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Gear score watermark obtained in order to find high-level items.

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How are you, dear Customer? My name is Librarian Husky. Let me tell you about our great New World Expertise Boost Services. We will get you an excellent leveling for the gear score watermark so that you can collect tons of high-level and valuable items. If your watermark is high enough – you will obtain tons of awesome items, and their level will be higher.

Why should I buy the New World Expertise Boost Services?

This is a great option to loot dozens of chests and kill tons of mobs which will cause you to have a nice legendary item. In case you are not familiar with the gear score watermark – it is a special system that kinda slows you down for leveling and collecting a lot of high-level items. In order to pick up a legendary item, you need to find a higher watermark gear score. It sounds a bit tricky, I know. But I promise you the best completion of this service from our professionals. They know what they’re doing, so don’t worry.

Quick note: Make sure you have your Steam Remote Play disabled since it can call out some issues sometimes.

How does it work?

What do Customers receive?

  • We will level up your gear score watermark.
  • You will collect tons of loot, such as game currency called coins, during the order completion.
  • You will gain the power to collect a higher level of gear after the completion of the order.

Execution Speed

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Broadcast – Want to spectate the whole process of farming items & completing your order? No problem, you will be able to do it. Our professional player will start the stream for you.


  • Your character level should be not less than 60 on the server you’re playing.

Buy New World Expertise Boost Services now!

Best prices and quality for Expertise Boost Services

Okay, let’s get into the new stuff. So the latest way to boost your Watermark is through gypsum orbs and casts. You probably know that the entire watermark system is changing, but everybody seems to be pretty confused. I tried to clarify every question I saw people asking and threw them all into an article. The first change is that Watermark is now called expertise and will be more critical. This is because your gear’s effectiveness will now be based on your expertise instead of on the gear score itself.

So basically, if you buy a level 600 gear score item, but your expertise for that specific slot is only 530, your 600 gear score item is going to be nerfed down to that of something equivalent to a 530 item. That being said, you will keep all of the perks on your item, and they’re just going to be less effective, and your attributes will be less effective as well. What is kind of nice about this is that if you do have an item that out levels your expertise as your expertise levels up, your things will become more powerful with it.

There are a few different ways to craft these orbs, but you can turn them in for casts once you get them crafted.

Casts are the loot boxes you open up that guarantee an increase in Watermark for a specific item. I tested these out in the ptr, and each time I opened one of these up and increased my Watermark by five. So say you get a bow cast, and this is going to increase your bow’s Watermark and then give you a bow equivalent to that new Watermark. So as you continue to open up these boxes, you will get higher and higher-tiered items.

If you want to craft one of these casts, you need to visit a level 60 plus area, which is essential because they will cost you 575 gold per cast to craft every day. You can craft up to seven of these for a potential 35 increase in your expertise if you manage to get seven in a day. Daily Watermark / Expertise boost will cost you over four thousand coins, though. That’s why the area that you do this in is essential. Because if you do it somewhere like Ebonscale or Reekwater and you are up to your territory standing, you can take the crafting station tax production, which will lower the cost of every cast of your craft.

So as you’re preparing for these changes to come, you may want to start lowering your taxes in a specific area. Keep in mind it does have to be a level 60 plus area.

As I said earlier, you can craft up to seven of these a day, but you can only use one type of each cast per day. So you can’t just buy seven musket casts and then increase your musket expertise by 35 in one day, and you have to spread it out.

Each of the seven orbs that you can craft will have a specific task tied to it, and you can only do that task once per day. Once you craft that type of orb, you’re going to have to wait 23 hours before you can craft it again. Each of the seven tasks is different and requires additional gypsum to create that specific orb, but each task should take under an hour to complete.

Save your time and order Expertise Boosting Service

All right, let’s get into the different types of gypsum to boost the Watermark:

  • It will take three Obsidium Gypsum to create an obsidian orb, and it’s earned by killing level 60 plus bosses in the open world.
  • Sapphire will only take one gypsum, but it’s earned by killing the final boss and either Lazarus or Genesis.
  • You’re going to need two ruby gypsums, and you get this from every outpost rush game you play.
  • You’re only going to need one citrine, but you get this through arena caches. You also get a guaranteed, random expertise buff for killing the final arena boss, so that’s a nice extra incentive to do arenas.
  • Amethysts will come from breech catches that you get from corrupted portals. You’re going to need seven of them, and I’m assuming that the different levels of breaches you complete will give you an additional amount of amethysts.
  • The topaz gypsum requires you to craft an attunement potion at a tier 5 camp. These potions are only available to craft once a week and need five of each magical creature to create. Once you take the potion, you’re going to earn topaz by killing level 55 plus mobs, but you only have an hour to do this, so make sure you do it quickly.
  • You only need one emerald gypsum and get these through trade skill aptitude reward containers. These are new, and you get these through leveling your trade after hitting max level. So once you hit level 200 and say arcana, you’ll continue to level up, and every time you level up, you’re going to get one of these containers. And it has the potential to give you an emerald.

So don’t get rid of any of your items just because of this because you will be able to earn back your item’s effectiveness. They added excellent quality of life changes that now you can keep track of your Watermark. You’re going to be able to see this in your tab screen and get this little banner that pops up at the top of your screen every time you increase your Watermark.

Now you’ll know for sure every time your Watermark goes up. They did add in some new things to increase your Watermark, but they also nerfed the elite chest odds to increase your Watermark. As well as the chance to increase your Watermark from open-world elites. The open-world elite mobs were hit harder by this nerf than the elite chess so keep that in mind. That being said, although they did decrease your chances of finding these items, they did increase the amount of expertise you will gain when you find them.

That is all information I wanted to share today about the Expertise farm boost service in New World.

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Cya, your Librarian Husky.