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Mastering Destiny From Bad Builds to Triple 100s and Beyond

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Turning a Bad Hunter Build into Triple 100s

This simple trick turned my really bad Hunter build into triple 100s, and it only took 5 minutes. Here’s how:

Unlocking Essential Upgrades

A lot of people grind for Artifice armor, thinking it’s the best armor in the game, and it technically is. But it’s extremely rare to actually get good rolls on Artifice armor. It takes a long time to farm for it, and you really don’t need it. So, instead of doing that, you should do this

Deep Attraction for the Sonar Station

You can find this under seasonal challenges, and I believe you don’t need an upgrade for the Ritual Table; it’s just built-in. Whatever the equivalent upgrade is in the current season, if you’re watching this in the future.

These upgrades will allow you to get tons of seasonal engrams from any activity in the game simply by playing the game and completing activities. You’ll stock up on these fast. Each activity has a chance to drop up to two of each engram, meaning any activity, and you’ll usually get one or two, or if you’re lucky, up to five or six, which is crazy to think about—a passive way to get really good loot.

Because of this, I managed to get over 100 engrams in less than a week. But hold on to these for now because you’ll also.

Defiant Armor Focusing from the War Table

These upgrades will make it so engrams you focus will have high-stat armor, meaning anywhere from 60 total stats to 68 total stats before any Masterworks or mods. Do not decrypt your engrams until you have these upgrades, or else it’s just a waste.

Customizing Your Build

Next thing to do is decide which three stats are the most important to your build. For me, I always go with Max Resilience and Max Recovery for pure survivability. In this build, I decided on Discipline. You probably think this is a weird build for a Hunter, but the reason is I’m using a combination blow build where my melee refills my Dodge and my Dodge refills my melee, so Mobility and Strength are literally useless. So, I might as well put them into something else.

Anyway, decide on the three stats that you want, then equip your ghost mod with the most important of those three.

Collecting Armor

Now you want to put all of your armor into your Vault or onto a different character. By the way, you’ll need a lot of Vault space to get the most out of this.

Now you just need to focus all of your engrams into random armor from each of the vendors. The reason we’re doing random armor is that they’re cheaper, and we need a lot to guarantee triple 100s. Whenever your inventory gets full, go over to the Vault and dump all of it in. I told you we need a lot of Vault space.

Optimizing Your Armor Build

Once you decrypt about half of your engrams, go ahead and swap the ghost mod to one of the other stats. Then continue decrypting, and make sure you hold on to all the armor you get because the next step is finding the perfect combination for your build.

Using D2 Armor Pick

Head over to D2 armor and log into your account. This will calculate every possible combination of gear in your Vault to help you get the exact build you’re looking for. Select your character, then scroll down to the advanced settings. Make sure you enable the first three options under the Masterwork section to account for your Masterwork stats.

Choosing Exotic Armor and Fragments

Now go back into the game and figure out which exotic armor you’re going to use and which fragments you’re going to use. For me, I went with Liar’s handshake, and I have these four fragments, but the only ones we need to take note of are the ones with stats tied to them.

Configuring Stats on D2 Armor Pick

Now head back to the website, scroll up a little bit to where it says stat boost selection, and mark down the fragments you’re using.

Scroll up again to the Exotic section and click on the Exotic you chose.

Now all the way at the top, you can choose which stats you’re looking for. Since you should have so much armor in your Vault, you’re bound to have many combinations of gear with triple 100s. And since we’re using the ghost mods, they will favor the stats you chose.

So, I want resilience, recovery, and discipline, so I’ll click on 100s for each of those. If any combinations exist, they’ll show up on the right side of the screen.

Creating Your Build

Now you just decide which of these combinations you want, click copy dim query, then head over to a different website called Destiny item and paste this into the search bar at the top. This will highlight the exact armor pieces you need to create a build with those exact stats. Now put all that gear on, Masterwork everything if it’s not already, then put on any additional stat mods that you need, and save your build.

Final Thoughts

Now you have a really strong build that should have only taken about 5 minutes to put together. Obviously, triple 100s aren’t guaranteed every time, but you are likely to get some really good combinations of gear. The more armor you have in your Vault, the more likely you are to find triple 100s.

Managing Your Vault

Then what I would do is make a few more builds using the random armor in your Vault. And once you have everything set up, you can either keep all the random armor or delete it all for Vault space because you already have some OP builds.

Exploring Subclass Builds

Now that you know this trick, you’ll definitely want to delve deeper into the world of subclass builds. Each subclass in Destiny offers unique opportunities for customization and specialization. Whether you’re a Titan, Hunter, or Warlock, there’s a wealth of options to discover.

Titans can uncover combinations of abilities that turn them into unyielding juggernauts on the battlefield. Hunters can fine-tune their playstyle, emphasizing precision and agility, making them formidable in both PvE and PvP. Warlocks can harness the arcane forces of the universe to control and obliterate their foes.

Defining subclasses in Destiny 2

In the realm of Destiny, your subclass defines your playstyle, and the possibilities are vast. Dive into the intricacies of subclass synergy, consider exotic armor choices, and explore tactical tips that will elevate your gameplay.

Discover the roaring flames of the Solar subclass, the electrifying powers of the Arc subclass, or the mysterious forces of the Void subclass. Each path offers a unique journey filled with challenges and triumphs. So, seize the opportunity to refine your Guardian, unlock their full potential, and ascend to new heights of power. Thank you for joining us on this exploration of Destiny’s subclass builds.

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