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Raid Rankings An In-Depth Analysis and Personal Reflections

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Raid Rankings An In-Depth Analysis and Personal Reflections

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A deep dive into Destiny 2 raid rankings, combining thorough analysis with personal insights from seasoned players.
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Today, I’m going to be ranking every raid that you can currently play in Destiny 2. The equivalent of S tier is Michael 1, and the lowest tier is Michael 5. But enough yapping, enough chatting, enough gossip, enough chitchat, let’s get right into it.

Introduction to Destiny 2 Raid Rankings

We’re starting from oldest to newest, so starting off, we have the oldest raid on this list, which is Last Wish.

Last Wish Raid: A Top-Tier Experience

We’re starting out strong here because Last Wish is the first Michael 1. It is in Michael 1, I tell you, Last Wish is fantastic. It is the best raid in the entire game and the entire franchise, in my opinion, and it’s just fantastic.

Kalli, although being plate mechanics, it’s not terrible. I enjoy it. Shuro Chi is a good encounter, and the right way to do damage getting, I think, is fun. It’s fast-paced, and yeah, I think that it’s a good encounter.

Morgeth is a little bit worse but is still, you know, not terrible. Although Morgeth has like 2 Hp, the Vault is the best non-boss encounter in the entire game. It’s great, in my opinion. I love it, and the music by the way in this raid is just legit.

Riven, and we’re not counting the cheese, I think that they should patch the cheese. Legit Riven is the best encounter in the entire game, period. And I will stand by that. Then, to finish it off, we have the only raid to have an encounter after the final boss, and it’s a good encounter. It’s fun. It has to be in Michael 1; it cannot be anywhere else. So, our first Michael 1 of the tier list goes to Last Wish.

Garden of Salvation: A Mixed Experience

Moving on, we have the one, the only Garden of Salvation. Now, if King’s Fall was on this list, Garden of Salvation would be higher because I think people base Garden of Salvation off of their LFG experiences, and for some reason, LFGs just have this weird curse of being extraordinarily terrible at Garden of Salvation. I don’t know how, um, but when you do it with non-LFGs, it’s fun.

It’s fun; it’s not, you know, the premier raid experience. I’ll give it a solid Michael 3. If I have somebody, old pals, say, “Hey, FYI, do you want to do a ТЕКСТ?” I’ll first look and see who’s on the team, and then, you know, I’ll probably play. I’ll probably do it.

But if it’s with LFGs, count me out of that. Also, if you have the chance, do this raid three-man. Very good, very fun, probably, you know, it changes the whole raid.

Personal Favorite Raid

Moving on, we have my personal favorite raid, or at least the one that I have the most fun playing. My favorite one to play is Deep Stone Crypt.

Are there flaws with this raid? Of course. Is it easy? Yes, it is easy, very easy as a matter of fact. Does that mean it’s bad? No, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. I think it’s a very creative raid. I like that it requires more than one person, unlike another one of the easy raids.

It just has fun mechanics that aren’t really tedious. I think that if the bosses had more health, if Taniks wasn’t the final boss, but you know, it is what it is. I think it’s Michael 2, if I’m being honest with you.

Vault of Glass and Garden of Salvation Comparison

On we have the one and only, the very first raid in Destiny, but it came back to Destiny 2. I think it’s about the same as Garden of Salvation. These aren’t in any order, by the way, in the tier list. Just imagine Garden of Salvation and Vault of Glass are on the same tier.

Vault of Glass is very, very easy. It gets kind of boring. It has a lot of encounters, some pretty good loot, but the bosses don’t really have a lot of health.

I think it has a lot of encounters, did I already say that? Confluxes are boring, oracles are boring, the Templar is, you know, it’s whatever, it’s a pretty quick boss encounter, and Atheon is cool. It’s a fast raid. So, I believe that Michael 3 is the place to put Vault of Glass.

Vow of the Disciple: A Standout Raid

Next up, we have Vow of the Disciple. If you think I’m going to put this in Michael 1 just because the boss is hot, well, you would be right. Vow of the Disciple is a very good raid. It does have downsides, such as I believe the first encounter is, you know, it is what it is, but it’s not so spectacular. It’s kind of like a longer version of Vault from Last Wish if you think about it. Caretaker is cool. I think it’s an interesting boss fight. The third encounter is another one that is a casualty of LFGs. I think that this encounter probably sucks with LFGs, and you know.

Raid Overview

I don’t blame you if you don’t like it because of that but God, the non-LFG third encounter rocks. I love the third encounter without LFGs. It’s fun, fast-paced, and the music, oh my God, it’s great.

The final encounter with the man, the myth, the legend Rol himself is exciting. The first part of the encounter requires putting all the symbols into their places before you ascend into his arena. It looks like a soccer arena, or maybe basketball – there are no hoops, but he’s tall enough for it to be a basketball arena. Maybe cricket? That actually makes more sense, considering the staff. Baseball? It’s an arena, his room, I think.

The boss DPS phase also rocks. I really like this raid. The worst part is riding on R’s Volvo at the start; it takes forever, and I’d rather be riding something else.

Moving on, we have the second reprised raid in Destiny 2: Crown of Sorrow.

Crown of Sorrow Analysis

Now, Crown of Sorrow is an interesting one. The first encounter sucked when it was first in the game. They revamped it when they brought it back, and it’s not too bad now. I certainly do not mind it, but it still isn’t the best encounter of all time. The loot pool from it, with only one weapon and all the armor, is a bit of a joke.

My voice, I don’t know what has happened, it is gone. Cranos Saro, yeah, the first encounter is not the most spectacular but not as terrible as it previously was. The loot pool for it is terrible, though.

The second encounter is fine, the third, I don’t know. The only encounter that stands out is the final encounter, Gon’s deception, which isn’t terrible and is probably the second best encounter in this raid. But again, it’s not super standout. I think it’s better than Garden of Salvation and the glass.

Raid Weaponry and Mechanics

I wouldn’t place it in Michael 2; I think Michael 3 is the best spot for it. Although the weapons really did have a significant comeback, they weren’t spectacular to start with. The fact that they brought back the final round from D1, specifically for the shotgun, and haven’t put it on anything else is noteworthy. Imagine Acreas with a final round. The exotic too, uh, since Terbo was already in the game, they made a new exotic, and it’s cool.

Disappointment in Raids: Rud of Nightmares

Moving on, we have the most disappointing raid on the entire list: Rud of Nightmares. Now, I know some of you will say it’s good because it’s easy, and easy is good for people who don’t do raids, newcomers, or noobs. This is the final God of Pain. We were one expansion, one raid away from fighting The Witness in the Lightfall expansion.

We’re facing F in Nezar, the final God of Pain, whom we’ve heard about since vanilla D2, 7 years. It’s not the time for a noob-friendly raid. Vault of Glass is there for that. Raids should not be noob-friendly.

Rud of Nightmares is a disappointment, and the loot isn’t great, except for the Exotic and the linear and the slug. I do not like Rud of Nightmares; it’s boring. You can solo Flawless it without any exploits, unlike with Vault of Glass, where you need an exploit. Even the original Croa, if I remember right, required an exploit to cross the bridge.

The encounters are boring, except for the third one. The only thing keeping it out of Michael 5 is Nezar, who is pretty hot. Enough said about Rud of Nightmares.

Latest Raid: Cota’s End

We are onto the final raid, the latest raid, which is Cota’s End, the reprised version. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m not a big fan of the raid. I like all the raids in Det too, even Rud of Nightmares, despite all I said about it. The best way I can describe Cota’s End is if elevator music was a raid. There’s a lot of waiting, and I’m not a big fan of that personally. I like how it’s more difficult than before and that you do increased damage against CA with swords. That’s very cool.

Raid Loot and Mechanics Analysis

I think that the loot from the dungeon, which was not planned, is pretty good. I’m mad that instead of the sniper and the rocket, they decided to put in the auto rifle—yes, a high-impact auto rifle, baby—and the machine gun. The machine gun’s good, but it’s still just a machine gun.

Not a big fan of the Chalice mechanic and not thrilled that there was no real diversification of the encounters. It felt like they just decided to put the Chalice in every encounter and made it the main mechanic, instead of making everyone not regen health and only regen health when you have the Chalice, you know what I mean? I’m just not a big fan of that.

But for what it’s worth, I still think that it is better than all of the raids in Michael 3, but I don’t think it’s on the same tier as Deepstone Crypt. So, I’ll put it at a very high Michael 3.

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