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Last Epoch Patch 1.0 | Patch Overview

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Last Epoch Patch 1.0 | Patch Overview

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For newcomers, Last Epoch unfolds as an engaging top-down action RPG centered around loot collection.
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For newcomers, Last Epoch unfolds as an engaging top-down action RPG centered around loot collection, where players embark on a critical mission through time to rescue the diminishing realm of Eterra. Throughout this adventure, players have the opportunity to advance into one of fifteen distinct Mastery Classes, each offering a unique array of abilities, passive benefits, and distinct combat styles.

Introduction to Last Epoch

You’ll confront celestial deities, ageless dynasties, and the insatiable void itself. Within the world of Last Epoch, over 125 class-specific abilities await discovery, each featuring its own expansive and modifiable skill tree, allowing for personalized and evolving gameplay.

Deep Loot System in Last Epoch

In Last Epoch, players will encounter an extensive treasure system boasting over 300 distinctive items, each offering unique, game-changing capabilities not found elsewhere. Key idols can be strategically arranged within your inventory, complemented by a famed legendary system capable of transforming even the simplest of items into game-defining treasures. Such formidable power becomes crucial as you delve into the game’s comprehensive endgame, featuring age-old dungeons, the perpetual Arena of Champions, and fractured timelines within the Monolith of Fate.

Introducing New Masteries

With the official launch of Last Epoch, two additional mastery classes are introduced—the Falconer and the Warlock. The Falconer, the Rogue’s third mastery, excels in the strategic use of traps and the art of falconry. Accompanied by her valiant Aven companion, she navigates the battlefield with agility and cunning, establishing a powerful connection with her falcon.

The Falconer Mastery

Employing the art of falconry, the Falconer masterfully coordinates falcon strikes and employs techniques such as dive bomb and aerial assault, injecting strategic disarray into enemy ranks. The introduction of this class also brings new, unique items that enable fresh gameplay styles for those fortunate enough to discover them.

The Warlock Mastery

Emerging from the shadows is the eagerly anticipated Warlock, a fresh mastery option for the Acolyte, focused on delving into the core of adversaries, warping and defiling their very essence. The Warlock commands a collection of novel curses, each crafted to obscure the mind, debilitate the physique, and deliver torment.

Introducing New Skills and Items

Unleash chaos bolts, devour the essence of foes, and fracture the earth to release deadly necrotic forces and relentless undead warriors. A true Warlock’s collection wouldn’t be complete without a trove of singular items designed to hex and degrade adversaries. Among these artifacts, a notable one transforms the very backbone of your enemies into a flurry of incendiary lashes when you activate your Cthonic Fissure.

Enhancements Across All Classes

Beyond the Warlock and Falconer, other adventurers in Eterra are also gaining access to novel abilities. The Primalist, for instance, is enhancing his repertoire with two formidable skills—Gathering Storm, summoning a barrage of lightning against foes, and an evolved Tempest Strike, channeling the energies of wind, ice, and electricity, converging these forces at the weapon’s edge for a devastating impact.

Paladin’s Divine Arsenal Expansion

The Paladin class is set to receive an expansive new skill tree, further enriching its sacred arsenal. This includes not only the ability to unleash divine retribution but also to shield comrades with protective auras and sigils. A standout addition is the Healing Hands skill, designed to sustain allies’ vitality and purge malevolence from Eterra’s foes, particularly targeting the undead and void monstrosities.

Continuous Mastery Improvements

Our dedication to refining and enhancing each mastery within Eterra remains unwavering. A significant number of abilities have undergone rebalancing and adjustments. The documentation detailing these updates and balance changes now extends to 32 pages, all of which are accessible on our forums.

Visual and Gameplay Enhancements

The upcoming full release of Last Epoch is set to introduce a vast array of improvements in terms of visuals and the overall gaming experience. With the 1.0 update, we’ve comprehensively revamped our character rigs and animations, ensuring more fluid movements, more impactful combat animations, and a more pronounced distinction in character movements and identities.

User Interface and Visual Quality Updates

Significant enhancements have been made to the user interface, improving visibility and information clarity throughout the game. Major advancements in lighting and shadow rendering technologies have been implemented, offering a noticeable improvement in visual fidelity for all players revisiting Last Epoch, thereby elevating the game’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Enhanced Environmental and Enemy Visuals

We’ve introduced variability in environmental aesthetics, including dynamic changes in weather, seasons, and flora across the Echoes of the Monolith landscapes. The realm of Eterra now teems with a variety of newly designed and updated adversaries, enriching the game’s diverse ecosystems. Expect to encounter revamped versions of wildlife such as wolves, bears, and sabertooths across numerous campaign areas that have received substantial enhancements.

Enhancements for Primalist Players and Companions

Primalist players and their animal companions are set to enjoy a range of combat enhancements. These improvements encompass animation refinements, more responsive damage indicators that better reflect the direction from which attacks originate, enriched audio effects for hits, reintroduced screen shake options, and a bolstering of certain visual effects tied to impacts, all contributing to a more immersive and tactile combat experience.

Visual Upgrades for Gear and Items

A substantial expansion in both 2D and 3D visuals has been undertaken for character equipment and artifacts, introducing item tooltips designed to more effectively highlight the rich array of treasures found within Eterra.

Introduction of the Item Factions System

This year, we unveiled the eagerly awaited item factions mechanism, a feature we’re thrilled for players to explore firsthand. This new element poses a choice: will you affiliate with the Merchant Guild, thereby unlocking the vibrant Bazaar and its bustling economy of trade, where adventurers barter and seek out Eterra’s finest treasures, or will you take a different path?

Circle of Fortune and Resonance System

Or will you join the Circle of Fortune, set your sights to the stars, and increase your chances of finding the ultimate weapons and armor through prophecy? Either way you choose to hunt for incredible items in Last Epoch, you won’t have to worry about your friends losing out on the perfect upgrade that happens to drop for them while they’re away. With a new resonance system, you will have a chance to gain resonance with your friends who you fight alongside. Using a resonance will allow you to gift items directly to your friends, but be sure to be picky, as resonances are powerful resources.

Comprehensive Game Updates

Our full release is also bringing a staggering amount of balance updates, new unique items, new item bases, and much, much more. If you’d like to learn everything that is coming in Last Epoch 1.0, please visit our patch notes on the forum.

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