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Triumph Bug Info! Don’t Forget These Exotics!

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Triumph Bug Info! Don’t Forget These Exotics!

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Instructions for tracking triumphs in Destiny 2 before an update, with an overview of tasks and rewards across various seasons, and tips for managing the interface.
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A warning was issued about not tracking any Triumphs when the final Update arrives. For example, take the Exotic Mission called “Firmware Update.” If you’ve got that tracked, it will disappear, and you won’t be able to Untrack it. It will show up in your list of tracked items whenever you access your interface, until they patch it. We don’t know when that will be, so make sure you Untrack any Triumphs that are going to be disappearing.

Season of the Defiance

As we approach the Season of the Defiance, here are some highlights. The “Firmware Update” mission, for instance, involves getting three Vex Caliber catalysts. Unfortunately, I haven’t completed this and no longer have the chance, but for those who do, the Scribe Trace Shell is a notable reward. Another key activity in this season includes the “Legendary Trifecta” where you must complete Battlegrounds on legend in the EDZ, Cosmodrome, and Orbital Prison. Successful completion yields the Common Nobility Sparrow.

Season of the Deep

Moving into the Season of the Deep, the “Aquarium Vivarium” Triumph is noteworthy, involving the discovery of unique plants and flora throughout the Deep Dives, which rewards the Sean’s Scuba Shell. Another opportunity is the “Weekly Wet Work” Triumph, which requires completing six basic missions from the season. Those who manage this will earn the “To Be Remembered” Sparrow.

Season of the Witch

Lastly, in the Season of the Witch, the “Spire of Legends” triumph stands out. Completing the Sabon Spire on Legend difficulty rewards participants with the Pharmaco Shell. Additionally, the “Resplendent Ritual” offers yet another intriguing pursuit with its own unique rewards.

Final Preparations Before the Update

It’s really handy to be proactive about these rewards, especially since some of these are definitely doable over the next two days. Remember, the system is going offline Monday afternoon at reset time. Just to reiterate, as you can see here, I’ve got one of these followed by my favorite foe here. Make sure you unfollow that because when all this stuff gets vaulted when the final shape comes, it will still be tracked and show up in your tracked quests list or your track Triumph list, and you won’t be able to complete it. That’s very annoying and it’s very space-taking, isn’t it?

Yes, so I’m just undoing all of these as we go. There’s one to undo there. Look, I’ve also got one here in Season of Defiance. There we go, the little green tag will show you where you’ve got one tracked, and I’ve accidentally tracked that one as well, so I want to Untrack that otherwise it would be there until they patch it.

A quick Update for today: really handy little hints and tips that you need to do before it all starts. Right then, I’m off now to go and do something else. Thank you so much for your attention and I shall speak to you all again very soon, sausage head.

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