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Diablo 4 Season 4 Class Tier List!

What’s up, guys? Today, we’re going to go over a couple of tier lists that I have for you, coming into season 4 after all the patch notes were released yesterday. But what I wanted to do was just go over a quick tier list for the classes, and then I’ll have a separate article for the builds. Your top five builds. So, let’s go ahead and hop right into this.

I know a lot of people love these articles and just really enjoy learning about the upcoming best classes in the game. I’m going to go from the worst to the best because we already know who the best is. Let’s get into it.

Rogue Class Analysis

Rogue has really fallen off. I think the grenade aspects and other features coming to Diablo 4 season 4 will be fun and interesting to use for the Rogue. I do really hope that they increase some of the bow builds. I like the idea of rapid fire being able to launch kind of like a Ballista or something. But in the end, Adam Jackson, just give us multi-shot. I’ve been asking for this for seasons. Nobody wants to play barrage; nobody wants to play rapid fire. Just give us multi-shot, and all the Rogue players will be extremely happy.

Twisted blades is still fairly good; flurry did get a buff, so the builds for Rogue are just subpar in comparison to some of the other builds from other classes. Pen shot can do a lot of damage, but you have to go through a particular sequence; otherwise, it’s just mass. It’s clunky. Twisted blades is probably still the best build for the Rogue.

Necromancer Class Review

I’m putting Necromancer in the middle right because here’s the thing with Necromancer: we’ve had three seasons plus the beta, the alpha, pre-release, and then the release of the game. Necromancer has had zero minions; it’s basically been, and Macro Boy will probably disagree with me, but it’s been bone spear or bust. I know in season 2, we had an Infamous build that was solid, and a sever build that was pretty solid, but it’s really been just bone spear or nothing.

The only minion class in the game has had zero minions, but all that changes with season 4 because now all the minions get 100% of your attributes from your character. Hopefully, this makes them better. My only concern with minions is the AI aspect because minions are pretty dumb in Diablo I and they don’t really work too well. However, if they’re just incredibly powerful and they’re dumb, when they actually hit a monster, they’ll kill it and just move on.

Sorcerer Class Evaluation

Sorc is going to be B tier. Sorc has been basically the baseline of all the classes. Sorc has continued to be pretty good at everything but not the best at anything. The only time that they were top of the food chain for a moment was in season 2 with the ball lightning, which was nerfed, and we found out that it was a bug that was double hitting everything. So that’s the only reason ball lightning was even good, and now the ball lightning is complete trash; it’s not even a build that you should consider playing. However, with that said, as a sorc fan and someone who enjoys playing sorc, there are some very, very strong builds right now, like frozen orb, meteors, and this new Frozen Nova build that’s kind of cool.

Sorcerer Class Stability

Sorc is just really good at kind of everything but not the best or worst at anything. I’ve said this for seasons: Sorc has just been kind of like the baseline. The bummer with Sorc is that it’s never going to really have one of the best builds in the game. I think we hit our cap in season two with ball lightning. I just don’t see anything ever being stronger than that for Sorc in the future. So, she will be down in B tier, which is just kind of—it is what it is.

Druid Class Advancements

Then we’re going to get to Druid. Druid is A tier. Druid is just absolutely fantastic. It continues to get massive buffs and changes to the basic skills to make the leveling process and resource management really easy. They have just a plethora of builds that are super strong.

The one knock is, as I talked about in the changes, that overpower for one of the glyphs got nerfed, which is just ironic. I don’t know why the devs would buff overpower in one season and then nerf it twice after that. It doesn’t make sense. Now, overpower as a whole is actually one tick worse than what it was before any changes were even made. Why do that? Just leave it normal, then,

But companions got a huge buff. Shred basic skill attacks are all super strong. Lightning storm—pretty much any build that you play for Druid is just super powerful going into this next season. I think there’s going to be a lot of Druids. He’s just really slow until you start playing lightning shred or you trample around. Druid is incredibly powerful.

Barbarian Dominance

And last, and certainly not least, the best class in the game for three consecutive seasons: Barbarian. To be honest, it really should be like this: we should add another rank so that the separation looks like this because Barbarian is so strong that.

Barbarian Class Supremacy

I’m salty about it, and I’m sure a lot of non-Barbarian players feel the same way. Barbarians are so strong that, at the lower levels, it may sound like an exaggeration, but it’s not. You’re doing millions, tens of millions, before you even get to level 100. It’s absolutely insane. Barbarian has been dominating every single season. Any build that you have for Barbarian is just leagues ahead of any other class or any other build for that matter.

Last season, in particular, Barbarians were doing billions upon billions. But again, you had to go through a very particular sequence just for penetrating shot to actually do it, and even then, that’s something that you couldn’t achieve just by going through a dungeon. It was made specifically for bossing, and when you take a Barbarian build and make it for bossing, now you’re doing quadrillions of damage. It’s just absolutely insane.

Barbarian Nerfs and Adjustments

So, the small nerfs that they got, which is ironic compared to the other classes this season. They nerfed the Twister build, right? They nerfed a twister by, you know, going from five Twisters to three, but then they gave it a damage buff. So, it’s a one-for-one, which is pretty even, which is fair, right? But then, you have other builds that just get double nerfs to their skills. Adam Jackson?

But yeah, Barbarian is the top of the list, especially going into season 4. There is nothing else you should be playing besides Barbarian, unless you want to have the fantasy of playing another class. Barbarians, again like I said, are probably doing 10 million-plus damage at 20, 25, roughly. And now, with these brand-new changes about giving you basically a starter set of legendaries to get your builds going into World tiers 3 and 4, Barbarians will be doing even more damage at even lower levels.

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