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How To Get 15 OP Pals Early w/ BREEDING – From LvL 1 Lamball to LvL 40+ Shadowbeak

In this article, we will explore how you can transition from acquiring five of the easiest powers in the game to obtaining some of the most overpowered (OP) abilities available, useful both for base construction and combat.

Introduction to Power Acquisition

You will learn how to progress from a beginner’s level, comparable to owning a Lamborghini, to mastering a Shadow Beak, one of the top powers in the game, typically not encountered until level 40. We will guide you on securing these powerful abilities early in the game, including impressive powers like OAC, Menting Lilin, Jum Tide, Anubis, and many others. Let’s dive in.

Getting Started

In this guide, I will demonstrate how you can easily progress from a few simple-to-catch powers to some of the best powers in the game through breeding. The process is designed to be straightforward and accessible, requiring only basic breeding facilities such as a breeding pen, cakes, and egg incubators. You can start from this point with minimal prerequisites.

Initial Powers to Acquire

There are five initial powers you should aim to acquire, which will serve as your foundation for breeding more advanced powers. First is the Lambo, easily found in the starting area and abundant at low levels, making them easy to catch. Next, you should capture a Celerate, commonly found near bodies of water in the initial area. Following that, aim for a Daydream, which is only available at night, ensuring you have both male and female specimens for breeding purposes. The Relaxa Saurus, a water dragon-type power, is another target, typically found in lower-level areas of the map. Lastly, Griz Bolt presents a challenge for lower-level players due to its spawning location at the bottom of the map, but capturing it is crucial for obtaining endgame powers.

Advanced Power Acquisition

Once you have established your initial set of powers, the next step involves breeding them to ascend towards higher-level abilities, such as Shadow Beak, Actigen, Lyine, and Line Nut Menting, among others. This breeding process is the key to unlocking the full potential of your powers and achieving dominance in both base work and combat scenarios. With the right strategy and perseverance, you can guarantee the acquisition of every endgame power mentioned, setting you on the path to mastering the game.

Mastering Advanced Powers

In this exploration of advanced powers, we delve into the intricacies of obtaining rare abilities that can significantly enhance your capabilities. At the heart of this journey lies the Griz bolt, a coveted power found at the bottom of the map. Typically encountered around level 20, with the lowest recorded at level 18, Griz bolts are part of a rotational spawn system. This means their presence in a given area is not constant but changes over time. If you do not find a Griz bolt immediately, patience and persistence are key. By traversing the area, either on foot or by flight, you will eventually witness the rotation of powers, allowing you the opportunity to secure the Griz bolt you seek.

Exploiting Temporary Glitches

In the current state of the game, a glitch allows for the capture of Tower bosses, including Zo and Grizol, which can be used for breeding. Although this glitch is expected to be patched, understanding its mechanics can provide a temporary advantage. The process involves initiating a conflict with friendly NPCs to achieve a wanted status, then using fast travel to confront Zo and Grizol. The key is to manipulate the situation so that Grizol interacts with the NPCs, leading to a bug where Grizol becomes vulnerable to capture. This technique, while not guaranteed, offers a strategic approach to acquiring a Griz bolt with relative ease.

Breeding for Superior Powers

With the Griz bolt and other foundational powers in your possession, the next step is to breed these powers to ascend to the pinnacle of power in the game. Among the elite powers are Sherman TI, Anubis, and Shadow Beak, each offering unique and formidable abilities. The breeding process starts with Anubis, obtained by combining Relaxa surus and Accelerate. Anubis stands out for its unparalleled crafting capabilities, making it an indispensable ally. Following Anubis, breeding with Grizol is essential to acquire the Ragnar Hawk, a critical component in the pursuit of ultimate power.

Optimizing Work and Transport Abilities

Continuing the breeding strategy, attention turns to enhancing work and transport capabilities. A standout power in this regard is Wo Bolan, known for its exceptional traits in work suit ability and transportation. Achieving a level four in transporting, Wo Bolan sets the benchmark for efficiency and effectiveness in the game. By strategically breeding the powers acquired, including Anubis and Griz bolt, you can secure Wo Bolan and further solidify your arsenal of top-tier powers. This systematic approach to breeding not only elevates your power but also ensures a comprehensive mastery over the game’s challenges.

Mastering the Power Tree

In this guide, I will showcase how you can elevate your capabilities by advancing through a well-structured hierarchy of powers, starting from the basics to the most formidable ones in the game. This journey begins with the acquisition of Griz Bolt, a crucial entity found at the lower regions of the map. At approximately level 20, these creatures are known for their rotational spawn mechanism, making them a bit elusive but not impossible to find. Patience and persistence in exploring or flying around the area can yield the desired Griz Bolt, setting the foundation for further advancements.

Strategic Breeding for Power Enhancement

Once you have secured Griz Bolt, the path to amplifying your power involves strategic breeding, leveraging Anubis and Ragn Hawk. This combination is key to obtaining Wimo Bolton, an essential component in ascending the power tree. The synergy between Anubis and Ragn Hawk ensures the creation of Wimo Bolton, marking a significant step in your journey towards obtaining unparalleled strength.

Unlocking Elite Powers through Precision Breeding

Further breeding intricacies involve the pairing of Relaxa Orus and Ragn Hawk, which guarantees the emergence of Elizabe. This power plays a pivotal role in the subsequent breeding strategies aimed at acquiring top-tier abilities. For instance, to summon Oer, known for its exceptional electric capabilities, one must breed Relaxa Orus with GIS Bol. This precise combination ensures the arrival of Oer, a powerhouse in electrical prowess.

Advancing to Unprecedented Levels of Mastery

Continuing this strategic breeding process, the combination of Elizabe and Relaxa Surus is instrumental in birthing German Tide, the supreme water dragon power. This not only enhances your water-related abilities but also sets the stage for acquiring Waret, a formidable entity offering unparalleled defense mechanisms. The alliance between German Tide and Ragn Hawk is crucial for Waret’s birth, further solidifying your defense strategies. Similarly, breeding Elizabe with Gribel leads to the creation of Menting, another high-level power previously thought to be attainable only in the later stages of the game.

Through diligent breeding and strategic combinations, you can navigate your way up the power tree, unlocking abilities that significantly enhance your prowess and versatility in the game. Each step, from securing Griz Bolt to the intricate breeding strategies, plays a vital role in mastering the game’s power hierarchy.

Introduction to Power Breeding

In this guide, I will demonstrate how you can progress from acquiring some of the easiest powers to obtain in the game to some of the most overwhelmingly powerful ones, ideal for both base development and combat. You will learn how to evolve from basic abilities, comparable to a level one Lamborghini, to mastering a Shadow Beak, one of the most formidable powers available, typically not encountered until reaching level 40. I will reveal strategies for accessing these potent abilities early on, including OAC menting, Lilin Jum Tide, Anubis, and many others.

Starting with Basic Powers

Initially, you need to focus on five simple powers to catch, which will lay the foundation for breeding more advanced powers. Among these is the Lambo, commonly found in the game’s initial areas and easy to capture. It is beneficial to obtain both male and female specimens for breeding purposes. Other essential powers include Celerate, found near bodies of water, and Daydream, which appears exclusively at night. Additionally, securing a Relaxa Saurus is crucial, as this water dragon-type power is prevalent in lower-level map areas.

Advanced Power Breeding Techniques

Once you have the foundational powers, the next step is to breed them to acquire more advanced abilities. For example, combining a Lambo and a Celerate can lead to more potent offspring. It is vital to pay attention to the genders of the powers you’re breeding, as you might need to breed them multiple times to obtain the desired results.

Unlocking Top-Tier Powers

The pinnacle of power breeding involves obtaining the highest-level powers, such as Shadow Beak, Actigen Lyine, and Line Nut Menting. These powers are typically inaccessible until much later in the game, but with the right breeding strategy, you can acquire them as early as level 20. This advanced stage of breeding requires careful planning and the combination of specific powers to achieve the desired outcomes.

In summary, this guide outlines a comprehensive strategy for evolving from basic to top-tier powers in the game through careful selection and breeding of initial powers. By following these steps, players can significantly enhance their combat and base work capabilities much earlier in their gaming experience.

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In this article, I bring you five mus of the best early to mid-game Pals. These consist of all types, from amazing base workers to everything in between. To celebrate the amazing release of this game, I’m giving a few lucky players a chance to win this game.

Introduction to the Power World Game

Whether you play on Steam or Xbox, I will purchase the game for you on Steam or even six months of Game Pass. Two wins for yourself or even a friend who doesn’t have the game. Drop a like, leave a comment below, and make sure you are subscribed with notifications turned on. The more of my videos you watch and support, the higher your chance of winning. I will pick and announce winners in a couple of days.

Discovering the Ragna Hawk

In my adventures across the vast open world Power World offers, I’ve come across some amazing Pals I feel you need to know about. Some of these you can get relatively early on, others are towards the mid to end game. First up, we have the Ragna Hawk, an incredible flying mount. This bird is probably my favorite mount in the game for getting around the map.

It isn’t the fastest mount in the game; that title is owned by the level 50 World boss jet dragon, an absolute monster. However, until then, birds like the Ragna Hawk will do just fine as they are truly rapid. This bird is located on the map, typically appearing during the day. According to the power deck, the bottom left area is the only place they are found.

Battling and Work Suitability of Ragna Hawk

In regards to battling with these mounts, I find them more effective when not mounted, as their moves normally consist of being stuck in a hovering spot for a few seconds while the bird initiates its attack, which can be a downfall when fighting stronger enemies. In terms of work suitability, they have a level three kindling, which means that they will rise faster, and they also have a level three trans point.

To craft this mount’s saddle, you need to be a level 38 upon capturing this bird, and the materials needed are 25 Lea, 15 Clof, 20 Ingots, 20 Flame Organs, and 25 Pum Fragments. So, the first on my list is the amazing Ragna Hawk.

Discovering the Flame Beast

I discovered the Flame Beast, which I believe is pronounced a certain way, by accident. It was night time in the game, and everything was dark. I saw something like a flame and flew towards it, thinking it was an unclaimed fast travel point. Upon getting closer, I realized it was a Pal, a beast at that. The location of these creatures is shown on screen. I believe they can be found both day and night. You can see the location where I found mine and also where these creatures are typically located, thanks to the power deck. This fire-ground type Pal is incredibly useful as a base Pal. Though it is slow in movement, it compensates with its powerful attack.

Utility and Crafting of the Flame Beast

In terms of work suitability, the Flame Beast has a level three in both mining and kindling. This creature, alone or with others of its kind, can quickly process a bunch of ore rocks and cook them into metal. That’s primarily what I use it for now. To unlock this Pal’s saddle, you need to be at level 32 upon capturing it. Crafting the saddle requires 20 Leever, 20 Ingots, 20 Flame Organs, and 20 Powering Fragments. Although the saddle isn’t essential unless you manually mine ore, it does offer a buff, so keep that in mind.

Introducing the P-Nut

Next up, we have the P-Nut, one of the faster ground mounts in the game. This mythical-looking beast horse is quite unique, offering both fire and dark abilities. I don’t use it for its work suitability, but more so as a fast-moving battle speed mount. It offers a level two in kindling and a level one in lumbering, but there are better options out there for these purposes. This Pal’s true purpose, in my opinion, is fighting, and it excels in this role. It’s also amazing at running and charging at smaller animals to tame their loot.

The control over this Pal is exceptional; it darts in different directions, making it great for both battling larger foes and quick movement. This Pal was instrumental in my defeat and capture of the mammoth world boss, as it dealt all the damage while I attacked from a distance. When mounted, it also applies dark damage to your attacks. This Pal is located strictly at night within the location shown on screen.

Discovering the Robin Quill

The Robin Quill is an exceptional choice, especially for early players of the game. I included it in this list because of its unique qualities for base work suitability at an early stage. This grass-type Pal, resembling a vegetable superhero, is surprisingly capable of performing various tasks at your base. It offers a level one in planting, level two in handiwork, level one in lumbering, level one in medicine production, level two in transporting, and level two in gathering.

Capturing a few of these can be highly beneficial, as they can free up many base power slots, handling multiple tasks. While its combat capabilities are decent, it falls short in mounting or offering additional battle purposes, like blueprint unlocks seen in other Pals.

Introducing the Kitson

Lastly, we have the Kitson, my personal favorite ground mount in the game. It’s fast, hits hard, and excels in combat, whether mounted or not. Its work suitability includes a level two in kindling, but that’s primarily it. The Kitson isn’t meant for base work but for mounting. When on this mount, you are unaffected by extreme cold and heat, which is a significant advantage in exploring early on without the right armor. You can find this Pal in a specific area on the map, noted for its cold climate. The saddle becomes available at level 30 and requires 25 leather, 10 cloth, 15 flame organs, and 20 Podium fragments. The Kitson, resembling a mythical Warg, stands out as one of the best ground mounts in the game, offering speed and proficiency in battle.


There you have it, five early to mid-game amazing Pals you don’t want to miss. Looking forward to seeing you in the next article!

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