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Last Epoch Warlock Week Day 1!! World Exclusive!! All Skills!! All Curses!!

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Last Epoch Warlock Week Day 1!! World Exclusive!! All Skills!! All Curses!!

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Behold, the Warlock mastery—truly a marvel to behold.
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Behold, the Warlock mastery—truly a marvel to behold. Greetings to all. The celebration of Warlock week is upon us. We’re thrilled to unveil exclusively one of the final two masteries arriving in Last Epoch on February 21st, named Echo from the Void.

Introduction to Warlock Mastery

In the forthcoming week, I’ll delve into the essence of the Warlock Mastery, exploring everything from the class’s overarching themes and passive skill tree to the unveiling of five entirely new skills, complete with guides for leveling and building.

Gameplay Overview

Let’s kick off Warlock week with some gameplay. Enjoy. Let’s kick things off with the projectile chaos bolts. This barrage skill shoots fire and necrotic damage in an area and it’s a spammable skill that uses minimum mana. My, look at those particle effects. Another spammable skill for the Warlock is Soul Feast. Feed on the cursed, ripping fragments out of them to give you more survivability.

But as you know, a new class is going to need some kind of movement, especially to help keep it alive, and the Warlock has Profane Veil. When you’re in Profane Veil, you are almost unkillable with a guaranteed Dodge mechanic. Inspect the right way, you can also do a decent amount of damage.

Signature Skills

Put these three skills together, and you’re starting to cook. But wait, there’s more. Oh yes, there is. Why don’t we make a Fisher in the ground and release some tormented souls, shall we? Wither before me. Oh yes, you can actually see the souls trying to escape out of the ground. Like I said, some of the best particle effects you are going to see inside of Last Epoch.

Exploring Hydra Skill and Tormented Souls

Those who really enjoy the Hydra skill of Runemaster and Fisher of tormented souls will find that souls have the same targeting, automatically hitting enemies. But wait, there’s even more. Anyone out there a fan of channeling skills, Ghost Flame has your back. Put that all together, and you’ve got your Chaos Bolts, your Soul Feast, your Fisher with your Profane Veil, and your Ghost Flame.

This is literally a fraction of what is possible with these skills, as obviously their new skill trees offer so much variety, so much customization, and triggering off themselves and other skills. So, come back for the rest of Warlock week to ensure you check out what is possible with these skills.

Warlock’s Curse Mechanics

At the core of the Warlock’s theme lies the intricate use of curses. The Warlock gains significant advantages when confronting adversaries burdened with curses, aiming to layer multiple curses to the greatest extent conceivable. These curses don’t just negatively impact the enemy; their strategic application enhances the Warlock’s abilities.

As we delve into the details of the passive tree and examine specific skills throughout this week, it will become evident how these abilities synergize, drawing strength from the multitude of curses inflicted upon foes. This concept of maximizing curse application will be a recurrent theme in our discussions.

Introduction to New Curses

So, let’s talk about the five brand new curses coming to Last Epoch because of the Warlock 1.0 February 21st. These five curses are Anguish, Penance, Decrepify, Acid Skin (I think Acid Skin is going to be a fan favorite), and Torment. Now, let’s go through each curse individually to see what they actually do.

Curse Details

Initiating with Anguish, this particular curse sustains for 10 seconds, diminishing the damage over time inflicted and bestowing necrotic damage upon all foes affected by it upon the demise of an enemy. Importantly, it’s designed to not accumulate in effect. Moving to the second curse, Penance, it endures for 15 seconds and triggers 20 points of fire spell damage on adversaries when they engage in hitting another entity, also not accumulating in effect.

The third in the series, Decrepify, imposes 200 points of physical damage across a span of 10 seconds, with its added damage being fully effective per second, and amplifies the damage over time received by the target in correlation to the health deficit of the caster. Progressing to the fourth curse, Acid Skin, it administers 80 points of poison damage over 5 seconds, with the added damage being 80% effective per second, and introduces a 20% likelihood to occur.

Enhancing Curses with Critical Hits

Achieving a critical hit, oh, it’s incredibly impactful. Applying sufficient Acid Skin on your adversary ensures a critical hit. Not to be overlooked, Torment stands out as well. This curse inflicts 120 necrotic damage over 3 seconds, with its potency enhanced to 200% per second, and diminishes the target’s movement by 12%, a reduction that compounds with other effects, yet it does not accumulate. The Warlock introduces five novel curses to the game, and having experienced each personally, I can affirm their effectiveness. In the midst of combat, it becomes feasible to afflict a single foe with as many as five to seven different curses.

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