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Official RuneScape Pet Tierlist 2023

Gamers, you’ve asked for it, and now it’s time to deliver. Recently, Mod Ash personally provided me with the 2023 official Jagex pet tier list.

2023 Official Jagex Pet Tier List

A significant number of pets have been added since our last edition, so let’s dive into this year’s Smash or Pass edition.

Starting with the F tier, the worst pet in the game, without any competition, is the L Creator. I’ll just say it: this pet resembles Bandos, but as if his parents were closely related. This isn’t about your attractive cousins; these are the unattractive ones, perhaps from somewhere like Virginia. Furthermore, the content associated with this pet is frustrating, dominated by a single player and his numerous alts, effectively holding the game hostage.

RuneScape 2023 Pet Rankings: F Tier Insights

Next, we have the Hell Puppy. Despite previous criticisms for ranking it low, it’s time for a hard truth. This pet could be impressive if it resembled its mythical parent with three heads, but currently, it’s merely a small, red dog. Moving on to the Chaos Elemental, while I appreciate hearing about RuneScape achievements, I can’t feign interest in this pet. It requires an immense amount of time, akin to acquiring a Dragon Defender.

Let’s address some Skilling pets: the Beaver, Heron, and Rock Golem. Owning these pets is somewhat embarrassing, as it suggests a lack of variety in your collection. However, I’ll give a pass to the Beaver. Concluding the F tier, we have the DK’s pets. Frankly, they’re unattractive, reminiscent of a creature a child might mold from Play-Doh.

D Tier Overview

As we progress to the D tier, these pets are less embarrassing but still leave much to be desired. First up is the Phoenix. Its vibrant colors are eye-catching, but it merely symbolizes one’s endurance through Winter Todd’s East Brazier. Joining a serious PvM clan requires adapting to real challenges, not just superficial ones. The Phoenix, while visually impressive, may be too daunting for many players.

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Skilling Pets: Rocky, Squirrel, and More

Moving on to two more Skilling pets: Rocky and Squirrel. These pets rank higher than others simply because they’re cuter. And let’s be clear, I am not a furry, but these pets are a definite smash. Next, Skotos may not be everyone’s favorite pet. It’s one of those elusive creatures you might chase for ages or luckily get early on.

However, I’m going to pass on this one; it’s just too spiky. Then there’s the pet Snakeling. If you have this pet, you might be a Spanish speaker or at least familiar with binary. The KBD, on the other hand, is a smash, and I’d even bring friends for that encounter. Herby, while unique, reminds me of the animal used for Impossible burgers. Are we tracking? Full smash on this one.

The C Tier: Slayer Pets and Beyond

Now it’s time for the C tier. If I see you with one of these in the game, I start to think you’ve got some style, maybe even a bit of flair. This tier is mostly about our Slayer pets, including Hydra, Abyssal Orphan, and everyone’s favorite, Noon. Five years ago, these were the top picks for many players. But as time marches on, we find our joy in the newest additions from Jagex.

Whether it’s a smash or a pass, these pets reflect the evolving tastes and preferences of the gaming community. Finally, we have Butch and Lil Vian, the DT2 pets. As much as I want to appreciate these pets, they just don’t quite make the cut for me.

Unique Perspectives on C Tier Pets

Delving into the C tier, we encounter pets like Butch and Leviathan. Butch, with its singular tentacle, and Leviathan, reminiscent of a college dropout turned problematic, offer unique visuals. However, I’m not entirely convinced by them. Then, grouping together all the spiders: Venonattis, Sarachnis, and Scorpia (technically not a spider but just as unappealing). These creatures, despite their intriguing designs, don’t quite make the cut for me.

Next, we have some surprising picks. The Nexling stands out with its somewhat off-putting appearance, possibly due to its half-wings or its intimidating aura. Despite these reservations, it’s a smash.

RuneScape Pets: Kree’arra’s Reality and the Mediocrity of Smallos and Voraths

Another contentious choice is Kree’arra. Many favor it for its perceived size, but in reality, it’s a small mob, not living up to the hype. Additionally, I have a personal aversion to birds, viewing them as part of a larger conspiracy. Nonetheless, this pet is a smash for its unique qualities. Rounding off the C tier, we have Smallos and Voraths, likened to the average students in high school: known by many, but not standing out. They’re respectable, but not exceptional.

D Tier: The Emerging Standouts

Moving to the D tier, pets here begin to show real promise. Possessing one of these might still label you as somewhat inexperienced, but at least it signifies some luck. First up, the Abyssal Protector, with its charming tentacles, is a definite smash. Following closely is the Rift Guardian, especially with its Guardians of the Rift transformation, possibly ranking as one of the best Skilling pets.

The Golden Baby Chin also makes an appearance here. Its perfect size and allure make it an irresistible choice. Other notable mentions include the Jad, Kraken, and Tiny Temper. This tier seems to resonate with a certain excitement, almost too much for some. Lastly, Vet’ion makes an appearance, but it’s a pass for me due to negative associations with PKers and bots in the game, leaving a bitter taste.

The B Tier Finalist: Mofin

Concluding the B tier, we have the pet Mofin. This boss has sparked a lot of discussion, but I’ll keep my thoughts brief and to the point: it’s a definite smash. Mofin stands out with its unique characteristics, making it a notable mention in this tier.

The A Tier: The Serious Contenders

Now we step into the A tier, where things get more intense. Starting off strong, we have the Penance Queen. You might expect this pet to rank higher, and it would, if not for one major issue. Yes, it’s big, yes, it’s ugly, and yes, it’s rare. However, almost every owner of this pet can’t seem to stop talking about it.

Moving on, the farming pet is the best Skilling pet by a significant margin. It’s not just because of the XP needed to obtain it; this pet has an unmatched vibe, appearing both old and wise. However, I’ll pass due to the inconvenience it may cause. Next, we have Kalisto. Let’s set the record straight: this is not about being a furry, it’s about the pet’s qualities. Smash.

2023 RuneScape Pets: Bandos, Zilyana, Mole God, and Smoke Devil Highlights

Bandos and Zilyana from God Wars also make the list. Bandos doesn’t personally appeal to me much, but he’s ranked high to distinguish him from L Creator. Zilyana, previously my favorite, still gets a smash despite my evolving gaming skills. The Mole God is up next. Describing this pet might not do it justice, but it’s an absolute smash. Oh, and let’s not forget the Smoke Devil, a pet that truly embodies the spirit of 2023 with its unique capabilities.

Final Tier: The Elite

Moving on to our final tier, which includes the top contenders and honorable mentions for a podium finish. First, we have Younglith. Sleek, glistening, and notably lethal, this pet is a smash. Then there’s Verac, characterized by its robust and dynamic nature, another definite smash. M also joins this list, resembling that one guy in the gym who focuses exclusively on bench presses. The final God Wars pet, Cill Tootsy Roll, is arguably the best of them all. It took me a while to understand why, but it hit me: this pet resembles the Liver King. The idea of a tiny Liver King pet following me around is appealing, making it a standout in this tier.

Approaching the Top Five Pets

As we near the top five, let’s look at some notable mentions. Firstly, the Nightmare pet, but not the regular version; rather, the unique, ‘cracked out Grandma Beetle’. This one is a hard smash for its distinct appearance. Another honorable mention is the Kalphite Princess. This pet is genuinely large, a true 2×2 pet, standing out with its size and presence.

Although I have a Kalphite tattoo from a subathon earlier this year, this pet is a pass for me because I’m not fond of bugs. Then, the Bloodhound, a droopy, relaxed little companion, always seems to be in its own world, pondering its next snack or nap. It teaches us to take life a bit more leisurely. It’s a close call to the top five, but you’ll see why it didn’t quite make it.

The Championship Circle: Top Five Pets

Now we enter the championship circle, where the absolute domination of certain pets is undisputed. Owning any of these pets sets you apart from your peers, and it’s almost a responsibility to let your community know about your achievement. First up is the Corporeal Beast pet. If you own Corp, you are either incredibly wealthy, having spent billions on boosting services, or an Ironman player with such dedication that it’s almost awe-inspiring. This pet is a definite smash.

Next, at number four, is the Guardian of Tumeken. While usually not ranked this high, it’s often acquired by players at a surprisingly low kill count, making it a standout. The pet’s unique, flat appearance earns it a smash, but only this specific version. The bronze medalist in our top three is the Inferno pet, the Nibbler. Possessing this pet is a testament to elite gaming skills, making it one of the most prestigious pets you can showcase.

Zuk Form and Fire Capers

When it comes to the Zuk form, it often indicates that the cape was purchased, which is quite common. Many players, even those with high kill counts, have likely bought their capes. But owning a cape, regardless of how it was acquired, still places you above those who don’t have one. In fact, unless you’ve witnessed a friend complete every single wave live, it’s safe to assume the cape was purchased. There are always suspicions, such as remote assistance during the game. And remember, code ‘tasty’ gives you 10% off.

The Dusted Top Pet: A Versatile Companion

The Dusted Top pet stands out for its versatility. You can have Bloat follow you, reminiscent of a live stream experience, or use Little Nyo to playfully annoy your melee teammates. The most impressive aspect is the upgraded gargoyles pet. This pet requires a significant grind, with some players reaching over 8,000 kills for it. This level of dedication is commendable and certainly earns a smash.

Top Flex Pet: The Dusted Chambers of Xeric

The ultimate flex pet, and topping our list, is the Dusted Chambers of Xeric pet. This pet symbolizes not just skill, but immense dedication, representing hundreds, if not thousands, of hours spent in arguably the least enjoyable raid in the game. The rewards aren’t just monetary; they’re a testament to your gaming prowess, including prayer scrolls and ancestral hats. This pet also offers versatility in its forms, like Vaspa, intriguing other players. Owning this pet is a clear sign of elite status.

The Unforgettable Duke: The Number One Pet

How could we forget about Duke, arguably the number one pet in history? Duke stands out with its impeccable form, sheen, and impressive appearance. This pet is not just a status symbol but a reflection of a player’s commitment and style in the game. It commands respect and admiration, making it an undeniable smash in the pet hierarchy. Let me know your thoughts on this ranking, and thank you for staying tuned. Don’t forget to check out our podcast for more insights and discussions.

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