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How to Level Fishing Super Fast

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Hey, what’s up, guys? It’s your Librarian Husky, here. If you’re new around here and what I want to do for you today. It breaks down my approach when it comes to fishing, especially as it relates to leveling up as quickly as possible if that’s your goal. Now, my enjoyment usually will be what takes priority over efficient hardcore grinding.

I’ve been getting many questions about fishing in the New World, and I thought I’d give you the information to help set you on your way to fishing fun and profitability. Feel free to take anything this guide shares with you and toss out what you don’t like at the end of the day. Hopefully, this game answers all your questions.

Cancer in New World

Cancer is a New World that we just invented today, by the way. Suppose you like that word. Dancers hit that like button. But all jokes aside, it’s my hope that after this guide, you’re gonna have the tools that you need. Some resources that are gonna make your life easier and more when it comes to fishing in this game.


So, first and foremost. Here I am to fish. You just need to go up to any body of water, press f3 to be able to pull out your Rod and reel, and f4, in this case, to equip various bait. Now, you’re going to find that certain bait is going to work better in certain types of water. You also want to pay attention to what the bait bonus says. In this case, it’s certain bait will give you different bonuses, like Oyster bait.

Freshwater is going to give me a large boost in catching bigger fish. Why do you want to catch bigger fish? Bigger fish are going to give you more experience when it comes to fishing. And note that if I’m like right here in one of my favorite fishing spots.

Unlocking Two-Star Spots and Casting Techniques

Earlier on, you’re going to unlock a two-star fishing spot right out here. It is near every fall just south of there. You can go fishing here very easily. You won’t be disturbed by any enemies. But note that if I just do a light cast. I’m going to land in Shallow Water. Do you need bait to fish?

Absolutely not. Bai will only increase the odds of you catching a fish and the time it takes actually to reel and land a fish. Regarding the kind of casting for the maximum range, you’ll notice that. That is an improvement and reduction in time because even if you do a short cast, you’ll find that the game will fight you a little bit. So, doing short casts isn’t necessarily get you what you want.

Hot Spot Fishing: Quick Tips for Max Profits

Now, one of the reasons you want to focus here is hot spots. In this case, you can see here it’s a two-star hot spot. This is going to have the best respawn time and the best respawn resource time when casting. Now you see where I’m going to miss. So I’m going to go ahead and try to recast again and get myself landing in the hot spot. Notice one thing real quick. It’s really pretty much instant. To where you go, and you can start reeling in your fish.

Now, also from a money or monetary perspective. What I would highly recommend you do is go to the different town boards. Any town board that has fishing on it picks those up, not that you’re actually going to turn those in. but it’s going to tell you exactly what you need. Now, when you catch a rare fish, you’ll see a slight angle change. I will show you guys how you can cancel out that to reduce your overall time. See if I can actually get a good cast in here.

Shallow vs Deep Water: Casting Tips for Time-Efficient Fishing

Landing on the hot spot and the reason why you see me, actually go ahead and reset that cast. It is being that this area that I’m in right now is shallow. Meaning it’s going to take longer. If you can find yourself in deep water, deep water is going to help you out dramatically. When it comes to reducing the amount of time it takes to hook the fish but also the size of the fish, you get what you want to do whenever you get that little animation.

  • You’re gonna suffer from a reduction in the size of the fish you get.
  • You also suffer a reduction in the amount of time it takes to actually hook a fish.
  • You’re not getting additional XP because you’re using bait.
  • You’re getting it because you’re actually catching larger fish, and you’re catching them in a much faster way.

You want to go ahead and then go ahead and click out. It and get that cast going. An efficiency, any speed perspective, every time you can have your line in the water uh the the reduction, and that will save you countless amounts of time. Again, you don’t actually need bait to fish. So if money is an issue, note that, yeah, go with fish, don’t equip any bait, and then keep going from there.

Fisherman’s quest

Now, there are two schools of thought here, and I want to point you to Winds Word because Winds Word is going to be where you actually pick up your fisherman’s quest. These are going to start showing up in your journal under skill progression.

I highly encourage you to follow the full quest line with all priority because you’ll get a legendary fishing Rod at the end of the day. It’s going to be random out of a pull of multiple different rods that you get, but you’re going to want to get this fishing Rod because you’re doing the work anyway.

Finish leveling

By just fishing and leveling by fishing, you’re automatically doing what the quest wants you to do. Through completing the questline, you will receive various fishing gear, including a harvester and a fisherman’s set, among others, listed here. This will increase your gear score by 500.

Fisherman Michael Shields

So keep in mind that you’re doing the work anyway. You might as well get credit for it because if you don’t, you decide to go backward and do the fisherman quest down later. In your gameplay history, you’re going to find yourself actually going and fishing the same spots that you already discovered, doing the same thing with the fish that you’ve already done.

  • If you’re doing this alongside your leveling, you’ll get to a part where you finish level 60. you’ve explored the zones.
  • You’ve got a lot of these teleport spots open up, and you might be.
  • Maybe around level 50 or 60 as a fisherman, and thus, you only have 140 levels to really hardcore grind.

Remember that kicks out here in westward, and you’ll be looking for fisherman Michael Shields. Now he’s gonna give you the initial quest, and that’s going to basically take you all over eternity. Now, you’ll benefit by being at a higher level when doing your fishermen’s quest because it will take you over the world.

Using Teleport and Housing for Efficient Hot Spot Farming

You’re gonna have the resources to make it easier for you to do so because you’ve already unlocked teleport spots and you’ve already unlocked a certain level of gear. So now, let’s talk about speed, and let’s go ahead and use this hot spot as an example. Hot spots are shared.

So if people are all coming to this location, they could farm this hot spot up. You might miss out on the necessary XP. This is also shallow water. This is where you can use your inn and have at least one house. It is going to save you all kinds of time. You can teleport back to your end every 30 minutes for free. No problems or questions asked, but having a house will allow you to teleport to your house.

Maximizing Fishing Gains with Location Choices

Then, teleport to any other location that you see fit. If you want to hot spot, hop note, and you gotta factor in how long it takes you to teleport from one place to another. Ultimately, I would recommend you try to find fresh or saltwater with deep water in it.

It also has a two, most likely a two-star rarity spot because that will have the quickest respawn time for you to keep farming up. Then you’re also fishing in deep water, which increases the likelihood of you getting certain drops and more experience possible. Now, this is where the resource New World map fits in, and I’ll include a link in the description.

A Guide to Efficient Fishing Locations

You can track the various hot spots and put your cities and little teleports. So, if you’re looking for something specific, note that as you level up. Your fishermen can actually see various hot spots that unlock as you level them up. Now, you’re going to have to pair this with the map because not all hot spots will open up for you.

In fact, some of my favorite hot spots didn’t open up until later. In the game, and to highlight that again, like I really enjoy this one, it’s a good starter hot spot. You want to make sure you’re hitting that uh as quickly as possible as soon as you can you want to jump out here to wreak water, and you want to run to this rare fishing spot right here and let me show you what it does for you.

Fishing spot

So here I am in my favorite fishing spot currently in the game. I’m going to go ahead and equip some. We’ll equip some little worm bait. Start casting. Now I haven’t actually equipped my different gear, but you can see here even if I miss the spot. I can go. I’m already in deep water, meaning it’s over. Automatically going to have less time than I have to spend and wait for a fish to bite.

So even on Miss I, it’s worth my time to go ahead and keep my reel or rotter line, whatever you want to call it, in the water itself. Now, what I can also do here is. I can actually try and back up. So I can work on trying to get those max casts to increase the amount of time or reduce the amount of time it takes. While also trying to hit the hot spot in question. You’re going to have to take a little bit of time to line it up overall. Let me go ahead and actually choose a miss on that one to see how far I can.

How Rods, Perks, and Timing Affect Your Fishing Success

Depending on your Rod, the time of day, and the various perks. You might end up having a little bit of a difference in it. Before I had my legendary fishing Rod, my max cast was actually Pri, like I was probably 10 feet in front of that tree that you’re looking at right now before I could get the cast in place. Now you can see here, obviously, if you’re brand new to fishing overall. You don’t want to let your tension get too high and let the line snap, but you can give it a little bit of a give-and-go.

Depending on the type of fish, you’ll know, sometimes you can kind of start to depict the the type of fit like I was talking and I broke my line all right still too short for a deep cast let’s back up one more time try to continue to shoot for that maximum length cast. This will make it easier to reel in. You can see here that, obviously, snapping a line is a wasted effort. That’s a loss of XP per hour.

Now, what I would recommend is just as essentially a sanity check.

  • I wouldn’t like mainline fishing as you’re like be all end all sprint to the end sprint to 200 gold. Rather, set across a list of basically like if you could hit, like what, one level a day, two levels a day. Based on the number of levels a day that you think you can hit when it comes to fishing.
  • You can see how easy it will be to knock out fishing within a month or two months. Again, you only have 200 levels, and if you’ve already been doing it and dabbling in it at the start, you don’t have that many.
  • I started up my journey to 200 when I was level 30.
  • So that’s where I was like, I’m going to hit 200, and I’m going to do it. I’m going to see how quickly I can do it, and I ended up averaging about five levels a day while playing. So it didn’t take me too long overall to get there. I don’t know why I’m doing a medium cast.

Here, I am talking, thinking, and trying actually to make this guide valuable to you.

Leveraging Town Boards and Market Insights for Maximum Earnings

So note that those are some tips and tricks; hopefully, this will help you continue grinding out fishing. Again, I would point you back to the town boards. Town boards are very valuable because they can tell you what fish or items you might catch, and you might not realize they have a lot of value. So be sure to list those on the market, and you’ll find yourself swimming, pun intended, in plenty of coins to be able to make your debut.

Now, overall, you can always decide to break these down into parts. If you never know, you can right-click you can say salvage, and you’re going to get various items that will tell you fish cuts and other kinds of things that you might be able to extract from fishing while using this.

How to Optimize Your Fishing Experience in the New World

So again, you don’t need bait, but I would recommend it because it’s going to save you all kinds of time and speed you up to do the fisherman’s quest because it’s going to end up rewarding you with plenty of gear that’s going to make the fishing all the better and at the end of the day keep tossing your rod end, we’re not the whole Rod but keep tossing it in at least a different spot.

Thank you for reading. I hope this information will be helpful to you. Please check out New World Guides to learn even more! It was Librarian Husky! Woof!

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