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Last Xur Before The Final Shape! | Xur Location & Inventory

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Last Xur Before The Final Shape! | Xur Location & Inventory

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Review of Zur's location and inventory in Destiny 2 before the Final Shape update, including exotic weapons, armor evaluations, and tips for item selection.
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What’s up, guys! It’s Librarian Husky. Today we review the final Zur location and inventory before the Final Shape expansion, which is available from May 31st to June 2nd. Remember, you’re not going to be able to play on June 3rd due to a 24-hour maintenance period. Let’s get started. First things first, Zur will be located in the Watchers’ Grave on Nessus. Let’s take a look at what he has.

Exotic Items Overview

Firstly, for the Exotics, we have the Suros Regime, an exotic auto rifle. It’s not a bad option. Next, the Graviton Forfeit with a 69 stat roll, which unfortunately has quite a lot of intellect but also features some discipline, recovery, and mobility. It’s not a bad roll and is certainly a good pickup for many, although the massive spike in intellect means it’s not that outstanding. We also have a 70 stat Actium War Rig, which is incredibly rare.

However, this also comes with a significant intellect spike, which isn’t ideal. Titans might not appreciate the added mobility either. It’s an okay pickup. Lastly, the 67 stat Karnstein Armlets have impressive stats but far too much mobility along with recovery, discipline, and intellect. The totals are desirable, but the distribution leaves much to be desired.

Weapon Assessments

As for the weapons, let’s highlight a few. The Annual Skate is notable, featuring Slide Shot and Opening Shot, along with Tactical Mag for a slight stability increase. Unfortunately, it lacks much range, which is a significant downside. It’s a decent role but not extraordinary. The Legal Action with Surplus and Frenzy is not recommended. Pugilist with Headstone isn’t terrible, but it doesn’t quite impress. The Far Future, however, seems promising with its Opening Shot and Surplus, especially if you have those recharged abilities. This could be considered a good roll.

Weapon and Armor Analysis

That’s a ton of handling, which is great. Accurized rounds and full bore add even more range, and a stability Masterwork helps mitigate some of the flinch. This setup makes for a decent PvP sniper, although it’s not quite god-tier. Moving on, the Last Man Standing with threat detector and swashbuckler is okay, but the inclusion of threat detector on a heavy grenade launcher like the Interference is puzzling—what was Bungie thinking? Unfortunately, it’s not very effective. Similarly, the Firing Line and Genesis on Recurrent Impact are underwhelming. The Hawk Moon with Eye of the Storm is underrated and performs quite well, but overall, these weapons don’t impress much.

Armor Evaluation

Let’s evaluate the armor, starting with the rarity of the Substitutional Alloy set from This set was first introduced in Season of the Undying (Season 8) and reintroduced in Season 15. It is a relatively common set, with over 41% of Guardians having access to this very helmet. However, 41% is on the lower end of what Zur typically offers, as figures often range into the high 40s and 50s. Thus, it could be worth picking up, especially for transmog and fashion purposes.

Statistical Insights on Armor Pieces

Examining the stats, the arms with a 61 score offer resilience and strength, making them a decent choice for a melee build. Then, we have arms with a 66 stat score, boasting a lot of recovery, which would have been ideal for a Warlock. If you’re in need of recovery, this is a solid option, although it lacks mobility, which is typically more desirable for Titans. The helmet, with a 65 stat score, has too much mobility but offers good recovery and discipline. Lastly, there is a piece with a 67 stat score, featuring a significant amount of resilience, ideal for those looking for durability.

Warlock Armor Analysis

We begin with the Warlock armor. First, we have a pair of gloves with a 65 stat score, unfortunately featuring way too much mobility, which isn’t ideal as it doesn’t provide any standout benefits. Next, we examine a chest piece which is quite impressive, boasting a significant resilience spike—highly desirable for PvE due to its damage resistance. It includes recovery and discipline with a bit of intellect. While this setup would be optimal for a Titan, it remains a strong choice for Warlocks as well.

Hunter Gear Insights

Moving on to the Hunter, we have a piece with a 65 stat score and 30 recovery, which is outstanding. This kind of recovery would be exceptional for a Warlock, but it remains highly beneficial for Hunters as well. It’s an excellent piece for those seeking to enhance their survivability. Additionally, there’s another piece with a 64 stat score, predominantly intellect, which is acceptable but not extraordinary. Other items include a 65 stat score piece focusing on mobility, resilience, and intellect, and a 63 stat score piece, both of which are moderately useful without any particular standout features.

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