, it’s an effective miner. So I think that’s an A because this is a Beyblade.

Tom Bat, is it just a guy named Tom, I guess? Well, its skill is Ultrasonic Sensor, and you can locate nearby Pals with ultrasonic waves, which I don’t have too much trouble locating Pals nearby; they’re kind of just everywhere. So, alright. One, the absolute hell is this thing. It drops suspicious juice and strange juice, Lavander. I don’t like it. That’s an F. That is going straight to F.

Flamb Bell, number 70 here, kind of looks like a candle with a face, not sure on that one, but its ability is Magma Tears, where it drops a flame organ when it’s at your base, and you know what, usually you have to go find flame Pals and bonk them on the head with a big stick, but this one just gives them to you for free. So you know what, I think that’s a B.

Flying Mount Love

I love the design and, tell you what, it can be a flying Mount. I like flying mounts, and you do extra damage to weak points while you’re riding it. I’m going to give that an A. I really like this one. Bushie, this looks like a Samurai with a giant hat, and it’s got the skill Brandish Blade. When you’re fighting together, it increases items dropped from neutral Pals, which isn’t that great of a thing unless you’re trying to collect some items from them, but it just looks cool. I just love the look. I think I’m giving this an A too.


Beacon, it’s an electric bird here. Can’t complain about that. Got to love a good bird because it’s a flying Mount and gives you extra electric damage to your attacks. Not quite as special as the last couple, so I’m going to give it a B, but I do like it.


Ragna Hawk, now here we’ve got an interesting one. It’s a flying Mount, it adds fire damage to your attacks, and it just looks downright cool. That’s an easy A.

Ragna Hawk

Catris looks like some kind of evil wizard witch here that would whisper dark secrets in your ear about communism or something. I don’t know, but its ability gives you extra damage from neutral Pals when you defeat them. Other than that, it does drop high-grade technical manuals, which are quite handy in the late game, I hear. So I’m going to give that a B, I think.

Wixon, cool-looking Firefox guy here. Same kind of applies, upright standing Pals kind of weird me out a little, looks a little too much like a person, confuses me. But when you’re fighting together, it applies fire damage to your attack, so that’s pretty cool. Nothing really cool beyond that, so B.

Verd Das, same kind of deal as the last two. It’s just a different element of those. When you’re fighting together, it gives you grass damage, increases your movement speed too, though, so that’s kind of cool. But still, a B, same idea as the last two.

Haunting Dreams

That would haunt me in my dreams, not a huge fan of that, and it just drops more items from ground Pals when you use it. So, eh, going to give that a D. CX here is a fancy ice creature that floats around and does very powerful ice damage to enemies, and if you have it assigned to your base, it’ll produce high-quality cloth with its ability. I think that’s pretty cool. I don’t know if it’s as cool, so we’re going to leave it in B here.


Aladan here is a flying Mount that, when flying on it, dark Pals are defeated drop more items. So it’s pretty cool. The design, eh, not a huge fan of it. Think we’re going to give you that a C here.


Coming in at number 81, Kelpy doesn’t do much. Kind of looks like a seal. It just increases water taxes on your Pals, and that’s it. I’m going to give that a D because it doesn’t do much at all.


Azurob here is a water dragon that you can ride on water, and while you’re riding on it, applies water damage to attacks. That’s pretty cool here. Haven’t had many water riders yet, so I think that’s going to bump it up to an A because it’s a dragon, too.

Again with the weird long arms, it looks like a child just windmilled this thing around and stretched it out. Crylinks, it’s a Dragon Hunter you can use. Its ability to get extra items dropped from dragon Pals you’re fighting, so that’s kind of nice. But the long arms, man, I’m not a fan. We’re giving it a D. This would be the F for the long arms, but the extra dragon items are pretty cool.

Fiery Companions and Missile-Toting Dinosaurs: The Top Picks of the Pal World

Blaze Howl, it’s a flaming wolf you can ride, and it makes grass Pals drop more items. Need I say more? That’s an A. That’s an easy A.

Relaxasaurus, coming in at number 85, looks a little bit Derpy, but its ability here is that it can be ridden, and while you ride it, you can shoot a missile launcher from it, which is awesome. And, much like the panda earlier, shooting grenades riding something and shooting missiles from it rapidly, I got to say, that’s an S.

Leafy Giants and Healing Companions

It’s a big leaf dinosaur-looking thing. Don’t know why it’s got such large leaves on it, but its ability, Over Affectionate—don’t know why it’s called that—but it can be ridden and it helps carry items for you. So that’s kind of nice. I’m going to put that at a C, even though I’m sure it can carry a ton. Petalia looks like a little plant girl. I don’t know about the design there. I like when they look like weird little creatures, not just people, but its ability, Blessing of the Flower Spirit, is when activated, it restores HP, and that I am a big fan of. So, I might bump that up to an A here. There’s not many Pals here that have been able to heal you yet.


Ryro here is basically a flame rhinoceros. So that’s nice, that’s cool, and its ability here is it is an ore-loving beast, and when you’re riding it, you can mine ore super effectively. So that’s nice, that’s mid-tier. That’s a B right there. Up next here, we’ve got King Paca, the king alpaca. I love it. It’s got a crown. Just look at him; he looks cool, and he helps increase your carrying supplies. That one, I think we got to put at maybe an A, but I think this pushes up to S just because look at that guy, look how cool he looks.

Ryro & King Paca

Here’s one I’m sure anyone who’s played the game for more than five minutes recognizes, Memorist, the giant Mammoth creature that hangs out at the beginning and kills you if you even look at it wrong. It’s actually awesome once you can finally catch it, but it gets some major downgrades for being a pain in the ass earlier in the game. We’re going to put that at a B just for that.

Wo, that’s a perfect name for this little guy. It just fits. He can be ridden here, and he helps increase your team’s carrying capacities. You know what, that’s an A. I like Wo.

Memorist & Wo

Number 92, War Sect here is a Giant Beetle that applies fire damage to your attacks, and when you’re fighting with it, increases your defense. That’s kind of nice, and you know what, this guy does some damage here. I bet. Haven’t found one yet, but I bet he does. So that’s an A.

Bang Glob here, much like many of the deer creatures from earlier, you can ride it, you get a double jump while you’re riding it, and that’s really about it.

Cool Designs and Edgy Characters

I think it’s going to go in a C. It’s got kind of cool designs; it’s not any lower but eh, C. Fail Bad here looks pretty edgy, so I’d be tempted to put a little lower, but while you’re fighting together, it grants you and Fail Bad itself a life steal ability, which is pretty nice here. So that’s going to bump it back up to a B. Quiver, it’s an ice dragon, what more need I say? You can ride it as a flying Mount, and it enhances dragon attacks while you’re riding it. Other than that, unremarkable, so we’re going to leave it at a B.

Fail Bad & Quiver

Blaz Mut, this thing here, this thing looks like it does some damage. That’s a mean design on that guy, and you can ride it, enhances your fire abilities while you’re riding it. So, you know what, I think I’m going to give that an A. Helr, now that’s a cool bird. I said the other one earlier looked edgy, but this is a cool kind of edgy. That’s a cool-looking bird, and it’s a ridden flying Mount which applies dark damage to your attacks. I like this one, you know what, I think I like this one so much I want this to be my bird mount. That’s an S.

Blaz Mut & Helr

Aagon, it’s a weird flying dragon thing that’s got some purple stuff going on. The design’s pretty cool, but all it is is a flying Mount that does extra damage to ore when you’re flying on it. So it’s a mining dragon, doesn’t quite make sense to me, but I do like the design, so we’re going to give it a B. Mena Staying here, that’s a scorpion, an edgy scorpion if you will, but when you’re fighting together, it increases your defense and increases electric pal drop rates. So that’s pretty cool. I bet it does some good damage, so I think we’re going to keep it here in B. I was thinking C at first, but that does some damage; it’s got a sword on its tail. That’s a B.

Aagon & Mena Staying

Wait, hold on, this one’s literally just Anubis, the Egyptian god, the one that guides you across the river or whatever. That’s pretty cool, but its ability gives your attacks ground damage, and it can dodge attacks in battle. That’s pretty cool right there. I think I’m going to give this one an A because it’s literally just an Egyptian god.

Sea Dragon Majesty

It’s a sea dragon, so that’s pretty cool, and you can ride it across water without losing any stamina, much like our boat from earlier I mentioned. But it looks a lot cooler and bet does a lot more damage. So, that’s sticking at an A.

Suzaku’s Flame

Number 102, Suzaku, I like how that flows together, but it’s a fire dragon type deal. It’s very red, very oddly smooth, but it’s a flying Mount, so that’s pretty cool. It’s got fire attacks when you’re mounted on it. I’m going to give it a B. It’s decent.

Bris Bolt: The Bear With a Minigun

Oh, here’s one I’ve been awaiting, Bris Bolt. Need I say more? That’s an S. It’s a giant bear that, when you’re riding on it, it gets a minigun. This is another one of the poster child of the game. This was in the trailer. This thing’s awesome.

Eclectic Allies of the Game

Leine, like some sort of humanoid plant thing. Again, not a huge fan of the humanoid ones, but says when its ability is activated here, it greatly heals the player. And I do like the sound of greatly healing. So, not a huge fan of the design, so I’m going to give it a B, but that greatly healing does bump it up to that B.

Valaris, it’s a giant Firebird, it’s got gold and red on it. I love the design of it, and you can fly on it. What more need I say? I don’t think it’s an S, but it’s definitely an A.

Thunderous Dragons and Shadowy Avians: Unleashing the Power of Elemental Pals

Or Zerk, it is a giant Lightning Dragon dinosaur-looking thing. That thing does damage. I have not seen one, but I’m just telling you, that does damage. Doesn’t have much of an ability, it just makes water pals drop more items, but that thing got to do damage. So it’s an A.

Shadow Beak here, that’s a mean-looking bird. I like that bird, and when you’re riding on it, dark elemental attacks are powered up. So, you know what?

Comparing Avian Companions

I think, ooh, not as cool as the last bird, so I’m going to drop it down to a B, but it still seems good. That thing definitely does some damage.

Knights and Dark Counterparts

Paladis, it’s literally a knight. I know I said I don’t like human ones, but you know what, it’s a knight. I love it, and you can use it to defend you. So, you know what, that’s an A. Oh, well, there’s the evil version of Paladis, Necromus, a black knight, very cool, and you ride it on its back. Same deal as the last one, you can use it to defend you. I still really like it. You know what, that’s an A as well.

Frost Alen: The Icy Pegasus

Frost Alen, this is a Pegasus here, so you can use it as a flying Mount, and it’ll give you ice attacks and upgrade your Pal’s ice attacks. This is a pretty cool mount right here. I kind of like flying around on a Pegasus too. You know what, that might be an S.

The Ultimate: Jet Dragon

Last and absolutely not least, Jet Dragon, number 111, got aerial missile as its ability, which is, while you’re riding it, you can continuously fire a rocket launcher. So, you know what, that’s pretty darn cool. I think, I think we got to finish off with an S. This one, it’s got a cool design, it’s a dragon ride, and it shoots missiles. What more do you want?

All right, so that is every pal in the game so far. They’ve already said there are more, and the game’s been out for a week, so that’s awesome. But if you enjoyed this article, I’d love if you give a like down below and consider subscribing if you want to see more from me. Thanks, and I’ll see you next time.

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In this article, I bring you five mus of the best early to mid-game Pals. These consist of all types, from amazing base workers to everything in between. To celebrate the amazing release of this game, I’m giving a few lucky players a chance to win this game.

Introduction to the Power World Game

Whether you play on Steam or Xbox, I will purchase the game for you on Steam or even six months of Game Pass. Two wins for yourself or even a friend who doesn’t have the game. Drop a like, leave a comment below, and make sure you are subscribed with notifications turned on. The more of my videos you watch and support, the higher your chance of winning. I will pick and announce winners in a couple of days.

Discovering the Ragna Hawk

In my adventures across the vast open world Power World offers, I’ve come across some amazing Pals I feel you need to know about. Some of these you can get relatively early on, others are towards the mid to end game. First up, we have the Ragna Hawk, an incredible flying mount. This bird is probably my favorite mount in the game for getting around the map.

It isn’t the fastest mount in the game; that title is owned by the level 50 World boss jet dragon, an absolute monster. However, until then, birds like the Ragna Hawk will do just fine as they are truly rapid. This bird is located on the map, typically appearing during the day. According to the power deck, the bottom left area is the only place they are found.

Battling and Work Suitability of Ragna Hawk

In regards to battling with these mounts, I find them more effective when not mounted, as their moves normally consist of being stuck in a hovering spot for a few seconds while the bird initiates its attack, which can be a downfall when fighting stronger enemies. In terms of work suitability, they have a level three kindling, which means that they will rise faster, and they also have a level three trans point.

To craft this mount’s saddle, you need to be a level 38 upon capturing this bird, and the materials needed are 25 Lea, 15 Clof, 20 Ingots, 20 Flame Organs, and 25 Pum Fragments. So, the first on my list is the amazing Ragna Hawk.

Discovering the Flame Beast

I discovered the Flame Beast, which I believe is pronounced a certain way, by accident. It was night time in the game, and everything was dark. I saw something like a flame and flew towards it, thinking it was an unclaimed fast travel point. Upon getting closer, I realized it was a Pal, a beast at that. The location of these creatures is shown on screen. I believe they can be found both day and night. You can see the location where I found mine and also where these creatures are typically located, thanks to the power deck. This fire-ground type Pal is incredibly useful as a base Pal. Though it is slow in movement, it compensates with its powerful attack.

Utility and Crafting of the Flame Beast

In terms of work suitability, the Flame Beast has a level three in both mining and kindling. This creature, alone or with others of its kind, can quickly process a bunch of ore rocks and cook them into metal. That’s primarily what I use it for now. To unlock this Pal’s saddle, you need to be at level 32 upon capturing it. Crafting the saddle requires 20 Leever, 20 Ingots, 20 Flame Organs, and 20 Powering Fragments. Although the saddle isn’t essential unless you manually mine ore, it does offer a buff, so keep that in mind.

Introducing the P-Nut

Next up, we have the P-Nut, one of the faster ground mounts in the game. This mythical-looking beast horse is quite unique, offering both fire and dark abilities. I don’t use it for its work suitability, but more so as a fast-moving battle speed mount. It offers a level two in kindling and a level one in lumbering, but there are better options out there for these purposes. This Pal’s true purpose, in my opinion, is fighting, and it excels in this role. It’s also amazing at running and charging at smaller animals to tame their loot.

The control over this Pal is exceptional; it darts in different directions, making it great for both battling larger foes and quick movement. This Pal was instrumental in my defeat and capture of the mammoth world boss, as it dealt all the damage while I attacked from a distance. When mounted, it also applies dark damage to your attacks. This Pal is located strictly at night within the location shown on screen.

Discovering the Robin Quill

The Robin Quill is an exceptional choice, especially for early players of the game. I included it in this list because of its unique qualities for base work suitability at an early stage. This grass-type Pal, resembling a vegetable superhero, is surprisingly capable of performing various tasks at your base. It offers a level one in planting, level two in handiwork, level one in lumbering, level one in medicine production, level two in transporting, and level two in gathering.

Capturing a few of these can be highly beneficial, as they can free up many base power slots, handling multiple tasks. While its combat capabilities are decent, it falls short in mounting or offering additional battle purposes, like blueprint unlocks seen in other Pals.

Introducing the Kitson

Lastly, we have the Kitson, my personal favorite ground mount in the game. It’s fast, hits hard, and excels in combat, whether mounted or not. Its work suitability includes a level two in kindling, but that’s primarily it. The Kitson isn’t meant for base work but for mounting. When on this mount, you are unaffected by extreme cold and heat, which is a significant advantage in exploring early on without the right armor. You can find this Pal in a specific area on the map, noted for its cold climate. The saddle becomes available at level 30 and requires 25 leather, 10 cloth, 15 flame organs, and 20 Podium fragments. The Kitson, resembling a mythical Warg, stands out as one of the best ground mounts in the game, offering speed and proficiency in battle.


There you have it, five early to mid-game amazing Pals you don’t want to miss. Looking forward to seeing you in the next article!

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