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FFXIV Leatherworker Power Leveling Boost

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Selected level for the job called Leatherworker.


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Howdy, dear Custoemr. My name is Librarian Husky. Leather armor crafting is essential for Lancers, Archers, and Pugilists. With HuskyBoost, it’s achievable. They rely on leather for their accessories, weapons, and outfits. Besides these, leatherworkers craft a variety of items, including gathering and crafting gear, furniture, and other leather goods. Husky professionals can help with it really easy.

Why should I buy the FFXIV Leatherworker Power Leveling Boost?

These artisans, known as Disciples of the Hand, focus on crafting rather than combat. They level up by working with hides, furs, and pelts. Leatherworking is a versatile profession that always finds buyers on the Market Board. So, to get this level super fast – you gotta order it from HuskyBoost.

Efficient Leatherworker leveling in FFXIV with HuskyBoost

While not the most prominent profession, leatherworking is practical and valuable. Leatherworkers create leather essential for all crafting classes, along with various gathering and crafting tools.

By ordering our boost, you will obtain lots of great game currency called Gil. In FFXIV, what do leatherworkers create? Primarily, they make widely used leather, along with gear for gathering and crafting. They also craft leather accessories, weapons, and armor, as well as items for housing. Order HuskyBoost services now.

What do Customers receive?

  • Selected level for the job called Leatherworker.
  • You will keep lots of Gill currency after the boost.

How does FFXIV Leatherworker Power Leveling Boost work?

  • Express speed – We will complete your order with a higher priority, and the completion time will be faster by 30%.

Additional options

  • Stream – watch the boost happen in real-time with a live HQ video.
  • Completing quests of Job – Boosters will quickly finish the particular quests for your job (craft).
  • Obtain gear called Pentamelded – Boosters will help you craft 620 item-level gear from the Pentamelded collection for your cap-level job (level 90).


Questline completion required for the general (main) profession (level ranging) MSQ is required:

  • From 1 to 50 – completion for the Reborn Realm.
  • From 50 to 60 – completion for the Heavensward.
  • From 60 to 70 – completion for the Stormblood.
  • From 70 to 80 – completion for the Shadowbringers.
  • From 80 to 90 – completion for the Endwalker.

Buy FFXIV Leatherworker Power Leveling Boost now!