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I Ranked All Brave Arsenal Weapons in Destiny 2

I have created an irrefutable, objectively correct tier list using the conglomerate data from my live stream chat. The tier list is simple: we’re going to rate all of the Brave arsenals for both PVP and PVE. My chat ends up voting on what they think is the best. Let’s get into it; let’s start here with the Edge Transit. The Edge Transit is a very good grenade launcher, as you are aware. I’m going to keep it right here in C tier, and we’re going to discuss it.

Community Input and Voting

I am sure everybody in the chat will be completely nonbiased. Stat-wise, nobody cares, right? Like, that’s a nothing burger for the stats. Let’s not let anybody else see the stats here, right? They are all for Brave. No, I think some are better than that. Now, I believe that the perks are going to be the big make-or-break for these because, for the vast majority of these, save for maybe a few, the vast majority are going to really come down to the perks themselves.

PVP and PVE Ratings

Please tell me this is a PVP tier list. No, this is a democracy tier list. No, this is both PVP and PVE. Our rating shine is normal; there is literally no difference between the two other than the perks. I know the chat has shiny object syndrome; they’re just a flock of crows. Shiny is better, yeah, I know, chat, I know.

Strategy Discussion

Anyway, I think everyone’s just going to be rocking bait and switch and probably sticky grenades. Either you’re going to be doing like an envious assassin thing, you’re going to be doing a chain reaction thing, or you’re going to be doing something like a Cascade point, right? Like, I feel like everyone’s going to be doing pretty much the same thing. Deconstruction also is very good; now it was kind of off of everybody’s radar initially.

Conclusion and Voting

Now, with all that objective information now lodged deep within your brain holes, we are now going to put this up to a vote. A poll, if you would. Alright, the poll is being started—vote now.

Analysis of Blast Furnace

This is a classic right here, and I feel like when it comes to pulse rifles, Blast Furnace is one of the few things that pop to mind. But there is a problem: this archetype, in general, isn’t as strong as it used to be. Here are Blast Furnace’s stats: excellent range, stability is really good for this archetype. The archetypes here tend to be hit or miss for stability, but it’s really solid. The thing that I believe, from the PVP standpoint—which I do believe is primarily where you’re going to be looking at this thing—is the handling.

Handling and Perks Discussion

The handling is kind of dull; it’s a little sluggish. Now, that’s not necessarily something you need for a pulse rifle, but it does hurt a little bit. It does mean that this thing’s going to be pretty much just stuck in the back constantly. But everything else, again, about this weapon is great. Here are the perks: I actually haven’t taken an opportunity to look at these perks yet, so let’s take a look. Headseeker, very solid for a four-burst kinetic.

Trimmers is okay; it’s not really something you’re going for if you’re aiming for PVP. Perpetual motion is fantastic, so is Keep Away. Shoot the Loot is fine, but the only way that you’re really going to see a lot of Shoot the Loot stuff is if you’re running Firefly, which is again solid. Snapshot feels like a whatever pick. I don’t know if you’re ever going to do snapshot. Z moment for PVP is fantastic. You’ve got the Desperate Measures perk up there, which, as we talked about before, is a really solid damage perk. All things considered, not the best but pretty darn solid.

Poll Results and Final Rating

Rapid Hit, good. Rampage, solid. Frenzy is probably going to be your primary go-to PVE pick there, and Kill Clip. So, we aren’t able to do like this crazy double damage stacking thing. The best you’re going to get is like Headseeker or Kinetic Tremor plus another damage perk, but everything seems pretty solid. Starting the poll, let’s take a look; let’s see what people vote for here.

Currently, better winning by a mile. B for Blast, alright, yeah, fair enough. The winner is B tier by a wide mile, 54%. The very next one is A tier at 28%, not even close. Blast Furnace heading to B tier for barretts now, not the best for PVP, but I feel like most wave frame GS aren’t really the thing you’re going for in PVP anyway. Forbearance has had some contenders, and by contenders, I mean itself.

Popular Picks in Weapon Rankings

I know everybody’s probably putting this in S tier. I think the one that everybody’s going for, like we all can agree, is that the thing people are interested in is Demolitionist and Chain Reaction, right? Like, that’s the thing we’re going for, yeah. And that’s the thing, you could still just go with the old Forbearance role and just do Ambitious Assassin, Chain Reaction; that’s it. This is not something you’re taking in PVP, so it’s not really something you should even consider. Still, Disruption Break is really good.

Tight Competition in Voting

The votes are coming in; it’s a competition right now between S and A tier. The gap is narrowing, clearly none of you have won. Oh boy, slander is being thrown around in the chat. Five seconds remain with S tier, congratulations, congratulations Forbaren, you’ve moved up to our first representation in S tier.

Analysis of Mountaintop’s Return

Speaking of grenade launchers, Mountaintop has made its triumphant return with a wide pool of perks compared to other kinetic grenade launchers. How does it feel? It’s currently, if I remember correctly, one of the top three most-used weapons in PVE right now.

In terms of PVP, you’re never going to use this thing, so we do have to keep that in mind. Is that something that we bring down on our tier list because it’s like a non-usable thing? I break ankles with Mountaintop, don’t you dare slander it. It’s fine, don’t get me wrong, it’s fine. I’m not interested in wasting my special ammo for a bit of extra movement when I have grapples, blinks, Eager Edge, all this other stuff.

Final Voting and Results for Mountaintop

Let’s see what chat votes for, currently A tier with a wide lead. Okay, maybe it is something about the PVP that people are considering. Five, four, three, two, one. I was totally expecting Mountaintop to end up getting S tier. I was 100% expecting Mountaintop to get S tier, but I am shocked to say that it is getting placed in A tier. Congratulations, Mountaintop.

Discussion on Elie’s Rifle

Next is Elie’s rifle. I believe Elie’s rifle is an S tier contender for PVP, but in terms of PVE, we’ve kind of got the inverse problem here. Whereas Mountaintop was like goated for PVE and not that great for PVP, that brought it down for PVP. I think this is the exact opposite where Elie’s is really freaking good for PVP but it’s just okay for PVE. Beautiful perks, alright. So, if you’re going for PVP, you got Zen moment, you got Kill Clip, uh, Headseeker, you could even do Desperado if that’s the way you want to go with it. For PVE, probably going to do something like Repulsor Brace, a really solid pick.

Synergy and Poll Start for Elie’s Rifle

If you want to do that kind of synergy, it’s really solid. Here we go, starting the poll. A tier is leading by a wide margin, with tough competition between both S tier and B tier. Currently, B tier is in second place, surprising to see. Congratulations to Elie’s Rifle for going into A tier. Congratulations, Elie’s Rifle.

Debate and Poll for Hammerhead

The next item is Hammerhead. There has been a hot bit of debate about Hammerhead. I’m seeing a lot of people jump up and down on the S tier. The big thing here for Hammerhead is the double damage things, right? Yes, Rampage, Killing T, to just delete ads. Some people are calling it the best machine gun in the game, and others are saying it’s mid. Wow, some really divisive opinions here.

Discussion on Hammerhead Traits and Poll Results

Arguments are ongoing; for playing devil’s advocate here, the magazine is too small. Envious Assassin is a thing, so is Fourth Times the Charm. The poll has now started. There’s a strong lead with S tier, and A tier is coming in right behind it. It is a neck-and-neck tie between S tier and A tier right now. Oh, somebody brought up the enhanced traits side of things. Okay, that’s interesting. By a very narrow margin, it is, in fact, going to be placed in A tier. Congratulations to the Hammerhead, definitely like the top end of A tier though, right?

Moving to Hung Jury and its Polling

So we can move, like, Edge Transit and stuff over now on to one I do not believe to be that good, and that is Hung Jury. I would have taken almost any other weapon other than Hung Jury for the brave arsenal. I cannot believe we’re getting yet another iteration of Hung Jury. We finally loaded; excellent.

Let’s roll through the rest of these real quick. I feel like most people are not taking Scout Rifles in PVE nor PVP, and that its best chance is as a PVP weapon, but it’s being competed with by itself. Yeah, a lot of people are saying it’s really mid. I’m seeing the first serious, not as a joke, not people just throwing it out for the sake of the meme, the first serious competition for a D or F tier here. Congratulations, Hung Jury, you have ended up smack dab in the center at C tier.

Discussion on Midnight Coup

A weapon that has also had quite a lot of debate is the Midnight Coup. In PVE, it’s got some okay perks; it’s not bad. Let’s get Jarvis to bring up the Midnight Coup for us, please. Alright, for the PVP scene, you’re going to be doing something like Moving Target, maybe Enlightened Action. You’ve got Explosive Payload, which is good. Everything else is just okay. In column four for PVP, you’re looking at something probably that’s going to be Zen Moment or Opening Shot. Maybe the fact that…

Assessment of Midnight Coup’s Capabilities

It can’t roll both Zen Moment and Opening Shot, which hurts it. In terms of PVE, you’ve got the Firefly, Kinetic Trimmers, or even something like Explosive Payload, Kinetic Trimmers. Trish Orbs is good for certain builds. Then, for that fourth column, you’ve got anywhere between Rampage, Kinetic Trimmers, One for All, which is alright, and, of course, Desperate Measures, which is just good all around. And Frenzy, of course. Probably an unpopular opinion: its models are also middling. I kind of agree with that; it also isn’t doing anything really fantastic, right? It’s not like breaking away.

Comparison with Other Hand Cannons and Poll Results

Then you have things like the Rose, which are just like the S tier competitor for hand cannons for PVP. So, it’s really sticky, but other than that, it’s just okay. Let’s see how these votes end up getting cast. I’m genuinely curious. Huge contender for A tier. Wow, okay. A lot of people are voting A tier here. Massive margin on A tier right now. Three, two, one, and that is it. A tier for the Midnight Coup. I think that’s fair; Midnight being placed in A tier is fair.

Evaluation of Succession and its Voting Outcome

Alright, three more remain, starting with the Succession. Here are the Succession’s perk rolls. I feel like there are better kinetic sniper rifles out there, but definitely not a bad sniper rifle. In terms of PVP, it gets outclassed in terms of its stats. I feel like something like the Bite of the Fox is just a better sniper, generally speaking. This is not a bad rifle. You’ve got Moving Target, you’ve got Snapshot. In terms of PVE, it’s fine. I feel like this is fine.

The Recluse’s Current Standing in The Crucible and PVE

The Recluse, an infamous weapon in The Crucible and PVE. Honestly, this weapon was an absolute monster back in the day, but not nearly as good as it used to be. The namesake perk for it, the Master of Arms, has been nerfed pretty significantly. Let’s actually talk about the stats here because I think that this is actually important to understanding how good this gun actually is. I think the thing to keep in mind for this is that this is a lightweight SMG, right? Which is good, very good. 100 recoil direction out the gate by default.

Analysis of Weapon Stability and Handling

You don’t need to do anything for this thing in order to make it good. Stability, range, and handling are all very, very solid. Now, obviously, there are some throwaways here. You’ve got Hipfire Grip, which most people are not going to be going for. Subsistence, we have messed around with, and it’s just okay. It does not need something like Dynamic Sway. With how much stability and recoil control it has just by default, I have a pretty strong opinion it’s probably going to get B.

Tight Competition Between Tiers

Oh, I could be wrong, hold up, hold up. Okay, B tier and A tier are competing with each other. I think that’s fair, yeah. I doubt it’s going to get Caer. I don’t consider it a CA tier weapon, and I don’t think many people do either. I just don’t think that it’s really doing anything to really wow anybody. If it had been a viable option, I would have voted DF, but that option isn’t available.

I will die on this hill, wow, okay, strong opinions. It is separated by 1% right now between A and B tier. It is anybody’s game right now. A and B tier are neck and neck, there are so many freaking votes that are just barely keeping this thing out of either of these positions right now, holy cow, this is close.

Final Voting Results and Decision

Holy cow, this is close between A and B tier. Five, four, three, two, one. I cannot believe this, it is an exact split. Oh my gosh, at the last second, A tier pulling it away, at the very last second, with an extremely close second place for B tier by 1% difference. That’s insanity. Okay, it is being put at the very, very bottom of A tier. It’s very close. You know what, it straddles the line so much, we’re going to put it in between. We’re going to put it in the AB tier.

Review of Luna’s Howl

Luna’s Howl, again another notorious PVP weapon, has been changed but is still a very solid perk roll, all things considered. The Magnificent How perk is still very effective, and I feel like this is one of those things that’s going to require a little bit of trigger time here. We’re doing this a little bit flat-footed for PVP. Eye of the Storm is really good, Slide Shots really solid, Enlighten Actions just okay.

Kill Clip is good. Subsistence for PVE stuff, Incandescent is alright. Let me read out Magnificent How’s perk here: the number of precision final blows before reloading affects the total rounds granted with increased range and damage. Precision final blows with Magnificent How active extend the effect for additional rounds. The bonus damage to this, by the way, is 50%, right? I believe at 77 to the head right now, so that would bump it up to…

Potential and Poll Start for Luna’s Howl

What is that, uh, 100 and something? So, two taps potential. The roll, the high roll potential of this with Magnificent Howl, is pretty darn good. Begin the poll. Okay, S tier is jumping from like 80% to 40%—there’s strong competition right now between S and A tier. Oh my goodness, okay, we’re going to have another really close set of votes here between S and A tier. Both S and A tier are competing with only 1% separating the two. S tier’s pulling away; it’s now at a 10% lead, a 10% lead. Yep, Sunshot’s true, Sunshot does exist. Ignas also is a contender to bring down the Magnificent Howl setup.

Final Voting Results for Luna’s Howl

Five, four, three, two, one, and that’ll wrap us up. S tier for the Luna’s, S tier for the Luna’s, fascinating. Alright, so there is your list, and if you’re like, “Well, that list is— you all voted for it.” This is the list you guys made. This is a chat-made tier list. In our S tier contender, we have the Forbearance, the Luna’s Howl. A tier, we have Hammerhead, Edge Transit, Elsie’s rifle, Mountaintop, and Midnight Coup. And we have REO kind of straddling the line between A and B tier. It was really, really close, so I could see it going either way.

Assessment of Falling Guillotine

For that B tier, we have Blast Furnace, Succession, and our lowest pick, the weapon that you least want to chase is the fourth iteration of the Hung Jury. I don’t disagree with this; I think this list is pretty darn good. Oh, Falling Guillotine, oh my gosh, you’re so right. Where the hell is Falling Guillotine? Why didn’t this end up here? I have it here. What the hell, alright, here we go. Falling Guillotine, the last weapon.

You know what, we’re just going to eyeball this. Got some A tiers, some B tiers, it followed off, so its name is accurate. True, best eager edge sword, best DPS sword with whirl bait and switch. Yeah, as a sword, well if you’re a dumbass, it’s bad, yeah. But if you need a sword, that’s the thing to consider it for. It’s literally the best sword, yeah, I kind of agree with that.

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