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The Perfect Berserker Build

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Hey everyone, Librarian Husky here, and welcome back to another Lost Ark build guide today. I’m going to be covering the Berserker, and I got a bunch of requests for this, so here we are. Let’s start by talking about the class engraving because this does affect everything that we run on Berserker, and that is, to no one’s surprise, Mayhem the reason.

Class Berserker

This class engraving is so much more popular than the Berserkers technique alternative because of the simplicity and straightforwardness that comes with building and playing with them as well. Like the fact that this lets you be in fury mode pretty much permanently, it is a pretty brain-dead way to play the class since you don’t have to worry about building meters or timing or anything like that.

You kind of activate it at the beginning of an encounter and then slam your keyboard until it dies. But most importantly. However, as you may know, your health is capped at 25 of your max HP. You don’t gain any crit rate from Fury mode, but instead, you get a permanent 15-move speed buff and an 18-damage buff at Mayhem level 3, which is super good.

Use effects & bonuses

This means that you can make use of all the effects and bonuses etc., that only proc when you’re below 50 health because you always will be. Now let’s talk about stats. Since you do lose the 20 crit rate from the regular theory mode, you need to use crit. However, since you are in permanent Berserker mode, you don’t need to build a meter or extend the duration. So you don’t need to build spec at all and can offer swiftness to complement your crit.


So at first, when you’re in tier 1 and tier 2, you should use 75 of your stats in crit and the remaining 25 in swiftness. This means that you want a crit swift Necklace and Crit on the rest of your accessories.

Later on, however, when you get into tier 3, you can get the Argo set, make up the 25 crit rate, and start replacing your accessories from crit to swift. So optimally, you would want a crit swift Necklace, two crit earrings, and two Swiftness Rings for an optimal stat distribution. If your tiny little Berserker brain is confused, follow what’s on screen.

Chaos build

Next, let’s talk about these skills that you’re going to want to use, starting with your chaos build. This build does use 264 skill points which is what I always try to start off these builds with. You’re going to want to use strike wave with quick prep Cerberus and Blaze Wave. This is the most satisfying thing to kill mobs within the entire game, I swear to you.

You also want sword storm with quick prep rear blast. Whirlwind with sustain enhancement, Cracked Blade and Vacuum Slash finish strike with tenacity weak point detection and lights out, and Hellblade with leap deadly blow and Earth Flip, and these will be your main AOE clearing and boss killing skills.

Quick Prep

You’re also going to want red dust with Quick Prep, and a Vital Point hit for utility and nuking bosses. And you’re gonna want shoulder charge with excellent mobility and diving slash with excellent mobility for good mobility. This gives you the most amount of AOE and mobility while still being able to clap bosses with red dust and finish strike. At max skill points, this is what your Chaos should look like.

Skill points requirements

For raids, you’re going to need 268 skill points, and the skills you’ll want to use are finish strike with tenacity, weak point detection, and lights out. Hellblade with leap deadly low and Earth Flip, Strike Wave with wave limit break and Earth Flip sword.

Storm with Quick Prep weak point detection and flame storm tempest slash with Quick Prep and weak point detection for your main damage skills. You’ll also want red dust with Quick Prep, Vital Point, and a red wave chain sword with vital points hit as your counter and shoulder charge with excellent mobility for good mobility.

Skill points for raid

At max skill points, this is what your raid build should look like. By the way, the reason I chose to level up red does level 10 instead of temp slash even though temp slash. One of your main damage skills is because of the last tripod for Red Dust, which allows you to change the buff from 30 to 18%. However, it is a team-wide buff, so for abyss raids and abyss dungeons and everything like that. This is a much more team-oriented setup, and now you have the option to run that instead engravings. You’ll want at first Mayhem 3 and master tenacity 1.

This is going to give you the most bang for your buck when you’re going through tiers 1 and 2. Later on, you’re going to want to aim for Mayhem 3, master’s Tenacity Three cursed all 3, and raid Captain 1. Since you’ll be at 25 of your max hp and green potions heal you for 30, you can run cursed all, and the green pods will still heal. For like 90 of your available health, take a look at this clip, for example.

Capped health

Here my health is capped at 4057 when I pop mayhem fury mode. I then proceed to cosplay Chris Rock at the Oscars for about an entire minute and get all the way down to 107 hp. which is essentially 0.026 percent of my max available health.

Green potion

I recently tried out a green potion that had a cursed all effect, and it managed to heal me up to 3782 hp, which is 93% of my health. However, I must emphasize that this build is not recommended for general use, as it was only for testing and showcasing purposes. That said, I chose to use per stall over a grudge due to its lack of downsides. Additionally, I suggest using raid captain one to gain a permanent 15% increase in move speed buff, which has no downsides and can be easily achieved with spare levels in engravings.


Other engravings, such as a grudge or keen blunt, offer very little in return compared to their downsides at level 1. You can choose to use adrenaline, spirit absorption, or ambush master instead, as they provide a spare slot and can be useful in back attacks. However, it ultimately depends on your preference, and you should use whatever you think works best.

Recommendation for engravings

At the endgame, it’s recommended to have Mayhem 3, Master Tenacity 3, Cursed All 3, Grudge 3, and Keen Blood 3. It’s also suggested to use a keen blunt as your last engraving since it requires a lot of crit rate to be useful. You have two options for your awakening: Chain of Vengeance or Berserk Fury.

Chain of Vengeance has a faster animation and a large AOE, making it ideal for tower and chaos engines. On the other hand, Berserk Fury is more suited for bosses and raids due to its charge, destruction level 2, high stagger, and high damage output. In terms of gems, it’s best to choose ones that complement your playstyle and build.

Gems, Runes, and Cards

You have 11 slots. You’re gonna want a CDR plus damage gem on all of your damaging skills, aka tempest slash Hellblade finish strike Sword Storm and Strike Wave, and you’re gonna want a CDR Gem for Red Dust. You use some different skills in your Chaos build, but you don’t need gems for that, so don’t pay it any mind.

Gale Wind rune

For your runes, you’re going to want a Gale Wind rune. For almost all of your damage skills, there are limited quantities of these runes in the game, though, so prioritize them in order that. I’m showing on the screen, which is left to right. You’re also going to want a quick recharge rune on your shoulder, charge a rage rune on your chain sword, and for Red Dust, there aren’t too many good options, so slide it with a bleed if you can.

Use a combination

Lastly, for your card sets early on in the game, you’re going to want to use a combination of the will meet again set, which gives you 12 damage reduction while you’re under 50 hearts. This turns into 16 damage reduction if you manage to get the nine-piece awakening, but that is not necessary at all since this is just a budget build.

Investing cards

Investing in certain cards is not necessary, but there is a three-piece set available. Alternatively, combining the Nature’s Elementals two-piece set with the will meet again set from shoeshine will give you a total of twenty percent damage reduction, with eight percent coming from the former. Obtaining the will meet again set is easy, as it can be acquired through a questline.

Combining damage reduction

Combining this damage reduction with the innate damage reduction from Mayhem Berserker will result in an 85 to 89% reduction, which is excellent. However, for endgame activities, it’s recommended to switch to the lost wind cliff set that provides dark damage reduction and a seven percent crit rate. It’s a beneficial addition since most endgame enemies deal dark damage.

Light of Salvation set

At the endgame, the Light of salvation set is the most preferred set for DPS classes. This concludes my guide for the berserker build. My name is Librarian Husky, and I hope you found this information helpful. For more useful articles, please visit our Lost Ark Guides main page. Good luck!

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