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The New Meta Is Double Rocket Sidearms And It Absolutely Cooks!

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The New Meta Is Double Rocket Sidearms And It Absolutely Cooks!

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This guide explores the strategic use of rocket sidearms, The Call and Indebted Kindness, in Destiny 2's Legendary campaign, highlighting their synergy with exotic gear and perks.
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The final shape is here, and if you’re looking to annihilate the Legendary campaign and take advantage of Prismatic to its fullest capabilities, then you definitely want to check this out. We all know and love Indebted Kindness, the arc rocket sidearm that came out with the dungeon last season. However, with the Final Shape, you actually get a strand rocket sidearm, the first of its kind, known as The Call. Pretty early on in the campaign, The Call will be craftable once you obtain five red borders. I got really lucky and got a god roll straight off the bat, which I’ll go over in a little bit.

Efficiency in the Legendary Campaign

Now, the reason why these two rocket sidearms absolutely excel in the Legendary campaign is clear. With Prismatic, you have to fill up both a light bar and a darkness bar using different kinds of weapons to achieve Transcendence. Indebted Kindness, as an arc weapon, fills up the light bar quickly. However, when I switched to a stasis or a strand weapon, which are darkness weapons, I absolutely hated the fact that the weapon I was using wasn’t as powerful as Indebted Kindness, but I had to use it to fill up that darkness bar for Transcendence.

Strategic Advantages of Transcendence

Well, now that we have a strand rocket sidearm, you don’t need to worry about that. You can switch to either weapon and be progressing your bar towards Transcendence. The reason why Transcendence is so important is because you get access to very powerful grenades, and your ability regeneration and damage are juiced up, so you can really tear through the campaign. The more you have Transcendence up, the easier things are going to be.

Ammo Economy with Rocket Sidearms

I also found having two rocket sidearms was extremely efficient for Ammo economy purposes. One rocket sidearm is pretty ammo efficient on its own, but two took it to a whole another level. I was using Special Ammo Finisher with my build here, and whenever I was picking up a brick, I was receiving something like 18 shots for both rocket sidearms, which is pretty nutty for one singular brick. I found myself never running out of ammo.

Synergy with Exotic Gear

The loadout seems like a bit of a meme but also has some serious synergy with some exotics out there, including the new Titan exotic chest piece, the Hazarded Propulsion. The Hazardous Propulsion loads rockets with precision hits or final blows, and then upon using your class ability, unloads those rockets onto enemies. More importantly, it provides a 35% Damage buff to all rockets, including rocket sidearms, for a whopping 10 seconds.

Introduction to the New Damage Meta for Titans

This 35% Damage buff is already being hypothesized to be the new damage meta for Titans in terms of pushing DPS. They can easily incorporate a quick rally barricade before firing rockets for a massive damage boost. Now, with two rocket sidearms in your arsenal, you’re also gaining that damage boost in general for ad clear gameplay as well, making the exotic more versatile outside of just damage rotations.

Enhanced Gameplay for Hunters

For hunters, we have the Mecinus Trick Sleeves, whereby you gain a massive 100% Damage buff when you’re at critical health and switch to a sidearm weapon. Because you now have two rocket sidearms, you can proc Mecinus Damage buff back and forth so easily. Again, it’s a very effective loadout.

Distinct Weapon Features and Perks

Even after all this, if you’ve not been convinced to run two rocket sidearms, I wanted to assure you that The Cool and the Indebted Kindness do have enough differences in their perk pools to differ their usage. The Cool has access to perks like Slice and VPal Weapon, making it an S-tier choice for more tankier enemies like mini-bosses and bosses when you run out of heavy ammo. Slice applies sever to targets after using your class ability, which is a whopping 40% debuff to an enemy’s outgoing damage. This really helps you and your teammates survive against those harder enemies. This synergizes really well with Hazardous Propulsion, allowing you to quickly apply Sever after using your class ability, meaning the boss is going to be less damaging to you and your teammates before you switch to something like a Bait and Switch rocket launcher.

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