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A Deep Dive into Diablo 4’s Season 2 Builds

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Hi everyone, it’s Librarian Husky. Tomorrow, or actually by the time this is posted, today, season two is going to start. I want to go through all the top builds for both the leveling and the endgame for the different classes and give you guys a recommendation.

All the max Bo have already updated the tier list, and some of the build guides have already been updated for season 2. The last ones are coming in as well, so hopefully they’ll be ready for you very soon.

But let me take you through and point out some builds that you might want to play next season.

Leveling and the Barbarian

So, let’s start with leveling and the Barbarian. I really think here you only have one choice, and I would play upheaval.

The thing about upheaval is it’s already was one of the best leveling skills because it has tremendous range and it has tremendous spread. It hits pretty much the whole screen, so it’s godly for clearing the dopamine tunnels or for just blasting something down in an overworld event, doing a lot of AOE.

It’s not that good on bosses, but you don’t fight that many bosses leveling up, and you can always respec when you do the Capstone.

So, I think the upheaval Barb is definitely the way to go for leveling, and this is one of the guides that we need to get up pretty quickly.

Leveling Builds for Druid

For the leveling builds, Druid is just all bad news. I’ve played all of these leveling up, and the problem is, last time the season one used to give you a bunch of godly powers.

They used to give you, I think, they gave you the pulverized shock wave power, and they gave you that like trample poison slide powers that you needed. I don’t know what the powers are this season, but it’s not those, and it’s not the tornado seeking aspects.

Leveling Druids in Diablo 4

If I was leveling a druid, I’d be leveling in the Overworld probably to take advantage of playing with other people in the events to be like, “Hey guys, I’m a druid, help!” If you get the shock wave power or the tornadoes seek enemies power, then you’re cooking. You would immediately respec to one of these two skills.

Druids, I think, are the worst levelers by far in Diablo 4. It’s hard to make a recommendation which is the complete opposite for necros.

Necros Leveling

Summoner is going to be much better if you guys have been looking to play minions. It’s moving way up, so that’s another godly one. And also some of the Shadow skills bone spear will probably still be very good, or you can play corpse explosion.

Necros rule at leveling, even though they’re very slow. But if I were you, I would play Blood surger or probably Summoner. Summoner got better.

Rogues Leveling

Rogues, the best in the game, is probably twisting blades. Twisting blades Rogue is not going to win like one to Capstone; the other classes are going to beat him there.

But the twisting blades Rogue, you just keep playing it, it just keeps ramping up. And once you get your Shadow and view online with the explosions that essentially give you infinite energy, it’s just a free win.

Sorcerer Leveling

Sorcerer leveling is just the dream. I actually got my fastest time ever for any class today. I leveled a firewall sorcerer 1 to 40. And if you’re wondering why I level to 40, it’s because that’s usually a time where you can go do the Capstone pretty safely on Hardcore.

I leveled a 1 to 40 firewall sorcerer in an hour and 22 minutes with absolutely nothing. I didn’t use the seasonal theme, malignant hearts, or any powers. I just played with a vanilla sorcerer.

Leveling Class Suggestions

So that’s some suggestions for you for all of the different classes for leveling. Now, let’s look at the end game.

Barbarian End Game

Okay, let’s start with the Barbarian. Now, for the Barbarian, double swing Barb is one I just really don’t like. I don’t like the skill. It’s powerful, I recognize that it’s good for bossing, I completely agree.

If I were you, I would play Whirlwind. I would play Whirlwind and I would set up bleed because bleed is not going to be impacted by the crit nerfs as much. Barbarians aren’t the best at applying vulnerable; they apply it with exploit and then I think they apply it with pressure point.

Adjusting Strategies: Navigating Nerfs and Leveling the Barbarian

But they don’t have as many auto vulnerables as, let’s say, the bone spear necro. So, it’s not the biggest end of the world that they nerfed vulnerable here, and I think that’s just going to further increase Whirlwind Barb stock.

This is the build that I would play if I was leveling Barbarian to get up to level 100. And only then would I respec to something else like double swing Barb or maybe Rend rupture to kill Duriel.

Druid End Game

We got some really bad news for Druids in leveling, but it’s the complete opposite story for them in the end game. Pulverize is going to be incredible once you actually get the shock wave power and the new multiplicative damage power for the were bear skills.

Now we have the storm claw build. Generators are so good with some of the vampiric powers, and this storm claw Druid is going to absolutely dominate Duriel. If I could pick any build to fight Duriel, I would either pick twisting blade Rogue or stormclaw.

Necromancer End Game

The Necromancer’s journey ahead seems quite intriguing, with diverse opinions on what will emerge powerful in the new scenario.

Certainly, Infinus is poised to be extraordinary. Enveloped in a blood mist, casting perpetual explosions, it obliterates everything in its path. The prominence of Infinus is unquestionably on a rise, solidifying its position as an already remarkable build and marking itself as an unequivocal S tier.

The potency of blight corpse explosions is anticipated to be formidable as well. Despite undergoing a substantial nerf, the bone spear continues to hold its ground, retaining a significant presence. It had been excessively powerful, outshining even the finest builds, and post-nerf, it still promises to be a relevant force.

Analyzing Diablo 4 Skill Builds

The revisions to abilities such as overpower and fortify make the blood skills appear quite auspicious. Shadow Summoner also seems poised to be quite potent. Opinions are split regarding the Summoner necro blood surge – it’s seen by some as potentially top-tier, while others perceive it as more mediocre. I find myself aligning more with the latter perspective.

Infinim presents its own set of challenges, necessitating multiple powers to truly flourish. It’s not a build that one can dive into right away.

It might be more tactical to commence with a build like the Summoner necro, blood surge, bone spear, or blood Lance, considering a gradual shift towards infinim as one progresses further.

Rogue Skill Builds

When it comes to Rogue, all the builds should be effective. Boosting blade will likely be the standout.

Death trap is excellent for crowd control as it draws enemies in. Personally, I prefer the twisting blade variant. It seems that with Shadow imbue, it can usually clear rooms without the need for clustering enemies.

Sorcerer Skill Builds

Then we reach the sorcerer class, which presents a contrasting scenario. While they excel in leveling, endgame is a bit more challenging. Chain lightning and AR glass should be viable. Blizzard was probably their strongest build previously, so it’s likely to remain effective. With the adjustments to other skills and items, ice shards may see a surge in usage. Firewall, another key skill, also presents interesting dynamics for the sorcerer class.

The Intricacies of the Firewall Build

Firewall is the one I’m particularly interested in, given that it’s such an exquisite leveling build that doesn’t require much. Damage-over-time (Dot) builds in general might receive a pseudo massive boost this season because they aren’t as negatively impacted compared to other builds. I’m leaning towards adopting the firewall strategy and hoping for the best.

I suspect Sorcerers might face more challenges against Uber Duriel compared to other classes. Blizzard, or possibly firewall, might be the most effective strategy to defeat Uber Duriel.

Overview of Build Strategies

Here’s a brief overview of all the builds. As always, you can refer to the tier list on Maxroll. Simply click, and if it says “Season 2 Blood Out Boy Macro,” it indicates the list has been updated.

The table of contents will guide you through Maxroll, but most of you probably already know how it works. In this rundown, I’ve shared my views on how your season might unfold.

The Twisting Blades Build

If you’re seeking my opinion on the absolute best build, it’s Twisting Blades. Twisting Blades excels in the endgame, dominates nightmare dungeons, and will likely obliterate Duriel. It’s also top-tier for leveling.

If you’re after the best comprehensive build, it remains the Twisting Blades Rogue. Many expected it to face nerfs this season, and it might be on the cards for the next. If you haven’t tried it yet, now might be the best time.

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