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New Season: Mysteries and Challenges

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New Season: Mysteries and Challenges

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Dive into the latest season of Destiny 2, filled with enigmatic challenges and thrilling adventures awaiting players.
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Hey everyone! In the last couple of days, exciting news emerged about the upcoming season of Destiny. We are getting an incredible collaboration with The Witcher, featuring amazing armor sets and possibly more details.

Exciting Collaboration in Destiny’s New Season

A lot of people received an email with the tagline “Witchy Last Puzzle Wishful New Season and Holiday Deals Galore.” This email detailed a new emblem, offering a surprise we can’t reveal yet. You’ll need to achieve two specific stats based on your play in the last season to earn this mysterious free emblem in the Season of the Wish.

Interestingly, “last season” seems to refer to the Season of the Witch, not the Season of the Deep.

Unique Objectives and the Mystery Emblem

For my two objectives, the numbers were 587 and 54021. Can you guess what they mean? More will be revealed in the coming weeks as the season launches. There’s speculation about whether this will be a Bungie reward emblem, requiring redemption on their site after achieving a certain Triumph, or if it will be rewarded in-game or found via a code. Each player seems to have different numbers correlating to specific in-game activities.

Community Engagement and Speculations

In response to this intriguing development, I tweeted out, asking people to share their numbers. We’ve received many different theories about what these could signify. It’s important to note that Bungie’s email stat trackers are notoriously inaccurate, especially for stats like raid damage or the date of your first activity. Therefore, we’re looking for patterns in the same ballpark.

Tracking Down the First Objective

Regarding the first objective, it appears to relate to emblem trackers. One theory is it represents the number of Altar of Summoning encounters completed. For instance, my count was 578. As we delve deeper into these mysteries, the community’s collective effort might shed light on the true meaning of these objectives and the secret behind the emblem.

Deciphering Destiny’s Seasonal Objectives

It was 587, so less than 10 off, pretty close. A lot of other people found their numbers to line up really well. Another possibility could be sword kills. For example, on our Discord, if you check for SL weapons in PvE for the current season, it shows the number of kills you have. The only sword I use is Other Half, with which I have 678 kills, significantly more than 587. This discrepancy makes me lean towards activity completions as the likely objective. However, considering Geralt’s association with swords, sword kills could also fit well. We’ll have to wait and see.

Investigating the Second Objective: Solar Final Blows

The second objective seems to involve solar final blows. Mine is way off at 54,000, but for many others on Twitter, it’s spot on. I wonder if it’s because of my activities in King’s Fall or similar events, where kills might not be tracked correctly. Geralt is also known for Fire magic, so that could be a clue. However, I don’t have 54,000 of anything this season, so it’s puzzling. The two standout guesses are activity completions, sword kills, and solar kills for this season, Season of the Witch.

Speculating on Next Season’s Requirements

We are unsure how this will play into the next season. I speculate that the more of these objectives you achieve this season, the fewer you’ll need to complete next season to earn the emblem. This is just my thought, but I’m curious about others’ stats. If you received this email, let me know if your numbers could match your sword kills, activity completions for the first objective, and your solar kills for the second objective. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

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