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New World Ankh Artifact Boost

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The Great Ankh Amulet artifact


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Welcome from the librarian Husky! Become immortal with the Ankh, a must-have artifact for all healers and healing-focused players. Take this step and become one of the immortals. This tier V artifact will take up your amulet slot and provide you with the “Center of Attention” power. This effect focused on healing will make sure its user is as tanky as it gets with the ability to make all incoming healing stronger.

Why should I buy the New World Ankh Artifact Boost?

However, that does not stop there, this amulet is more than just for show, it will also grant you the Divine perk, this perk will make you even tankier by making sure your Healthbar is even bigger than usual, guaranteeing the best results. Equipping this amulet as your only artifact is the correct and best move for all those looking to create great tanky and healing builds.

What are you waiting for?! We here at Huskyboost focus on what matters, and that is providing the best and most professional service possible for all of our customers. Become immortal with one click and get the Ankh!

What do Customers receive?

  • The Great Ankh Amulet artifact
  • All loot that will be acquired in the process of unlocking the Ankh. including coins, resources, and random drops.
  • All the required player vs player (PVP) missions and quests are done.
  • Optional additional service to upgrade the Ankh to the maximum level if wanted.
  • Azoth salt.

How does New World Ankh Artifact Boost work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Stream – watch the boost happen in real-time with a live HQ video.
  • Complete the Artifact missions – Our professional boosters will complete all the artifact missions up until the mission before the last mission.
  • Fully upgraded artifact – Our professionals will Fully upgrade the Ankh with your chosen perk.
  • Bulk of orbs – Receive x5 Gypsum orbs hand acquired by our boosters.


  • A minimum level of 62.
  • Purchased the expansion “Rise of the Angry Earth”
  • GS minimum level of 625

Buy New World Ankh Artifact Boost now!

Ankh item properties

  • This will give your highest attribute an additional 32 points.
  • Become the Center of Attention with the “ Centre of Attention” perk, granting you 50% extra healing in exchange for reducing healing from potions and outgoing heals by the same 50%.
  • It has gotten one empty socket for the player to enchant.
  • Become “Divine”, Increases all healing received from outside sources by 10%.
  • Maximum HP increased by 7%.
  • Very Durable with Durability at 100%
  • An extra random perk.