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Season of the Wish Prep: Essential Tips & Strategies

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Introduction to the New Season

So, guys, we are now just a little bit over two weeks away from the brand new season starting, that being the season of the wish. In this video, we’re going to be talking about things you can be doing in the game currently to be the most prepared possible. This can be getting craftable weapons ready just so you do not have to worry about them anymore, as well as being up to date in terms of all the story content that has recently been released within the game.

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Story Updates and Challenges

Starting off with story stuff, you can be doing, there’s a brand new Imaru engine challenge, which you might notice this brand new egg. This is a reward from that new challenge.

I’m not going to spoil too much here, but this does tie into the story of the next season, being the season of the wish. So, if you want to do that new Andar engine challenge, I have guides on that here on my channel, which I can have linked in the description, but you can also just find them on my channel.

A very interesting challenge, as well as a huge story drop. A good thing to get done though if you want to be up to date in terms of the story heading into the next season.

Preparing for the Season: Armor and Items

Moving on from story stuff, here we’ve obviously got content-wise, there’s armor and items you can be gathering within the game so you can be done with this season pretty much if you consider being done collecting all the weapons and having them all crafted. PvP players, this hand cannon is probably going to be one you want to go and get, as it’s quite good in PvE.

Essential Weapon and Armor Acquisitions

I would highly recommend the fusion rifle, and maybe even the rocket launcher, but just in general, if you’re interested in any of these weapons, be sure to get them whilst you can. Next season is going to be a long one, so you might be able to come back and get these, but they’re just a great thing to get done in the downtime that we have between content drops. The same thing goes for the armor. If you’re interested in getting any of it, be sure to do that as well.

Season Pass and Legendary Shards Updates

Moving on from weapons, if you’ve already got your season pass, don’t forget to claim any items from this that you want or have earned. Also, if you’ve been slacking on your season pass, make sure that you complete it so you can get the most out of it.

And moving on from the season pass, we have a last little bit here on legendary shards. Next season, some items are going to no longer require legendary shards to be acquired. This is mainly to do with the Monuments of Lost Lights as well as engram focusing when it comes to Ritual activities.

I have a little article here which I can have linked in the description. So, basic focusing, uh, no longer require legendary shards, and the same thing goes for the Monument of Lost Lights kiosk.

Final Shape and Seasonal Catchup

Some things that still will require legendary shards will be collections, trials passage, ritual, uh, vendors, and vendor purchases in general. But when the Final Shape launches, all legendary shards will be removed from the game. So next season, at the end of it, you will need to spend all your legendary shards on stuff so you can just use them. CU otherwise, they will be removed.

Once again, just to clarify, keep your legendary shards for now. For once the season of The Wish ends, heading into the Final Shape, be sure that you spend them all on items, which I can make another video on talking about what you can spend those shards on once we get closer to the launch of the Final Shape. That’s mainly all the stuff that I would highly recommend you guys do in terms of seasonal catchup. Once again, just over about 2 weeks left in this season. I believe we have one more Iron Banner event to come, so if you’re slacking on that, be sure to grab any items that you want from there.

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