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Unveiling the Journey Post-Level 60 in New World’s Expansion

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Unveiling the Journey Post-Level 60 in New World’s Expansion

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Think you've mastered New World? Think again! Explore what the world has to offer beyond Level 60 in the latest expansion.
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Level 60: What Next?

You’re level 60, what do you do next? For me, there are two main ways of getting your gearing now. If you want perfect B then you probably are already ahead of me, you probably already have your uh, your know your azop inductor, your chromatic seals, and all of your named items ready to go. However, for most people, there are two main things you should do.


One of them is very simple: run the Expeditions. All the normal Expeditions that have like a recommended level of 65 or 60, like Tempest heart, the new Savage divide which weirdly have not unlocked even though I have done Lazarus Genesis. All of these Expeditions are currently giving now it’s a little bit weird. They’re supposed to give up to gear score 685 to my best knowledge, they’re actually giving gear score 700.

Getting Good Gear

So you don’t get like loads of that kind of high-level stuff cuz the windows quite high but you can literally just do any of the normal story-based Dungeons and get good gear. The normal version of these dungeons are very very easy because they are effectively now referred to as story mode and they are actually very easy to do.

Chest Runs

The alternative are chest runs. Now all of the old chest CH runs are back you might as well do them all now. If you’re not familiar with what a chest run is basically there are these Elite areas on the map so for example in the new Zone, the ISA zeran is an elite Zone where it says it recommends five players and you need to be level 65, that’s one example.

But for example, if we go into Brimstone Sands there’s another one here the castrum for example you might see this is cast same thing.

Chest Runs in the New Expansion

It recommends level 65 and it recommends five players. There are several of these areas about the map. What you do there’ll probably be people in the chat. I don’t know if there is right now.

This guy says Merc, which basically is shot from meard right, so that’s in the chat and let me show you where that one is, that’s up here in Chat Mountain.

This area here is called meard. I actually know, I was going to say I don’t know where it says that but it says it right there.

Getting Gear: Elite Chests

What’s going to happen is they’re all going to ascend somewhere and gather up probably around here for this one, and they’re going to run through that zone and do the chest, pick up the elite chest and you know what, you get gear, go up until 700. Just to very quickly go through where the common ones are just in case you literally don’t know.

Locations for Chest Runs

M or M guard is in Shat Mountain; mines is here in Shattered Mountain in Brimstone, stands you have Helio or helops which is right here, just outside Brimstone. You got castom where I said earlier, the wall is the wall of netb which is right over here in Brimstone Sands.

Additional Options: Portal Runs

There are basically portal runs now. Portal runs are a way, apparently, of getting good gear. The one problem with them right now is that a lot of the major PS are simply being farmed because of the artifacts that are in there.

I’m going to talk about AR packs in a minute, so PS are going quite quickly. If you can get in a portal train, it’s sort of like a chest run but instead of it being chest, you all get in a big group, and you go and close the corrupted breaches.

They’re slightly different depending on what it is, but normally just kill the mobs, press E, it all dies, and you get the goods. So for me, those are sort of like the three main ways of getting you the start of your gear: chest runs, normal dungeons, portal runs.

Understanding Gear Scores and Types

I’ve just gone for, at this point, the highest gear score. Some of this literally doesn’t make any sense, like the fire harnessing. I’m not a fire Mage, it doesn’t make any sense to me. However, it is the highest gear that I’ve had, that is a heavy glove. Now, we haven’t spoken about loot biasing, but loot biasing is important when you do the chest runs, the portal runs, or even the dungeons.

Loot Biasing and Its Importance

You want to sort of be wearing gear that you want to get new gear of. So, if you want Mage gear, you should wear major items, and if you want to play like a heavy tank, then you need to be wearing the heavy tank stuff. It’s a little bit of a problem for doing a dungeon because obviously, you need to fit your role, but for a chest run, you can wear whatever you like.

PVP and Gear Scores

So, you’re going to get a lot of gear, just pick whichever gear you’re happy with, it’s as simple as that. Don’t forget, you’ve got gear slots if you want to do different builds, pretty simple, pretty easy. Some of this does depend on who you are. If you are a PVPer at heart and you want to do nothing but PVP, you can go ahead and do that.

Mutations and Dungeons

Before that, you have mutations, now the two dungeons that are currently mutated are the new ones. The Savage divide, which sadly, I don’t have a box to show you, but you obviously get items. I got a 680 before you get the artifacts as well, that are on here, a decent way of doing it. However, I wouldn’t actually recommend that this is how you start off, even as a pure PVPer, just simply because it’s a bit slow.

Access and Imperium Forge

I don’t have access to and the Imperium Forge now. What I want to show you very quickly, if I can click, this is basically the M1 of this dungeon is effectively what used to be regular.

It’s quite easy for most people, you know, if you’re a casual and you’re struggling with, um, you were struggling with it, then maybe you just want to do the story mode. No ill will or insult from my part, but the intermediate one’s not too hard.

You need gear score 650 for this kind of stuff, which you should probably have already. You could maybe do that instead of doing regular, but I’d just warm up with regular first; you might as well.

Gear Score and Dungeon Difficulty

Then an M2 is getting a bit harder, probably a little bit tricky. You need to be gear score 675 for that. M3s, I don’t think people are really doing this until they get the good gear, which most people aren’t doing right now, so you can, of course, pretty much concentrate on dungeons. They will give you better gear, and to be fair, the corrupted portals, they’re just good all the way through, and also chest runs, like there’s no reason to stop doing chest runs or portals or even really normal dungeons when they’ve not fixed it.

Upgrading Gear

You can just do the normal dungeon; you can do all of those three and just keep pumping that, and you’ll start getting gear. The mutation sort of like when you want to Step Up A Notch. Now, during your time, you will find gear that are basically named items, so for example, if I look at this named item here, the commanding strike, now they don’t have to be legendary by default, they can start off as a purple named item, for example, like this one, trick shot, and you can upgrade these.

Challenges in Gear Upgrading

You can basically make them gear score 700, and you can change the third perk, and you do this at EG gypsum kiln.

You can come to the gypsum kiln like this, and all you want to do is scroll all the way down. Now you’ll start seeing a lot of named items; these are the material ones because they’ve put these here, but if you keep going down, you’ll start seeing eventually named items, and you can see, finally, I see trick shot right there.

Crafting and Upgrading

Of different things to craft this, you need obviously the item. Now in theory, I believe you’re only supposed to be able to upgrade items that are 650 and above. In practice, you can; that’s just not the case. Some items can be, some items can’t be. I think this is a little bit buggy right now, maybe not exactly perfect, but let’s just presume your item is here.

Also, you should not be wearing it, and it shouldn’t be in a gear set, because otherwise, that will sometimes just not show here. But you need a variety of different things to craft this, obviously, you need the original item itself, you need some dark matter.

Dark matter is coming from a variety of different sources: Outpost Rush, salvaging items, all kinds of places basically.

Material Requirements

You need the gypsum, all relatively easy to get. You need the weapon matrix, which they’re not easy to get but they’re not insanely expensive at the minute. They’re probably, I mean, they’re expensive, maybe like 5 to 15K, it’s really hard to say. They do require a lot of mats, but the mats have been decreased, so I don’t really know the exact value of this but probably worth it.

Challenges in Crafting

The main problem is that Amazon added three chromatic seals to this craft, and honestly, I think that makes it completely not worth doing unless you are crafting B or AGS would say bis. However, I think that that is BS, so the chromatic seal comes from your faction vendor. Now a lot of people are having a couple of different problems with the faction vendor, and it’s twofold.

Faction Vendor Issues

Some people are legitimately bugged; it is simply just not working for them, and it’s on the known list of issues by Amazon, which we’ll take a look at in a second.

Other people aren’t realizing that you need to get the reputation before you do the quest. Now it’ll show you like the quest on the map before you have the reputation, but the way to tell that if it’s working or not for you at the start is what you’ll have is, you’ll have your bank here and then they will say a number that is required to get to the next rank.

If you hand in any of the quests with the reputation or anything like that, if you hand in any quest and the number does not change, then you are obviously bugged. If the number does change, then you can continue to proceed; it’s going to be a small number, the bar is not going to change, and you’re probably going to be capped at tokens when you do it.

So, look at that number, if that moves you’re all good. Once you fill that out, you have to do a quest. The quest not too hard, but then you unlock the new stuff, and the issue that I was talking about with the chromatic seals is simply the cost and the rate at which you can buy them; you can only buy these once per day and.

Crafting and Upgrading in New World

It costs you 20,000 tokens and 5,000 gold, so to upgrade a named item is a minimum of 15,000 gold plus all the extra stuff.

Now, I believe in the patch note it said it only required one. I think three is an insane number unless you’re literally trying to craft best in slot.

I don’t believe in this method at all. I don’t think you should do it anymore; I think it’s too expensive for most people.

Once you know what’s best, and if you’ve got a named item that can be then converted into best with the fact that I didn’t mention earlier, but you can actually change the third perk as well with the craft mod.

Artifacts and Their Upgrades

Yeah, there possibly going to be some that are worth it because it’s literally best in slot. However, unless you know that, don’t do that. Now, at the same, you can also upgrade artifacts. Now, we’re not really going to talk too much about artifacts—actually, that’s a lie, we’re going to talk a bit about artifacts. But artifacts here, they can also have the last perk changed, and you can add the last perk; it’s literally part of the thing that you do this.

Obtaining and Utilizing Artifacts

However, it only requires one chromatic seal. So, one thing I would recommend is getting your faction rep up and maybe start buying the chromatic seals if you think you’re going to use them, or if you really think you’re going to craft your own best, maybe do the Azoth inductor. I’m not going to explain what that is here right now. However, artifacts, we’ve not really spoken about that; that’s something you’re going to want to farm.

Specifics on Artifact Availability

So, if I show you my gear, I’ve got a variety of different ones. I’ve got this featherweight on me right now; I’ve got the wizard hat, I’ve got abyss. I’ve got, you know, I’ve got quite a few, some of them are actually in my gear sets as well.

Now, if you don’t know, you can have one artifact in your armor, one in your weapons, and one in your jewelry. I’ll try and leave a link to where to farm them. You can obviously just use New World database; they’re all on there.

But there’s a couple I really want to point out because they’re sort of time-sensitive and something you want to do if available. For example, the spear comes from the scorpion here, now this only spawns once at night. So, every time it’s going to go into the nighttime, which I think is once every 90 minutes, you can go and kill it, so you’re sort of a little bit limited there.

There is one in the mutated version of the Emperium forge; normal dungeons do not drop artifacts, as of the expansion patch notes, that might change, but it only drops in, it only drops in mutated.

There isn’t one in the Savage divide, but there is in the Emperium Forge; it is the fire staff that scales our strength.

Overview of Acquiring Artifacts

I’ve been finding it today, haven’t got it, but that’s time-sensitive because once that becomes not mutated, you’re not going to be able to get it, not until it goes mutated in maybe like 4 weeks’ time. There’s some on the PVP reward track, but they’re not really time-gated, and then there’s some from open world bosses, which they’re not strictly time-gated, but what’s going to happen is people are going to farm them quickly and soon, and then they’re going to sort of tail off, so there’s a bit of pressure to do this.

Locations and Bosses

This isn’t really an artifact guide, but the featherweight one comes from basically a boss that’s around about here in some sort of mushroom, sorry, actually it’s a fungal ridge, it’s like a mushroom where you want to go. People are affirming that because it’s bugged, they literally just instant spawning, and there’s also Odo, which is the flail, which comes from a boss in one of the elite areas here, one of the sort of chest run areas, it’s like a, I think it’s a kitty cat boss, people are farming that one as well.

Artifact Quests and Upgrades

There is a musket which is from right here in this area here, which I’d always called The Elder side, can’t remember the name of the mobs by the way, but he literally drops right there, literally starts there. There’s some from the MSQ, there’s some from just doing like chests in this zone, and there’s one that is currently available here, I can’t remember exactly where it is, but there’s some ledge with two chests on it, that’s where the void gauntlet drops.

Customization and Modification of Artifacts

Now in theory, there’s supposed to be a Rapier one that’s dropping up here, but that boss on my server, I think on most servers, is not spawning. But I would definitely try and do the open world ones as quickly as possible just because they’re going to get harder and harder to farm as people get them.

Once you’ve got your artifacts, you can indeed go ahead and do quests with them. So, for example, if I put the abyss on, when I put this on, oh, it’s actually not shown here, but when I do put this on and I go into artifacts, there’s different quests that you need to do to sort of level them up.

Now, actually, this is a perfect example, you can only do five at a time, and I don’t really know how you pick the order, it’s a little bit weird, and, yeah, you can only do five at the time, but you do various quests, and then that unlocks the perk.

Collecting and Crafting Artifacts

If you want to collect them all, obviously, you can just get the artifacts that you want, and I spoke about major corruption breaches. There’s two from major corruption run, so this is why a lot of them are not lasting long. You can see a lot of these are getting done quite quickly. You get the abyss, which is the great ax that scales off int, and you get the wizard hat, which I can’t remember what it does.

Crafting with Chromatic Seals and Azoth Inductor

One thing that is interesting that sort of is all over this in a way is crafting. Now, I spoke about the chromatic seals. If you have a chromatic seal and a normal golden scarab, as well as the Timeless shards, you can do chromatic crafts, and if you have the azoth inductor, you can do an azoth inductor craft, but you also need to have a prismatic scarab for that.

The azoth inductor is you pick all three perks and you get guaranteed gear score 700. The chromatic seal is that you pick two perks, but you get guaranteed 700, so there’s a random third perk.

Strategy in Crafting for Gear Score 700

So, if I came here, I had my myth boots, I wanted to have craft this as gear score 700. If I had all the prismatics, which I do actually, I just have them in some different storage because I’ve been doing some crafting.

You still need the time or char, you need one golden scrab, you need the prismatic seal. You need all the prismatics, you pick two perks, you probably dump in the azoth because why the hell not.

You have all your trophies, you have your gear, you have all the normal crafting stuff, you will get gear score 700.

Gathering New Materials

I never really spoke about gathering; there’s a lot of new mats to gather. You can gather myth, you can gather all kinds of stuff, room wood, etc.

There’s a couple of good places around; you can get myth pretty much all over the zone. A lot of the new stuff does come from the elite zones, you can get it there, but there’s areas, for example in morning deal, you can get some good areas of spin fiber and myth and that kind of thing.

Dark hide, I think, is dropping from mobs that are over, I think, 63 and above, but there’s some good areas in the new zone.

Various In-Game Content

Obviously, where that contains but those level mobs actually do exist in Brimstone if you want to do it there, firing the new mat perfectly reasonable, nothing crazy about that. If that’s something you want to do, there’s all other kinds of content. Obviously, you can do the horse races. If I’m honest, some of the horse races are a bit long, some of them are literally like 20 minutes long, and they’re not repeatable, even though we have thought they would be repeatable.

Horse Races and Replayability

Cuzz Andrew was like the second time you do it will be better, and then that’s not true because you can’t actually do it a second time, so little bit confusing there, but yeah, overall, I think that’s mostly what you want to do. I do want to draw your attention to some of the known issues.

Known Issues in the Game

I know some of you are going to get to this point, or maybe you’re not even going to get to this point, you’re just going to comment that you can’t do X, Y, and Z. Let me show you something. I’ve got to tell you that is very bright on my screen, but there are some known issues that you really need to know about.

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