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The 10 Strongest Weapons You Must Have Before The Final Shape

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The 10 Strongest Weapons You Must Have Before The Final Shape

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This guide provides a streamlined selection of essential Legendary weapons for Destiny 2's "The Final Shape," categorized for ad clear, anti-major, and DPS roles, with details on god rolls, weapon sources, and their effectiveness in PvE content.
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With only three weeks left until the Final Shape arrives, new and returning players might find it daunting to decide which God rolls or red border patterns to focus on. With limited time until the release, I have narrowed down my recommendations to essential weapons that dominate the PvE scene and are still relatively easy to obtain.

Streamlined Weapon Selection

I’ve eliminated all unnecessary details to present a list of 10 Legendary weapons I always carry. These weapons are effective in any PvE content within Final Shape, including normal campaigns and day-one raids. I will discuss personal God rolls, viable alternatives, and sources for obtaining these weapons.

Categories of Weapons

Instead of categorizing weapons by type (primary, special, heavy), I find it more practical to divide them into three functional categories: ad clear weapons, anti-major or Champion weapons, and DPS weapons. Choosing one weapon from each category ensures coverage for most encounters.

Focus on Ad Clear Weapons

Ad clear weapons are crucial for their AOE potential. One standout example is Z’s Bane, a solar energy hand cannon. Thanks to recent buffs, hand cannons excel at clearing minor enemies with single headshots.

Special Features of Z’s Bane

Z’s Bane features Explosive payload and Incandescent perks, making it exceptionally powerful. The Incandescent perk triggers mini-explosions that, with enough Scorch stacks, lead to larger ignitions. Craftable features of this weapon allow for perk enhancements, improving its ignition efficiency with fewer kills.

Weapon Effectiveness and Availability

The Explosive payload of Z’s Bane boosts its PvE damage by 15%, making it effective against stronger foes like mages. This weapon can be acquired from the Kings Fall raid, with both standard and harrow versions available, enhancing its accessibility and utility in various PvE scenarios.

Overview of Pantheon Raid Weapons

The Pantheon raid offers more than sufficient gear if you do not wish to farm five red border patterns. The second weapon discussed is one of the best ad clear weapons ever in Destiny—the Arc Wave Frame Launcher for Baren. What makes Forbaren such a powerhouse is its synergy with the Chain Reaction perk. You fire one shot, creating a shockwave that kills enemies in its path, and those enemies explode thanks to Chain Reaction.

The first column of perks also has a few viable options. The traditional god roll includes Ambitious Assassin, which allows you to overfill the magazine, meaning you need to reload less frequently. The weapon is also craftable, and originally it was obtainable from the Vault of the Disciple raid. However, for returning players, there is a slightly different version available from the Onslaught activity, which will be enhanceable come Final Shape.

This version can also roll with Ambitious Assassin and Chain Reaction, but it can also roll with Demolitionist in the first column, which is incredible for any grenade-focused build, especially paired with its origin trait, Indomitability, which gives even more grenade energy on top. The original version has Soul Drinker as its origin trait instead, which heals you based on the number of hits before reloading, a lifesaver in harder content. In my opinion, the older version is still worth farming.

Unique Choice in Ad Clear Category

The final weapon in the ad clear category is a more unconventional choice, but it’s the recently reprised Luna Howl hand cannon, which is obtainable from Onslaught. It features a god roll that is particularly effective in harder content, including Heal Clip with Incandescent. Incandescent, similar to Z’s Bane, allows for those remarkable explosions and ignitions for ad clear, but Heal Clip sets this weapon apart.

Heal Clip allows you to gain a whopping 120 HP after reloading following a kill, which will be invaluable in more difficult content. Heal Clip also has amazing synergy with any solar subclass, thanks to Ember of Benevolence, allowing you to constantly have 400% increased ability regeneration, which will make any solar build an absolute powerhouse.

Anti-Major or Champion Weapons

Moving on to the anti-major or Champion weapons, these need to hit hard to take out those tougher enemies and ideally should have some sort of damage or utility perk that allows them to excel within this role. Some of these weapons also double up to be

Anti-Major Weapon Highlights

Great special weapon DPS options are also available, which you can use in between damage rotations or when you run out of heavy ammo. My first anti-major weapon is the kinetic sniper rifle, Supremacy, obtainable from The Last Wish raid and it’s craftable.

Its god roll features one of the most sought-after perks in PvE, Kinetic Tremors, which, after just two hits with this sniper, releases a shockwave damaging enemies caught within it three times. Kinetic Tremors is incredible for boosting damage output. Rewind Rounds then allows you to continue firing the weapon a ridiculous number of times before needing to reload. All this, combined with its rapid-fire frame, means you can discharge many shots in a short time, making it a great weapon for DPS as well.

Special Weapon Powerhouse

In terms of special weapon options, the next weapon on this list is the Strand Fusion Rifle, Scattered Signal, which melts any stronger enemy and also serves as a special weapon powerhouse for DPS. The god roll has Overflow, which allows the magazine to Overflow up to a whopping 18 shots when enhanced, and Control Burst, which increases damage by 20% and decreases charge time by 10% for the next 2 seconds after hitting all your bolts in your previous shot.

This results in 18 continuous, hard-hitting Fusion Rifle shots that can annihilate tankier enemies like champions in harder content without reloading, and also pump out some serious damage against bosses. Scattered Signal is obtainable from the Season of The Wish vendor and Bungie recently introduced a catchup mechanic where you can obtain a daily Red Bull, a weapon on a knockout system, by playing the Coil or Riven.

Utility and Damage with Rip Tide

Our next weapon is the Stasis Fusion Rifle, Rip Tide. Unlike the first two weapons, Rip Tide has far more of a utility use case than pure damage. Its god roll features Autoloading Holster and Chill Clip. Chill Clip recently got rebuffed, so now it applies 40 stacks of slow per burst; after three shots, it will freeze an enemy, which is super useful against a stronger major or Champion charging you down. What makes my Rip Tide better than most other Fusion rifles with Chill Clip is that it has Autoloading Holster, meaning you don’t need to reload it, and it is also a rapid-fire Fusion, meaning those three shots that.

High-Speed Utility with Rip Tide

Rip Tide, a Stasis Fusion Rifle, stands out for its utility use more than pure damage. It is perfect for situations where you need to freeze an enemy quickly, as it can discharge three shots rapidly. It’s obtainable from Crucible engrams and boasts a massive perk pool, making it well worth the grind despite the effort required.

Unique Features of Mountaintop

Mountaintop is unique in that it has a micro missile frame, which fires a single shot in a straight line and can also be used to propel yourself backwards for some cool movement techniques. It is farmable from the Onslaught activity, and its god roll includes Autoloading Holster and Recombination. Autoloading Holster means you never need to reload, and Recombination boosts damage by a whopping 100% after ten kills with other elemental weapons or abilities.

Essentially, after using your ad clear weapon, you can quickly switch to Mountaintop for a high-damage shot and then resume using your original weapon, repeating as needed. For Mountaintop, the barrel and magazine selections are crucial; Hard Launch and either Implosion Rounds or Spike Grenades in the magazine are recommended. While the choice between Spike or Implosion Rounds results in a minimal damage increase, having Hard Launch is what truly matters. Mountaintop is also farmable from Onslaught.

Transition to DPS Weapons

We now move on to our final category, DPS weapons. The best DPS weapons vary by boss encounter due to many factors like the mechanics of the fight, the duration of the damage phase, and the critical hit multiplier that the boss has. However, the three weapons I’m going to recommend here are universally good for any encounter.

The first weapon, Apex Predator, is appropriately named as it’s the best legendary rocket launcher in the game. It’s obtainable from The Last Wish raid, and its god roll features Reconstruction with Bait and Switch. Reconstruction allows it to auto-reload up to double the normal capacity, meaning you can fire two rockets without reloading, while Bait and Switch, after hitting the boss with your other weapons first, gives it a whopping 30% damage buff for 10 seconds. Bait and Switch is often regarded as one of the best damage perks available.

Bait and Switch Perk Advantages

Bait and Switch is one of the best damage perks in the game because it can be activated in all boss encounters quite easily, unlike other perks like Surrounded, which are more situational. This makes it highly valuable across various gameplay scenarios.

Revival of Edge Transit

Edge Transit, once memed as an overly common void grenade launcher, is now actually the best DPS weapon in the game following recent buffs to grenade launchers. Its god roll, Envious Assassin with Bait and Switch, allows the magazine to Overflow to triple its normal size, so that’s 21 grenade launcher shots in a row without reloading.

Bait and Switch provides an easy-to-access 30% damage buff. There are other very good rolls for Edge Transit as well. You could chase a Cascade variant to dump your ammo faster and increase your DPS for shorter damage phases, or you could opt for Deconstruct with sticky grenades, which can give you free shots from thin air. Edge Transit is easily farmable from the Onslaught activity.

Cataclysmic: The Linear Fusion Rifle

The final weapon on the list is Cataclysmic, the linear fusion rifle equivalent of Apex Predator. It’s a solar linear fusion rifle, recommended particularly because certain bosses have very high critical hit multipliers. Its god roll features Fourth Time’s the Charm and Bait and Switch. Fourth Time’s the Charm refunds two free rounds after hitting four precision hits, while Bait and Switch provides a 30% damage buff. Cataclysmic is craftable, and you can obtain the red borders from the Vault of the Disciple raid.

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