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Update Awards, New Season Insights, and Upcoming Features

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Update Awards, New Season Insights, and Upcoming Features

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A detailed look at the latest update awards, insightful previews of the new season, and a sneak peek at upcoming features in Destiny 2.
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What is up, guys? It’s Librarian Husky, and today we’ve got some brand spanking new Destiny 2 news. The Bungie weekly update has just gone live, revealing official information, so let’s get started.

Latest Destiny 2 News

First things first, what’s been going on this week with Destiny 2? Well, a few things. Notably, Bungie recently released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming season of The Wish. All wishes come at a cost, and that’s pretty cool.

Destiny 2 Nominated for Best Community Support Amid Bungie Layoffs

Now, moving on from there, something else that happened earlier in the week was the unveiling of nominations for this year’s game awards event. As you can see, Destiny 2 was actually nominated for best community support. This is absolutely crazy, first of all, because community support has been notoriously lacking, even by Bungie’s own admission. As a result, of course, Destiny players were clowning on this announcement.

But it wasn’t just the players; another important thing, and just what makes this announcement so much more crazy, is that the community team was among the most affected by the Bungie layoffs. So, everyone was saying this is going to be the most awkward acceptance speech in history when the last remaining guy from the community team goes up at Bungie and says, “Shout out to my colleagues who all no longer work at the company.” What a wild situation.

Upcoming Season and Expansion Release Dates

Now, let’s shift our focus to another noteworthy development that occurred concurrently: the issuance of a press release. Initially, this release focused on the “Season of the Wish,” but notably, towards its end, it disclosed that this season is set to be the concluding one for Destiny 2 before the launch of the “Final Shape” expansion, scheduled for February 27th, 2024.

This revelation sparked considerable discussion and conjecture, particularly in light of reports circulating around the time of the recent Bungie staff reductions. These reports suggested that the release of the “Final Shape” might be postponed until June. Contradicting these rumors, the latest press statement asserts that the expansion’s release remains slated for February.

Yet, casting a shadow of doubt over this assertion is a comment found in a tweet from Destiny Tracker. Here, Jason Schrier, a journalist known for his accurate insider reports and the same individual who initially reported the potential delay, advises caution with his remark, “Don’t get your hopes up.” It’s worth noting that Schrier has a history of being the first to break news of such developments.

Speculations on Destiny’s Game Development

Initially, there were speculations about the delay of the original Destiny game, which, despite initial disbelief, turned out to be accurate, reinforcing the credibility of these early predictions. Furthermore, a recent observation by the Destiny community was the addition of a caveat by Bungie in their announcements, indicating that “dates and content are subject to change.” Such a precaution raises questions, particularly when the release date of February 27th seemed confirmed.

This leads to an anticipation of a possible postponement, especially in light of Bungie’s recent acknowledgment of content shortfalls. In their statement, they expressed regret over not meeting expectations and conveyed their dedication to enhancing the Final Shape. The necessity to make such an admission implies potential challenges in adhering to the planned schedule. Although an official delay has not been announced, the circumstances suggest that it is a strong possibility

New Updates and Nostalgic Returns in Destiny 2

Diving into the latest scoop from the “This Week at Bungie” briefing, we start with a dash of nostalgia as Dragon’s Breath makes its comeback in the next season. Bungie announces, “A classic reborn from the ashes: Dragon’s Breath, the exotic rocket launcher, reenters the fray in the Season of The Wishes’ rewards.” Re-envisioned, this weapon now wreaks havoc in its wake.

Its primary feature, “Burn the World,” intriguingly amplifies the fuel meter the longer the weapon remains unfired, peaking at fivefold intensity. Activating Dragon’s Breath discharges all accumulated fuel into the rocket, unleashing Scorch damage and sporadically dispersing combustible fuel in areas around the target. The fuel-loaded rocket promises extended detonation delay and amplified fiery spread, depending on its fuel level.

In addition, the “High Octane” exotic trait presents a tactical advantage, auto-refilling Dragon’s Breath with two units of fuel upon nearby ignitions. Achieving full fuel capacity triggers an automatic reload of the weapon. For those wielding this weapon, a visit to the tower’s gunsmith is recommended to embark on the quest for the “Pyromancer” Exotic Catalyst. This enhancement accelerates the replenishment of Dragon’s Breath’s fuel and enables vanquished foes to generate fire sprites. Such attributes potentially make it a formidable tool against formidable adversaries, inflicting sustained and escalating damage.

Unique Features in Destiny 2’s Next Season

Destiny 2’s next season brings an innovative feature for the Dragon’s Breath rocket launcher. Firing it at full fuel capacity unleashes Scorch damage and dispenses incendiary fuel near the target, maintaining the effect for an extended period. Follow-up shots deal standard rocket launcher damage, creating a potent mix of effects. This distinct characteristic of Dragon’s Breath is generating excitement among players, keen to explore its capabilities in the forthcoming season. Additionally, the Season of The Wish will present a preview of the revamped rewards system, promising changes to the in-game economy.

Enhanced Rewards for Lost Sectors

Beginning with the Season of The Wish, Destiny 2 is rolling out fresh rewards for solo completion of lost sectors. Players can now earn Gunsmith engrams across all difficulty levels of Lost Sectors. Additionally, specific Foundry weapons will be available as drops in Legend and Master tier completions. These drops offer a 70% chance in Legend and a guaranteed occurrence in Master level, featuring a unique advantage where weapons come with an extra perk in either the third or fourth slot. To streamline the hunt for specific weapons, these will be organized into smaller, more manageable pools, changing with each daily reset to keep the chase varied and engaging.

Targeted Farming and Ritual Engrams

In an earlier update this year, a significant change was announced for Destiny 2’s loot system: gunsmith engrams are set to become focusable. This adjustment is a boon for players aiming to farm specific World drop weapons, given the extensive variety in the world drop pool. The ability to focus on particular items will greatly enhance the chances of obtaining their desired weapon configurations, or ‘god rolls’.

Furthermore, the game is expanding its array of ritual engrams. The upcoming patch will introduce new rewards following activities in Vanguard Ops, Crucible, and Gambit, giving players increased control over the loot they acquire after extensive sessions in these ritual playlists.

To add, ritual activity completions will be more rewarding with the inclusion of extra ritual engram drops. This enhancement means players can concentrate their efforts on acquiring gear from both current and previous seasons more frequently. It’s important to note, with the impending removal of legendary shards, the cost associated with focusing engrams at ritual vendors will undergo some modifications.

Changes in Ritual Vendor Focusing and Rewards

As Destiny 2 prepares for its next season, players can anticipate adjustments in the in-game economy, particularly in the pricing structures. This shift is expected to maintain the current frequency of player focusing, albeit under altered conditions. Details regarding the revised costs for focusing at ritual vendors, along with changes in reward distributions for events like Iron Banner and Trials, have been previously outlined.

To adapt to these changes, especially in an environment where legendary shards will no longer be in use, players are encouraged to utilize their stockpile of legendary shards before the onset of the upcoming season. This proactive step will help them transition smoothly into the new economic system set to take effect.

Bungie’s Collaboration with Team Rubicon

Bungie joined forces with Team Rubicon to bring veteran awareness and recognition to the Destiny 2 community. This collaboration introduced the Jump Master emote, and all profits from this emote will be split between Team Rubicon and the Bungie Foundation. It will be available until the end of Season 22, so if you want to support this cause, act soon.

Last Iron Banner of the Season and Weapon Updates

Destiny 2’s current season is hosting its final Iron Banner event, marking the last opportunity for players to claim its unique rewards. In a recent announcement, Bungie stated that the weapons Dark Decider and Agora’s Axe will cease to drop in the game. However, players still have the option to specifically target these items through focusing.

Looking ahead to the next season, a new addition to the arsenal is set to debut: the Lethal London’s Strand, a high-impact auto rifle. Additionally, players can anticipate the return of the Reese Walker, a kinetic lightweight shotgun. This returning weapon is expected to feature an updated set of perks, adding fresh tactical options for players.

Upcoming Dungeon and Prime Gaming Drops

Bungie reveals the starting date for the next year’s dungeon: 9 a.m. Pacific time on Friday, December 1st. Players should mark their calendars and stay tuned for a dungeon guide. Additionally, there are more Prime gaming drops to look out for, including the Playground Ride exotic emote, Sue’s Experiment 13R exotic ship, Noble Steed legendary sparrow, and a prime exclusive legendary Shader. This information is crucial for those who enjoy Destiny 2 content and want to stay updated with the latest in-game activities.

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