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I Ranked ALL 142 Palworld Pals / Monsters

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So, I’m ranking by design. I don’t care if Glump Po knows how to wax a mean pole down the mines. If he looks like a nonce, he’s getting no respect from me. If they’re a bit too inspired, the ones that have Nintendo summoning that cease and desist order like it’s the Seal of Orichalcos, they’re probably going straight to the shadow realm.

Ranking Criteria

So, I’m ranking by design. I don’t care if Glump Po knows how to wax a mean pole down the mines. If he looks like a nonce, he’s getting no respect from me. If they’re a bit too inspired, the ones that have Nintendo summoning that cease and desist order like it’s the Seal of Orichalcos, they’re probably going straight to the shadow realm.

Dead tier. If there’s a Fendo, though, who’s blatantly double-cheeked up like a Mega Aggron, you think I’m going to sit there, be the bigger man, turning the other cheek? No way. But I swear, there’s plenty of Poers that I think are banger-worthy. I’m a lot more lenient than I probably should be because I still kind of like some of the unoriginal ones. I just go on about this based on how much I like them, for whatever reason.

Gamers Unite

So, here’s how much I like every Power World specimen. Everyone’s bigging up this game as Pokémon with guns. It’s about time. Gamers, equip your cargo shorts and hydrate with green teas. Hold the shore for men because it’s time to unite. An idea that always got thrown around in parodies and on Newgrounds, but I’ve always thought, in a Pokémon-esque world, why would you even want guns when you have Pokémon? Like, you can shoot hyper beams, but now you want to play about with Desert Eagles?

A Change of Heart

Well, you could be playing with a squid with a black belt. Then I got raided by a horde of what call themselves Lavander. Had a change of heart. Suddenly, I was ecstatic, gleaming that guns were usable in the game. That’s why, in Pokémon’s world, the six Pokémon to a team law would be broken daily by myself. I’d have a seventh, maybe even an eighth for a secondary, unregistered Pokémon strapped on me at all times, in case Pal on the prowl tried to get the jump on me. Sometimes fainting just isn’t good enough. It isn’t permanent enough. No, no, no, you deserve to perish. Lavander deserves mass erasure. Give me the same primal fear.

Unsettling Nostalgia

I experienced, as a seven-year-old, whenever the Kanker sisters came onto my TV to assault the Ed boys, especially that one time with their toes. I just can’t with this. It’s so uncomfortable to stare at. Look, Rouge the Bat is about as far as I can handle, very tame. Oh, I know, I’m sorry, but that’s my final offer. Okay, you’re not getting weirder than that. Got the wrong demographic here for this kind of thing. I’m not interested in any gal pals at the moment.

Questionable Designs

Verd Das has to arguably be the worst one. I don’t think there’s an argument to be made, actually. You all know why. The devs definitely know why because it’s fully intentional. But let’s, you know, entertain the idea that it wasn’t intentional. Let’s say somehow they were trying to pass it off as some kind of coincidence. They’re both furry rabbits; that happens sometimes. No, no, don’t try to gaslight because I used to pull the exact same thing for my school assignments, never for anything actually public or important, and in this case, heavily profited on.

Blatant Imitation

Like when I was 16, in media, I designed a comic book character that was pretty much just a random Savage Duke Nukem, called him Admiral Mizmo. But even then, I reckon what I did was much more transferable than something like this. Don’t need me to tell you this is no coincidence. It’s just for the free promotion. The guy is ripped from a Pokémon called Cinderace, and they called him Verdant Dash.

Controversial Creations

I don’t really care about all that controversial chat that only exists online because it’s comical how blatant this one is. Like, that’s the whole point. It’s only legitimately dodgy when you’re borderline vertex to vertex ripping 3D models out of Pokémon, which, not really my expertise to say if it’s true or not. But, come on, at least I gave Duke Nukem an anchor for a hand. I’m surprised at how not plagiarized a lot of these creatures have ended up.

Unoriginal Yet Effective

But Grass Cinderace, you know, you think this would be a huge compliment for a creature based on a football-playing Pokémon, but no one can be defending that. Conceptually, this could have been believable. People are constantly designing humanoid rabbit creatures, almost exclusively for evil intentions, nefarious motivations. You know who you are. Your parents still have no idea why you watched Space Jam at 1:00 a.m. every night from ages 11 to 15.

The Notorious Example

Well, I don’t know, I just don’t really like Michael Jordan. This is just a different, more legislative, and ethically uncreative kind of evil, with, dare I say, but you know, the one I’m on about, right? You know, the one that got a lot of heat for looking like a Pokémon. In Pokémon terms, Mega Aggron is already arguably a bit overdesigned.

The Power World guys argued otherwise and whacked out the polymerization with a Zrom or something. That ain’t Mega Aggron, that ain’t even Mega Blocks. Even though it’s transformative enough, seemingly, you still have to admit, what a mess, what a complete M of a design this one is. How can I witness something fly right in front of me?

Immobile Weaponry

It’s still fully believable this weapon is immobile. I feel overencumbered just looking at the guy. Feel like I have to eat 50 cheese wheels just to walk again. And really pushing it here with, oh, creamy, creamy ease. And, oh, I mean really pushing it with kids talking like Sam Sule finishing up a bench press set kind of pushing it. That right there is Jumbo Eevee, hardly any grafting put into even pretend it’s anything else. Can’t convince me that’s not just an Eevee in a Team Rocket level disguise, but they’re just banking on Nintendo’s legal team having the perception skills of Ash Ketchum.

Blatantly Criminal

Absolutely illegal friendo, if I’ve ever seen one. Criminal goog. Ignore whatever agendas you might have had like a month ago for or against Power World, you know this one has to be a unanimous decision from both sides here. If any of you actually exist who firmly believe this one’s a coincidence, or it’s possible, if you actually exist, it’s not a piss take. For your sake, please do not let me know where you live. Me and my friends, we’d rock up to your house, rip all the copper wiring from under your house, completely risk-free because we’d have a pair of these on.

Free Advertisement

Jeez, Fang Globe, this one looks like it was made intentionally to get free advertisment from memes that say, “Can I copy your homework? Yeah, just change it a little.” One of them ones. But no, this one isn’t it. You might get the pass from all the TikTok clip streamers who’ve only ever played a game that came with temporary clout for the month, but anyone who isn’t lying to themselves, the only chance your eyeballs have for salvation is a handshake off Jesus.

Obvious Plagiarism

You can see through this like, I’m not, I don’t even know why I’m having to explain it. Like, it’s just very blatant, just stating the obvious, near enough a one to one Cabalion here with a few little quirks outed. Bad developers, bad. Naughty, Alan George Costanza in that Seinfeld episode where he finds out another short, stocky, balding man is with the girl he wants to get with.

Defense League’s Concern

If you’re part of that whole Pal World Defense League that was online a month ago, you should agree, you should want less of this. Really, as a rob, as a Robbie, this is one of them Semi-Pro plagiarized ones. It’s not quite the full deal. People say Superior’s body, which is probably true given the track record, but you know, might as well Su cheese string while you’re at it.

The Primarina Controversy

The Primarina here is very suspect, though. Pretty sure someone’s already proven that with the 3D models stinks perfectly, like shifting together a photo of two of history’s most prolific figures, Benjamin Franklin and Chris Chan. Even if the photo going around with the 3D models lined up is just a load of gas, hair is such a fluid thing, that it clearly isn’t a coincidence. It’s at least traced and based on it. It absolutely can’t be a Pokémon fans clutching straws moment. They clutching straight Bund with this one, big meaty bunder pointing out that the hair has the exact same curves and spikes.

Identity Crisis

How’s next expansion could introduce Alex the Hedgehog, and it’s just a model rip from Sonic Frontiers, and all these weird Power World defenders would come out exposing their brain rot like, “Oh, what’s on hedgehogs now? You can’t copyright a hedgehog, bro.” Shut your mouth. It’s just one of them. If you rip off enough things and combine them, is it still a rip-off, or has it carved its own identity? That is the million dollar question.

Fever Dream Analysis

This whole fever dream of a game may look good to some with fresh eyes for this kind of thing, but for me, someone whose eyes grow weary from staring up fictional Japanese creatures to perform as a clown on the circus that is the internet, it’s dead set. Whether it’s being stolen or not, it doesn’t matter. It’s just boring. There are a lot of creatures like this. Robin Quill, what a unique, out-there design, almost iconic, like Superman. No, that’s not the one I’m looking for. Superhero? Now, that’s one. Superman, classic, absolute icon. It must be an overseas thing, found only on shelves in Thailand, displayed in an Avengers box.

Attempted Charm Removal

What if we took the SDUI and removed most of his charm? You know what, at least it’s not a one-to-one model. It’s no Cris situation. They’ve at least made the, I’ll admit, successful attempt at giving DEUI the Mega Blocks treatment. In a sense, they at least packaged DEUI in a Digimon box. You don’t have to defend this one as if it’s like, “Why, you don’t know superhero from the Revengers movie?” Like, even the sellers aren’t pretending otherwise. That’s just straight-up Superman, a very lucky Superman deep in Thanos’s box.

Uninspired but Fair Game

Here, you can easily claim it’s based on the Sigui. You don’t need to justify it further than that because it’s fair game, uninspired but fair game. They even had the terraform sorted as well. They might as well have at least tried to cover their tracks more and only use the recolored version to save face a bit. But that wouldn’t have been the smart move, no. Because the free Pokémon press, that was the smart move.

Uninspired Weaponry

Tanzi, well-versed with grass attacks, snuggles, and AK-4 Sevum. Monkey with a gun? Nah, didn’t laugh. Nah, nice try. Take that to Reddit, take that gold with you. You can’t bypass such a dead design just because it’s strapped up. If anything, I feel safer if the monkey had an AK-47 because that way, its hands would be fully occupied, whereas previously, it may have tried to find an occupation for its hands by tearing my face off. Either way, dead design, like NFT game level uninspired.

Creative Desperation

It had me thinking, at least the designs the Power World gang bat up whenever Bulbapedia is down for maintenance. One of the designers was forced to creatively raw-dog it for the day when they didn’t have the Pokedex on hand. And what you end up with? Funny monkey with weed thing on him. He is Pokémon but funny weed and gun. LIF monk, just not appealing to look at. It looks pretty vile to me. I can’t really tell if it holding a submachine gun changes that, unless the AI, like K bait, then probably not. Just don’t.

Absolute Platitude

I just don’t like him. An absolute platitude of a creature, this is the kind of thing you have to politely put on the fridge when someone’s kid shows off their drawings. Here, but once they go to bed, the boogeyman, oh, he conveniently shows up and pours his Fosters on it. Ah, ah, ribony rib, this one has me feeling like Mr. Burns, ready to press that button under his desk to reveal his team of 10 high-price lawyers to attack. I know this one’s transformative; there’s no existing little plushy character who looks just like this. It just feels like a really dirty transformative. It feels like it’s ripping something off. I just can’t, I just can’t tell.

Partially Transformative Creatures

Another platitude of a little creature, with these two night pals, I don’t think they’re full-on ripoffs, really. That’s not where I’m going with this. They’re at least like partially transformative, at minimum. But obviously, they’re going to get compared to the Pokémon ones, and when you go and do that, oh why’d you have to do that? These two get folded; they get done in by the exposure of going neck and neck with designs you know that actually have a bit of charm to them. I get why people would like this pair, but not as legendary creatures, more like the same way you might like the guy who works the doors at the Imperial City.

Soulless Design

Because to me, these two look a bit soulless. No aura radiating from the pair of them. You’d get a better charisma check off Gaia the Fierce Knight, and I’m not talking the man, talking the piece of cardboard. They could maybe fill in as a Final Fantasy mini-boss duo, but I guarantee if that were the case, they never would have left a lasting impression on you.

Monster Diversity

I feel like if you really enjoy these, then you’ve just not been about; you’ve not seen many monsters, have you? A lot of Power World fans aren’t Pokémon fans or like monster cater games or whatever fans. These kind of night monsters, they’ve been in like every game that’s come out since Dark Souls. I’ve not even played, like, I don’t know, Elden Ring, but I guarantee an hour of playing that would sort you out, calibrate your standards a bit. Jeez, three minutes of a Bayonetta boss fight would get you sectioned.

Moral Theft Accusations

Gorp G, I feel kind of racist. Gor r, no, I believe you made me sound racist, but you look clapped, alright. Simple as. Criminal, vile, get out of my building. Di, how is another one facing accusations of moral theft? It does seem a similar size, although both this and Lyanrock are effectively just generic wolves, so I don’t know. Legally, I guess it’s down to Eye of the Beholder.

Generic Design Critique

As far as a fictional Japanese ranker on the internet goes, I just think it’s kind of dead. Not a lot of flare going on there, is there? So, this one’s similar to my stance on asset stealing. It could have been, but you know, looking at the end result, you could convince me it’s royalty. T3, anyway, no commercial license needed for your base-form wolf, or you’re going to get sued because they use the Cal light of fictional monsters.

Lackluster Legendary

I’ve seen more spice from the leftover dust of an Originals Pringles can. I’m not even comparing it to Lyanrock. Even if that didn’t exist, Dial would still be painfully below average to me. I don’t even think the fairies would care about this one. First, a lion, and fralin knocked, and these, these are meant to be legendary? The second last in the Pal decks hierarchy-wise, this is like their Mewtwo slot, at minimum.

Generic Pals of Prestige

It’s like a Dragonite slot, a max level, level 50 boss. These look offensively generic for Pals of such alleged prestige. Somehow, they’ve managed to make the Pokémon duo of Spectraa and Glaca look even more unfinished. I can’t even say they look AI-generated; that’d be a bit too easy. It’s a low-hanging fruit, isn’t it? No, I reckon the devs outsourced this one straight to Fiverr, and then some Indonesian man AI-generated them—a feeling of indifference leaning towards disdain, but mostly indifference.

Animal Crossing Neighbor Vibes

Seems like a mildly annoying Animal Crossing neighbor than Pokémon. Like, if you had a desk job in Animal Crossing, Kativa would be the office snitch, a slave to the Pal sphere, or slave to Tom Nook. Much to ponder. Hustlers must watch. To me, it’s one of them creatures purely there to exist as enhancement talent. You know, he’s the lower card; he’s there to make the other Pals look more impressive.

Entry-Level Pal

An entry-level Pal, just about made the cut. You need the Ctiv around early game to underwhelm you, to set you up for when you stumble down the road and see Gamos out of nowhere, like “where’d you come from?” Ruby, s Scooby, just do Scoy instead. Rip off other creatures, not this My Little Pony thing. No one cares about this; this is just, I reckon, it’s one of those kid’s drawings again that surprisingly goes missing from the fridge door after bedtime.

Marketing Failure

When the Boogyman, we burned it with a Zippo lighter. This is the pony Santa Claus gets you when your dad’s been laid off. Whatever remnants of the Brony movement remain, I think even that crowd wouldn’t be swarming Toys R Us to be getting the latest Ruby figurines. Ruby, you got no jars to be worried about. It’d be an absolute marketing failure right there. Hasbro wouldn’t be pleased to hear that not a single child got their jaws spun by a 300lb man wielding a katana fighting for the latest Ruby figure.

Uninteresting Segments

For these few, I just don’t care about them. I’ve decided to just segment up all of the uninteresting ones to me or just pet OC ones because I’m finding even I’m drawing a blank here. I don’t even know what to say about them. In fact, you could probably rope in the last two or three segments of this too, but I actually had a bit to write about. So there’s Vixie, mollypop, floppy flamb, Bell KNX, the Jolt Hogs, and, uh, I think that’s it.

Brain Protesting

I really am trying to come up with possible segments for these generic ones, but it’s like my brain is protesting; it’s refusing like, “No, no, but I’m not helping you out here.” He started up an inner monologue with me for this. “Why’d you have to waste my time? You’re taking up all my RAM as it is with the likely schizophrenia, now you want me writing all these essays on Neopets? Now get out of here, do it yourself.”

Missed Mythical Opportunity

See, this is one I’ve been saying Pokémon should have pulled the trigger on ages ago: the mythical Kpy, like a shape-shifting aquatic ghostly horse lives in Scotland, I think. He’s got a Celtic season ticket. And although this isn’t exactly what I had in mind, if Game Freak aren’t going to do it properly…

Free Property Necessity

It’s a free property, baby. You need more of those and less of the dodgy ones to carve their own identity with the creatures. Best for something that’s conceptually good, the myth of Cpy is that it’s a shapeshifter, and if that’s the case, it’s using its powers to flop about as Power World’s answer to Seal. Just pure indifference. Making it red and spicy helps a little bit, but still, no Macy’s Day Parade inflatables for Cpy in our dimension, like Pokémon pal or also needed to grow its batch of these lukewarm grass monsters.

Overexposure to Pokémon

This is absolutely due to my overexposure to Pokémon, coming in and playing a factor because these kind of plant monsters, they’re all over the place. These aren’t necessarily bad at all, but I just don’t personally care about many of them in Pokémon to begin with, let alone the selection they have on offer down at Bucko Park.

Shadow Beak’s Design

Shadow Beak, very OC, very dodgy design. Like, there’s a little bit of Arus, a bit of Zeon, maybe quite a bit of Corite too. I’m not looking to add fire to a potential lawsuit or whatever. That’s just my face-value interpretation of it because it’s definitely got enough going on for it to be its own thing. Don’t get me wrong. I just think there’s far too much going on.

Bohemian Rhapsody Moment

It’s like the developers had a Bohemian Rhapsody moment where they just put together every unfinished asset they had into one, except they didn’t make an all-time classic. No one is thinking about Shadow Beak when the lights come on in a club and you’re getting kicked out at 4:00 a.m. They made, like, what if Agrid had an evil shadow buck peek, and he weren’t Agrid, he was Shadow AGD, SHD.

Googling Hazards

Come here, Dby Laris. Don’t even want to be Googling this one. I never thought I’d live in an age where Sonic X Shadow was less of a gamble going on your digital footprint. I’ve got to say, it’s just not for me, an objectively fine design. I just know the rest of the internet has a much tighter definition of the word fine.

Loop Moon’s OC Look

Crispy with this Loop Moon fella. I’m not keen on these kinds of ones, even in Pokémon. I think, once again, a bit too OC for my liking. This doesn’t even look like a Fakemon; this somehow looks like Pal World’s own equivalent to a Fakemon. He’s a fakepal, Patch and Wixon.

Skepticism Towards Popularity

I bet a lot of people kind of like these ones, but not me, no no. I can see right through them. The Hogwarts full kit ain’t fooling me; it just makes them look like shagged victims. I’ll tell you what they are: they’re just a bunch of Vixie in denial. They’re right there with them, the bland pet OC designs, but they’re trying to gaslight you into thinking they’re powerful and semi-rare, walking about with their fancy Sorting Hat and their wizard sleeves. Yeah, well, rule 34, my friend, every single one of these creatures will have a wizard sleeve once the wrong artist finds them.

Valis’s Overrated Prestige

Valis, it’s meant to be like a top tier in the world of Pal? No, I’m not buying it. There are some great wild buddies roaming about this currently desolate landscape, and this is the rare one? You take away the Mario Sandworld skin, and it’s just a Little’s own Coran Knite. He’s that guy, you know, who suddenly got tattoo sleeves done, but you fully know it’s just to compensate because they have the personality of a fax machine. Three bands invested in patchwork just to pull, hoping the girls are too distracted from realizing he has zero chat.

Gaslighting to Mythical Status

For Lis, he’s just that guy. He’s doing all of this to gaslight you into thinking it’s mythical when we can all see it’s just a front. What is this, cotton candy El Pekka? Does this call for a bro? I know that might be unironically “take my epic upvote, e.g., boy” worthy for some of you, but not for me.

Out of Place Design

I think design in fictional monsters, nothing’s really off limits, but something about this just feels really out of place. Ho, of these sticking out on a plain field, has me thinking of dying in battle and going to Carl Weezer’s Valhalla. Univolt, to me, gives off fake mon that they tried a bit too hard with. It’s like something I probably would have tried to draw in school when I was seven, spikes everywhere, lightning B horn, green, and gold because Island.

Color Scheme Issues

I think that specific green and gold is just offputting. They just aren’t complimenting each other; those colors aren’t even making eye contact. They’re both staring at their phones, on the calculators, hoping the other decides to piss off out of awkwardness. I think it would have been well worth the potential Zev Striker allegations, which I think it already has, to have just made the body black.

Interesting Yet Testing Designs

Gamari is an interesting enough one for me, if only for looking like something you could do kickflips on in Mario Sunshine. They’re testing the lines a bit here, though, aren’t they? The eyes are definitely Espers’ M.A. foul, but it is dead on. Look, I don’t make the rules. Going to have to give you a yellow for that one. Consider yourselves lucky; it’s just a warning. That’s Cind the Race; that was a straight red.

Three-Game Ban Offender

That’s a three-game ban right there, Celer. You know it’s alright; it’ll do. Don’t at all think it just doesn’t have the charm of a Mantine, does it? They’re only comparable by creature and franchise, obviously, but you know, Celer just gives off an off-putting energy to me somehow. Mantine seems like he’d be about to crack, seems like a jolly fellow, he’s a good dad. Young right below his wing. But Celer looks as though the only enjoyment it brings to children is by being one of those horrifying kitty rides, about two and a more frames shy from becoming that fat, disgusting, hyperrealistic plane. Don’t know his name, I don’t want to know his name.

Generic Yet Harmless

Fuddler is just a wee bit generic for me, but that’s alright. Sometimes things have to be a little plain for the spice to kick in. A harmless lil’ goon, at least outside of Russia, where he can’t make a living winning slap contests with those bladed frying pans he’s got on his arm. He’s okay, and it’s far enough separated from Drillbur and Excadrill that, you know, easy come, easy go.

Nightwing’s Generic Bird Mantle

Nightwing, stepping up and taking the mantle of generic bird for Paland, but even then, for what’s effectively their equivalent of Unfezant, it’s not anywhere near as bland as it could have been. Really perfectly serviceable outside. Greg’s car? Carl windshield graffiti artist, you know, just common bird antics. You just have to ignore that name. Something called Nightwing, you’d expect it to resemble something, you know, at least a little bit more devious. “Alfred, the Joker has captured Nightwing!” There’s at least five other Pals I’d expect to be called Nightwing before I’d choose your man here.

Universal RPG Creature

No, I get the Wing part, but Knight is shrouded in mystery. No, he’s more like a daytime TV Wing, he’s like whatever time slot the Jeremy Kyle show plays in. Wing, Rush Roar is one that transcends just Pokémon; it’s a universal RPG creature, the classic B, the ones you’d grind on for leather and some easy XP. No one’s buying graphic tees with Japanese writing across it of the Rush Roars of the world, but you know, they’re robust, stout, a constant solid hand in the ring.

Public Domain Asset Vibe

Chapi looks as though it could be from literally any game, any medium even. It’s like a public domain asset you could slap in anywhere, from an NFT ape game to a box of chicken nuggets from the two-star hygiene-rated boss man down the road. This looks like something you’d see in a classic Pokémon episode to remind you that plain animals do exist, like a Torchic looking over into a farm and seeing all of these non-benders, these civies, these civilians.

Serviceable Entry Level Buddy

Lambo, another perfectly serviceable entry-level buddy, and if nothing else, a really satisfying creature to fill in with the bat. And even if Lambo were a blatant copy and paste of Pokémon’s Wooloo, I don’t care about Wooloo. I’m not going to start pretending now, at the defense of a billionaire corporation, and either way.

Power World’s Unique Contributions

I’d argue Power World’s outdone them here, a little bit. You’ve got to pick and choose your battles if you’re going to go all in on the plagiarism argument, and this one just isn’t it. He’s just a little Kirby ally. What’s he done to you? All he’s done is slave away, making crates for you on the Amazon warehouse shifts you’ve trafficked them into, kept you warm at night with the very fluff of its back, and provided you with sustenance with the very meat of his bones. Respect the Lambor, the backbone of Bucko.

Lambor’s Unappreciated Labor

So can’t catch too many of them, though—they’ll form a union, you know. You have to pay them, and that Capry, another Greenman, but unlike a lot of the grass ones, he’s his own guy. Doesn’t really fall under the grass spectrum of plant creatures where you could blow your eyes and forget who’s who.

Foxal’s Standalone Charm

It’s not a bad interpretation, like the Venusaur or Torterra brand of pocket animal that hosts its own homegrown supply. It’s not quite a Glaceon; it’s not even worth clipping the nails off in an Alolan Ninetales, but Foxal, it’s holding up perfectly fine. Honestly, if this were a Gen 1 Pokémon, I could easily see it being a classic, but you’ve got to adjust for inflation these days.

Species Similarities and Distinctions

This is standard practice now, by 2024. In its day and age, there are kids across the world whacking these bad boys out, pen and paper, pre-baptism. We have another set of perfectly serviceable specimens. Much rather they go about and have them built like this, and not just steal. The Pokémon comparisons here, though, start and end at species. It’s very obvious, don’t get me wrong.

Penguin Pair Analysis

The Pokémon penguins are leagues above these two, but I don’t even know why I’m having to see all these articles with side-by-sides with Piplup, with titles like “World plagiarism? Barely third cousin, possible Blood Oath at best.” More like a Maple Story mob. I don’t think anyone’s actually saying it’s a Piplup clone. I actually refuse.

Depresso: A Tragic Existence

I’m a non-believer of anyone who exists whose literacy for processing art is that tapped. Like, what do you think, Pokémon Diamond came out in 2006? You reckon Club Penguin has been sitting on a fat lawsuit because they made Piplup before them? Take a walk. Yeah, how about you go hit the gym. Next up, we have the big man himself, Depresso. Okay, why is this Pal literally me? My Starbucks order be like, “Perhaps canonically, the one Pal that isn’t allowed to be equipped with a gun.” What a tragic existence. I thought Psyduck had it bad, permanently getting migraines.

Unique Monster Concepts

I’m not even talking about a depression thing; it cares about no one, cares about nothing. Imagine being a scientifically documented monster, Drinker. You can literally attack by shooting dark lasers, but still, everyone’s like, “Look at this little goth sombat.” It gives off the energy like it’s one of those out-of-pocket, psychedelic, secret Kirby bosses. Been hanging out with Waddle Dees for the past 5 hours, then night falls, and suddenly you run into Marx Soul.

Appreciation for Uniqueness

I rate those freaky, out-of-pocket designs. I’ve got to give them credit for busting out a genuinely unique one, whether good or bad. But I’ve got to say, I think it’s a bit much for me. It’s a bit too busy for my liking, personally. But I can see the vision. I just personally think it’s the kind of vision I’d require a trip sitter to be sat in the room with me for.

Personality in Design: Flack

Flack, as the name suggests, just looks fuming. Always advocating for these little creatures to have a bit of personality behind them from looks alone. Doesn’t appear soulless like a good few other Poers. Doesn’t appear to be mentally in a permanent state of waiting for the DVD logo to perfectly hit the corner of the screen. I kind of like him.

Blazer’s Complex Design

You don’t even need to clickbait me in with the whole “Pokémon with guns” title. I know he’s strapped up. What a heater to digest is the design of Blazer. There’s a lot going on there to unpack. This one’s bridging into like Bakugan territory. They’ve gone like four layers out from the Pokémon wave now.

Encounter with a Fierce Creature

Maybe that’s not a bad thing. It does serve its purpose well of a site that conveys “wrong neighborhood.” The kind of specimen that you randomly walk in on and you don’t even aim the ball at him. You know that’s a straight 0% catch rate unless the icon goes to the 10th decimal point and maybe you’ll find a one on the end of there.

Cinem Moth: A Calm Presence

It’s the kind of jump scare that makes you turn around, go home, and invent the automatic machine gun in your garage. Cinem Moth, he’s just his own little fellow. I wouldn’t really question this being involved in any creature-based game. Easily could have been a Kalos bug type along with Vivillon.

Yu-Gi-Oh World Integration

Easily could have been one of those two-star Yu-Gi-Oh cards that have zero reason to exist: 500 attack points, no effect. The text on the card might as well just be chatting about his day. “You hey, my card Cinem Moth likes to float about and scatter dust.” Excellent move, Joey. However, I now activate Swords of Revealing Light five times to make your sister blind once more and end my turn. So, in the Yu-Gi-Oh world, it’d be…

A Unique Water-Based Pal

A bum and used by bums like Weevil Underwood, but as a Pal, very jolly entity. T Fant, simple but an effective one. I’m actually shocked out of a thousand Pokémon, a water-based elephant that was never made. Somehow, Game Freak’s designers, I reckon, have had like 20 drafts of something like this scattered through their offices since like 1999. Maybe it was just a bit too predictable for them. Um, did you not know elephants can actually spray water IRL? Okay, how original, Game Freak, real mature plagiarizing Sir David Attenborough documentaries once again.

Sparket: The Electric Worker

Finally, a Pal that’s a proper trade name, like Sparket. That’s a high-visibility jacket Pal if I’ve ever heard one. Was built to be grafting on the Pal assembly lines. I kind of like all the electric types this seems to be based on, so them all together, it works enough for me. Maybe a little busy, but I’d much prefer this than making it a full-on Pikachu clone.

Color Palette’s Saving Grace

It has a similar tail, but that’s where the comparisons start and end. Pokémon itself already has a dozen Pikachu clones, and if this were made for Pokémon, I don’t even think it’d qualify for that. I mean, look at him, Sparket, not even a greedy fat bastard. This Rrck Geer, he’s kind of solid, I suppose, but I reckon it’s mainly the colors saving it here for me.

Rhound’s Aesthetic Spark

Like if this had the same color palette as, I know, Vixie, with brown antlers? Yeah, no, you’ll be done in. House P here, very huntable by upper tax bracket society. Maybe I’m blinded by the color palette again. Maybe the black and yellow is masking a potentially very generic set of designs, but I’m sound with your man Rhound.

Luxray Stand-In

He’s aesthetically sparking up the same node in my brain as this unreleased for now Bolt M, debatably a Luxray stand-in. Like, yeah, obviously, but I’m tired, boss. Just let them have their teu Luxray.

Upper Bracket Contender: Our Sox

I’d say Our Sox is just barely on the cusp of being in the upper bracket, a Pal. He’s got that Typhlosion syndrome, where if he switched off, he might look a bit goofy. Needs to keep the heating on with those flames, or else it just looks like the textures are failing to pop in for half his body now.

Egyptian Umbreon Charm

Oh, I’d expect those kind of technical issues in a Pokémon game, but Power World? No chance. I heavily considered that the Mal pair would be chucked into the segment way earlier with all the pet OC ones that I had zero brain power for. But the longer I stare at them, I kind of rate the pair of them more than I realized. I’m seeing the vision for Egyptian Umbreon.

Classic Cartoon Charm

Feel like they’re unique enough to stand on their own. Like if, back in ancient times, Yami Yugi or Pharaoh Atem owned a few pets, he probably would have who, coincidentally enough, also would have been used for slave labor. With Dazzy, I’m getting that Paper Mario charm off him, an almost even classic cartoon kind of charm with the hair covering the eyes. And I think you’d be hard-pressed to be mad at Power World cranking out a design like this when Game Freak used the assest given gift of free will to consensually devise something as freakish as En.

Wordplay with Amorous

Amorous, is that meant to be beard, like on a beard, because that’s nothing, that’s a nuff. You had Hung Guard right there. That’s a bad pun too, but you know, at least it’s a pun. It’s something that works, unless it’s literally just meant to be beard, that’s it, no pun for you.

Elizabethan Servants Pun

Servants of the Elizabe, which is a pun, the pun being around Queen Elizabeth, obviously. If you couldn’t already tell, the glaring similarities between the two, like that they both are currently trapped somewhere in a box, while at the same time, kind of goes hard. Subtly packing a design with some heat, that staff, big baller right there.

Mysterious Aura of CX

I really can’t tell what CX’s whole gimmick is. I can’t tell if it’s meant to be going for like a frosty Hatterene kind of build, but either way, it’s not too bad. An interesting, oddly terrifying aura surrounding it, freezing cold in the dead of night. If I see this thing in the distance, I’m assuming my death could only be something that the writers of Regular Show could have drafted.

Repo Hero’s Decent Design

Repo Hero, the both of them, pretty decent, pretty—they’re pretty decent. Like a Torterra-Heatran hybrid, but nowhere near as unasked for, because Repo, he knows his role, unlike Heatran. Not a legendary, spawns in cartons of 12, in and around the cave, hatches from mid-tier eggs, like Heatran probably should. Overall, unworthy of the static encounter.

Digimon Inspirations

Whereas the Digimon Tacons, they know their role. As these two closely resemble a banger like Xerneas, you know it’s going to get at least a B-minus tier approval from me. It’s all calm work. Actual deers are going to be shaped like this to some degree, and with your early game bow and arrow that you use, you’ve got to have at least one deer, or else what’s the point of this whole Joe Rogan Backyard Simulator?

Nostalgic Golden Terror

I’m actually not mad about this tacky golden Terror form either. Has a nostalgic feel to it, like finding an old Christmas ornament you forgot about. The smell takes you all the way back to playing Mario Galaxy for the first time, the asbestos high alone tripping me out, sending me back to 8 years old Christmas morning.

Legally Bulletproof Design

It adds a legally bulletproof concept. You might as well be raging at the developers for ripping off hieroglyphs. Oh, talk about anti-ancient guard. Anubis, more like nothing new about this. This one’s been played out since before Jesus hatched from his large common egg. People were foaming at the mouths for a potential Nintendo lawsuit, and if they don’t get anywhere, you know what’s next? Power World versus the country of Egypt, winner gets custody of the pyramids.

Mamist’s Potential

With Mamist, I actually think if this one were a Pokémon, no one would be mad. It would have gone past quality control easily. Like, it’s not amazing, but it’s a very robust design. You could slot that in any monster-based game. I can just envision the charm these two would have had animated as a Gen 5 sprite.

Hres’s Comparative Merit

Hres is one that, oddly enough, if you’re going to compare to Pokémon, it has a bit of merit to it. Like, when you know how Unova was made and they essentially rehashed the structure of the original 150 Kanto Pokédex in many instances. Let’s say that happened with the Johto dex instead. Hres is a very believable Hoothoot placeholder.

Doo Taco’s Zesty Appeal

Doo Taco, a zesty wef we have on our plates here, looking like he spawned straight out of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. Got the same vibrant color scheme as Zarude, but clearly, they’re not even remotely similar. I don’t even want to hear about this one. Zarude looks into the future; looking at Doo Taco, I’d say it’s about 50/50 whether it’s even looking at the present.

Wo Botton’s Unique Naming

With my pocket monsters, dumb and pretty, just how I like them. Okay, I was taking a piss earlier in the intro where I said like, I don’t care about Glo. When I first jotted that line down, I only knew who like five Ps were. I didn’t know there was actually going to be one called Wo. And speaking of weird names, he’s got a grass form, and I keep forgetting Wo Botton is a separate form.

Vampo Bhutan’s Abominable Charm

I keep reading it like that’s his legal government name. “How you doing, mate? One Po Botton, I’m here to fix the boiler.” Um, yeah, my dad does know him, and it’s actually pronounced Vampo Bhutan. Okay, and it’s like the new Ralph Lauren, so uh, yeah, get your bag up before thinking you could dialogue with me again, kid. I always like these abominable fur monsters, shrouded in mystery as well as the fuzz.

Swiven’s Whimsical Side

Easily could be slotted in for a Mighty Boosh episode, getting lost in a mythical forest, and Mr. Vampo Bhutan, Wampo Botton, emerges and raps to you about drinking tea with a rhinoceros. Within the spectrum of ceric surplus dragons, Swiven over here is leaning on the more whimsical side. Asleep with a quiv is said to be.

Heavenly Experience with Angelic Bund

A heavenly experience, and here’s where I’d probably say something like, “Heavenly experience, yeah,” because next to that angelic Bund, you’re one night terror away from going to heaven. But they had first draw, they beat me to it. It’s already canon, never even had the chance to truly speak about Quen folding you in his sleep like Ru your LaMore. One could only dream. Imagine your cause of death being you fed your pet a block of cheese after midnight, and it dreamt about chasing a giant squirrel.

Allegations Against Dinosor

Now, I’m sure getting crushed by an obese, sweaty dragon would, in fact, be a heavenly experience for some of you out there, but trust me, Heaven’s not where you’re going. Dinosor is, understandably so, facing allegations, got plenty of court summonings coming up in the near future to Tantu for its suspiciously Goodra and Meganium-like belly, neck, and face.

Love for Chubby Dinosaurs

But legalities be damned. If it’s illegal to be a sucker for chubby, long-necked bowling pin dinosaurs with that little circular underbelly, because you know Stone Cold likes the Little White Castle little underbelly, then you’re going to have to chuck me straight into Asban or whatever some big shed 100 m away from the students.

Mozina’s Unquestionable Appeal

Out of all Pals, I would firmly place a bet that Mozina, that’s not going to be anyone’s least favorite. No chance. This is your most hated pal? Don’t even lie to me when Love Anders are lurking the same streets as our children. Simple but easy, just a straight inoffensive, tidy design.

Utility of Hang News

Maybe not logistically tidy. That GTH is unreachable. To milk one of these bad boys, you got to roll under it like you’re fixing the brakes on a car. At first glance, I couldn’t for the life of me understand what Hang News were meant to be. Now, I see it’s the only creature with the facilities to be reaching under that belly and get to yanking.

Pyon’s Solid Presence

It’s hard to really say from this limited footage, but I think there’s a bit of potential for this mysterious winged creature. Probably because, for all two seconds, you can glare at it, it’s looking like a much more lean Rro Ram with frosted blue tips all around. But I’m just going to ignore that. I will turn the other cheek, just this once.

Garchomp’s Furry Counterpart

I don’t have much to say about Pyon, just an all-around sound Pal. Solid hand in the ring, keeps the headlock real snug. Worthy of the large egg waiting time. Not quite the huge egg, not the hour-long ones, alright, but a cemented spot in the Pal deck mid-card. Definitely not anywhere near the level of Sidan, Pokémon’s Pyroar, at least.

Shameless Yet Transformative Design

I’d say it’s very shameless but transformative enough, so as far as potential SL half knockoffs go, it’s one of the lesser evils. But once again, I think the color palette’s blinded me. Van Worm is looking cold in both this and in crystallized form. It’s almost like what Mega Aerodactyl could have, and very much should have been, but more importantly, it’ll forever have a special place in my lineup.

Van Worm’s Special Role

Can always eat from my infinite berry pouch. It’s a free bar for Van Worm and the duty he served, allowing me to bypass the whole map as early as possible, for letting me explore and hunt for eggs at zero risk, to cheese my way through filling up 90% of the pal deck without even crafting a gun.

Ease of Exploration

Instead of grinding items and experience, wasting my time holding down the F key waiting for a circle to fill up for up to 3 minutes at a time, I instead wasted it holding down WD for up to 3 hours at a time, hoping the map would spawn anything of interest, and occasionally raining down fire blasts from above, which honestly, the most fun thing to do in the game.

DBat’s Mythical Presence

DBat is one that’s definitely earned its place as a late number in the PO decks. It also has triple the claim to the title of Nightwing, and the guy actually has no use for a pair of wings, has a mythical presence going for it, arguably more than a good amount of the actual legendary powers on offer.

Daydream vs. Floppy

It’s as if Darkrai took a more humanoid form, one that’s not putting the thighs on constant display for the boys. Daydream, pulling in clutch, a true ride or die pal. The attachment to have them permanently out back in any beef you have, almost literally night and day. This, and Floppy, I don’t care for the resemblance to something I chucked straight into the Bland compilation segment way earlier.

Len’s Gross Appeal

If anything, Daydream’s existence just reaffirms that I’m dead on in thinking Floppy is flaccid. You walk through an airport with both of these at either side of your shoulders, you’re going to be getting looks off people, but they’re all going to be staring at Daydream. That’s the star out of this duo.

Veet Valet’s Distinct Flair

Len, gross chump, boo jobba pal right there, pal. He’s not even Chum eons away from Homie, don’t even start that one. But the other version, with the purple and blue tones, Banger, still not the most out there, but this is like a shiny Pokémon that completely salvages the original. In Pokémon terms, it’s gone from spawning at a 70% rate when you lav a tree with honey to a static encounter on an island you’d only get a hold of with action replay hacks.

Veet Valet slipped under the radar for me, never even met the fell, but I just had to go out of my way because seemingly, in Power World, it’s rare you find these insects or grass ones roaming about with this much flare to them. Even by Pokémon standards, this one would stand out much more than so many bugs or even plant-based grass types, looking like a high roller now.

Market Gap Exploitation: Cognito

This fell, Cognito, that’s the kind of gap in the market Pokémon have been leaving out that Power World should be filling. I know it’s easier said than done; it’s the whole South Park episode-like, “Simpsons did it, Simpsons did it.” Pokémon’s done it, Pokémon’s done almost everything, but that’s what makes ones like this little plague knight character stand out even more in a vast ocean of marketable plushies.

Plague Knight’s Morbid Appeal

Pokémon don’t shy away from morbid lore, but maybe, for some reason, they don’t want a Pokémon so closely associated with the plague that wiped out half the human population. However, Power World’s not trying to be PG, though. That’s clearly a unique selling point. So really, they should be basing creatures around subjects Pokémon wouldn’t dare to even think about touching.

Bushi’s Humanoid Quirk

Bushi is one of them where it’s a bit too comically humanoid. I know you have ones like Conkeldurr, where it uses stone pillars to fight, but this is different. Like, your man here got that katana off Amazon; he’s got a sheath and everything. I just can’t take him seriously.

War Sect’s Imposing Name

Yeah, you’d laugh at someone dressed like this at a convention, assuming it’s not a cosplay of the character. Somehow, that image is even more hilarious in the middle of a forest. But it was going to be low-ranked until I read into the Bushi lore. The species turns into a sword when they die to be wielded by the next generation.

War Sect’s Absolute Unit

Okay, all right, you’ve swayed me, Bushi. You’ve gone from “fedorable” to semi-banger. I just love the bluntness of the name, War Sect. Never have I heard a phrase in the English language convey such an absolute unit from letters alone. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near the pits for a band called War Sect.

Freaky Incineroar Twist

When your metal guitarist looks like, you know you’re leaving the mosh pits in the back of an ambulance. That’s not even a Pokémon; you can’t even say that. That’s a six-star Yu-Gi-Oh summon right there, at least 2,200 attack points on it. Power Worlder getting a bit freaky, introducing a potentially more furry Incineroar.

Beacons’ Unique Flair

Hey, what if Incineroar were freaky, and he was a twink? I do rate twink Incineroars, especially in the other form. One of my all-time favorites in Pokémon, Houndoom, so these kinds of Shadow the Hedgehog-coded creatures, the edgy bangers, don’t care if you find them cringe; they’re always going to be raw. Okay, all right, okay, Beacons. Beacons got a bit of flare going on for him now. Well, hold up, it’s no killer Watcher now, but as far as bird creatures are going in this game, this could have been far more generic-looking.

World Building Through Lore

I’m respecting the hustle of them here because they’ve even gone and added, almost like a fail-safe, giving an in-game lore explanation. The metal reason is probably just “we just wanted to get more mileage out of a model we made,” but it’s getting passed off as, “I mean, some actually think they’re a related species to Ragnar Hawk.” So, you know, it’s not laziness if you think about it; it’s actually world-building.

Van Worm vs. Ragnar Hawk

And speaking of the big man, Van Worm was lucky. I gave up on leveling up once I saw how far away so many of the craftables were, knowing full well there’s no chance I’m committing to the man-hours needed to progress this far, at least without manipulating the settings. Because if I were more committed to the Power World hustle, I’d have been roaming about on the neck of a Ragnar Hawk.

Efficiency and Power

Just feels like a next-gen phone upgrade. Van Worm, I reckon, operates faster, much more energy-efficient on the berry consumption, can burn down a village like twice as fast. Those 5G fiber network flames, Dig Toys, I think I’ve seen this one somewhere when I was six, playing Smash Bros Melee and used to think he was called “Boer.”

Bowser-Inspired Design Welcome

I don’t think it’s bad for them to take inspiration from creatures that aren’t related to Pokémon. I don’t know why they don’t do more of that. Bowser’s got an elite design. I kind of welcome that inspiration here. Jeton, the big daddy at the supposed back end of the Palad decks, the big triple one.

Legitimacy of Jeton’s Design

Many drawing comparison to the Laoss pair, I agree with a good few plagiarized ones, but I’ve got to draw the line there. I think they’re h in the copium, ripping the bong dry because it’s definitely sound enough to fly on its own. Beautiful shapes and colors radiating off of them.

Jeton’s Legendary Status

Not the most original, sure, but even then, I ran into him by accident, and you just know, like, “Oh, that’s a very important pal right there.” Premium friendo, that one is. Like, I can give it credit for actually looking like a legendary; a lot of them don’t.

Morbid Humor of Hang Yu

I couldn’t even mentally digest what a Hang Yu was, looking at it from a semi-distance, even had a giant one at the end of a dungeon. The game gave me a visual impairment aid, and it still wasn’t enough for my eyes to feast on. But oh no, it actually is what I thought it was, a noose. Think, the guy’s called Hang Yu, shaped like a rope, then you go up to be executed, and the guy just tears you apart with his hands.

Ancient Execution Methods

Yeah, there’s something morbidly comical about that. What a sinister gaslight. That’s like some ancient cruelty, like a Roman prisoner being sentenced to death, and they’re like, “Yeah, it’s just combat, pretty standard procedure.” Then, 10 minutes later, you find out you’ve sold out the Coliseum, dressed in a loin cloth.

Last Meal Irony

You’re the lead role as Hercules, who gets torn apart by lions in the final scene. Imagine, on death row, eating your last meal, guards like, “Yeah, no, don’t worry, it’s just to hang you, it’s one of the easier ones.” You sound, 10 minutes later, you’re being live-streamed, dressed in a minion costume, glued to the bottom of a giant claw machine.

Mo Sander’s Formidable Presence

As a giant Hang Yu is trying to win you until there’s nothing left. Mo Sander and the more fuming electric variation, it feels safe around a pair of arms like that. Got that Boss Jimbe build. Can only imagine the legendary scraps him and Pangoro would have down the pub, down Circus Ses’ hole.

Size Authenticity in Power World

That’s another bit of credit I can give to the Power World side of things. They don’t have to nerf the size of their monsters to fit in the world properly. I’d like to imagine if I could, hypothetically, trade a Wailord into my native land, it’s going to spawn in my world like an inflatable block of flats.

Blaze How’s Balanced Design

All of you Pokémon crowds have been chucking Meganium on the grill since day one. Meganium is crisped, absolutely NES-like. Meganium to begin with, unless the reason you’re bothered by Bron Cherry is from the perspective of v Pokémon, you rip off Meganium. Really, maybe a little uninspired, then fair enough. And again, they had the aqua version right there if they didn’t want to be too direct about it. What a fine beast, aesthetically to me. Blaze How is like a Blaze Mut that didn’t go overkill.

Innovative Design: Playing a Fun Game

Playing a fun game, little fella in an Umbreon hoodie, a nice set of designs with a bit of charisma going for him. A good example of gimmick inspiration and not straight gimmick infringement. From Scray, they’ve both got their own clear distinctions going on. Crafty, he’s just a bit of a goon, but Le Punk’s walking about looking like Spyro the Dragon’s plug.

Type Change Innovation with Le Punk

Then the fire version is just him wearing a different colored hoodie. So, is that where the type change comes from? For all we know, it’s telling me Le Punk could have the type change potential of an Eeveelution if you let him about a big enough Superdry.

Dragr’s Unique Presence

I didn’t know what to make of this as a secret bonus comrade, Dragr, or whatever he is, from the one photo I found, just seemed like a generic Zootropolis Zoroark. I thought this was just going to be another humanoid furry, those generic Lucario template ones that are meant to be the turbo epic.

Misjudgment of Lord of Darkness

You’d be too quick to judge a still frame like that. You get the wide lens on, and then I see how I’ve, oh, I’ve misjudged. Lord of Darkness, lord of the thickness. 50% of his body weight is in thy top half, Zoroark bottom half, the quad father, looking like Zoroark’s been training with Tom Platz.

Oddly Unique Design

Unironically an oddly unique design. I’m glad to see it isn’t just standard furry human design. It’s as if that’s what it was supposed to be, one of those cool anthropomorphic MMA-based monsters, but somehow inflation fetish Divan had their way with the lower half of his body.

Creative Challenge and Critique

Yeah, yeah, no, it is a banger. I’m just unsure how justifiably I can call it a banger. I want it to be. I mostly think it is. It’s just, you went so far out of your way to make an interesting monster, you stuck the landing on the pun name and all, but why, after all that, would you suddenly call it quits?

Turbo Flamix’s Terrifying Concept

You’re creatively tapped out in the championship rounds because you’re too lazy to design the face? Yeah, it doesn’t work like that. You can’t just go, “Well, I mean, 90% of the character sheet I’ve sketched is me. I just, I don’t know what the big deal is. I don’t just trace Goku’s hair on him.” You think people haven’t noticed?

Enhanced Perception Myth

I’ve always heard the myth that your other senses heighten when you have no sense of sight. Ignoring that whole thing, let’s forget about all that. Objectively speaking, the face still looks a little out of place. Maybe something different could have salvaged it, but again, to reiterate, it’s an overall banger on the friend roster.

Meww Y’s Unique Appeal

So one of them got data leaked, this Meww Y looking alien egg for your fridge. Say what you want about it, I actually do kind of rate it. It’s another Menace thing case. I’m surprised I like it this much. I feel, yeah, a little foul for liking it.

Mythical Pal’s Purpose

I’ve got to say, it’s not helping that, for one of their secret ultra-rare hidden Pals, they very closely resembled it to one of Pokémon’s most secret ultra-rare hidden Pals. If this is meant to be like a Pal World mythical fellow, then they arguably serve the same purpose in terms of the pal deck Pokedex hierarchy.

Publicity and Plagiarism

Again, plagiarism, I guess, that’s down to you, or some lawyer. Personally, it’s once again more of a “any publicity is good publicity” case to me. But to some people, this is apparently coincidental. I guess another reach doesn’t resemble Mewtwo in the slightest.

Derivative Designs and Value

And if any of you people are here now, everyone else, skip ahead about 10 seconds. Alright, come here, come here listening. I got a few PSA 10 based Charizards. I know, I know, boys, look, but look, I got to get rid of these quickly, just for you.

Distinctiveness of Dark Mutant

I’m looking to sell for just a thousand each, one band, my friend, my friendo, even. Like, easy money. Silhouette test, give it the “Who’s that Pokémon?” treatment. Everyone who knows could clock a breedable Mewtwo figure, but I’m not actually trying to make a huge statement on it being derivative.

Innovative Surf Design

I don’t even think it’s proper plagiarism; it’s no Ver Dash, is it? Whatever this thing’s called, Dark Mutant data leak, is very high up on the list here, considering if you’re going to cop someone else’s work, at least make it bang. And I can’t lie to you, this one’s kind of raw.

I do rate a bit of Surf-en. It’s refreshing design to see; not many fictional creatures out there repping the pool inflatable build quite like these two. It’s almost like a Gen 2 Gold and Silver beta sprite that never got used, finally realized in 3D. Seeing refreshing creatures like this, that’s the way to go.

Chubby Dragons: The Comfort Creature

It’s the one where you have to pay Mario 30% of your income for the rest of your life. You just can’t go wrong with chubby dragons, and the Alpha Drons are about as chubby as a dragon as you’ll find on the market. Unless you can’t dive, in that case, the market’s full, it’s oversaturated with plenty of obese, sweaty dragons on there.

Classical Uninspired Looks

But I consider that more the black market for getting your fix on fictional animals. Non-canon, alright, doesn’t count. The Alpha Drons, they’re not even bowling pin proportions; the guy’s built like Piranha Plant trying to get his eight glasses of water in for the day. It’s a little uninspired, maybe, but it’s like a classical uninspired look.

Gale Claw’s Surprising Appeal

Where it’s not exactly recreating heavy metal, but you know, it’s still heavy metal. It’s like a comfort creature. We’ve had plenty of designs like this, but I don’t really care. I’m just happy to see them. Gale Claw has taken me by surprise a bit. I have no idea what the general consensus is on some Pals.

Underrated Designs in Power World

Like, in the Power World community, who have they deemed as the Gengar, the keepers, which ones need to be on the watchlist along with Galler and Mr. Mime? But Gale Claw, to me, seems like a massively underrated design. Clean specimen, that color palette is deceptively raw.

Aesthetic Choices in Design

Maybe Power World’s equivalent to an Unfezant. It didn’t need to go so hard, but I think that’s underselling it. It’s not Unfezant. If Braviary is American, Gale Claw is going to be Irish. America has Braviary, Ireland has Gale Claw.

Suzaku’s Equally Good Forms

Hell’s a fear, hell’s the fear, hell’s of year, brother. Why aren’t more creatures making good use of zero or the primal forms, light-up veins and all? Time banger aesthetic choice if balanced out correctly, which I do think it kind of is for your man here.

Top Airborne Pal: Suzaku

And a big baller headpiece to match. I didn’t even think to chuck a friendo sphere at it; my first instinct was to dap it up. It’s fairly close between what my favorite winged pal is, my top airborne friend though. But now, I can’t even choose which one out of the singular one I’d go for, Suzaku.

I’d say both the red and blue are as good as each other. Some of the type changes these Pals have can be hit or miss, but this one’s more like when a Pokémon has an equally as good shiny form. One of the few bird Pals that doesn’t conform as much as the rest or has some kind of same common ancestor file and Blender, at least.

Unique Creature Design: Sweepers and King Packer

I don’t even think these things evolve, so canonically I guess some individuals just end up with the freak Zilla gene, end up swollen and trimmed up, using a Pringles can for reference. Sweepers are just the Shacks of the sweet species, regardless of how stupidly high maintenance these would be to own in your living space.

JRPG Wild Card: King Packer

All that hair molting, roaming about like a reverse Roomba, I’ve got to give high ratings to the pair of them. Simple, freak design in 101. King Packer, both of them magnificent specimens, has the aura of the Wild Card character that joins your JRPG party, like Quina from Final Fantasy IX.

Ease of Acquiring King Packer

I felt like I had no business owning one of these so easily and so quickly into the game. I felt like I had to earn the King Packer, a dungeon locked in a cage with 30 stout men armed with flamethrowers guarding the key. Nah, it’s just loitering about, waiting for someone like me, an absolute clown, a jester of a human, to come along and slap him about with it.

Discovery of Hidden Giants

Reeded Alert: once again, another big meaty mon has been spotted. Halfway through making this, I discover there’s a few hidden buddies. I must have manifested my block of flats spawning in-game because look at the size of that. I wanted to see a Wailord in real time, and I’m going to see a Wailord in real time, an airborne Wailord at that.

Banger Potential of Airborne Giants

Might be getting ahead of myself, so qualifying this as a banger with only 5 seconds of screen time can tell this one might not age well when the 3D detectives start whacking out the comically large magnifying glass up to their monitors, giving the wireframes a good ocular pat down next to Kyogre’s and Wailord’s models.

Filling the Grizzly Bear Void

But let’s just enjoy it for now and look at the Flubber fly. And on that note, with enormous heer pals, this giant whitewashed Rayquaza-looking F, I can barely see him all the way over there in some reveal trailer. Might be a beta one, might got the axe, who knows, might not even be in the final game, but he’s looking pretty fresh from over here.

Dopey Little Unit’s Charm

Until very recently, Pokémon has had a glaring lack of grizzly bear Pokémon, so if other franchises want to fill that big meaty, furry void, I’m all for it. Can see why you have this one front and center of all the promos, got that Ghibli charisma going for it. My Neighbor Totoro would be a very different kind of comfort movie if you gave that hairy bastard a minigun.

Potential Evolution: Dumb to Dum

I was too lazy to build, was to get the promotion, dumb to Dum, maybe a third and even more bunder-filled form, the man they call Dumdum. Let me tell you something, I love the Goins. They have that simplistic ’90s charm to them, like the middle stage evolution to a starter Pokémon.

The Charm of Goins

Look primed and ready to evolve into a somehow triple-cheeked-up Feraligatr. I’m usually a fan of ones that, you know, was conceived name first, but above all else, I’m 100% a fan of absolute little freakers. This isn’t simply just a pal.

Freaker’s Unique Identity

Imagine being called a pal unironically. Come on, don’t do me like that. You might as well just go straight for friendo. “Greetings and salutations, friendo.” You might as well introduce yourself like that, at least wear it on your sleeve if you’re going to dish out the disrespect.

The Goins: Hidden Bangers

You don’t go after a three-day bender with a pal; you go with the boys, and the Goins definitely the boys. A hidden banger, keeping themselves a bit lowkey in the pal decks. Moray had no idea it existed until I went out of my way to find it.

Unexpected Discovery: Moray

Might have jump-scared me had I not known what this was. Might have thought it was just a DI how with the textures bugging out, would have had me thinking I’ve stumbled onto the first Creepy Pasta pal World story.

The Lore of Moray

And the lore drop would only solidify that idea. It can smell the death straight on off. Yeah, you know how like a dog, he sniffs your crotch a bit too hard? That’s just the ace way, it’s saying he likes you, and you have stage four.

Quest for Moray: A Rewarding Encounter

My quest of flying about the world of Pal poured in eggs like an Eddie aboo paid off well. Another dangerous boss fight in German tide happily avoided to get a hold of this banger because I wasn’t going to play another 20 hours leveling up just for the chance of surviving an encounter.

Gyarados Redesigned: A Vascular Comparison

Against what looks to be a Gyarados, if the developers thought, you know, Gyarados, he’s been looking a bit too antsy for our liking. Guy needs a sandwich, a classic BLT will do. Bacon, lettuce, trend. What if Gyarados got raised in an ocean of liver King’s piss? Compared to Gyarados, there’s a noticeable difference in, let’s say, vascularity.

Gyarados Redefined: A New Threat

That ain’t Gyarados; that’s Gyarados. I’d much rather take my town’s chances at surviving a Gyarados attack than a German tide. This is like if Gyarados transformed by eating Android 17, then they were like, “You know, Gyarados just hasn’t got enough hacks going for him, you know? Let’s let him breathe a bit of fire.”

Sonic Adventure 2 Backstory: Jman Tide

The other form looks even more world-ending. Much to my surprise, Jman Tide got its own Sonic Adventure 2 backstory. Has his own shadow, apparently. Crylinks, what a Geer, complete henchman of a creature. Those hands yearn for prying copper from houses.

The Henchman Spectrum: Crylinks

This guy is goon maxing, not in the way that a Hang Yu could goon max. It’s such a malleable design; I just can’t decide which side of the henchman spectrum we’re talking here. What frequency comes out of its mouth seconds before Batman’s thighs constrict their neck like an anaconda?

Goon Character Archetypes

You think he leans towards the Joe Rogan-looking “Oh no, it’s the B type goon.” But I could equally imagine him with the “What do we got over here? Wise guy?” saying, “We’ve been stealing Pals from Pokemon? Hey, wao, waa, whoo, we didn’t steal no Pals, we just, uh, we found them on the road here, must have fell off a van or something.”

Crylinks: Universal Banger

I feel bad assuming the same guys who cooked up Tany, surely one in the same kitchen Crylinks was conceived in. But it’s pretty clean to me as a certified classic buddy. If any pal is migrating to smash pints down Circus Ses’ hole, it’s going to be Crylinks.

Gamos: The Face of Power World

Universal Banger, Gamos. If Power World ever somehow had a ’90s Pokemon Mania craze, Gamos is one you’re slapping as many places as possible. It’s getting that Time Magazine Polywall front cover, main event push, brother. If Pal World had an Ash Ketchum protagonist, this would be the third one he catches.

Chillet’s Catch: A Lucky Strike

It’s just overflowing with the charm of a classic JRPG enemy. People clutching at straws, scooping it up like they dropped the shower gel, far more difficult than the soap dropping, by the way, much more compromising. These people thinking it’s just, “Yeah, well, if this is just, how come it doesn’t evolve into Power Worldy and Goodra?” Much to ponder. I am very glad I landed the catch on the Chillet boss, even with those percentages.

The Steam Library Dilemma

I don’t think I was going to slug through the rest of it. I would have packed it up for good, left it to rot in the Steam library next to Lego Marvel, where I must have blacked out and bought for 2 quid on a Steam sale 10 years ago.

Furc Comparisons: Homies in Power World

Don’t want to hear any heated Furc comparisons. No beef to be had there; those boys be homies. They’d be playing on a Power World server together. This one took me by surprise. I never ran into it during the time I could be bothered to play.

All-Time Banger: Kitson

But I went back just to see it with my own eyes. Was never aware of the existence of an all-time Banger pal like Kitson, some kind of Amaterasu reincarnation for one reason or another, deciding not to spawn in an Okami sequel.

Relaxa Orus: Supreme Banger

But cashed in that once in a generation spawn rate to say a quick hello in Power World, in my land of Frot Tropolis. Even I’m very flattered. I’m all about it. This is the kind of thing they should be doing for their hidden mythicals.

Toy Dinosaur Growth Myth

Instead of consulting a Mewtwo coloring book, remember that dinosaur toy that was meant to grow when you sprayed the hose on him? You flushed him down the toilet when it didn’t work like the advert said, and 18 years later, he’s tracked you down.

Favorite Pal: Relaxa Orus

Relaxa Orus, Supreme Banger, quite possibly my favorite. I think it is. I know this is probably like the Power World equivalent of saying Charizard is your favorite. I don’t care. I love creatures of all franchises and realities who’ve got that nurse cane, my 1:00 belly.

Relaxa Orus’s Jolly Presence

And Relaxa Orus is more than the 1:00. You slap that belly, looking to spectate that flab fly. You’re going to want to take the week off. What an experience it’d be to just drop four grams of shrooms and stare at Relaxa Orus and his gelatinous body.

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In this article, I bring you five mus of the best early to mid-game Pals. These consist of all types, from amazing base workers to everything in between. To celebrate the amazing release of this game, I’m giving a few lucky players a chance to win this game.

Introduction to the Power World Game

Whether you play on Steam or Xbox, I will purchase the game for you on Steam or even six months of Game Pass. Two wins for yourself or even a friend who doesn’t have the game. Drop a like, leave a comment below, and make sure you are subscribed with notifications turned on. The more of my videos you watch and support, the higher your chance of winning. I will pick and announce winners in a couple of days.

Discovering the Ragna Hawk

In my adventures across the vast open world Power World offers, I’ve come across some amazing Pals I feel you need to know about. Some of these you can get relatively early on, others are towards the mid to end game. First up, we have the Ragna Hawk, an incredible flying mount. This bird is probably my favorite mount in the game for getting around the map.

It isn’t the fastest mount in the game; that title is owned by the level 50 World boss jet dragon, an absolute monster. However, until then, birds like the Ragna Hawk will do just fine as they are truly rapid. This bird is located on the map, typically appearing during the day. According to the power deck, the bottom left area is the only place they are found.

Battling and Work Suitability of Ragna Hawk

In regards to battling with these mounts, I find them more effective when not mounted, as their moves normally consist of being stuck in a hovering spot for a few seconds while the bird initiates its attack, which can be a downfall when fighting stronger enemies. In terms of work suitability, they have a level three kindling, which means that they will rise faster, and they also have a level three trans point.

To craft this mount’s saddle, you need to be a level 38 upon capturing this bird, and the materials needed are 25 Lea, 15 Clof, 20 Ingots, 20 Flame Organs, and 25 Pum Fragments. So, the first on my list is the amazing Ragna Hawk.

Discovering the Flame Beast

I discovered the Flame Beast, which I believe is pronounced a certain way, by accident. It was night time in the game, and everything was dark. I saw something like a flame and flew towards it, thinking it was an unclaimed fast travel point. Upon getting closer, I realized it was a Pal, a beast at that. The location of these creatures is shown on screen. I believe they can be found both day and night. You can see the location where I found mine and also where these creatures are typically located, thanks to the power deck. This fire-ground type Pal is incredibly useful as a base Pal. Though it is slow in movement, it compensates with its powerful attack.

Utility and Crafting of the Flame Beast

In terms of work suitability, the Flame Beast has a level three in both mining and kindling. This creature, alone or with others of its kind, can quickly process a bunch of ore rocks and cook them into metal. That’s primarily what I use it for now. To unlock this Pal’s saddle, you need to be at level 32 upon capturing it. Crafting the saddle requires 20 Leever, 20 Ingots, 20 Flame Organs, and 20 Powering Fragments. Although the saddle isn’t essential unless you manually mine ore, it does offer a buff, so keep that in mind.

Introducing the P-Nut

Next up, we have the P-Nut, one of the faster ground mounts in the game. This mythical-looking beast horse is quite unique, offering both fire and dark abilities. I don’t use it for its work suitability, but more so as a fast-moving battle speed mount. It offers a level two in kindling and a level one in lumbering, but there are better options out there for these purposes. This Pal’s true purpose, in my opinion, is fighting, and it excels in this role. It’s also amazing at running and charging at smaller animals to tame their loot.

The control over this Pal is exceptional; it darts in different directions, making it great for both battling larger foes and quick movement. This Pal was instrumental in my defeat and capture of the mammoth world boss, as it dealt all the damage while I attacked from a distance. When mounted, it also applies dark damage to your attacks. This Pal is located strictly at night within the location shown on screen.

Discovering the Robin Quill

The Robin Quill is an exceptional choice, especially for early players of the game. I included it in this list because of its unique qualities for base work suitability at an early stage. This grass-type Pal, resembling a vegetable superhero, is surprisingly capable of performing various tasks at your base. It offers a level one in planting, level two in handiwork, level one in lumbering, level one in medicine production, level two in transporting, and level two in gathering.

Capturing a few of these can be highly beneficial, as they can free up many base power slots, handling multiple tasks. While its combat capabilities are decent, it falls short in mounting or offering additional battle purposes, like blueprint unlocks seen in other Pals.

Introducing the Kitson

Lastly, we have the Kitson, my personal favorite ground mount in the game. It’s fast, hits hard, and excels in combat, whether mounted or not. Its work suitability includes a level two in kindling, but that’s primarily it. The Kitson isn’t meant for base work but for mounting. When on this mount, you are unaffected by extreme cold and heat, which is a significant advantage in exploring early on without the right armor. You can find this Pal in a specific area on the map, noted for its cold climate. The saddle becomes available at level 30 and requires 25 leather, 10 cloth, 15 flame organs, and 20 Podium fragments. The Kitson, resembling a mythical Warg, stands out as one of the best ground mounts in the game, offering speed and proficiency in battle.


There you have it, five early to mid-game amazing Pals you don’t want to miss. Looking forward to seeing you in the next article!

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