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Best Heroes – PvP Class Tier List

Today, I will be diving into a Tier List (TL) for classes in Diablo Immortal, focusing on PVP. This list reflects my personal opinion on how each class is performing in the current meta for Season 16. Starting with the Barbarian, I consider it to be somewhere around a B-tier class. In my opinion, Barbarians are the weakest, presenting a minor threat in the Playing Ground meta.

Diablo Immortal PVP Class Rankings

Unless a Barbarian has significant investments (being a “large wheel”), they perform adequately. Lower resonance Barbarians are relatively easy to handle. They possess the “Undying Rage” ability, but it’s not as effective as it used to be. You can immobilize them during its effect, stunning and eventually defeating them. So, dealing with Barbarians in Season 16 is not a significant challenge.

Blood Knight Performance

Next, let’s discuss the Blood Knight. In PVP, the Blood Knight remains a solid choice, excelling across all resonance levels—low, major, or high. The class offers two damage immunities: one from “Sang Unit” and the other from “The Best.” These can be combined to inflict substantial damage. Therefore, in my view, the Blood Knight is an S-tier class, performing exceptionally well in PVP.

Assessing the Wizard

Moving on to the Wizard, this class is good but not outstanding. High and mid-resonance Wizards will perform very well, but the scenario changes for lower resonance and free-to-play Wizards. They require close combat using the “Sprinkler” build, which, while effective in inflicting damage, also leads to high mortality rates. Wizard have a higher skill cap in PVP. You need to be precise with your teleports and engagements; any misstep can result in defeat. Now, let’s proceed to the next class, the Monk.

Monk Class Evaluation

Monks, for me, are an A-tier class, not as great as they once were, but still decent. High resonance Monks perform well in PVP, but those at mid or lower resonance levels struggle against classes capable of greater damage, such as Demon Hunters, Black Knights, or Necromancers. It becomes particularly challenging to face these classes one-on-one. Now, let’s move on to the next class, the Demon Hunter.

Demon Hunter Analysis

The Demon Hunter, while not the best in the current meta, excels in dealing damage if they manage to hit the enemy. However, their lack of crowd control abilities, limited to a knock-back shot, is a drawback. Knowing when to engage a Demon Hunter is crucial; a misstep in close range can be fatal, as they can eliminate opponents quickly with the Wind Share build. Despite this, Demon Hunters are manageable if played correctly. Their mobility, particularly with the Dreading Swing, is not overly effective, allowing classes like Crusaders or Blood Knights to easily catch up.

Necromancer Dominance

Necromancers currently top the PVP food chain in Diablo Immortal, excelling across all resonance levels, from free-to-play to high resonance. They boast superior crowd control, mobility, and a low cooldown for their Red Form skill. Additionally, Necromancers have a “cheat death” skill, significantly enhancing their PVP capabilities. Skillful play can make a Necromancer nearly invincible, allowing them to dominate the battlefield.

Crusader’s Current Standing

Crusaders, in the present meta, are extremely strong, though not as dominant as they were before the introduction of the Blood Knight. They possess immunity and high mobility, enabling them to chase down classes like Demon Hunters and Barbarians. Crusaders can also stun enemies, pull them in, and provide solid support, making them effective in pushing objectives in PVP Battlegrounds. This concludes my tier list for the current season. Signing off, see you in the next one.

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