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Diablo 4 Season 3 Best Class Tier List

Hey folks, this is Librarian Husky with a Diablo 4 Season 3 class tier list. If you’re wondering what class to play this season, this guide should help you out. In Season 3, we’re getting hit with some significant balance changes. A lot of the top builds got nerfed, bugs got fixed, bringing down their power, and a lot of other builds got buffed. We’re losing the Season 2 powers but gaining a companion as part of the Season 3 theme, which we’ll be able to customize to buff us in different ways depending on our build, or even do its own damage. The companion should prove to be a significant source of power, so I think overall, compared to Season 2, the average power of a given build will either stay the same or even rise again compared to what Season 2 powers were giving us.

Introduction to Diablo 4 Season 3 Class Tier List

Now, Diablo 4 doesn’t have any test servers, so none of us have tried out the new companion powers or the new balance patch. This is just going to be best guesses based on the patch notes. But if, for instance, there’s some new bug that comes up that makes something absolutely broken, there’s no way for us to predict that now. What exactly will this tier list be measuring? It’s not about which class has the strongest build; that’s a part of it, but it’s not entirely that. This tier list is based on what is the safest class that you can go with to ensure that you have a fun Season 3.

Factors Influencing the Tier List

We’re looking at the 1 to 50 early leveling experience, the 50+ midgame experience, the endgame experience, the speed farming experience, and how many viable, powerful build options each class has in all of these aspects. I also give different weights to different parts of the game. For instance, the 1 to 50 I weigh less than the other parts because you’re spending the least amount of time there, but I’m still including it. Some people say, “Why even bother?” Well, because for some people, it takes longer to do 1 to 50. Some people give up; maybe they pick a class that has a bad 1 to 50 experience, they get to level 40, they’re not having a good time, and they quit the season entirely. So for them, that was the entirety of their season.

So, just keep in mind as I’m going through each class and talking through the builds, the class’s strengths, weaknesses, and different aspects, keep in mind what maybe your area of focus is, what part of the game is more significant to you, and that could help guide your choice as well. Now, as we move into the tier list, the first thing you’ll note: we actually have no classes beneath B tier, which is great for last season.

Analysis of Class Balancing in Gaming

I had placed the Barbarian in D tier initially, as we were unaware of the strength of the overpower rework. Surprisingly, it turned out to be overpowered. However, the overall balance now seems much improved, with classes appearing closer in power. Since half of this tier list is empty, we can shift it to make room for more detailed analysis.

Starting with the B tier, let’s discuss the significant decline of the Rogue. Last season, I rated the Rogue as the best class in S tier. If it weren’t for the bugs favoring the Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian and the overpowering ball lightning sorcerer builds, the Rogue might have remained top-tier in season 2. Notably, the Rogue also benefited from a bug in season 2, which provided an excessive number of combo points, clearly unintended by the game design. This bug has been addressed, leading to the elimination of this broken build.

However, the main reason for the Rogue’s decline is the nerf to twisting blades. This skill has been strong since the game’s inception, and I believe it should have been the benchmark for all builds. Despite its strength, it was not overpowered in my view. The ideal scenario would have been to maintain twisting blades and elevate other builds to its level. Nevertheless, we are witnessing a nerf to this skill, as the blades can now only hit twice, a significant functional reduction.

Adapting Rogue Strategies: Navigating the New Season’s Class Changes

In addition to this, the Close Quarters combat passives have received massive nerfs, adversely affecting melee Rogue. Additionally, poison builds for Rogues, which emerged as dominant in season 2, are facing major nerfs. To counterbalance, there are numerous buffs to ranged Rogue builds, suggesting that a ranged approach might be preferable this season.

Twisting blades, while nerfed, is not completely unviable. It remains effective for leveling and is still one of the best options for such activities. However, for pushing nightmare dungeons or challenging content, ranged Rogue builds may surpass it. It’s important to note that the Rogue class heavily relies on skill; with the nerf to twisting blades, players will need to focus more on rotations and using skills correctly.

Impact of Nerfs on Rogue Class

The Rogue class’s performance is now heavily impacted by the recent changes. The nerf to twisting blades significantly affects its viability in high-level content. This skill, once powerful enough to be effective even with minimal strategic engagement, now requires a more nuanced approach.

The adjustment to the Close Quarters combat key passives further complicates this, making melee Rogues less effective. The shift in focus from poison to ranged builds indicates a change in the class’s strategic direction. While not entirely debilitating, these changes necessitate a more skillful and strategic playstyle, especially for those aiming to excel in challenging game scenarios.

The new item buffs for ranged Rogues also introduce a fresh dynamic, potentially making them more viable than their melee counterparts for certain types of content. This shift implies that players will need to adapt to these changes, mastering new rotations and strategies to maintain effectiveness.

Rogue Class Dynamics in Gaming

In gaming, mastering the Rogue class, especially when pushing through nightmare dungeons, requires precise skill usage and sequence timing. However, for leveling, the Rogue remains one of the strongest classes, offering a smooth experience from level 1 to 50. If your interest lies primarily in Overworld content, where pushing nightmare dungeons is not a priority, every class now has multiple viable builds for efficiently tackling hell tides, bounties, and world bosses. For instance, if I were to play a Rogue this season, my choice would be a penetrating shot Rogue.

The Sorcerer’s Position in the Current Meta

Last season, the sorcerer was placed in B tier, a ranking that was established before the discovery of the overpowering ball lightning sorcerer build. With the upcoming nerfs to ball lightning, the overall standing of the sorcerer remains in B tier. The extent of the nerf to ball lightning is still uncertain, but it’s predicted that it will no longer be the dominant sorcerer build. Significant buffs to the meteor skill indicate its potential to become the new top sorcerer build, though it’s unlikely to reach the previously broken levels of ball lightning. The sorcerer class continues to excel in leveling from 1 to 50, offering a fast and smooth experience, albeit as a glass cannon. With various options like chain lightning and firewall, sorcerers can efficiently farm Overworld content. The introduction of lightning spear, which applies vulnerability on critical hits, adds a new dimension to sorcerer builds. However, in high-level nightmare dungeons, the sorcerer may face challenges without the ball lightning advantage.

Necromancer Class Overview

The Necromancer class boasts arguably the best leveling build from 1 to 50 in the game, primarily due to the strength of the blood surge ability. While Necromancer lack mobility, especially at lower levels, their ability to deal substantial area damage with blood surge compensates for their slow movement speed. This efficiency holds as long as the player engages in activities with high density and minimal walking. However, considering the importance of having diverse builds for different activities, the Necromancer might not be the absolute best choice for leveling in every scenario, despite its strong performance in specific contexts.

Necromancer Class Analysis

While having a singular optimal build for leveling doesn’t necessarily make a class the best, the Necromancer is a strong contender for those who don’t mind following a specific build from level 1 to 50. Notably, the infinim build for the Necromancer has weakened this season. A significant part of its effectiveness, derived from triggering Lucky Hits, has been reduced, as the Lucky hit chance of corpse explosion has decreased from 40% to 25%. Consequently, the focus is shifting back towards the bone spear build, which is now emerging as the dominant build, especially effective post-level 50. Although the infinis build is not completely obsolete, it is less potent than before. An intriguing aspect for the Necromancer this season is the bone spirit, receiving considerable attention with new supporting items and buffs. It’s speculated that bone spirit might turn out to be a top build, reminiscent of the classic Diablo 2 frozen orb sorceress. The newly introduced shattered Spirit aspect, enhancing bone spirit with 18 bone splinters and increased damage, adds an exciting dynamic to the Necromancer’s arsenal. However, despite some buffs, the Summoner Necromancer build remains less competitive compared to the top-tier Necromancer builds.

Druid Class Prospects

The Druid class presents a mix of good and bad news. On the downside, it remains the weakest class for leveling from 1 to 50, posing a slow and challenging progression for players aiming for rapid advancement. However, in the realm of endgame content, the Druid is shaping up to be one of the strongest classes in season 3. Despite the heavy nerf to the aspect of the Blurred Beast, which impacts the poison tread build, the lightning storm build is receiving a significant boost, especially with the introduction of a new unique item. If I were to play a Druid this season, my focus would likely be on developing a lightning storm build. Additionally, the patch notes indicate increased support for werewolf builds like rabies and lacerate, suggesting more diverse and potentially viable options for Druid players.

Druid Build Analysis for the Season

Despite its strengths, I do not expect the pulverized build to be among the absolute best for Druids this season. The significant nerf to overpower has halved its damage output, indirectly affecting Druid builds that rely heavily on overpower damage, such as pulverize. However, pulverize remains a strong option for Overworld content. It’s only in the challenging nightmare Dungeons where it may fall behind other builds like werewolf tornado and, notably, the lightning storm build, which are likely to emerge as the top choices for Druids this season.

Barbarian Class Prospects

The Barbarian class is showing excellent prospects this season. While not the best for leveling from 1 to 50, it’s certainly not as challenging as the Druid, offering various decent leveling options like double swing, upheaval, and Hammer of the Ancients. Looking at endgame content, Barbarians have a wide range of viable and strong builds to choose from. Despite the nerfs, Hammer of the Ancients remains a potentially strong option. The build has been weakened due to the overpower damage cut and bug fixes, but it can still be effective. Additionally, the ren Barbarian is receiving significant buffs and is worth considering. The charge Barbarian , with its enhanced base skill, is also becoming a promising build, especially for Overworld content. For endgame, options like upheaval, double swing, ren, walking Arsenal, and Whirlwind make Barbarians versatile, offering a variety of powerful builds. Moreover, changes in the Barbarian playstyle mean that players no longer need to rely solely on the three shout meta, indicating a shift in the class’s dynamics.

Changing Meta for Barbarians

The upcoming changes to the Barbarian class in gaming are set to significantly alter the long-standing meta. Impressively, these changes do not involve direct nerfs but rather a shift in strategy. Players will no longer be incentivized to stack multiple shouts on their bar. The benefits previously gained from utilizing various shouts are being redistributed, allowing for the same advantages but with fewer shouts required. This adjustment is expected to diversify the Barbarian playstyle, which has been relatively stagnant since the game’s launch.

Strategies for the Upcoming Season

This season is shaping up to be an opportune time for Barbarians. Having recently played a Hammer of the Ancients Barbarian in the previous season, I am personally not inclined to revisit that build immediately. Instead, the charge Barbarian build has caught my interest. My current plan is to start with a Necromancer for a smooth leveling experience from 1 to 50 and to prepare an endgame character. After accumulating resources with the Necromancer, I aim to transition to a Barbarian as my second character, utilizing the farmed gold and materials to ease the leveling process. The charge Barbarian build is particularly appealing to me, but if the bone Spirit build proves to be highly effective, I might continue playing as a Necromancer.

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