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The Best Weapons You Need For The Final Shape

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The Best Weapons You Need For The Final Shape

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This comprehensive guide explores essential kinetic and energy weapons for Destiny 2's Final Shape, detailing their unique perks, optimal roles, and strategic uses to enhance gameplay, particularly in PvE and raid settings.
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Ladies and gentlemen, Final Shapes are just right around the corner, and everyone is asking what weapons can be used to be ready for Final Shapes. Some of you might have missed out in the last couple of seasons, and you don’t know what weapons have been used for meta and PVE.

Kinetic Weapons Overview

First up, we’re starting off with the Kinetic legendaries, and yes, get yourself a good kinetic fusion rifle. You have Riptide, which is really good with сhill clip and Autoloading for a swap weapon. However, there are two other kinetic fusion rifles that have been popular this season: Scatter Signal, which you can get from Riven, and it’s simply just a little better. The difference between freezing enemies with Riptide and controlling your atmosphere, or just using overflow and controlled burst to burn a champion depends on what subclass you’re on.

Special Mention: Ron Fusion Rifle

Another weapon I wanted to highlight is the Ron Fusion Rifle, Deliverance. It comes with demolitionists and сhill clip, and if you put an ionized battery on it, it’s going to give you eight shots. This is going to give you more shots of сhill clip. This, I think, is going to get changed in final shape so it will have the same freeze burst as the Riptide, giving you something to switch to in case you don’t have Riptide, as farming those Cruis bling gums is quite terrible. Scatter Signal is really easy to get.

Warlock Gear and Weapons

If you don’t use the AC-130 warlock helmet, you’re pretty much missing out on one of the best helmets in the game. Having a kinetic Trace Rifle for the Warlock like Appentice is very simple to use, especially when you can use guns in your energy slot this season like Sunshot and other fan-favorite exotics in your energy slot.

Also, just being able to have a kinetic Trace rifle is a lot better. Some people pair the Ron Trace Rifle or the Dares Trace Rifle with it, but Appentice this season, since you can craft it, get demolitionist, killing tally, and stasis surge on it, would be a nice, clean Trace Rifle for you to use for your warlocks for your shenot builds.

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Kinetic Hand Cannons: Midnight Coup

The Midnight Coup is a kinetic hand cannon available this season from Onslaught. Popular rolls include Firefly Frenzy, Explosive Payload, and One for All. It’s a must-have for your arsenal, especially since not everyone can obtain the Time Lost Fatebringer.

Grenade Launchers in Kinetic Slots

Discussing kinetic grenade launchers, models with blinding effects are particularly valuable. The Partner Dust, craftable with Disorienting, Autoloading, and Vorpal features, is excellent. Alternatively, consider the Lingering Dread or Ignition Code OG for their potent combinations of Disorienting and Slide Shot Frenzy.

Key Kinetic Weapons: Rufus’s Fury

Rufus’s Fury, a standout kinetic auto rifle from the Root of Nightmares raid, comes with Demolition and His Frenzy perks. It’s effective against tormentors due to its harmonic resonance, making it a perfect fit for solar subclasses.

Scout Rifles for Long-Range Combat

For those needing long-range capabilities, the Hung Jury is an excellent kinetic scout rifle, especially with the Shoot to Loot perk enhancing ammo capacity. However, for a more explosive option, the Night Watch from Gambit—with its Explosive Payload—provides a satisfying alternative.

Superior Kinetic Scout Rifles

I just believe that this is one of the best kinetic scout rifles in the game. So, if you get yourself a Night Watch, I feel like you’ll have no issues having a scout rifle for a kinetic. For a kinetic sniper, Supremacy is reigning terror this season in Onslaught, just being able to spam with kinetic shreds and rewind on a single boss target. You can also put Fourth Times the Charm on this and never have to reload. It’s really good for spamming and high DPS in small bursts. If you could definitely go get yourself a crafted Supremacy, it would definitely work out for you.

Kinetic Sniper Rifles

The session is dropping from the Onslaught, so if you can get yourself a good reconstruction Waral roll or craft it, definitely something this aggressive frame sniper hits very, very hard. We’ve always used this, and I feel like it’s just a good kinetic sniper to have.

One Punch Shotguns in Kinetic Slots

Now let’s talk about some one punch shotguns. Everyone knows that strand Titans have been running around with those one punch shotguns. Maybe you don’t want to run an energy shotgun and you want something in your kinetic slot. I feel like Ragn Hill’s really good with Slid Shot One Punch, but also you can use the Wastelander as well. People use this with one punch on it. It’s kind of up to you whichever one you want.

Mountaintop and Other Kinetic Grenade Launchers

I would definitely go for a Recombination, a Frenzy roll, or a Waral roll. You can definitely get one with Spike or Implosion. I heard Implosions are doing more damage, so try and go for that. Autoloading with Corporeal Recombination or Frenzy, another kinetic grenade launcher that everyone’s farming for. You have one more chance to get this one Iron Banner left, Husk of the Boore with Slic Hatchling, Slic Chain Reaction. This thing’s actually pretty good, but again, day one scenario, Slic Seever targets, they do less damage to you, just so you don’t miss out on it. We’ll be able to enhance these perks as well, come June 4th.

Honorable Mentions for Kinetics

Warden’s Law, everyone knows the Lucky Pants Hunter is broken. You’re going to be using either Warden’s Law or the Malfin with it. Getting something or Final Stand like a Lucky Pants Hunter could be the make or break of you wiping in the raid or not, so definitely be on the lookout for a Fourth Time Vall roll.

Key Kinetic Pulse Rifles

I want to highlight the Chattering Bone and Blast Furnace as notable kinetic pulse rifles. Chattering Bone is readily available this season, and Blast Furnace can be obtained from Onslaught. It’s essential to have a robust kinetic pulse rifle in your arsenal.

Exemplary Kinetic Exotic: Wish Ender

Wish Ender is renowned for its effectiveness, especially in dungeons. This bow can stun anti-barrier enemies and deliver high kinetic damage from a distance, making it a crucial weapon to have unlocked and ready for use.

Introducing Wish Keeper

The newly added Wish Keeper bow has proven to be exceptionally powerful, particularly with Suspend Titan builds. It allows for comprehensive control over the battlefield, making it an excellent choice for crowd control and enemy suppression.

Izanagi’s Burden and Its Strategic Use

Izanagi’s Burden is infamous for its learning curve with the reload mechanic, which is vital for maximizing its potential. This weapon is essential for high-stakes situations where high burst damage is necessary, so be sure to practice the reload technique.

Must-Have Kinetic Weapons for Events

As new missions and challenges like Zero Hour approach, having a prepared loadout with weapons like Outbreak, enhanced with Rewind Rounds, is critical. These weapons are not only effective but necessary for complex combat scenarios, ensuring you’re ready for anything.

Underappreciated Gem: Wither Horde

Wither Horde remains one of the most underrated weapons, ideal for quick swaps and crowd control. This weapon allows for efficient clearing of adversaries, essential for maintaining momentum in battle.

Freezing Capabilities of Ager’s Scepter

Ager’s Scepter, paired with a Stasis Warlock, offers unparalleled crowd control, freezing enemies solid. This setup, akin to a ‘Frosty the Snowman’ build, is incredibly effective for managing large groups of enemies.

Essential Weapons for Warlock Users

For you Warlock users, if you’re not utilizing the Osteo Striga with your Necrotic build, you’re missing out. Some people use this for tick damage on their triple swapping with bait and switch. To me, it’s kind of a niche, but Jat insisted it be mentioned here. Though I don’t agree with it—yes, I’m slacking on the Catalyst—this weapon seems particularly tailored for Strand Warlock users. Nevertheless, it’s worth acquiring.

Value of Arbalest in Combat

Arbalest still goes down as one of the best weapons, in my opinion, because it has Disruption Break which can one-shot Champions. Moreover, four Arbalest shots in a row provide better ammo economy than your Izanagi shots. While it may not do the same amount of damage, there’s no excuse not to have this weapon.

Kinetic Exotics and Notable Mentions

A lot of weapons are on here from that raid, so you might get lucky and get a Conditional drop. It freezes Champions, hits unstop, nukes Champions, and also plays into the harmonic resonance buff for the Ron weapons. Definitely, a must-have in your arsenal.

Strategic Use of Lumina

Lumina plays a very important role in day one raiding. A lot of people don’t know, but this buffs your teammates’ damage by 10%—higher than a well in a day one scenario. If someone’s running Lumina and they’re really good at shooting their teammates, giving them that 35% damage bonus, all you have to do is shoot them with Blessing of the Sky. It buffs yourself, buffs your teammates, and could be the make-or-break of a team wipe or make a break of a third phase instead of a two-phase.

Lucky Pants and Malfin

For Lucky Pants users, if you’re not wanting to run the Warden’s Law, Malfin is up there. This does more damage to Taken as well, with intrinsic gun stop. Not really a fan of this weapon, but a lot of people like it, so that’s why it’s on this list.

Legendary Energy Weapons: Rob Forbearance

If you haven’t experienced Rob Forbearance in its prime, you’re missing out. I do think that the Soul Drinker perk is better than the one from Onslaught, but it’s a matter of personal preference and gameplay style.

Submachine Guns for Efficient Farming

I understand that people don’t have time to farm it with raid teams. Get this ambitious chain: destroy enemies, make ionic traces. It’s a really good weapon for ad clear. Callous Mini Tool, not everyone has time to farm for these crafted weapons, so I wanted to throw three submachine guns on just in case you didn’t have any. Callous Mini Tool with Threat Detector and Incandescent is really good for your solar builds.

Options for SMG and Auto Rifle Builds

Sling into the AOS SMG if you cannot get this for your arc builds with Feeding Frenzy Volt Shot. You can get Subjunctive from this season with Rector Volt Shot. Auto rifles in the energy slot have been controversial, but this is my top auto rifle in the whole game, and that’s because of Land Tank. Final blows with this weapon grant increased resilience and additional damage resilience from Combs. This stacks with everything, including your 10 resilience, Devour, Banner of War.

Popular Choices for Seasonal Gameplay

Summoner is a lot of people’s choice this season, using Incandescent Heal Clip Hamit. You can also craft that one, but again, I choose Sweet Sorrow over any of those. You’ll see why if you use it. Recluse is back this season with Onslaught, the OG roll with Master of Arms Feeding Frenzy. Your Falcon Hunters love this, plus like void warlocks, you should definitely go get yourself a recluse if you want to go put in pain and suffering.

Advanced Submachine Gun Options

Going to Duality, Demolitionist Frenzy Unforgiven hands down to me is one of my favorite void submachine guns in the game. I like this better than the others just because that frenzy reload 15% damage and playing into my demo with my nade build is amazing. DRifles in the energy slot, if you didn’t buy this one from Banshee when he was selling Lead for Gold Waral, you can get it from Zur or wait for Banshee to sell it again. Definitely should have one in the rapid frame slot, but any other rapid frame, spamming Cartesian will work.

High Impact and Fusion Weapons

A lot of people use the Aite fusion rifle in their swaps as well with their Izanagi shots or their grenade launcher shots. This is a high impact frame but since it has Envious Controlled Burst, it’s an easy swap weapon. Also, we have Techeun Force from the Last Wish raid, another hard-hitting, really long charge time fusion rifle that you can use with your swaps. Zos Bane is definitely a fan favorite from this season; just make sure that the reloads are tough on this, you have the intrinsic reload Masterwork, and please use a solar loader.

Epical Integration and Incandescent Weapons

For this gun, the Explosive Payload and incandescent to me just feel really well-executed, and it actually spreads more Scorch than any other weapon. Epical Integration is the Neam Muna hand cannon, which I know a lot of people like. However, if I know something can be crafted with enhanced perks, I go for that, but if you want to use Epical, you can. Luna is going to be dropping with Onslaught as well, offering some PVE perks, so again, you have options, but I just wanted to voice that you are pretty much looking for something with incandescent.

Indebted Kindness in Onslaught

Indebted Kindness is still, I think, the second most used weapon in Onslaught worldwide. This thing slaps—just having something that can keep stunning and jolting champions. I mean, you could stun champions with this; you can just jolt targets. Just being able to shoot something, reload, and spread that volt shot is absolutely amazing and it does really good damage in GMs.

Pairing Builds with Warlord’s Ruin

I’ve paired this with builds before; please go farm the Warlord’s Ruin and get yourself a roll. Scout rifles in the energy slot, again, I’m just like Nightwalk—I’m all about the Explosive Payload. I think Bow Shave, hands down, is one of the best energy scout rifles you can use. I like the 200 RPM scout rifle as well, and if you wanted something that kind of competes with it, Dum Ma Chelus, right here with Explosive Payload frenzy, it is a Precision frame so it shoots a little slower.

Energy Slot Options and Shotgun Preferences

It’s kind of up to you whichever one you want to get; you can get the Vow Safe from engrams or get Duma Chelus from Kingsville. A Kell shotgun is going to give you that grave robber, melee final blows reload this weapon, so it’s like a Strand Titan’s dream. Other than that, I’ve always used the kinetic shotguns that I pointed out when I was going over the kinetics with you, so if you needed something for the energy slot, this is what you need.

Well, we had some kinetic GS, now we need something in the energy slot. Empty Vessel from the Vanguard, you can get the blinding nades with Spike nades, Autoloading Vorpal. Really good swap weapon; you could follow this up with an Izanagi and a grenade launcher or a rocket. Really good for swapping, also it’s good for blinding. Bungie pulled a fast one on us with these Retrace Path perks; we didn’t even know that it got updated perks. Yes, it can now get shoot the loot.

Utility of Shoot the Loot in Trace Rifles

I’m a big fan of “Shoot the Loot” on the trace rifle because sometimes when you’re running out of ammo in a raid, “Shoot the Loot” lets you grab more ammo. For rockets and final stands, this could be huge.

Must-Have Energy Exotics

Now, we’re moving on to energy exotics that are must-haves. Sunshot has been dominating this whole season, but I feel like it’s going to be just as strong next season. Although not as much, it still will have the exotic trait of making Sunburn and getting explosions, so we might find ways to pair it in.

Graviton Lance and Its Role This Season

Graviton Lance is shredding Onslaught this season, especially if you’re using it with the Gy Falcon or Orus Rig Hunter. I just feel like it’s a really good weapon for the Gear Falcon Hunter, and we might see some of that build shining next season. So, I wanted to point out that this weapon could do really well with your build.

Bows: Trinity, Lemon Arc, and Tikus

Let’s talk about the bows: Trinity, Lemon Arc, and Tikus. I mean, Trinity—I’ve seen my teammate, Dig, on day one raid, absolutely slay with this in ad clear. I remember he used it in Bow. I would definitely recommend using this. Lemon Arc and Tikus are really good exotic weapons as well. You definitely should snag those.

Riskrunner’s Continued Dominance

Riskrunner, hands down, is an easy exotic to get. You get this from like the intro quest. Throw grenades at your feet, rock our conductor, slay out. We’ve used this in GMs, but I just want to remind you how strong it is again. We might go up against some fallen or some enemies that do Arc damage.

Fourth Horseman and Cloud Strike Strategies

Fourth Horseman is really good for swaps, using all the swords that Bungie gave us this season. I think with Fourth Horseman swapping in there, you can even do it on Croa, just a really good weapon and plus on the nuke bosses with the SC Horsemen. But we do use it in DPS rotations, so it might be something that you might want to look into.

Cloud Strike, too—swaps were always good back in the day, but we never really used them. Again, going down all the possible loadouts that we could be using on a day one, Cloud Strike is good with Div and swapping with Wendigo. Do you need to get this? No, but should you get it? Yes. So definitely look into this exotic; it’s just fun to spam with friends in GMs and swap with any Arc heavy so you can match the surges.

Key Strategy with Buried Bloodline

Buried Bloodline is obtained from Warlord’s Ruin, and it’s a reaper—it gives you Devour. You can simply put this weapon on, rock Devour, and swap off. Yes, I’m probably going to be doing that on day one, and now I’m telling you to go do Garden. That’s right, go do a 5-hour Div run and make sure you get this again. Not having Div for day one would be a throw.

Importance of Divinity in Raids

Cenot Warlock, making ammo, and also giving you critical shots because, by the time we hit the boss, we’re probably going to be cooked and can’t aim anyway. So, Divinity is going to help you out with that. Make sure someone on the fire team has it at least.

Apex Predator and Other Rockets

If you don’t have Apex Predator crafted, I don’t want to hear it. You just go talk to Mommy Marav and you ask her for five Apex Predators. You’re like, “Clyde, I messed up and I didn’t pick all Apex Predators.” Well then, go and shoot a boss that takes 10 seconds to kill. There’s no excuse for you not to have this crafted. Please go do it.

Variety of Rockets to Consider

Some other rockets you could be going for include something like Hothead. I get it, new players can’t unlock this, but if you played before and you had this unlocked, you can go grab a non-Adept one. Add to the Vanguard for engrams, the Copium Crux—yes, this has Slide Shot with Bipod. A lot of fun, you can get a Slide Shot Surrounded. This will be easier to farm next season. Pretty much what I’m telling you to do is just go find a rocket.

Heavy Grenade Launchers and Heavy Machine Guns

Even this OG, we used to use this in Valve; you get 12 rockets on this, 12 rockets that can be buffed by Explosive Light and Impulse Amplifier, this thing will actually cook. I’m not even kidding, just make sure you got a good rocket launcher. Okay, moving on to heavy GL’s—yes, the cope. Everyone farm for Cata Fract, we’re like, “Oh my God, it’s going to be so busted,” then Bungie goes ahead and gives us Edge Transit. If you can’t get that trial GL to drop because you only got one more week to get it, Edge Transit is going to be your go-to.

Strategies for Acquiring Heavy Ammunition

From Onslaughts, you’re looking for an Envious Assassin switch. If you don’t get Spiked, that’s okay, get Mini Frags or Augmented Drum to get more in the magazine. That’s right, you get seven instead of six. Easy GL to farm if you want to go get yourself a Wendigo, Autoloading, explosive, easy to swap with. But yeah, you would just have to go turn in Vanguard engrams to get these because this isn’t in the rotation anymore.

Additional Heavy Machine Gun Options

If you want some other machine guns for the heavy slot, I can give you some quick shout-outs: the Commemoration with Subsistence Killing Tally, Reconstruction Killing Tally—you get this from farming Taniks, so that should be an easy clear. Retrofit Escapade is doing tons of damage this season; I can’t stress enough that you can get this from the weekly Rotator Mission, but it’s going to be hard to get those red frames.

Diverse Machine Gun Choices

With a little bit of grinding, that Fourth Times Target Lock will be yours. Circular Logic, I really like this thing with Envious and Hatchling for my Strand builds, and you farm it on Neam Muna—should be an easy dub for you. But again, I threw Avalanche on here because this is probably one of my favorite machine guns, but this is no longer obtainable, so if you missed out, it’s okay.

Options for Solar Machine Guns

You have other weapons like Fixed Odds which can drop with Incandescent Field Prep; that’s going to be a really good solar machine gun for you to use, and also the solar that rolls with Incandescent as well. I just don’t have one. Song of Herud is from Croa, Rewind Target Lock—really good on this thing for an arc machine gun.

Strategic Weapon Choices for Final Shape

Again, if you don’t want to use this, use Thunderlord. We already know that there’s going to be a Tormentor and a Subjugator in the Final Shape, so pairing with Harmonic Resonance is going to give us more damage to those. Loose and high barriers with Rewind and Surrounded, Rewind Frenzy, or you can use the Reconstruction. Definitely get this from farming Ron. Cataclysmic is from Vow and it does have Bait and Switch, even though it got nerfed, it’s still probably one of the best linears out there. If you wanted to go farm Vow for this, I would recommend doing Caretaker or the final boss.

Opportunities for Crafting and Farming Weapons

Also, from this season, Doom Petitioner with the new Precision Instrument perk—we all thought that it was going to work really well against Orcs, but then we found out it didn’t. However, I feel like it’s still a good craftable weapon. But if you wanted to go for the old fan favorite with high pain, that’s all good too. While you’re farming Dares for those other weapons that I had on this list, please try and get yourself an eager edge sword like

Advanced Sword Options with Eager Edge

The other half of the arsenal includes some other swords in the game that Bungie equips with Eager Edge. You can get stuff like the Slammer with Eager Edge, Bait and Switch, and also the Onslaught Bing Guillotine that Bungie just brought back this season, which has the Eager Edge perk. Just make sure you’ve got a movement sword; your friends are just going to say, “Why are you back there? We’re 10 lamps ahead of you on Croa.” You don’t want to be the one left behind, so make sure you’ve got a sword with Eager Edge now.

Farming for Bequest

While you’re farming Taniks because you’re trying to get a Commemoration, please try to get up a quest with Relentless Surrounded. This has the highest impact as a sword of 78 adaptive frame. You literally just have to light attack non-stop. It offers some of the best DPS to Croa and for using swords against any bosses in future content. Why not have the Bequest?

Key Heavy Exotics for Endgame Content

Moving on to heavy exotics, Tractor Cannon is probably going to be a very important debuff weapon in the Final Shape, especially for suppressing enemies or day one raids. I always told people Sleeper Stimulant is the best returning player weapon because you can have this on, go into Song of Your, right now, and just cook the boss if Div’s applied. Sleeper is always a hard-hitting linear, great exotic. You should definitely have it for DPS and it’s easy to unlock.

Strategies with Whisper and Thunderlord

Whisper is craftable this season; we can get that Field Prep—that’s what I put on it so far. We’re waiting for future weeks, but this thing cooks. They buffed the reserves; it’s really good on Orcs if we have a long DPS phase in the Final Shape. Whisper could make a return, but hey, you might as well do the mission anyway because it’s featured this season. Good old Tord—we were one phasing bosses with Div, and then we found out that Thunderlord was doing double damage.

But hey, this thing still cooks, stuns the overloads, and absolutely shreds tormentors. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you use it in the Onslaught, as soon as that chest piece is showing on a Tormentor, Thunder kind of stuns him, keeps him in place from the jolt. Really good weapon; people still use this on LFG for DPS. Might as well grab it.

Leviathan’s Breath: A Versatile DPS Weapon

Leviathan’s Breath is really good for team play DPS and solo dungeon runs. Some people use this in “Ghost of the Deep” for their solos, and it’s still used to this day for Croa. It’s a really good DPS option—the more ammo type. They buffed the ammo on this, ensuring that you get those crits and stuns on champions. It’s just a fun bow that actually does good DPS.

Xenophage: A Must-Try Quest

Xeno Fage offers a fun quest, but hey, you never know if this weapon will ever make a return. Do you need this? It shone brightly; we’ve always used it, and I feel like it’s just one of those weapons that you need to go and experience for yourself. So, if you haven’t done it yet, please go get this, do the quest, enjoy “Pit of Heresy” where the secret boss [REDACTED] awaits, and then let me know if you think it was worth it.

Lament: The Protective Sword

Lament is a really good sword for blocking and saving you from dying. It was really useful for Croa day one. I think you should definitely do the quest for this in Beyond Light. You pick it up from Banshee; you just need to own Beyond Light. Again, this is a really good sword for blocking, keeping yourself alive, good for team play, and also really good damage.

OG Gjallarhorn and Other Specialty Exotics

OG Gjallarhorn, I mean, hey, buffs rockets. You could be a returning player and tell your teammates, “Hey, I got Gjallarhorn on,” you guys do your crazy swap, and I’ll buff your damage. Everyone will love you. Parasite just got a buff and it’s absolutely dominating with bosses right now in Onslaught and even raid bosses with that times 20 shot. It’s really good DPS, but also, you could put a holster on this and just spam it. Use all the shots, do good damage, try it out for yourself.

Final Dragon’s Breath and Honorable Mentions

Final Dragon’s Breath, I used this on my solo Flawless for Warlord’s Ruin, just pairing this with shards of Galanor or pairing this with your solar builds and stacking up the Scorch and just igniting everything. Fun weapon, Bungie brought it back this season, make sure you get the Catalyst as well. Now we’re going to the honorable mentions, these are ones that are very niche but they’re really good and also they’re expensive. Grand Overture is a very niche weapon, but stacking this and stacking up those shots and just doing a rapid spam as a fire team, Grand Overture absolutely cooks. It cooks raid bosses, definitely look into using this weapon, try it out, see.

Special Mention: Anarchy

If you like it, use it on bosses like Caretaker and other raid bosses. My favorite gun in the game, Anarchy, and you’re probably thinking, “Clyde, why is it on the honorable mentions?” It’s because it costs spoils, and a lot of people can’t farm spoils easily. But, I do want to point out that with doing those raid challenges and playing Pantheon, Bungie did state that if you complete the triumphs for Pantheon, it’ll give you 30 plus spoils per triumph. That’s going to be amazing. Anarchy, hands down, is my favorite exotic in the game just because it’s unique. It pairs well with rapid-fire snipers and infusions for good damage rotations.

Legend of Acrius Gets a Buff

Then, the Chungus, Legend of Acrius, just got a buff because now range melee attacks rock French Barrel. I used Acrius for day one Croa; it’s absolutely amazing. I’ve used this in the Warlords ruin. I build bosses with it—very fun weapon to use.

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