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The Comprehensive Auto Rifle Tier List: Dominating the Meta

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Auto Rifle Tier List Introduction

Since auto rifles are very hot right now, why not make an auto rifle tier list? We’re going to be talking about almost every auto rifle that’s not sunset, but if there’s a weapon that you can’t grind for right now and it’s just not good anyways, I’m probably gonna skip over that. We’ll also include the Exotics as well.

600 RPM Auto Rifles

We’re going to start off with the 600 RPMs because they’re the least popular, and they’ll be really, really quick because they’re not that good. Starting off with the best 600 RPM in the game, the 9 Hunger. I’m not gonna put any 600 above B tier because to put them A and S tier would be a mistake since they’re nowhere near 450s and 720s.

Detailing Specific Rifles: 9 Hunger

Ever since the zoom nerfs, 9 Hunger has the most range out of any 600 RPM in the game while having the best perks as well. It has kill clip, rampage, tap the triggers, and moments; those are the main four that you would want, and they’re very, very strong even on a 600 RPM. So with that being said, I’m going to put 9 Hunger in B tier. This is the highest any 600 will go.

Comparing Other Rifles: Perpetualis

Next on the list, we have the Perpetualis. This is kind of close to the gnawing hunger, but it has a few problems, in my opinion, that bring it down a little bit lower. The only damage perk it has that’s really good is golden tricorn, which is actually a solid perk.

Issues and Concerns

It brings it to a 0.7 time to kill with only one stack on it, but if you accidentally tap your other weapon, and I mean just tap it, not even full-on switch to it, golden tricorn will disappear. This is kind of annoying, and I had a lot of problems with it when I was using it. Another problem with it is if you’re going with Zen moments instead of keep away on this gun, you’re gonna have less range and stability than gnawing hunger overall, and the stats just are not as good.

Assessing More Auto Rifles

It still doesn’t have tap the trigger; it just doesn’t feel as good as gnawing hunger. The stats aren’t terrible, so I’m gonna put it in C tier. It’s still okay but not the best 600, in my opinion.

Sorrows Verse

Next on the list is the Sorrows verse. This is the auto rifle from The Crucible, and it’s quite literally a gnawing hunger but with a tiny bit less range. This has a massive list of perks, one of the most out of any auto rifles in the game. Unfortunately, it has multi-kill clip and not normal kill clip, but it’s not really that big of a deal because there are so many different playstyles you can go for on this auto rifle.

Specific Roles and Perks

The specific role I went for, I wanted to tap the trigger and Rampage. You could go for something else like Elemental capacitor, especially if you play on Ark if you want a lot of handling, or void if you want even more stability.

Visual and Performance Issues

The only complaint I have on this gun is the muzzle flash is kind of crazy. It is an arc weapon and it is a suros weapon, which tends to flash a lot while shooting. You might not notice this, or it might not bother you, but for me, it’s kind of a big deal.

The Summoner

Next, we have the Summoner. I think a lot of people were waiting on this one because the Summoner was really goated back in the day when 600s were destroying everyone. This actually has the best stats out of any 600, but the only problem is it doesn’t have Zen moment and it doesn’t have tap the trigger, which are two very important perks for auto rifles if they shoot really quick.

Changes in Perk Availability

I know some people are going to be confused and say, “Hey, my Summoner has Zen moments.” Well, the new one doesn’t, for some reason, they got rid of it, so it’s no longer part of the perk pool. This means I’m not gonna consider that when listing it here, regardless of whether it has Zen movement or tap the trigger, the stats don’t lie; they are very strong even without those perks.

Detailed Auto Rifle Tier List

I’m still going to put it in the same tier as gnawing hunger, sitting at B tier. Yes, technically the stats are only really good because it has an Adept mod, but hey, it’s part of the gun. If you’re wondering which role I’d go for, I’d choose moving Target and golden tricorn.

Duty Bound

Next on the list is the duty bound. I’m not gonna talk too much about this because it’s not that popular and the scope is not that great either. The only reason, and I mean legit the only reason it’s gonna be somewhat decent, is because it can drop Adept, meaning you can put an Adept range mod on it while still having some solid range and okay perks.

Perk and Performance Assessment

With Zen movement and Rampage in my opinion being the best duo, so looking at it on paper, I’m gonna also put it in the C tier. But if you wanted to, you could also put it in D tier.

The Last Breath

Next, we have the last breath. This has really good stats but some of the worst perks for an auto that I’ve ever seen, the only decent thing being Dynamic sway reduction. This is pretty solid on an auto, but I think Zen moment and tap the trigger are miles better.

Evaluating Other Rifles

On the other side, we have Adagio, which is the only solid damage perk on this Auto, and even then, 600s with Adagio are not that great. It only brings the TTK down by .08, which is absolutely garbage. So this is going to be the first Auto in the D tier list.

Old Sterling and Conorak 22

Next, we have the old Sterling; this is also gonna be a quick one. It is standard, which is okay, but other than that, it has garbage perks. I would not recommend using this gun. Next, we have the Conorak 22. This is absolute garbage as well, and the stats are hideous on this. I think this is going to be the first F tier we put.

Auto Rifle Tier Assessment

I’m not even going to talk about it too much either. It does have Zen moments, but the range is terrible, the stability is okay, handling is absolute garbage; everything on it is just not that good. If you’re wondering why Target lock is not good on 600 RPMs and just auto rifles overall, it’s because the magazine size is typically a lot larger than it is on SMGs.

Scathe Lock

Next, we have the scathe lock. This is going straight into F tier right off the bat. And it’s because of the zoom on it. If you’re wondering why I’m putting a weapon at F tier because of the zoom, zoom does not give you range anymore. Bungie changed this, so now if you have a lot of Zoom, it becomes a lot harder to track your opponents when you’re up close.

Exotic Auto Rifles: Suros

Now, let’s talk about the Exotics. The Suros is a little weird because it has two firing modes, whether you choose the 600 or the 360 is totally up to you. The 600 RPM on suros is not garbage because it has spinning up, but the main problem with it is it still has very bad range even after the range buff.

Hard Light

Next weapon we have is the hard light. This is not good, even though the Exotic perk says it has reduced damage fall-off, don’t be fooled. It has 40 range, so the Exotic perk can only help so much, and this thing is still somewhat garbage now.

Hard Light Review

I know they did change the way that the fundamentals perk works now, so you get some extra stats depending on which element you choose, which is really cool. But unfortunately, every time you spawn in, it spawns you in with the void element, meaning you get more stability but the gun already has a hundred stability on it. You have to change the element every single time you spawn in, no thanks.

Monte Carlo Review

Next, we have the Monte Carlo, and I know it got a catalyst; everyone was super excited about it. I can’t say the same for me, but I can tell you that the gun is still not that good, even after the changes with the zoom. The gun still sits at 50 range, which is not good. While Markov chain is not bad at all, especially if you’re running some melee type builds, it’s really not that great as a weapon itself.

Review of 720 RPMs: Rufus’s Fury

Let’s get into the 720 RPMs now. This is my favorite archetype of Auto rifle because it’s the most fun since you’re tracking a lot. The Rufus’s Fury, in my opinion, is an S tier weapon. It’s the best rapid-fire in the game arguably. If you get an Adept version, not only can it drop as Adept, but it also has some of the best perks for auto rifles with tap the trigger and also para causal Affinity, which is very strong.

Quicksilver Storm

Next, we have one of my favorite Autos as well, the Quicksilver storm. This piece marks the continuation of our discussion, elaborating on the aspects and capabilities of the mentioned weapon, providing an insightful look into its performance and utility in various situations and builds.

Quicksilver Storm Review

The gun has a hundred stability, 50 range, has a very good exotic perk, and the fact that you don’t have to grind for it; it’s really really strong.

Sweet Sorrow Review

A lot of people ask me about as well is the Sweet Sorrow. This is just worse than the Rufuses, but it’s not garbage. It has solid stats and okay perks. If you had the option to choose between this or the Rufuses, pick the Rufuses. It’s definitely way better because it has better damage perks and also has better range.

Chroma Rush

The Chroma Rush is a little bit special; it’s one of the few rapid fires in the game that has kill clip on it, and kill clip on a rapid fire Auto brings you to a 0.58 ttk only after one kill, really strong. However, the problem comes with the handling not being that great.

Eidolon Ally and Other Autos

The Eidolon Ally is a legendary version of the Necrochasm. I’m going to go ahead and say this is not good at all, very bad actually. Another garbage rapid fire Auto is the crate; the perks are just garbage. It has Adagio and overflow which would be the combo that doesn’t offer much utility or improvement in functionality.

Dark Decider Review

An interesting weapon on the list is the Dark Decider. I was actually gonna grind for this weapon, but after checking the stats out and seeing how it all plays out, it’s really not that great of a weapon either. This is the Iron Banner Auto rifle, and it can get some of the highest range out of any rapid fire in the game, but the problem is you’re sacrificing both perk columns to reach this range.

Arctic Haze Review

The next gun is called the Arctic Haze. I’m gonna save you guys some time here; this is F tier. It has no good perks, okay stats, but nothing to really go for. It doesn’t offer much to be desired and falls short compared to other weapons in its category.

Reckless Oracle Review

Next, we have the Reckless Oracle, the last legendary on the list. This actually has kill clip, which is the saving grace of this weapon because the stats are not very good at all, having some of the lowest range out of any rapid fire in the game. This weapon should be craftable within the next season or two, which might help it bump up to maybe a C tier later on.

Additional Comments

All these weapons have their unique characteristics, making them suitable for different situations and playstyles. It’s essential to consider these factors when choosing the best weapon for your gameplay, ensuring that it aligns with your strategies and preferences in the game.

Tommy’s Matchbook Review

Next up, we have Tommy’s Matchbook. This is F tier, and let me explain why. The stats aren’t too bad on it, but the main problem with this gun is the hit registration. Even with solid stats and a pretty cool exotic perk, this gun doesn’t shoot people properly, making it really annoying to use.

Necrochasm Review

Last but not least, we have the Necrochasm, one of the funniest guns to use in this game, but unfortunately, it doesn’t compete well in Trials of Osiris. Despite its exciting new desperation perk, the main issue with this gun is its limited range, making it less competitive in most situations.

Abyss Defiance Review

Discussing the 360s archetype, the best in my opinion is Abyss Defiance from Crota’s End. Loaded with some of the best perks, like the new perk Sword Logic, it stands out. With variations like Zen moment and heal clip with kill clip, it’s adaptable to different situations and playstyles, making it a loved choice.

Importance of Zoom in Auto Rifles

Zoom is a significant factor when it comes to auto rifles, affecting their usability and performance. A lower zoom is preferable as it makes it easier to track movements, giving some guns an edge over others in the category, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Abyss Defiance Review

Discussing the 360 RPM category, Abyss Defiance exhibits remarkable performance with nearly 40 meters of insane range. Its superiority in this category is undeniable, making it worthy of an S-tier classification despite reservations regarding whether a 360 should occupy such a prestigious position.

Suros Regime Analysis

Suros, another contender in the 360 RPM class, presents decent stats and a satisfactory range of about 36.5 meters. However, its inherent zoom addition when switched to 360 RPM, paired with its effortless accessibility, positions it at a B-tier, despite being overshadowed by the likes of Abyss Defiance.

Lodbrock Examination

Lodbrock, with its valuable perks such as kill clip and tap the trigger, offers a more refined user experience in comparison to Suros, despite sharing a zoom of 19. Its adaptability and focus on handling and stability underscore its merits, securing its place slightly above Suros in the B-tier.

Other Weapons Overview

The analysis extends to other weapons like the Gambit Auto – Herod C and the Come to Pass, both exhibiting significant shortcomings. Their lackluster perks, undesirable zoom levels, and overall performance demote them to the lower tiers, emphasizing their lack of competitiveness and appeal in the gaming arsenal.

Evaluation of 360 RPM Auto Rifles

The discussion revolves around the utility and functionality of various 360 RPM auto rifles, focusing on visibility, usage, and tier placement. Notable mentions include the Cerberus and Sweet Business, which, despite having unique characteristics, don’t fare well against the prevailing 450 meta auto rifle, earning them lower-tier placements.

Sweet Business and Cerberus

Both Sweet Business and Cerberus are noted for their distinct roles and utility. Sweet Business finds itself in the F tier due to its subpar performance, while Cerberus, due to its niche utility particularly in stasis Titan gameplay, finds a spot in the D tier, marking it as slightly more versatile but not overwhelmingly impressive.

The Pinnacle: 450 RPMs

Moving towards the superior end of the spectrum, 450 RPM auto rifles like Ahmet, Positive Outlook, and Braytech Werewolf are heralded for their exceptional performance and attributes. These weapons are prominently placed in the S tier, reflecting their superiority and well-rounded capabilities in various aspects of usability and performance.

Highlight: Fire Fright

Fire Fright emerges as the epitome of auto rifles in the game. Its remarkable combination of features, such as fragile focus and Adagio, propels it to a distinguished position. The weapon’s capability to facilitate a unique and advantageous playing style underscores its standing as the finest option in auto rifles.

Auto Rifle Tier Discussion

An evaluative discussion focusing on various auto rifles, diving into detailed analysis based on their time to kill (TTK), range, perks, and overall in-game utility. Different rifles are assessed, establishing a tier list that reflects their performance and effectiveness in various gaming scenarios.

Fire Fright’s Dominance

Fire Fright is presented as a dominant force within the auto rifle category. Its potent combination of a 0.64 TTK, bolstered by features like Fragile Focus, positions it as an extraordinary choice. With the potential to operate at 100 range, its performance stands out, making it a personal favorite.

Shadow Price & Seventh Seraph Carbine

Shadow Price and Seventh Seraph Carbine receive a nuanced evaluation. Shadow Price, despite its solid build and scope, is limited by its lack of extraordinary perks, placing it below the S tier. Seventh Seraph Carbine, while possessing the foundational strengths of a 450 RPM rifle, lacks impressiveness in perks and stats, earning it a B tier rating.

Century Fuse Assessment

The Century Fuse auto rifle, with its unique charging mechanism, displays variable performance based on its charge level and user playstyle. Its potential to reach a 100 range, along with performance variations based on subclass choices, makes it a versatile but conditional choice in the auto rifle array. This detailed exploration culminates the extensive auto rifle tier analysis.

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