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Destroyer Basic Guide – Voming in May

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Hello guys. It’s Librarian Husky here. I want to show you the basic concept of my main class, the Destroyer.

Talking about Destroyer

Destroyer is one of the warrior classes. He is a DPS class that fights using a huge hammer. Slow but staunch and resilient, the hammer can inflict huge powerful damage to the target.

Features of Destroyer

Destroyers can fight head-to-head with the boss based on high defense, health, shield, and tenacity, like Gunlancer. In addition, the Destroyer has many weak point skills and the most powerful stagger in all classes. Destroyer has the following features:

  • Mid-high damage.
  • Insanely powerful stagger.
  • Insanely slow attack speed.
  • A lot of weak point skills.
  • A lot of shield and tenacity.
  • High defense and health.

So he shows good performance in various gimmicks and raids. However, he has a very slow attack speed, so you have to use your skills very carefully.

Identity of Destroyer

Next is the identity of the Destroyer. Basically, the Destroyer has two types of skills Focused and Releasing. In combat, these two types of skills work in a simple mechanism. Collect cores with Focused skills and consumes cores with Releasing skills. Focused skills can charge one core per skill.

But if you use the tripod called Lucky Core. You can charge up to two cores. The releasing skill inflicts powerful damage in proportion to the number of cores consumed, and also, releasing skill can gain a large number of shields according to cores.

Destroyer consumes cores

In addition, whenever Destroyer consumes cores by using releasing skills, he can feel the gravity gauge, and when the gravity gauge is fully charged. The Destroyer can use “Z” to enter into Weighting gravity mode. And entering this mode, he gets a huge amount of shields. However, he will not be able to use any normal skills.

When using waiting gravity mode, he gains tenacity and is immune to every cc attack from the boss, and he can bombard powerful hammering enemies. And in waiting for gravity mode, the Destroyer can press “Z” to use a special skill, which can pull enemies in front of the Destroyer. Plus, you can exit the waiting gravity mode at any time by pressing “X.”

Class engravings of Destroyer

Next is class engravings. Destroyer has two class engravings, Furious Hammer and Gravity Training. A furious hammer can increase crit chance and crit damage for the releasing skills in proportion to the number of cores consumed. Gravity training can gradually fill the gravity gauge without core consumed in combat, increasing credit rate and attack damage for Destroyer when he enters the waiting gravity mode.

Awakening skills of Destroyer

The next is the Awakening skills of the Destroyer. The first Awakening skill is Terra Break. This can inflict powerful damage ahead, and when Destroyer uses Terra Break. He can fully charge cores and gravity gauges immediately. The second awakening skill is the Big Bang.

The Big Bang is holding skills when using Big Bang. Destroyers gather huge energy and body and inflict insane damage by releasing it at one time. This is the end of the Destroyer’s basic guide. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for new guides. Please check out Lost Ark Guides. Learn with us! It was Librarian Husky! See you.

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