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Outbreak Has Reached Perfection Destiny 2 Into the Light

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Outbreak Has Reached Perfection Destiny 2 Into the Light

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This guide covers Destiny 2's quest progression with Ada-1, detailing cluster collection, switch activations, and optimizing Outbreak Perfected through puzzles and intrinsic upgrades.
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To even begin engaging with this week’s quest, you need to head on over to Ada-1 in the Tower where you can pick up Outbreak Refined 2. This will task you with collecting more CA clusters by killing Fallen within Exus 2A’s law sector. Now, many of us went here for last week’s quest, so just go back and continue from where you left off.

Progressing in the Law Sector

To that same law sector, guys, farm some ads up. You see those CA drops? You may have to clear the whole law sector depending on your RNG, but the moment you get that, you can bounce. Now, the next quest step will have us going into Legend Zero Hour, and you’ll need to activate the second pair of switches. This pair can be found just after the first week’s pair, past the room where you need to jump up the pipe. The first switch will be found here on your right, and you’ll know this area as that jumping section area. Now, you want to make sure you get this right, guys, because unlike last week, you can’t go backwards in the mission structure.

Activating the Catalyst Switch

Essentially, when you activate that switch, you’ll receive the Catalyst Switch Prime buff for 30 seconds. Last week, you could go from panel to panel from either side. This week, though, when you start up top and interact with this panel, when you move down through those air ducts, you cannot go back up. We tried this a number of times, guys.

Maybe there is a way, but the only thing that we found, in case you mess up and get down there and run out of time (again, it’s a 30-second timer), is that you have to kill yourself and hope you spawn back up top. The main thing is, guys, you want to get this right. Hit that panel, get that Catalyst Switch Prime buff, and move down to this point as quickly as you can and interact with that panel on the left behind these pipes.

Completing the Quest

After that, where once you defeat the final boss and you loot the chest, you’ll get another 1810 Outbreak Perfected as well as more quest progression. You’ll then need to return to Ada where you can complete the quest and claim Rewind Rounds as your reward.

Optimizing Outbreak with Intrinsic Upgrades

Now, I would highly recommend that, before reshaping your Outbreak, you unlock this week’s intrinsic upgrade. You also get more progress toward that exotic ship. To do this, you can be on either difficulty, and if you feel comfortable enough, you can definitely do it in that Legend run when going for that Catalyst. Again, you only have 20 minutes, so it really just comes down to how quickly you can move. This is just like last week, where we will be shooting some hidden symbols without a break. The location of this week’s puzzle is after all of the combat rooms, and where the path diverges on Legend and normal difficulty, you want to head into this vent where you’ll find the initial panel.

Engaging the Puzzle Sequence

Then, once you’ve activated it and got the buff, you then shoot the symbols in order as they appear on both the panel and the hologram in the middle of the area. One of the symbols will be under the stairs here, another one is on the opposite side of this wall on the top floor, and the last one behind some more stairs on the middle floor. Now, once you’ve shot all three in the correct order, you’ll get a pop-up in the chat saying “Sequence Accepted.” You can then continue into the vault room where we do exactly what we did last week, but now with the next open door.

Completing the Vault Room Puzzle

Now, once again, all of the information you need will be on the screen. The door we open just now is this one, the diamond-shaped door. Essentially, align yourself facing the back of the room and interact with the buttons from top to bottom, with each arrow corresponding to one button. The black arrows are in the unlocked room, and the orange are the buttons outside. On the screen now is us interacting with the buttons in that order. Once you’ve completed the sequence, you’ll receive the “Corruption Spreads Three.” This is the next intrinsic, and this one’s extremely important as it unlocks magazine perks.

Reviewing Magazine Perks for Outbreak Perfected

Now you can head on over to the Enclave, guys, and slot not only Rewind Rounds but a mag perk of your choice, which is what I wanted us to get into right now. The review portion of Outbreak Perfected: when it comes to Rewind Rounds, obviously, perks that boost the magazine size are really important. Your options include Tactical Mag, which increases our mag size to 39; Appended Mag, which increases our mag size to 42; and Extended Mag, which increases our mag all the way up to 45. I know it’s showing 44 and 40 and different numbers there at the Enclave, but when you actually spec it out and craft it, the results speak for themselves.

Optimizing Magazine Size for Outbreak

It will show the actual magazine size now. Despite Extended Mag normally being a perk I would never choose, considering it tanks our reload speed, the synergy it has here with Outbreak and those SE nanites and Rewind Rounds is just too good, at least for damage phases. Yes, we are going to be doing damage testing this week with this. If you are going to go this route, I do highly advise rocking a Kinetic Loader mod because that reload speed is not the best.

Exploring Rewind Rounds and Performance

This also takes us to Rewind Rounds itself. Last week, we got to play with Rapid Hits. We utilized it inside of PvP, played it in trials, and dude, it feels great. Now, I still think Headseeker is going to be a big play, especially for PvP. I’ve had some questions asked: will Headseeker get proed by Outbreak? I’m not sure. I wouldn’t think that’s the case, but we’ll test it out nonetheless. However, for my PvE players, I think Rewind Rounds is by far the best option. But to understand why it’s so good, we need to take a look at Outbreak’s performance at base.

Analyzing Outbreak’s Base Performance

Just understand how much more optimized this exotic just became. Our exotic intrinsic perk is called The Corruption Spreads, and this reads that the weapon creates SE nanite swarms on rapid hits and precision kills. Those SE nanites are so nice. I even use it in things like Pantheon just to drop SE nanites down to attack on extra damage to ads that are spawning in. They linger for a bit, then everything we know and love about this weapon, and its great DPS for a primary, comes from its other perk and its Catalyst.

Impact of Upcoming Updates on Outbreak

The perk Parasitism reads: this weapon does more damage to enemies based on the number of SE nanites that attach to them, and then its catalyst takes that even further, stating it increases nanite damage. Enemies that die with nanites attached to them generate additional nanites. So before we even dive into boss damage and how juiced up Outbreak is with this new perk, I just want to point out Outbreak’s performance as an ad-clear weapon, especially considering it’s getting a hefty buff in The Final Shape. Yes, it’s getting its exotic damage toned back 10%, but we’re also getting a 30% increase, which is that 20% and 15% respectively. This will go live with The Final Shape. So, for instance, right now, we’re dealing 4,777 damage per shot to a minor, and The Seekers deal 6,595 damage. Now in The Final Shape, this is going to jump up to 5,933 per shot, and our Seeker damage is going to go up to 8,191. That’s nuts, guys. Outbreak right now is already performing extremely well and personally.

Enhancing Performance with Rewind Rounds

I actually see myself utilizing this over Graviton Lance. Those seekers that spawn after precision kills absolutely destroy nearby targets and can spread even more seekers. But this takes us to Rewind Rounds. I know we’ve had Outlaw and rapid hits, and don’t get me wrong, those are good perks too, but Rewind Rounds was literally meant for Outbreak as this contributes directly to that boss damage.

Detailed Mechanics of Rewind Rounds

The seekers themselves count towards activating Rewind Rounds, and the perk here for Rewind Rounds reads that when this weapon’s magazine is empty, it refills from reserves based on the number of hits. Specifically, Rewind Rounds should refill 60% of its hits landed as ammo to the magazine. Just like I said, seeker hits count for this. So, to showcase this, here at Carl, nine shots will refill just six bullets, but then if we shoot nine shots and get some kills with them, therefore spawning those seekers, this would now refill 15 bullets.

Optimizing Usage of Rewind Rounds

So yes, even as you slay out, you don’t even need to hit all of your shots because the seekers will start stacking up those hits and essentially guarantee you get the most out of Rewind Rounds every time you empty your magazine. One thing to note, at least for this version of Rewind Rounds, it seems to be more potent than the normal version, and at least from our testing, this seems to be a unique version for Outbreak, similar to Archer’s Tempo and Le Monarque’s breath.

Impact on Boss Damage and Ads Clearing

In our testing, Rewind Rounds would often refill about 66% of the mag, going from 45 to 30, but if there was ever a particularly large amount of nanites on my targets, this could actually increase a lot. In this case, at Carl, it went from 45 to 33, which is 73% of its hits, making it even better than the enhanced version of Rewind Rounds. So, even for ad clearing, Rewind Rounds is still the best pick. Obviously, it is the best pick for just laying damage into a boss, but it’s really the best for both. Now let’s talk about boss damage. The first thing to note here is that the blanket buff of 20% damage against all combatants will mean every number.

Impact of Nanite Synergy in Outbreak

You’re about to see numbers that are much higher in the final shape. Here on Greg, our first damaging body shot deals 830 damage. Then, if we get our max damage increase, that goes all the way up to 3,736 per shot. That is a whopping 450% increase in damage. But to make use of that buff, you need to fill your targets with as many nanites as possible. This is where Outbreak’s unique fire team synergy comes in. It doesn’t have to be just your nanites; other outbreaks will add nanites to enemies, increasing everyone’s damage faster.

Optimizing Damage with Rewind Rounds

There’s a reason why people have utilized this in day one raids, swapping the six outbreaks to finish a boss off can literally save you when you’re getting damage checked. But the big thing here is still getting as many shots into a target as quickly as possible, and the one thing that always slows us down are those pesky reloads. Now, we already spoke about how Rewind Rounds refills our magazine, and that would be the best part when our only goal is to hold down the trigger.

Extended Firing Capability

With a magazine of 45, Rewind Rounds will allow you to fire off 111 shots without reloading. Of course, this does vary depending on if your nanite bypass the normal refill amount, but you can expect to shoot around 100 shots in any given setting. That’s amazing. Using Rewind Rounds against Greg allowed us to deal 56,649 damage by the end of a damage phase, and just to give you a point of reference, if I was to use Rapid Hits with Luna Faction boots, this puts us at 44,663 damage.

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