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Xur Has Amazing And Rare Armor! Loads Of Crafting Weapons! Must Have Titan Exotic

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Xur Has Amazing And Rare Armor! Loads Of Crafting Weapons! Must Have Titan Exotic

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Crafting weapons guide for Destiny 2.
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Hello, my marvelous sausages. It’s the 16th of February, and Librarian Husky is here in the tower hanger. Here he is! Lucky wasn’t you, and I just around because a stupid glitch occurred. Anyway, let’s have a look and see what his testy, testy what’s what he’s got. Yes, and in like Flynn, we have the Lord of Wolves shotgun.


Oh, exciting stuff! What have we got here? It’s a fires a powerful short-range burst of solar damage, and a long press greatly increases the rate of fire and shoots in full auto. A lovely automatic shotgun, excellent! There we go, Lord of Wolves, well worth picking up if you don’t have one.

Armor Highlights

Next, we have the Guin Vests. Now, each spectral blade kill you make before going into stealth will restore more of your super energy. Very nice for your voidy Hunters out there. Not a very good roll, though. Well, 62 is not high enough, you see. We got a bump in resilience and discipline, not great, that one. We got the Wormgod Caress here for the Titans. Defeating a target with melee or finisher grants escalating melee damage, which decays over time. Higher levels of burning fists grant increased weapon damage. Let’s have a look. Wow, that is amazing! Can you see that? There we are, look, we’ve got a big spike in resilience, 23, and a spike in strength, 23 as well. That’s fantastic. You should buy those myself. Lovely, that’s grand for my lovely Titan.

Warlock Gear

Then we got the Felwinter’s Helm, which is, of course, for the Warlocks. Powered by final blows, create a burst of energy that weakens nearby targets. Let’s have a look. It’s a 66, look at that. Oh my God, that’s weird. I mean, it’s nice to see spikes, but they’re all in the wrong place. Yeah, not a great role for that one, really. Intellect, it’s okay, but not great. No, I wouldn’t bother.

Weapon Overview

Now, moving on to the weapons, let’s have a look at what we got here. First of all, we got the No Reprieve stasis shotgun, slug frame. Now, this has got a C on like GG, does mean it’s not very popular. That’s all. Focused Fury, triple tap, precision hits, not too bad. Both accurized rounds, light mag, polygonal rifling, and extended barrel, and a stability Masterwork on that one there. So, not a great role, but of course, this is craftable, and actually, a lot of the stuff he’s got here is craftable this week. So, it’s actually a pretty good week from a crafting point of view. Oh, I’ve just seen the armor, Icos SMG, right. This is fantastic if you haven’t crafted one of these.

Featured Weapon Reviews

You really must acknowledge that this is totally brilliant. This role, in itself, isn’t that great: Gut Shot Straight, Perpetual Motion, Appended Mag, Tactical Mag, Full Bore, Extended Barrel, and Handling Masterwork on that. So, that’s a D on Light GG in popularity, but get it and craft it; it’s fantastic. Next, we got the Spare Rations hand cannon. Oh, that’s nice; don’t see that very often. We got Vpal on it, Snapshot Sights, Ricochet Rounds, Flared Magwell, Small Bore, and Full Bore as well. And what else do we have on here? We’ve got a Handling Masterwork on it too. That’s a C on Light GG in the popularity stakes, but I tell you what, I don’t think that is a bad roll at all, probably pretty good for Crucible actually, that one.

Scout Rifle Spotlight

Next, we got the Tarnished Metal Scout Rifle, again another craftable one, which ain’t bad at all. Look, it’s Arc, lightweight frame, we got Multi-Kill Clip, which I think is a fair perk anyway, Moving Target, Tactical Mag, Flared Magwell, Arrowhead Brake, and Small Bore once again. And there’s also a Stability Masterwork on that baby too. And one other thing to take into account with this Tarnished Metal, these are going to be getting a buff, I believe, even in the March 5th update sandbox update, so this could be worth grabbing for that buff, especially as it got Vault shot on it as well. So yes, a strong possibility, consider getting that to use your Deep Sight Resonators on it if you like using Scouts.

Shotgun Analysis

Moving on, another one that’s well worth a craft is the Eolos Shotgun. This particular role has got a D on Light GG, so it’s not a standout roll. We got Swashbuckler, Grave Robber, Appended Mag, Light Mag, Barrel Shroud, and Full Choke, and we’ve got a Handling Masterwork on it too. The roll’s not great, but good Lord, crafting a go-go.

Grenade Launcher Insights

What else do we have here? Oh, the Interference VI Grenade Launcher. Now then, let’s have a look at this. Again, it’s a D, but this is a pretty good one, generally, as grenade launchers go. Swashbuckler: the weapon gains increased damage from melee kills and kills with this weapon. See, that’s not bad. Autoloading Holster, always handy, Augmented Drum, High-Velocity Rounds, Quick Launch, and Smart Drift Control, and a Velocity Masterwork too. So, it may not be really popular, but it’s not a bad roll, and it’s a good grenade launcher. What is it? Adaptive frame, not my favorite because I prefer the rapid-fires.

Sword Evaluation

And then, just in case, this is a sword. Haven’t had this, if at all, actually here with Z. I don’t know, maybe possibly, but very, very rarely. It’s got a D on Light GG. We’ve got Thresh, Wellspring, Heavy Guard, Swordmaster’s Guard, Tempered Edge, and Enduring Blade as well, and an Impact Masterwork. So, you know, well, if you haven’t got one, now’s a chance to pick it up. Right, this is really important.

Warlock Annealed Set Overview

This week is truly special, as we highlight the Annealed Set for Warlocks, originally from the Season of the Splicer. This set is not only visually stunning but also boasts respectable stats, with pieces like the gloves and robes catching the eye immediately. The gloves are a testament to the set’s appeal, and the robes, with their intricate design and a notable 66 stat roll, featuring a spike in recovery and intellect, are particularly striking. The bond, resembling an eyeball, adds a unique touch to the ensemble, enhancing the Warlock’s mystique. The helmet, with its unusual shape and crown-like appearance, pairs wonderfully with various shaders, showcasing its versatility in style. Lastly, the boots round out the set, offering a balanced mix of resilience and recovery, making them not only a fashionable choice but a practical one for enhancing a Warlock’s rift capabilities.

Titan Armor Set Highlights

Turning our attention to the Titans, we uncover a rare gem in the form of an armor set that has seldom been seen in recent times. The arms, with a robust 62 stat roll and a notable spike in resilience, set the tone for a set that marries form with function. The chest piece continues this trend, boasting a 65 stat roll with resilience once again at the forefront, suggesting a build that can withstand significant punishment. The mark, distinctively designed without obstructing the front, showcases a thoughtful design ethos that balances aesthetic appeal with practicality. The helm, with its Viking-like appearance, exudes a sense of ruggedness and battle-readiness that is sure to appeal to Titans seeking both style and substance in their armor choices.

Armor Set Highlights

As well, that’s a cracker, excellent. What we’ve got here: the strength spike is good, but the mobility one, not so good. And the boots, cool-looking set, nice pistons on the outside too. Nice pistons on that Titan, 63, so it’s not a great spread, but it’s got to be transmog, isn’t it? Yes. Right then, Hunters, let’s have a look at the Woven Firesmith Grips. Great looking again, really good looking set, very good. 67, but a strange uniformity there in the top bit, which isn’t great. We got a spike in strength, that’s not too bad.

Hunter Gear Analysis

For the chest piece, let’s have a look. Lovely, like you can’t see it with the cloak on, so that’s life. 63, spiking in intellect and mobility, that’s not too bad, but just look at it, look at it. Yes, Forge set, really. Woven Firesmith Cap, oh look at that, oh that’s a nice looking Cape, good God, even got a bit of a Friar Tuck going on there, yes, excellent. I do like that, that’s nice, nice Cape. Woven Firesmith Mask, which is a nice looking mask, yes, that’s good. I bet it’ll go well with the thing, you know. I don’t think I’ve got these, so I’m going to be buying these for my Hunter. And then the boots as well, nice chunky boots, oh yes, nice, they look like hydraulic gears on them as well, lovely.

Weapon Insights

And let’s have a look at the Hawkmoon. We have a C on Light GG in popularity. We’ve got a smooth grip, Snapshot Sights, Alloy Magazine, and Extended Barrel as well. Seeing popularity, so you know, obviously, there’s better out there. The Hawk’s having a bit of a Duff run, isn’t it, really.

Upcoming Events

So next week, Sparrow control arrives, oh that looks like fun, sorry, got excited about that. The Nightfall is a sight Battleground in the Cosmodrome, and Crucible has Rift and Elimination. The Pinnacle raid is going to be King’s Fall, Pinnacle dungeon Grasp of Avarice, the mission is Operation Seraph Shield, a corker. And the bonuses on Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit ranks as well, that’s nice, good stuff, juicy week next week. And here we are, the Old Saint 14, because of course, it’s Trials of Osiris now. We’ve got bonus points, your bonus XP points this week, which is pretty cool. So that’s where the bonus is going. Let’s have a look at the weapon opens first of all, so you know, we got the two rank tracks.

Weekly Weapon Highlights

So, this one here, first of all, we’ve got the Inzer. This one isn’t that great, uh, it’s got Tap the Trigger and it’s also got Perpetual Motion, Projection Fuse, Light Battery, Polygonal Rifling, and Extended Barrel as well, and Handling Masterwork. Overall, a C on Light GG. And then we’ve got the Eye of Sol sniper rifle. This is a C on Light GG as well, so not that popular. Opening Shot, Slick Draw, Accurized Rounds, Appended Mag, Hammer-Force Rifling, and Corkscrew Rifling as well, and we’ve got a Range Masterwork on it too. Now, if you do the prestige on this and reset your rank, these weapons change in these slots, and they’re pretty good this week.

Prestige Weapon Replacements

We’ve got the Cataract GL3, which will replace the Inzer there at Rank 10. Now, this has got a very good roll, an A on Light GG. We’ve got Chain Reaction and Impulse Amplifier, a fantastic combination there for grenade launchers. Proximity Grenades, High-Velocity Rounds, Smart Drift Control, and Confined Launch in a Cupboard. And then, in the place of the Eye of Sol at the end there, we’ve got the Ignas Hammer. This one’s got to be A on Light GG, and it’s going to have Eye of the Storm, Fragile Focus, Extended Mag, and also High-Caliber Rounds, and then you got a choice of Polygonal Rifling or Full Bore as well at the end. So, two good weapons on the reset track.

Map and Adept Weapon of the Week

The map this week is Dead Cliffs. And what have we got for the Adept? We’ve got the Eye of Sol sniper rifle as the Adept weapon. Now, don’t forget to go to the Eververse this week so you can claim your Mass Effect freebie pack, which includes a Sparrow, a Ghost, and this lovely ship here in the shape of the Normandy. I put Angel Gleam on it, whatever it’s called; look at it, it’s great, it’s GeForce-tastic.

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