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Making more gold and items

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Hey everyone, Librarian Husky here, and welcome back to another New World guide today. I finally decided to finish my series and start making some money. I got all the way down to 70k, the lowest I’ve ever been since starting this game. And in just a matter of minutes, I’d say about 45 minutes. I basically emptied out all my storage, not all of it, did a lot of digging, and talked to some of my guild members.

I went from 70,000 gold to about 190,000 gold within like 30 minutes. Everything I sold, everything I’m currently selling, and just some tips and tricks along the way since the March update.

Well, not me. I’m going actually to show you guys making money, the actual process of receiving the money, so that you can see how this stuff works. I’ve got proof. I’m at almost 200,000 gold, just within a day or two. Let’s get right to it. I’m gonna show you guys everything. Let’s go.


All right, so first. I want to show you guys this when I say cleaning out my storage. I mean, I was cleaning out my storage. I finally took the time to organize everything. When you start collecting craft mods every now and then, you’ll like to look at your storage. Well, every so often, I’ll go through every single one and look at the prices, and it’s been a long time since I’ve done that. And I’ve been sitting on these craft mods forever. You know, the craft mods that give you attribute points like constitution, int, or whatever. Well, a few of them give you tons of money, and I have hundreds of them.

And they’re worth about 200, anywhere from 50 gold to 200 gold. And one of the guys from my company, sir Roderick, actually told me. Start selling these. I’m like, those don’t sell for anything. I wouldn’t check the market. Iron Guardsman insignias are like going for 200 with buy orders. I sold every single one, and I literally went from 70k to 124 or whatever within like 10 minutes. Check your craft mods just because I’ve been sitting on all these craft mods.

Iron guardsmen insignias, iron battle metals, and Arcane Linen embroidery. Eventually, they’re probably going to be cheap again if you have them. Sell them; don’t sit on them. You’re never going to use them all, and I just had tons of them.

A Guide to Selling Cooldowns and More in New World

Now, this next idea has never been popular. So, sell your cooldowns. I’m not talking about it. You know, typing in global selling cooldowns. I’m talking about selling your Phoenix Suite and your Asmodium. the only thing I wouldn’t sell, and I’m going to show you why here in a minute, is the runestone. I shouldn’t have sold it, but I did. Hold on to your runestone because it’s going to make you a lot of money.

These next couple of things, but hey, it helped me get to, you know, my 190 where I’m at now, so I’ll put it in there. And I’m also gonna keep. I’m going to get back on and make the journey to 500k, so I’m really going to hit it hard and try to get 500k. I’m just gonna show you guys everything I do along the way, so you know a.

Gold requirements

I’m not buying gold. I would never do that to risk my account anyway, so the star metal ingots I’m selling are going really well. I’m just doing the buy orders. Don’t forget about dies. Die sells really well if you have a whole bunch of dies. I don’t know if you remember the winter convergence thing, but I told you to buy a bunch of those patterns.

Some of those are going for like two or three hundred gold. I’m really going through my, like I said, storage and really trying to get everything that’s worth value, the food that you can buy from the winter convergence thing. So just don’t forget about that stuff. It sells, and it’s good money. so you know, make use of it.

Food items

Now, I know this is random and another weird one, but I’m going to mention it anyway. A couple of food items for you are Snail Bait and sumptuous rabbit. I’ll tell you what: I carry mine pretty much everywhere I go now. I make sure I always have my skinning trophies up and always have my skinning set on me because every time I run by a rabbit, I put my skinning stuff on, or I’m gonna do it most of the time unless I’m in a hurry.

I’ll kill and skin those rabbits because one sumptuous rabbit is like 89 gold on my server. So that’s definitely something you don’t want to miss, and Snail Baits gold for like 100 gold on. So kind of crazy, Weird stuff. But it’s definitely worth it. keeping an eye out for it. Don’t ever pass up a rabbit without killing it and skinning it. Don’t just don’t do it.

Fancy shells

Now, this next one is Fancy Shells. This is another toss-up. I personally would keep them, but you can sell them for anywhere from 100 to 200 gold. Because everybody’s doing arenas right now, and I’m about to show you why it is crazy. All right now, before I get into the last thing, the craziest thing you can do to make money. I want to touch on a couple of things that are super expensive right now that you can really make a lot of money on if you know any good spots. One of those is Calcium aura.


Kakamore is really expensive. It’s actually coming down, but it’s still 289. That’s still pretty damn expensive. So if you know a good spot, go farm some more Calcium. I have no spots. I’ve tried everything, I’ve tried mine, I’ve tried everywhere, and this just is gone.

So if you can find our Calcium, pick it up in a tempest, you’ll make a little bit of cash on the side. But it’s just not realistic. I guess feasible is why I don’t want to talk about it too much. But these are, and you can do this. You’re not able to buy the materials, which will leave me with the next thing I want to discuss.

Regen Pods

Health pots and regen pots right now are crazy. Health pots are infused. Health pots are 743 apiece. And regen pods, I don’t know why. Maybe somebody could tell me in the comments. Why are these so damn expensive? Are they really that good? I just don’t get it, but anyway. If you can make these and have some spots to farm them, do it. You’re going to make a lot of money.

And I don’t see them being this expensive for very much longer. My whole thing is to capitalize. You can make that money while you can because of these moments. These opportunities are not going to last forever. So right now, I’m out farming the stuff for this. So I can make a bunch. Hopefully, my 174k will go up to 500k in a couple of weeks if everything works outright.

Now, that brings me to my next thing. Health pots or Calcium. And also or Calcium like arrows and stuff that all ties into or Calcium, so never mind.


Next, the stuff goes. I was looking on the marketplace to see if I could buy the materials to make this stuff, and you can’t. In fact, it’s the opposite. I came across a gem. and it’s called Bulrush Cobb. It’s going for 4.50 apiece. It is crazy, so I went farming the crap out of the bowlers. There’s only one page, and it is selling like crazy. I sold so much of this stuff. And I actually farmed 607 bulrushes. Where’d it go? There it is, I farm. I just put this up like two minutes ago.

I farmed 607 of the seven of them at 450 apiece. That’s like 2731 gold in 20 minutes. If you multiply that by three to get an hour, that’s over 8к gold an hour. so this stuff is selling like crazy. Why? Because it’s used to make health pots. So start searching and looking for all these different materials if where to get this stuff, which is super easy. Then jump on it and go farm it right now.

Bulrush Cobb and Mushroom Mania in New World

Start farming. It started selling it before. This goes away, so Bulrush Cobb is right outside of it. overall, it’s always by the lakes and ponds. And it’s everywhere, and you can farm it all day long. So this stuff is selling. Because people are buying and making those pots, they don’t want to buy the pots because they’re too expensive.

So this stuff is going crazy. The mushrooms are going like crazy, so any materials that were to farm a bunch of. Go farm and go sell them is one of the 450 apiece. I’ve never seen it that high, and you could farm that crap all day.

Fire Moats and Death Modes

Before I get to the final part, one other thing is Fire Moats and Death Modes. Fire moats right now are crazy expensive; they’re going for like two dollars or two gold apiece. That’s almost two gold apiece; that’s crazy, so can you guys all know where to farm those? I don’t need to make a video on that.

So, I also like Death Modes. No, what was it, soul motes, maybe? Well, anyway, they’re at an all-time high these moats right now. So if you know where to Farm Moats, you guys start farming them up. And selling them, they’re still selling, you know people are buying them up, so you have a good chance to make some money there. So soul motes reagents and stuff for making health pots, and that’s it. All right, finally.


The final, best way to make money right now is Arenas. I’m sure you guys have already seen it in Global; if not, you’re just getting to the party late. So you want to start making arena keys. So what do my company and I do? Am I made five Siren Arena Keys? Somebody else made five couple guys had a couple, you know, just sitting around, and we just spammed the Arenas, and I got two of the legendary. Six hundred gear score guaranteed recipes or patterns.

Arena Orbs and Profits in New World

Now, I haven’t found any weapon ones yet, just armor so far, but the two that I did find, one’s going for 17k, and one’s going for 20k. and we’ve probably knocked out like 13 or 14 of these arenas within I don’t know maybe an hour. It really doesn’t take long if you have a good group, and we have a great group of guys.

So yeah, I would get on this right now, guys. That’s why fancy shells are going up. You might see the other parts going up used to make the arena orbs. And you know, the other thing is you don’t have to have aura Calcium chisels that take star middle chisels. They’re cheap, easy to get, and you can make five arena orbs per.

Maximize Your Gold: A Guide to Arena Profits in the New World

Either per year per week, I’m not sure, but you can do five of them. That’s all I know. I should probably go back and double-check that. But anyway, that’s a great way to make money right now. This was the first time I ran an arena since the update, and I got one. Then I did a bunch more of them and got another one. So that’s two, so that’s almost 40k gold, you know, within about an hour. An hour and a half, so that’s great money. That is great money. so that’s it.

Get in as many Arenas as you can; mark my words. The price will go way down, just like the timeless Shards. You can make lots of money right now, so you need to be doing Arenas. Right now, I told my company. Let’s run arenas all freaking day. So everybody’s making orbs, and we’re gonna make some money, and I hope you guys get in on it too.

Thank you for reading. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Please check our New World Guides to learn even more! It was Librarian Husky. Good luck!

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