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I have the new biggest flex in RuneScape

Welcome to the hardest challenge in Valmore, the Coliseum. Valmore’s best players have been trying and failing to survive all 12 waves in this new brutally difficult encounter. But for those that triumph, great spoils await. Des is quiver, the best in-slot range cape in the entire game, and the biggest flex in old school RuneScape. It is finally time to get going on the Coliseum.

Introduction to the Coliseum Challenge

The Coliseum presents a wave-based PvM challenge, with 12 waves in total. Each wave requires players to choose a modifier, such as Blasphemy Prayer, which is drained by 20% of damage received, or Relentless, where enemies never miss and hit an extra one damage. This continues for 12 different waves.

It’s not exactly a blind attempt because it’s day two right now, and there have been three completions as of recording. It seems like magic and melee is the way to go.

Initial Strategy and Challenges

On the ancient spellbooks, that’s why I’ve got the Verus. I’ve got the Echo Shoes on because I paid 2011 mil for them, so I may as well use them somewhere. And I’ve got the Scythe and the Shadow as my main DPS sources. I can’t even use the bank chest until I’ve survived inside the Coliseum. I also need to unlock the Frost Coliseum teleport on the dueling ring, but you need to reach hero status inside, whatever that means. Right then, attempt number one of probably many. I think pray drain is the way to go.

Combat Mechanics and Modifiers

Let’s see, we’ve got a mage, and then we have these War banders which always run after you in a three, but if you attack them with the right style, you do your max hit. That’s why I’ve got multiple styles here, to get rid of those quickly. The first wave is easy; it’s just a mage on its own. Oh my God, this guy spawns. I forgot about him.

The Jaguar Warrior NPCs come out of the gate halfway through the wave and try to ruin your day. I can level up my prayer drain modifier to 40%, I can choose angry bees, or I can choose the Doom scorpion that if it reaches me, hits me for two stacks of Doom, and it’s certain death after 20 stacks. I don’t fancy that right now; I think the bees are the way to go.

Adapting to the Challenge

Wave two, we have our Ranger, and we have a mage. It is going to be kind of like Inferno, using the pillars to hide from certain monsters. Oh God, the bees are ominously drifting; let’s kill those now. Every monster in here hits hard, but the ranger has a special attack where it throws the javelin up into the air, as you can see, and then you have to dodge that. Now, what happens when I alrich spec the bees? Will it give you max prayer? Oh, it does; that just went up by so much.

Unique Features and Rewards

One other cool feature of the coliseum is you can see what loot you’re going to get in the next wave.

Final Wave and Strategic Choices

You just got in the last wave, and it keeps track of the total loot you’ve received. You can claim and dip out of this encounter at any time. So, let’s choose another one: bees again, blasphemy again, or all doom. This Doom just doesn’t sound good, does it? Certain death after 20 stacks if you get hit off prayer, you get a doom stack. A new NPC just dropped; now a mage and a Jaguar Warrior comes out at the same time. Anytime I lose hit points, I’m healing up off the Jaguar Warrior because he’s melee-based. I can just stomp him with blood barrage and bees for prayer. This thing, though, range, mage, melee, that is how it works. It looks super weird; you have to flick the attacks in the pattern above its head.

Emerging Challenges and Tactics

New options: totemic healing, totems spawn in aid of your enemies, that doesn’t sound like a good thing, and quartet, an extra War Bandit at the start of the wave. Oh, I think I’ll take quart out here; there are now four guys at the start. The bees, I’m going to be dead, these claws backing me. Welcome to the Coliseum, bro. Please tell me I can use this bank now, and the for is Coliseum teleport. Obviously, that death wasn’t hero enough. I’m going for a new invocation, solar flare, damaging energy orbits in the area slowly. Okay, so these solar orbits circle around the pillar, and I suppose it hits me. Yeah, it stops you sitting right on the inside; could be problematic. Volatility, I think I’m going to go for this one, enemies explode on death. Right, it sounds fun.

Adapting to New Encounters

Run, oh it exploded. Oh, run, run, run, run. Okay, I’ve got to remember that, and the bees, I’ve got to remember the bees as well. They just creep up on you, man. Oh no, the orb’s coming, run through the orb. Oh no, oh no, my brain’s lagging, the bees, the bees. A bit of a learning curve, okay, wave seven up. I’ll take bees again, 500 Sunfire splinters on the line. I believe we’re going to get some new monsters here. Yes, we are. Let’s get over here. Oh, look at that big boy, the Min all has arrived.

Navigating Through the Waves

We now have a shock wave Colossus, which is essentially the magic version of this guy. See, the thing is with the minor, you have to kill it first because if you start killing another NPC, then the minor will turn around and heal it up. There we go. No way, I’ve got Echo Crystal on the line in the next wave. This is my PP. I haven’t made it that far right. I need to play safe because this is worth tons of money right now. What do I, I can sa for here, probably Frailty, where my maximum hit points are reduced by 10%. Right, we’ve got Mills on the line right here, better not mess up. I’m just going to run. Oh my God, eat. Oh, thank God, I froze mine at all. Get over here, I need to kill this fast. And the bees are actually harassing me. Oh no, it’s unfrozen. Oh no, can I FP this? I’m going to try freeze it again. Yes, the bees are CAU there thing’s on me. The echo Crystal will be mine. What is going on with these bees?

Claiming Victory and Reflections

I could have lost it though. Alright, I mean, if I had died for that, that would have been such a blunder. Okay, thank God, there’s nothing left. Right, I am going to dip out here. That’s so annoying because this is my personal best, and this looks to be a decent run, but I’m going to claim the echo Crystal. Claiming the loot early will forfeit your run. Let’s do that. What happens now? A big old chest. What an animation! I love all the art in Valore, and we have Sunfire splinters, Echo Crystal, Rune 2 H’s, and Chaos runes. And then we leave the Coliseum victorious after wave eight.

Profit and Future Strategies

Well, I paid 200 mil for my echo boots, so let’s see how much we’re going to make off this. Let’s check it in for 80 mil, please sell. Oh, 88 mil, still okay. This is, we’re in super profit right now. Surely I can teleport back with the Ring of jewelry now. What, sometimes you get stuck in a bad spot. Reluctantly, I’m going to have to have healing totems spawn in. Oh, the totem spawned, get him. Okay, no healing. Alright, for science, this is what happens if you don’t kill it in time. Yeah, it starts recharging. Not the best.

Adapting Tactics and Encounters

Again, myopia, what’s this? Your attack range is reduced by two tiles. I guess I’ll take it, a said it. Oh, come on, don’t be like that, brother. New tech, because you always max it, the War banders. I can just spec the Berserker one right off the bat and get tons of prayer for free. That’s the big Mages; they always spawn in a pair of two. I don’t think I’m ever going to choose that solar flare, three dynamic duo, or red flag. Manitar can’t be mins, can’t be safe spotted. That doesn’t seem great, does it? Probably going to go for the fles again. He’s going so quick, what the hell? I don’t know if I like that.

Navigating Towards the Final Challenge

Okay, going into wave nine. I’ve got so much food. I need to drink my brews. Ram that into your head, drink the brews. Two manticore at the same time, luckily for me, they do off tick themselves, eles, so one, two, three, the next one goes one, two, three. I’ve got the supplies for this.

Wave 11, the last wave before the final boss. What am I going to choose? Two shock wave colossuses, mins can’t be safe spotted, javelins leave lava. Oh, I’m not sure, maybe no minor safe spot is the way to go. I won’t have a minor on the final boss if I make it there, so I think that’s what I’m going to go for. Normally, this would be a safe spot, but the manor will come around this corner and so all that thing.

The Rollercoaster of Victory and Discovery in Old School RuneScape

Oh god, um, that turned my prayer off. No, the bees are there as well. The bees, got to get the bees. I’m smited. I regret everything. I had it. I should have just flicked my prayers. I should have, could have, would have.

What the, oh my god, did I unlock the teleport? Oh now, I’m heroic. Yeah, now I’m heroic. Oh man, I need a break. You need a break. Let’s have an explore.

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The Final Boss

There it is, Des is quiver, the best in-slot range cape that barely anyone has right now. Oh, just going to have to pick something, whatever the final boss. Let’s do this, the big boy, it is time to shine. Oh God, he’s coming. What was that? I should have got to bed. Good morning, did you see that shocking display last night? Nah, me neither. What is wrong with me?

Adapting Strategies

Oh yeah, by the way, turn this setting on: auto-equip warrant items from grave, no particular reason why I know this. I’m changing up the Strat a bit. I’m going all in on my Opiamy. My attack range is reduced by six tiles. That’s ridiculous, isn’t the range of a v bow six tiles? Ven B on rapid, two tiles away from this thing, I actually get dragged into it. That’s insane. Wave 11 again, bees, volatility, or red flag. Again, do I really want three bees in the final area, or do I want to take the chance that I could deal with red flag, the minor getting unsafe spotted, and volatility, the things exploding? I think I’m going to have to get red flag.

The Final Stand: Mastering the Boss Fight

Prob comes around the corner. I’ve got to go, I’ve got to go. Please TK, please. I really should eat up on this hit points level, but I am a stubborn idiot. D i, I say it, we might have another shot.

Okay, I’ve got another shot at the champ now. The G’s there again. I’ve got two bees, my prayer is getting drained, there will be an extra War bandit in the final fight. I’ve got the solar flares going around there as well, my attacks are shorter. That doesn’t have too much effect in the final, and red flag, mins, there are no mins in the final. So, I think I’ve got pretty good invocations on. It’s just bees, solar flare, which might be annoying. Hopefully, just do the boss.

Let’s po up first though. Well, it can’t go anywhere than last time, the pattern, remember the pattern. I’ve got to kill this thing first, the bees on the bees, the bees again, love to see it. The boss here has two regular attacks, the spear attack, and also the shield slam attack, both require you to remember where you are on a cycle and stand in the right position.

Navigating the Final Challenge

I also can’t stand in the molten sand, I can’t get hit by a solar flare, and I need to kill the bees before they kill me with special attacks from the boss as well. Everything is stacked against you as Soul herit pushes you to the edge. I’m out of food, I’ve got nothing left. If I just concentrate, it’s possible. Do the dance, do the dance, and kill the bees. No, please get him, yes, my compliments, Champion. Oh, that was close, close. I have literally no food left.

The Loot and Reflection

Oh, 46 minutes, 46 minutes, and the loot is what we like to see, the D DA’s quiver. Okay, thank you very much, 2 mil GP from that whole room. The summary, this is probably horrendous. I’m so glad that I’ve got that KC. Let’s take all that stuff out and equip the quiver. Oh, oh yes, best in-slot range cape right here.

The Quiver’s Journey and Design

There have been 76 Soul heric kills, but people can do multiple KC, so I’ll take that. It looks so good. Wait, it’s uncharged. I do like the look of the quiver from the front, but I think everyone agrees that I was expecting a long boy, but we won’t have to wait long because the quiver is getting redesigned to be larger. The quiver is charged with Sunfire splinters; you get those from the Coliseum and hunting Sunfire antelopes or some animal, I don’t know.

Upgrading the Quiver

I’m using 150,000 of these things to never have to charge it again, but hey, let’s go for it. DA CR blessed up, but you know, I have to combine it with the max cape for the ultimate flex. The new biggest flex in RuneScape, let’s combine the two. It’s white, interesting, the max quiver. Oh, I like it, I really do like it. We got the strap going round, and then the cape is sort of like tucked over the quiver. It is kind of weird seeing my back, but at the same time, I think it does look cool.

Combining Max Cape with Quiver

Hard look with max range, yes, that looks good, and with Armadyl as well, if somehow you managed to get all this and you’re still broke. With the hood, what’s going on with the hood, boys? My neck’s getting cold, that’s not it, but without the hood, I think it’s fine. So, what does this mean in terms of gear? Well, the previous best in slot was the AVS assembler, now it’s the DA’s Max Cape. We’re going from plus eight range accuracy and plus two range strength to plus 18 range accuracy and plus three range strength, and even with that one range strength on task, you get from hitting 88 to 90 in max gear, so it definitely does have an effect.

New Quiver Features

Another cool feature of the quiver is that it has two ammo slots. I’m wearing dragon arrows, and I can also equip Ruby bolts at the same time. So, this is what it looks like on the equipment screen. I’m wondering, can I switch freely between TBO arrows and the crossbow? I can, okay, that’s really nice quality of life. It’s all really nice. It makes the Zaryte crossbow a bit more viable as it frees up inventory spots.

Ultimate RuneScape Flex

But there’s only one thing that matters. I now have the new biggest flex on Old School RuneScape. Stop, I see you, go and buy yourself a plushy over Creator Crafted, or a mousepad, or any of the incredible signs. All the purchases help me personally; I get a cut, and it’s very generous, so it’s a great way to support me. Thank you very much, everyone.

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