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Xur’s GOD ROLL Stat Exotic! Amazing GL

Hello, my marvelous sausages, it’s the 8th of March, and Zur is sure in the tower hanger. Look at my splendidly silver crown because we came second. Yes, anyway, let’s go and see what got his tentacles erect this week. First off, we have the Prometheus Lens Trace Rifle.

Greetings and Highlights

It’s solar. Prismatic Inferno fires a solar Trace beam that creates a field of heat energy that grows as the weapon is fired. It’s a cracker well worth having, I think. We had it a couple of months ago or a couple of weeks ago. Well, either way, if you haven’t got it, it’s well worth picking up. Yes, there we are, that’s good.

Featured Item: The Sixth Coyote

Moving on now, we’ve got the Sixth Coyote for the hunters. Gain a second Dodge Charge. It’s quite simple and a brilliant exotic. I use it, particularly in my strand diving builds, where you can suspend GS.

Let’s have a look at the stats, and it’s astoundingly good. Oh my God, we’ve got 30 in Mobility, 70 overall, 16 in discipline. That is, that’s probably the best you’re going to get, really a need for a stat for that. If you’re a hunter, you really must pick that up because it can be applied to so many different subclasses, so many different builds. I love it for strand.

I’m going to buy one myself. Hang on a minute, what’s happened to you? Buck it off, here we go, let’s buy another one of those. Come on, buy, buy, there we are, lovely. I’ve got one. Splendid, thank you, Zur. Okay, pick that up.

Special Mention: Ashen Wakes

Anyway, move on. Ashen Wakes, because these things don’t come across very often, do they? So, anyway, Ashen Wakes for the Titans. Let’s have a look. Fusion grenades gain increased throw speed, explode on impact, and this is really useful and not thought of much. Stuns Unstoppable Champions with your grenades, very useful. Final blows with the fusion grenades grant Grenade energy. Stat AG is well, unfortunately, it’s not so great, but they a cracking look to them, and it’s a 64. We got a spike in discipline, which is where you kind of want it, really, but it’s not amazing. But still, a great exotic if you ain’t got it and better than Collections.

Item Insights: Brass Attacks Sidearm

You know it’s not great as a 65, but it’s better than you’re going to get out of the collections bin, isn’t it? Right then, moving on to weapons, and we have the Brass Attacks Sidearm. This one’s void, aggressive two-hit burst. We’ve got one for all, hmm, slideways, Triple H, we’ve got a pended mag, armor-piercing round, which is handy of course. Smile, haven’t had one of them for a while, and an extended barrel as well, and a Reload speed Masterwork. It’s not very good, and popularity would tend to agree with me; it’s only got an F in the popularity stakes, so like GG, so most people bin that baby.

Spotlight on Legal Action II Pulse Rifle

What do we have? Your legal action 2 pulse rifle. This is kinetic, high impact frame, quite a nice pulse actually. We’ve got thresh and Feeding Frenzy, alloy magazine, fled Magwell, we’ve got another smell bar as well, and a corkscrew rifling, and a range Masterwork on it too. I do like high impact frame anything, to be perfectly honest, but it’s not a popular roll, that’s a dun like GG.

No Reprieve Shotgun Overview

Next, the No Reprieve shotgun. Now, this is craftable, so it’s well worth picking this up if you’re looking to craft it. It’s stasis, yes, and it’s a slug frame, which is nice. We’ve got Wellspring, Outlaw, assault mag, tactical mag, fluted barrel, and COSC rifling, and a stability Masterwork too. So yes, it looks like a blunderbuss, doesn’t it? And oddly enough, I was watching J mani, and I thought the baddy in that had a blunderbuss, but he hasn’t. That’s the Mandela effect for you. Anyway, there we are, is the Mandela. I don’t know how you pronounce it, you know what I mean though.

Assessment of the Arsenic Bite 4B

Anyway, moving over to the most lethal pencil in the world, the Arsenic Bite 4B. Now, this is pretty popular, actually. It’s got a B on like GG, so it’s a popular role, and my eyes have gone to exactly why. It’s got dragonfly on it, which is great. Then we got sneak bow, and we’ve also got compact Arrow shaft, helical Fletching, agile bowstring, and polymer string as well, and we’ve got the target acquisition Masterwork on it. It’s Arc and lightweight frame. Spin around the axis, my baby, you’re very very attractive.

The Cartesian Coordinate Evaluation

Okay, what do we have here, my old favorite, the Cartesian Coordinate. This is a great rapid-fire solar Fusion. This roll has got a D on light GG popularity, but never kind do the Cartesian. I like it, high impact reserves, it’s not bad at all, rounds at the end of the magazine deal more damage, that’s not bad, hip-fire grip as well, for shooting from the hip, enhanced battery, ionized battery, Red Dot micro, bikini, and hit Mark is as well. Yes, so not too bad, um, really could have a better role on it though, I suppose.

Grenade Launchers: Interference VI

Next, interference six grenade launcher. Now, the grenade launchers have had a buff in the new Sandbox update this week, so it’s well worth keeping your peepers peeled for a good one, and this is a good one. Currently sits at A in popularity on like GG, guaranteed.

Weapon Highlights: Grenade Launcher

It’ll be soaring in popularity by the time Z nips off on his spaceship again because we’ve got Full Court first of all, which increases the detonation damage as the projectile travels further. I love long-ranging on my grenade launcher; it’s great.

Then we’ve got Clown Cartridge, which overfills the magazine from reserves, excellent too. And we’ve also got Augmented Drum, High-Velocity Rounds, Hard Launch, and what’s mistakenly mentioned as a Volatile Launch in a Cupboard is actually Confined Launch, and we’ve got a Velocity Masterwork on it. That is excellent, well worth picking up. The reason why I’m not picking it up is because I got this very roll, so I’m keeping away from that one, but I’d recommend you pick it up; it’s amazing, very very good.

Spotlight on Plank Stride Machine Gun

And then finally, we’ve got the Plank Stride Machine Gun. It’s Arc, it’s a rapid-fire frame, nice. I quite like that, and they all kind of look like blunderbusses, don’t they? Cracking looking again, can be crafted, so if you’re looking to fill that Arc rapid-fire machine gun niche, this is the one for you. This particular roll has got a C in popularity, so you know, mid-mid in popularity. It’s like a… what’s something that repeats itself? I don’t know, killing wind, and then we’ve also got Appended Mag, Extended Mag, Hammer Forge Rifling, and Fluted Barrel once again with a Reload Speed Masterwork. A cracking array of weapons this week.

Season of the Seraph Armor Set

And now we have a nice armor set for looks. This hasn’t been around that often; this is Season of the Seraph, Season 19, it’s the Warmind Avatar Set. We’ve got the gloves there, look, and they do look good, don’t they? Unfortunately, the rolls are crap again, so we’ve got bugged rolls. I say bugged rolls; I just think it’s in the generative algorithm to give us bad rolls now and again, but it’s a great set and a rare set, well worth picking up.

There’s the chest armor for the Warlocks; that’s great, goes really well with my osmancy gloves there. There’s the Bond, Avatar Bond, and there’s the helmet. Now, it’s not a glow in the front, unfortunately, so it doesn’t pulse or change when you put one of the changy ones on, like Photo Finish, but it still does look very nice, particularly with something like Luminous Void or Chromas. Yes, there we are.

And finally, there are the boots. What we got for the stats for these? Yeah, 59, that’s the best, but it’s still not worth getting; it’s too low, but that’s a great looking set for transmog.

Warmind Avatar Set for Titans

And let’s have a look at the Titan Warmind Avatar Set. Again, the stats are probably crap, yes, but look at that, meaty and nice. Yes, a very very good looking set, actually thinking about it, we might have had this maybe about two months ago or something like that. Yeah, nice set, that, very very good.

Armor Showcase: Warmind Avatar Set

There’s the chest piece, nice and shiny, isn’t it? Here’s the tea towel; it’s padded, and we’ve got nothing on the wedding vegetables again. H, and then we’ve got the helmet here, so there’s no glow in the eyeballs. Nice helmet, that. Good looking helmet there, Titans. Sorry, I wasn’t even looking at the stats, but there’s no point, 55. And then there’s the boots on the leg plate, 53, yeah, nice chunkiness though.

Bums, let’s look at the hunter kegs and arms. War Minds avatars vambraces, bizarre, nice set look. You can see it’s the same theme; it’s definitely the Rasputin look, and it’s great. Yeah, we do like that. I don’t think the stats are different, yeah 52 on the arms. Chest piece is very nice looking. Let’s just see how this takes, you know, the old thing. Yeah, it’s a nice piece, that. I do like that. I think they do a cracking job of most of the armor, don’t you? I mean, it’s great.

There we are, there’s the chest piece. Here’s the hood. Uh oh, I don’t know about the thing up the back of the head there. It looks like you’ve been attacked by a replicator from Stargate. Bloody love Stargate. Anyway, so there we go, there’s the cloak. We’ve got the Avatar’s mask there, which is nice actually, very nice looking. And finally, we got the boots. Yeah, I’m not even looking at the stat again, 48, not very good, but a nice looking set.

Weapon Highlight: Hawk Moon Roll

Right, pinch yourselves, poke yourselves in the eyes, you’re not going to believe it. Stop your grinning and drop your linen; we’ve got a good roll on the Hawk Moon. I can’t believe it; I can’t remember the last time we had a good roll on the Hawk Moon. This is an A on like GG in popularity, so it’s very, very good. If you’ve been looking to pick this baby up, then, well, now’s your chance, really, because I wouldn’t wait around anymore, or you’ll probably be old and gray like me. We’ve got smooth grip on it and we’ve got opening shot as well, nice PVP weapon this, and you can see why that probably supports that alloy magazine, which is always the same there, because that’s all we can have, and we’ve got a chambered comp and polytato as well. So yeah, not the best, but really touching the best there.

Weekly Rotators and Guardian Games

This week, the rotators include the Garden of Salvation as the Pinnacle raid, Spire of The Watcher as the Pinnacle dungeon, and the Exotic Mission, Seraph Shield, offering a bonus on Vanguard ranks and Nightfall rewards. This ties in nicely with the Guardian Games, and it’s no surprise to learn that the hunters have won this week’s Guardian Games. So, come and get your reward from the tower podium, even if you’re a Warlock or a Titan. You can also collect them, but of course, you get more rewards, and you get the nice prestigious look. Here we go, let’s interact and get it. Oh, I got a Halo. There we are. I suppose I’ll add that to the other 26 billion that we’ve got, and there’s some fireworks too. So there we go, Hunters are the winners this week.

Trials of Osiris Updates

Now, this week, Trials of Osiris has had some upgrades, and if you haven’t played it before or you played it in the past and it has put you off, now is the time to get back into it because there’s been some pretty good changes. These are going to make things… I haven’t played it yet, but this is what they’re saying anyway.

First of all, they’ve updated a 50% chance to get a trials weapon on wins to always drop the weekly weapon reward to better allow for targeted farming. So the weekly weapon reward, having a look at what we got here this week, we’ve got the Eye of Sol and the Inzer. So we’ve got two adepts this week, so there’s more chances of them to drop after a match, not the Adept versions, but the normal versions of those weapons. That’s good if you want to farm target certain rolls or target farm even.

Enhanced Rewards and New Passage of Persistence in Trials of Osiris

They’ve also added additional rewards on match completions for three-person fire teams. So there’s an additional 50% chance to drop the non-Adept trials weekly weapon, which we just said, a 50% chance at a trials engram drop, and there’s also additional trials reputation as well. So the rewards are a lot better than they were.

Now we’ve got a new passage here as well, not a back passage, it’s called the Passage of Persistence, and I’m reading it here from the twid. Losses following a win will remove the win from a player’s card, so you do three wins, and you get a loss, then you remove that win, so it’ll go back down to two wins consecutive losses, so even.

Trial of Osiris Updates and Strategy

If you suffer a loss after your first win, and then lose again straight away, it won’t remove additional wins, which is very good, until you win again and then lose again. If you get to seven wins, it grants a drop of the weekly Adept weapon. This is a good chance for not worrying about going Flawless and having seven wins in a row. You’ve got a chance to build the wins up. You can do wins and losses, and that means you can have a chance at an Adept weapon.

If you do manage to go Flawless, you clever people, then that’s what will take you to the lighthouse. You still have the lighthouse, but that’s still for Flawless. But you do have a chance of the Adept Weapons just by building the wins up, which is very nice.

And the other one they’ve got here, a passage of ferocity, which is quite a common one. If a player hasn’t been Flawless for the week, then losses after three wins will reset them back to three wins instead of flawing their cards. That’s quite good too, so you’ll just go back to three wins. That’s pretty good. I might take this out for a spin. I don’t know why I really like Trials of Osiris. I’m crap at it.

Rewards Overview for This Week

While we’re here, let’s have a little look at the rewards this week. So, first of all, on Rank 10 on the first track, we’ve got the Inor. This particular one isn’t great or it’s not popular. We’ve got a killing tally, perpetual motion, particle repeater, light battery, full bore, and chamber comb, potato with an Adaptive frame. Yes, handling too. Masterwork.

And then we’ve got the Eye of Sol as well, look. This has got Firing Line, slick draw, accurized rounds, tactical mag, polygonal rifling, and Hammer Forge rifling as well, and a range Masterwork. That’s not a popular role; that’s a D. However, reset it, and the Inzer then gets replaced with this, the CactRactGL3. This role you’re going to be having isn’t the one you can see on the screen here but it’s going to be explosive light, enlightened action, alloy casing, augmented drum, quick launch, and linear comp, and potato. That’s a D on like GG in popularity. Remember as well, these have had a boost, so it might be interesting to see how the cact performs.

And then the Ignis Hammer is the replacement for the Eye of Sol on the next reset track. It’s a good role, actually; it’s a B, and it’s going to have on it frenzy and keep away, we’ve got alloy magazine and light mag in the second column, and polygonal rifling and corkscrew rifling in the first.

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