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FFXIV Weaver Power Leveling Boost

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The job called Weaver will be leveled to the selected level.


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What’s up, dear Customer? My name is Librarian Husky. Weavers craft light armor, accessories, and attractive glamours, particularly for DoM (Disciples of Magic), who use cloth armor. They also make costly home decor like beds, curtains, and decorations for walls, floors, and both inside and outside of buildings. Order this great HuskyBoost boost, and we’ll quickly manage to level up your lovely profession.

Why should I buy the FFXIV Weaver Power Leveling Boost?

So the players with this profession – they gain levels by making robes, ribbons, shirts, and more rather than fighting. High-level weavers are essential for those who love fashion. Do you enjoy fashion? If so, it’s a great choice for you (FFXIV profession).

Starting with basic threads and fabrics, weavers use needles and spinning wheels to create outfits for mages and fashion players. As they advance, they can make the most exquisite glamours. Our HuskyBoost boosting will help you achieve this profession at its cap level.

Cheap Weaver leveling in FFXIV with HuskyBoost

In order to find Weaver, you must head to Ul’dah in Aldenard. The Weavers Guild is in the Steps of Thal and is led by Redolent Rose. What about leveling? Well.. It’s much better to order HuskyBoost boost, of course, but on your own – like other crafters, through repeated crafting of specific items. You can try it yourself or follow online guides, but be prepared for a grind. HuskyBoost can help you avoiding grinding in this game, order our services, please.

Along with following the main quest, you might need to take on additional tasks to keep gaining experience. But why carry all of that if you can simply order HuskyBoost boost for this profession and forget about boring, challenging activities that are required to be completed in order to become a great Weaver?

What do Customers receive?

  • The job called Weaver will be leveled to the selected level.
  • You will keep lots of Gill currency after the boost.

How does FFXIV Weaver Power Leveling Boost work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Stream – watch the boost happen in real-time with a live HQ video.
  • Completing quests of Job – Boosters will quickly finish the particular quests for your job (craft).
  • Obtain gear called Pentamelded – Boosters will help you craft 620 item-level gear from the Pentamelded collection for your cap-level job (level 90).


Questline completion required for the general (main) profession (level ranging) MSQ is required:

  • From 1 to 50 – completion for the Reborn Realm.
  • From 50 to 60 – completion for the Heavensward.
  • From 60 to 70 – completion for the Stormblood.
  • From 70 to 80 – completion for the Shadowbringers.
  • From 80 to 90 – completion for the Endwalker.

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