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Valtan and Breakdown Legion Raid

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Hey everyone. Welcome to another guide, and welcome to Lost Ark. Let’s get into a Bard PoV guide to make you a masterful bard proficient at supporting and countering for Valtan Normal Gate 2.

Phase 1

Starting the fight, immediately run to the right. Take this time to build up your bar through Prelude of Storm and other generation skills on Valtan. Valsartan will punch the ground three times before he dashes.

Once, Valtan is stunned, waiting for someone to toss a Corrosive Bomb. Immediately follow up with a destruction bomb for a weak point. Sonic Vibration can also be used for additional weak point damage. Once again, prioritize destruction if Valtan is stunned. Rhapsody of Light is another option if your team needs a weak point.

Guardian Tune

When Valtan leaps into the air, try to cast Guardian Tune if it is up. This will help negate some damage to your party during this phase. Afterward, immediately run away, so you are isolated from everyone. Run in circles to save space while avoiding damage from falling axes.

  • When Valtan has around 130 health bars, the raid captain should use Balthor’s skill.
  • This gives Bards a few moments of relief as your party will not take so much damage. Utilize this time to focus on building bars. Valsartan will be invincible when he makes his wipe attack, which is entirely negated by Balthor’s buff.

Cast Rhapsody of Light if you can not reach the safe zone in time. If you have the right tripod, this will grant you a massive defense buff. Outside of main mechanics, try to continue building your bars for heals, apply the sound shock debuff on Valtan, buff your allies, and shield them from chip damage.

Phase 2

Proceed to attack immediately afterward. He pays attention when Valtan is charging his attack with his ax in the air. If that isn’t glowing, do the opposite. If you can afford to, you can throw out your DPS bar skill if Valtan is staggered. However, I find it more consistent with using the bars for heals.

Platform Break 1

This is dependent on your party’s skill level. While my party’s damage is excellent, usually around 85 health bars, get ready to run to the side that is not highlighted. Valsartan will break the highlighted platform.

  • At around 65 health bars, Valtan will leap into the air. Once he lands and stomps on the ground, an AoE explosion will spawn under each alive player. Get ready to dodge.
  • Immediately after, a cutscene will play. Once over, run to Valtan and get ready to counter. It would help if you countered Valtan on the first try, or the run is essentially over.

At this point, you want to be cautious, as any of Valtans attacks can knock you off the platform. Play around the side that still has the walls. When Valtan summons a portal, run to the safe side of the platform. Getting hit by any of the attacks here will launch you.


When Valtan is preparing to dash, like in the first phase, he gets ready to counter after he hits the ground three times. Missing the counter here is okay.

  • Since my party is about to enter the last remaining arena break phase at 35 bars, it is essential to know that Bard has excellent push immunity tripods for most of her skills.

If you’re hit, channel one of those skills, and you won’t get knocked off the platform! Those skills are Sonic Vibration, Guardian Tune, Rhapsody of Light, Rhythm Buckshot, and your ultimate

Platform Break 2

As I mentioned, when Valtan leaps into the air around 35 bars, they run to the other side of the platform and hug the edge. Don’t worry. You can’t manually fall off. These pillars will knock you off. Focus on getting out of the AoE field when they detonate. Use push immunity skills if necessary.

  • By 16 bars, your raid captain should use Balthor’s skill to grant push immunity to your entire party.
  • However, with the defense buff from the skill, your party can take considerable damage during this phase. Prepare to heal and shield here.

A mistake I noticed here is that I could have used it to prevent a party’s death and alleviate stress from my party members from the damage. I usually hesitate to use my ult but feel free to blow your load if you have the awakening engraving. This AoE field here is very deadly and will guarantee death. Use your push immunity skill if you cannot get out in time.

Ghost Phase

This is a lousy ultimate on my part, and I should’ve used it at the start of the 16 health bar phase, so learn from this. Now that we’re in the ghost phase, your priority here is to keep a consistent debuff on Valtan while also juggling your Prelude of Storm and Rhythm Buckshot for counters.

  • Bard essentially has a 100% uptime with counters.
  • If you see any semi-circle AoEs, you must dodge this, or you will get grabbed and tossed off the map.
  • If you see Valtan charging his ax, immediately stop attacking and run to his hilt or the glowing part of his ax.

Triggering this retaliation will knock everyone off the platform. Once again, use a push immunity here or dodge. This attack is almost guaranteed death. With each successful counter you perform, you will help generate bars for the next ultimate skill, which is, in this case, Thiran.

Prevent damage

You also prevent damage from being inflicted on your entire team. Have to get that last counter to disrespect Valtan. And there we go. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for new guides. Please check out Lost Ark Guides. Learn with us! It was Librarian Husky! Ciao!

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