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New World Update 5.0.1 Patch Notes & My Thoughts

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New World Update 5.0.1 Patch Notes & My Thoughts

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The goal of this update is to refine your experience in a smooth and rapid manner.
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Hello, explorers! Welcome to the New World update 5.0.1, which seems to follow the seasonal naming pattern. I’m eager to find out if this pattern will persist. This release primarily addresses a variety of small glitches and slight irritations that emerged with the launch of Season 5. A recent balance of power session was completed, although not all the modifications discussed there have been included in this update. It was also noted that May is approaching soon, fitting into their bi-weekly Sprint schedule. This means we can anticipate at least a small update every two weeks.

Detailed Update Schedule

The significant update begins at 11:00 p.m. on April 16th, Central Tech Time, and is slated to last approximately ninety minutes. By the time you rise, whether you’re in Central Texas or elsewhere across the United States, it should be fully implemented. The goal of this update is to refine your experience in a smooth and rapid manner.

Event Highlights and Rewards

The Awakening event has returned to aid the anatomic Bloom Herald in deciphering the secrets of the Ethereal Wispy Bloom. From April 17th to April 30th, meticulously gather these valuable petals, which draw the interest of malevolent wispy wisps or wasps. Participate in this event to gain access to both new and recurring exclusive rewards.

General Release Notes

In the general release notes, a particular issue has been resolved that previously allowed update files to occasionally become excessively large, thereby extending the duration of client downloads. This correction is a component of our continuous commitment to enhance your gameplay experience by making updates more streamlined and less intrusive.

Patch Update Details

I have experienced this issue firsthand. Moving forward, patch files are expected to be more compact and manageable in size. A prevalent client crash that appeared with the debut of Season 5 has been addressed, along with a typical server crash. In terms of diverse world interactions, they’ve rectified a problem where a player could become trapped in a perpetual falling state.

They’ve also solved an issue that caused player characters to cease animating during falls from ledges or in the midst of upper body animations like spellcasting. Additionally, a rare glitch that could obscure runes in the Winter Forge Rune puzzle has been corrected.

Combat System Improvements

Regarding combat updates, the Slayer script has been significantly revised. For those not familiar, the combat and background systems have been transitioned to native C++, enhancing the ability for actual debugging, a shift from the previous script-heavy setup. With this update, a notable fix has been applied to the spear weapon which involved an exploit requiring weapon swaps and drops for additional damage. The focus of this update has predominantly been on rectifying such exploits.

Specific Weapon Exploits Addressed

Multiple exploits involving the bow weapon have been addressed: one required the use of third-party software for increased damage, while another involved action cancelling techniques to achieve the same effect. Additionally, an exploit related to character movement velocity, which was incorrectly applied during certain ranged attacks allowing for unnatural player movement while crouching at increased speeds, has been rectified. Furthermore, they have resolved an issue with the Ice Scotland’s Ice Storm Mastery ability that improperly delayed casting, thus hindering blocking actions.

Rune and Artifact Adjustments

They have implemented a correction for the hatchet’s Berserking Purge ability, ensuring it now effectively removes crowd control effects like stuns. Additionally, an issue was rectified in sword and shield combinations that improperly allowed heavy attacks as the third action in the light attack sequence. Modifications were also made to the Cunning and Stalwart Heart Runes of stone form, which previously triggered erroneous explosions and damage at the end of their activation period, inaccurately imitating the effects of the Unstable Heart rune variant.

A defect that affected the trajectory accuracy of non-hitscan weapon projectiles, such as bullets and arrows, deviating from their intended paths as outlined by the aiming crosshairs, has been corrected. Moreover, they addressed a variance where the Tempest Fury artifact was not reliably granting additional spins during attacks.

Artifact and Economy Update

They resolved a problem with the Lifetaker artifact, which was generating a type of damage that could not be corrected. Regarding the game’s economy and gear progression, they rectified complications with crafting recipes that failed to yield the expected items, such as research projects or camp skins, often triggering a crafting failure message. Furthermore, they removed a restriction that previously made Diamond Gypsum inaccessible.

Players are now able to acquire Diamond Gypsum from ritual pouches gathered after sealing major corruption breaches in the game’s expansive open world. These pouches not only contain assorted alchemical crafting ingredients and potions but also offer a limited quantity of coins and a single piece of Diamond Gypsum, capped at three per day.

Season 5 Experiences and Expectations

Season 5 has been activated, and I am truly enjoying the fresh elements it introduces. This phase in the game is notably calm, primarily concentrated on the operational changes that came with this season. Using a controller, I find the game significantly more pleasurable, facilitating relaxed gaming whether I decide to engage in fishing at dusk or dive into dungeon raids.

It broadens the array of gameplay choices, greatly enriching my gaming experience. While I acknowledge the community’s dissatisfaction and the noticeable decline in player numbers, my outlook for the future remains positive, especially eager to see the developments that June might bring. With ongoing enhancements to the game’s functionality and the prospect of new content, particularly more PvP actions, my expectations for the game’s progression are high. I appreciate your involvement, and eagerly anticipate our future discussions.

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