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Season of the Wish Best Builds

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Season of the Wish Best Builds

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Excellent SotW Builds for your D2 character.
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Cross, don’t hate me, is the name of this build. Okay, bird glass, indee, it kindness for frost. All that I’m wondering is what is going on with this with our drip here. I mean, IR, oh it’s still applying everything.

Understanding Build Mechanics

Okay, okay, actually, the drip’s not bad here. I’m kind of liking this dude. What if this actually pops off? You didn’t get the rundown or play from Sierra. I mean, it seems pretty straightforward. Alright, I’m doing the thing, baby.

Competition and Strategy

I regret my bet choice. Is this a bet going on if we’re going to get through? Oh my God, don’t initiate that bet when we’re doing Build Battles. We don’t do bets whether or not we’re going to make it through. People on my team can throw, that’s how you get insider trading happening here. Right there we go. We’re not supposed to be changing things up. It would definitely increase the survivability. Alright, we’re instituting a new rule with this: we can change only one thing.

Meta Analysis and Adjustments

Starting to wonder if this submission was just a meme on me. Tarov has 300,000 more viewers than Destiny, and probably 800,000 more concurrent players. It’s so random, are we doing more random facts today? I don’t remember asking you a goddamn thing. Oh, not talking to me. Oh God, I’m liking it, meta, yes. Look at that, just pushes him right off.

Effective Utilization of Stasis and Ver Glass

Let’s play The Meta. Remember, the more distance you have with stasis, the better. It does so much shatter damage right off. We’re mainly using stasis defensively, but we’re able to dip into ver glass because of its exotic catalyst increasing the draw speed there when we freeze targets. And I guess in data kindness, we’re using it mainly to counter barrier champions. Oh my God, we actually have a review going out on burglass here very, very soon. There, my don’t leave me, there we go, we did a good job. The pairing GE between tic kindness is really good

Maximizing Shatter Damage

I get the shatter damage off, like watch this: it’ll give me V shot from the shatter damage. Watch this, I have V shot from them. That’s nuts, that’s nuts. I mean, this completely clears them out immediately. Look at this, I mean, this is wild, it’s good, dude, it’s fun, dude. This is the most aggressive I’ve been able to play this entire week, and this is coming from playing like a Stram Onew Punch Titan build.

Exploring the Hunter Build

So, what’s the second build? The second build is a hunter build: quick surver, storm assassin’s cow, explosive personality. You’re going invisible with Assassin’s Cow, guys. Look at how long it’s been since I used Assassin’s Cow, it’s level 1600. That’s actually a nice roll right here, a 367 W. This is what happens when I’m trying to do too many things at once, man.

The Moment of Truth

Please, yes, thank you. Budgy, moment of truth, this will decide everything. Woo, I’m in this, baby, yes, yes, yes! The survivability, yes, light them up, brother, light them up. What the hell, what? This wall is not solid. Major spec on the rocket is a throw. Major spec works against Champions. Would you like to suck my ass now or after this Nightfall? Both, okay, both, thank you so much.

Aggressive Gameplay Strategy

You should melee more, too aggressive BR. Think he’s on tight, still got a lot of talkers in this goddamn stream right now. I’m going to play super aggressive for the rest of this Nightfall. Some of you are satisfied with 45-minute Nightfall completions and your Wish Enders, and I’m just not that, I’m not about it. What wall hacks, that was between two different pillars. Who the, another person picks up my goddamn tangle again, I’m, this build, yeah, put that on the thumbnail, this build

Stun and Stealth Tactics

I get a stun on this guy, oh, even better. Oh, watch this, I’m invisible, oh boy, oh boy. Oh, my melees are bad, dude, not good, not good. Hold on, hold on. Moment of truth right here, we’re in a bad predicament, but we did it. I would argue and say that this build would be really good in something like a fire team finder, or maybe when you don’t know the team composition. Your survivability is going to be extremely important there.

Handling Tough Situations

Something like a scout, look at this: right now, I’m in a bad situation, no problem. I let my strand do its thing, yes, yes. Oh, so that’s one thing I didn’t like, chat. It looks like when you catch the knife, you go back visible. You notice that? Yeah, dude, that’s the only downside. I wish it wouldn’t do that.

Build Comparison and Community Feedback

See, it’s okay if the knife is close to you, you’ll be fine. It’s whenever it’s far away from you, and you’ve been invisible for a second, and then when it comes back to you, that it’ll do that.

Decision Time and Community Poll

Now, let me just say this, and I love it when it’s like this: both builds were a lot of fun. When I first saw them, I was like, why am I using this? But I get it, man. I’m going to let you guys decide right now. Poll it here: which build was better? The stasis Titan build or our strand assassin’s cow build? I’m honestly split. I am too, that’s why I’m so happy I don’t have to make this decision. Alright, so the stasis Titan build wins at 65%.

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